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Jordan Spieth shares hilarious assessment of life as a new father



The ‘nappy factor’ has long been a debated topic for golf pundits examining their future selections, and there is another chance to validate or deny the theory this week when the new Dad, Jordan Spieth, takes part in the Tournament of Champions in Maui.

For world number one, Jon Rahm, who became a father in April 2020, the alternative lifestyle brought two wins within five months, which should have been three, having had a Covid-led withdrawal when clear at the Memorial.

Form dipped late in the season, but the recent break has been welcome. “I needed a break. Not only for me but also for my family. We all endured it together, and I just wanted the time to be a dad and be a husband and just be there for my wife and my son,” Rahm said.

So to Spieth, who, along with wife Annie, welcomed Sammy into the world on November 14th and promptly finished last of the 20 man field.

Of course, that shouldn’t detract from a stellar official season that saw him win his first event for four years in Texas (in April – coincidence?) and post two top three finishes at The Masters and The Open.

At his press conference before this week’s stellar event, a reporter asked Spieth how his newborn had affected his golf routine to which the three-time Major winner replied:

“You know it’s so early that there’s not a whole lot I can provide. Annie keeps the kid alive essentially, so, I, help when I can.”

Explaining that “for the most part, (Sammy) is still sleeping”, he maintains it is all “a lot of fun” and that the family are planning to travel together.

Spieth confirmed he was extremely happy with the way his game is feeling and that he was ‘trying to get better by one percent each day’ by ‘looking back to my DNA’.

He seems excited by the progress of his game, comments that losing green-reading books makes little difference given “we’ve never had them at Augusta”, thrilled that his son is now opening his eyes and clearly looking forward to the season ahead with his family.

A 15-time professional winner at the highest level, everything looks good for the Spieth clan in 2022.

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  1. benseattle

    Jan 8, 2022 at 9:23 pm

    Pete beat me to it. These clickbait-desperate headline writers instantly lose credibility with over-hyped bunk such as this one. An off-hand comment is simply miles from “hilarious.”

  2. Jedidah

    Jan 7, 2022 at 3:54 pm

    Love Jordan. Great sense of humour unlike so many god fearing yanks.

  3. Sally Huffman

    Jan 6, 2022 at 11:23 pm

    So sorry to Spieth make such a comment please be a father and blessed with such Besutiful child, show and speak like a thankful father.

  4. Pete

    Jan 6, 2022 at 4:14 pm

    Where is the hilarious part?

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19th Hole

Jack Nicklaus: If Tiger wins the Masters again then he’s eclipsed my accomplishments



Tiger mania knows no end.

Having not played a main tour event for over a year and dropping outside of the world’s top 500, the mere sighting of Woods on the range caused as much interest as anyone’s victory in 2021.

Take it up a notch when hosting the Hero Challenge in early December and go higher at the PNC Championship when, with Charlie, Tiger and son shot 58 to finish sole runner-up to Johns Daly I and II.

The debate then started. How long before we see him fully fit? When will his next ‘proper’ event be? Will he take in The Masters 2022? And, of course, has he got it in him still to break Jack Nicklaus’s record of 18 Majors?

Daly certainly thought so, and in late December, we reported on the thoughts he shared recently:

”He’ll be back, and I could see it in his eyes; he’s probably gonna beat Jack Nicklaus’s records and be the greatest of all time.”

As for The Golden Bear, he recently appeared on the Five Clubs podcast where he was, predictably, asked about Tiger’s likely attempt at winning his sixth Masters, a total that would equal his own.

Should he manage it despite a history of physical problems, Nicklaus said –

 “I think it would eclipse it. For him physically to get back and win a Masters this year, it would be absolutely fantastic. I mean, for him to come back after what he’s been through and to win again, my hat would go off to him big time.

 I have not talked to him at all and I believe he is going to play. When he can play and how much he can play, how much he can walk, I watched him at the father/son a little bit – he walks 10 times better than I walk, for someone almost 82 but that’s besides the point.

 He’ll figure it out, that’s what he’s always done – that’s what champions do. He’s a champion.”

Nicklaus won his final Green Jacket at 46, some 23 years after his first. Tiger potentially goes for an equalling sixth at the same age and 25 years after his initial win.

Looks like Tiger mania will just keep going.


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19th Hole

Close friend of Tiger says he doesn’t think Woods will tee it up on Tour in 2022



Tiger Woods’ performance at the 2021 PNC Championship alongside son Charlie was one of the stories of last year, as the 15-time major champion made his comeback from his serious car accident which occurred 11 months ago.

Related: ‘I’ve never seen anybody do what he just did’ – Brandel Chamblee left in awe at Tiger trick

The 46-year-old and his son finished runner-up at the event to ramp up the anticipation for Tiger’s potential return to the PGA Tour, but in the opinion of his friend, John Cook, golf fans may have to way some time until we see Woods back in action.

Cook is an 11-time winner on the PGA Tour and was at Isleworth during the early years in Woods’ career. The 64-year-old now works as an analyst for Golf Channel and recently told the publication that he believes the next time Tiger will tee it up will be at the 2022 PNC in December.

“I’d give it a solid 8 ½ (on a scale of 1-10 that he plays again). I don’t see it in the next 12 months. I think next time we see him will be here (PNC Championship) next year (2022). I don’t think his body will be physically ready. He can’t train the way he’s going to want to train.

He’s never been a ‘show up’ guy if his game isn’t ready for prime time. (But) I see it happening at some point otherwise he wouldn’t be testing a ball, shaping shots on the practice tee, working on a new driver that he likes. I think there’s a motive to that.”

Cook added that Woods revealed to him that he was exhausted following his two days at the PNC last month but that the 82-time winner on Tour was pleased with the sharpness of his short clubs after such a long layoff.

“Talking to him, he was pretty open and honest. He said he was exhausted. He saw enough good stuff with his short clubs and his feel, but the long irons were falling out of the sky, but that was just from some mishits. But he said, ‘I’ll get that.’”

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19th Hole

Symetra pro shares eye-opening detail about financial hardships on feeder tour



Over the past few months, we have seen several social media posts from players currently playing at feeder tour level, with many highlighting the disparity between pay at the very top and the potential loss of taking part in development tours.

On New Years Day, six-time professional winner Meghan Maclaren took to Twitter to highlight her real-life example of life on the Symetra/development tours.

The 27-year-old is no stranger to posting her thoughts, with her regular blog an excellent insight into many things golf and beyond, but this posting set up an uninvited debate with the usual anonymous tweets interspersed with understandably supportive comments from her fellow ‘feeder’ players.

The initial comment was itself quite innocuous, detailing the importance of financial help throughout a career, even one with a couple of LET victories in the bank and a 2021 victory on the Symetra Tour, the main pathway to the LPGA.

In the two tweets, Maclaren thanks her sponsors and team for support, highlighting the ‘VERY unselfish coaches and next to no caddie all year.’

Prefacing the tweet with the comment ‘*not looking for sympathy or a debate about feeder tours, just thought interesting to share’ she makes note of the fact that even after a win, two top-10s and a pair of top-15 finishes she would have, without assistance, been looking at a LOSS on the season of around $31,000.

Replies were of contrasting natures. Many folks understood the point that was being made. Here we have a victorious player that finished 18th on the money list of the league just one below that of the big time, and winner of circa $60k in prize money that would, without help, be paying out for the privilege of playing.

Bradley Neil, formally a hugely promising European junior making his way through the grades, commented simply, ”Could not agree more! If it wasn’t down to the generosity of the team around us, we wouldn’t survive.” Thoughts turn to many players on the Outlaw Tours, EuroPro Tours and the rest that perhaps don’t get the chances to progress their undoubted talent because it simply costs too much, not that perhaps they are lacking the skills.

Of course, nobody will argue that Tiger, Phil et al. have brought countless millions to the PGA and ‘deserve’ to be rewarded, but as covered by the likes of Ryan French (@acaseofthegolf1) it is the mini and development tours that create the stories, that have the players so dedicated to ‘making it’ they sleep in camper vans overnight and work in stores at the end of each round. Perhaps too the players that might make the future as bright as it is now, and many that were almost certainly inspired to play by the likes of those at the top.

Maclaren, who said that, ‘(2021) Q series crushed me completely,’ and eventually finished just three shots from a card after eight gruelling rounds, wasn’t looking for sympathy. She simply thought it would be useful to know the costs behind the glamour.

Meghan’s regular blog highlights all these musings and gives an insight into life on the road, into psychology, self-belief and doubt, and simply, well, Meg Maclaren. It’s well worth a read


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