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Coolest thing for sale in the GolfWRX Classifieds (12/7/21): Rainbow finish Scotty Newport Special Select



At GolfWRX, we are a community of like-minded individuals that all experience and express our enjoyment of the game in many ways.

It’s that sense of community that drives day-to-day interactions in the forums on topics that range from best driver to what marker you use to mark your ball. It even allows us to share another thing we all love – buying and selling equipment.

Currently, in our GolfWRX buy/sell/trade (BST) forum, there is a listing for a Rainbow finish Scotty Newport Special Select

From the seller (@ilikegolf): “Scotty Newport Special Select with a real stand out Rainbow PVD Finish. This flat stick has all the good looks and would make a helluva xmas gift. Length 35″. Loft and Lie Std. Super clean rainbow PVD finish and white paint fill. Took lots of photos of this from different angles as the finish looks different in various lights and angles. You can see very small dings on toe/heel and I tried to take clear pictures of them. $575 Shipped.”

To check out the full listing in our BST forum, head through the link: Rainbow finish Scotty Newport Special Select

This is the most impressive current listing from the GolfWRX BST, and if you are curious about the rules to participate in the BST Forum you can check them out here: GolfWRX BST Rules

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Gianni is the Assistant Editor at GolfWRX. He can be contacted at [email protected] Follow him on Twitter @giannimosquito

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In-hand photos of Titleist’s new Vokey SM9 wedges (with insight from Bob Vokey himself)



Titleist began tour seeding of its unreleased Vokey SM9 wedges at the 2022 Sentry Tournament of Champions in Maui two weeks ago, and players have already been switching in droves to the new models.

Although Titleist still isn’t yet commenting on the new designs (which will likely replace the company’s former SM8 models), GolfWRX got its first in-hand look at the new SM9 versions this week at the 2022 American Express at PGA West’s Stadium Course.

In addition to the photos, I was also able to catch up with legendary wedge maker and SM9-designer Bob Vokey himself. While tech details are still under wraps for the time being, he provided some awesome insight into his two-year design process.

“It takes us two years to put a product together…what happens every time is you make an improvement based on feedback from all the players,” Vokey told GolfWRX. “This is my 10th iteration of launching over the years, and each one I’ve learned something, from my series 200s, to SM1s, 2s, 3s, etc., you learn a little bit each time.

“What happens is you don’t know really how to improve it until we get it in the players’ hands, like we’re doing now, and that’ll take a few months when the players first take it live. Because there’s things that may happen on a certain shot under the heat of the gun on the backside Sunday afternoon. They hit a shot and go, ‘Whoa, what happened?’ There’s certain little things that nobody could ever see at all, and we’ve done so much testing, but you can’t replicate the human element under the heat of the gun. Then someone will tell me something, or they’ll tell Aaron [Dill] something, and we’ll bring it back to the wedge team. We can change that, work on that, modify it, get it right, without mucking up all that we have. That’s how we improve. “

For Vokey, player feedback is extremely important, and it starts with keeping a similar profile from address. As Vokey says, you don’t want to “muck up” something that works.

“We sit there and scratch our heads and get together and say, something’s been working so good, it’s tour-proven for so many years, you know, so if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it… retain the same profile, it’s so very important…a pro will come up and say, ‘What do you got Voke?’ Boom, they put it down right away. Then they hold it up and say, ‘What’s the bounce?'”

Speaking of bounce, and how the profile looks from address, GolfWRX got a look at a number of different lofts, grinds and bounce options at the 2022 American Express this week.

Below is a taste of what the Vokey SM9s look like in-hand, but make sure to click here for all of our photos.

Titleist Vokey SM9 52-degree F-grind

Titleist Vokey SM9 56-degree S-grind 

Titleist Vokey SM9 60-degree M-grind

Titleist Vokey SM9 60-degree D-grind

Check out our forum thread for all of the Titleist Vokey SM9 in-hand photos here.

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Whats in the Bag

Jason Dufner WITB 2022 (January)



  • Jason Dufner what’s in the bag accurate as of 2022 The American Express. 

Driver: Cobra King LTDx (10.5 degrees @8)
Shaft: Project X HZRDUS RDX Smoke Blue



Fairway woods: Titleist TS2 (15 degrees), Titleist 915 F (21 degrees)
Shaft: EvenFlow Riptide Mx Proto 70, Aldila Rogue Silver 125 MSI 80 2.2



Utility: King Cobra Utility


Irons: Cobra King Forged CB (5-PW)
Shafts: Project X PXI 6.5



Wedges: King Cobra (50 degrees, 54 degrees bent to 55 degrees), King MIM (60 degrees)
Shafts: Tour Issue Dynamic Gold S400


Putter: Scotty Cameron T-11 Proto


Ball: Titleist ProV1

Grips: Golf Pride ZGRIP Align




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Cobra unveils new LTDx family of drivers, fairways, and hybrids



Cobra Golf has today introduced its new family of LTDx drivers, fairways and hybrids, which will all arrive at retail on February 11.

The new metalwoods from Cobra build on the legacy of the LTD series that began in 2016 with the company’s introduction of the first driver to achieve zero CGna for low spin and fast ball speed performance. For 2022, the new LTDx sees the combination of that zero CGna and 5200 MOI in design to create faster ball speeds with extreme forgiveness.

“The LTDx driver lineup reflects our team’s continued dedication to innovation and improved performance. With the introduction of PWR-COR and H.O.T Face technology, our engineers have, yet again, developed innovation that improves CG and MOI while making the face hotter and more forgiving. 

“The resulting LTDx family of drivers are the best we have ever produced, and the three distinct driver models ensure that every golfer can achieve optimized performance for their game. We look forward to seeing the LTDx on Tour and also in the hands of amateurs and weekend warriors at courses globally.” – Tom Olsavsky, Vice President of R&D, Cobra Golf

Cobra LTDx LS Driver

The new LTDx LS driver positions most of its weight low and forward to deliver low spin and faster ball speeds, combined with a workable ball flight desired by skilled players with faster swing speeds.

An adjustable weight system features a 10g and 3g weight that can be exchanged to either the front heel or toe to fine-tune trajectory. A 460cc shape features an aerodynamic design designed to aid players with faster swing speeds to maximize their clubhead speed.

The brand’s PWR-COR Technology positions as much weight low and forward using a 14g internal MIM steel weight and a 5g 100 percent milled, stainless steel external weight (19g total) to help lower spin and increase speed, while 13g of moveable weights places a 32g low and forward.

The driver also includes H.O.T. Face technology that is derived from machine learning, which creates 15 unique zones in a bid to maximize and tune ball speeds both away from and in the center of the face. This technology is designed to significantly improve performance in those common “miss” areas.

In addition, the overall design and performance attributes of the new LTDx are further improved by a proprietary Multi-Material Construction that utilizes a redesigned, 8g lighter titanium chassis that allows for up to 30% more carbon fiber and more discretionary weight to reposition low and forward in the PWR-COR weight.


Price: $499.99

Cobra LTDx Max driver

The LTDx Max driver combines stability with draw-bias into one driver, both individually achievable using the moveable weight system.

The new addition features a slightly oversized 460cc profile to help provide excellent distance and forgiveness with a back weight setting and an added weight positioned in the heel that affords golfers additional draw-bias to help square the face for more accurate results.

The 10g heavy weight can be positioned in the back to deliver the maximum amount of forgiveness that Cobra has to offer, while players can also position the heavy weight in the heel for 11 yards of draw bias. The adjustable hosel can be adjusted to the “Draw” setting for an additional 7 yards (18 yards total).

In addition, the LTDx Max features PWR-COR and H.O.T. Face Technology with a Multi-Material Construction.


Price: $499.99

Cobra LTDx driver

Described by the company as a driver “unicorn”, the LTDx driver is the very first to combine zero CGna and a high MOI at 5200.

The driver features a slightly oversized 460cc clubhead that is constructed with the balance of internal weighting in design to deliver the fastest ball speeds with slow spin and maximum distance.

The construction utilizes 19g total weight positioned in PWR-COR (14g internal MIM steel weight & 5g external CNC Milled stainless steel weight) and 15g total in the back using 5g of tungsten and a 10g fixed back weight.

As with all models in the new family of drivers, the LTDx features the company’s H.O.T. Face Technology and a Multi-Material Construction, affording optimal CG and MOI in a bid to offer increased distance and improved performance.

Price: $499.99

Complementing the line of LTDx drivers are a full lineup of LTDx fairway metals ($299 each) and LTDx hybrids ($249 each).

Cobra LTDx LS fairway

Cobra’s low spin fairway features progressive shaping – Big Tour shape in 3w with no rails and Tour Shape in 5w with hollow split rails.

PWR-COR utilizes tungsten and aluminum to position as much weight low and forward in design to increase ball speed, while H.O.T. Face Technology uses 15 zones with optimized thicknesses in a bid to maximize speed across the face.

An adjustable weighting system features a 12g and a 3g weight that can be positioned in the heel or toe to fine-tune trajectory and spin.

Cobra LTDx fairway

The Cobra LTDx fairway arrives in a traditional shape in a 3w with no rails and a traditional shape 5w and 7w with hollow split rails that are designed to aid in turf interaction for steeper swings.

A 12g fixed weight is positioned in the back of the fairway wood in a bid to provide forgiveness and high launch, while the PWR-COR weight low and forward is designed to create an excellent balance of low spin and fast ball speed combined with forgiveness.

Cobra LTDx Max fairway

The Cobra LTDx is billed as the company’s “most forgiving fairway” that combines “the fast and forgiving performance of the LTDx with additional draw bias for those that need slice correcting power.”

An adjustable weight system features 12g and 3g weights that can be positioned in the back or the heel to fine-tune the amount of draw bias, while WR-COR and H.O.T. Face Technology again bids to deliver the fastest ball speed possible using low and forward weighting and an optimized variable thickness face design.

Cobra LTDx hybrids

The LTDx hybrids are Cobra’s first to feature PwrShell Technology, which utilizes an L-cup face design that is forged from a thin and strong stainless steel to generate up to 17% more flex in design for faster ball speed and higher launch across the face.


The hybrids contain the brand’s PWR-COR and H.O.T. Face technologies while also featuring Hollow Split Rails that aim to improve turf interaction and allow the club to glide out of the fairway, tight lies, thick rough and even bunkers.

The hybrids are available in both standard (Satin Black/Gold Fusion colorway) and One Length (Blue/Red & Black)models, with the LTDx One Length hybrid designed in a shorter set up (37.25”) that complements the One Length irons.


Men: LTDx hybrid: 2H (17 degrees), 3H (19 degrees), 4H (21 degrees) 5H (24 degrees) and 6H (28 degrees); One length model: 3H (19 degrees), 4H (21 degrees), 5H (24 degrees)

Women: 4H (20 degrees), 5H (23 degrees) 6H (27 degrees), 7H (30 degrees)


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