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Brooks Koepka explains why he is not a fan of TrackMan



TrackMan is a training device that has been growing in popularity among Tour players in recent years. The device measures club path, club head speed, ball speed, and attack angle, and more. Most famously, Bryson DeChambeau has been using the device on his journey to gain swing speed and distance.

We can now add the usefulness of TrackMan to the list of things Bryson DeChambeau and Brooks Koepka disagree on.

Ahead of this week’s World Wide Technology Championship at Mayakoba, Koepka spoke about his experience (or lack thereof) with the TrackMan equipment

“I really don’t use much of TrackMan,” he said. “I bought TrackMan years ago and I think after like two weeks I just gave it to my brother.”

Brooks has always described himself as more of a “feel player,” and it has certainly worked out for him with eight PGA Tour wins, including four major championships, on his resume.

“For me, that’s just how it goes,” Koepka continued. “I get too consumed in numbers and numbers that are unimportant in trying to make everything perfect. I’ve kind of done that even with like a yardage book, I can get kind of consumed in the information and want to know everything and want everything to be perfect. You know, golf, you can’t be perfect in this game. So I’ve kind of learned that, so kind of put all the information to the side.”

One of the most fascinating aspects of golf is how many different ways there are to be successful. Koepka and DeChambeau are polar opposites in a variety of ways, but they share one important similarity: they are both winners.

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  2. Arne Griesenberg

    Nov 7, 2021 at 1:20 pm

    …ok. But when you see the videos on youtube ,bryson is working with a GCQuad

  3. Gunter Eisenberg

    Nov 6, 2021 at 9:52 am

    To each their own..

  4. Eldrick Woods

    Nov 5, 2021 at 4:00 pm

    Does Flightscope know Bryson’s using Trackman? Because Flightscope is one of Bryson’s sponsors. Granted, it wouldn’t surprise me if Bryson uses 4-5 different launch monitors at the same time. Every inch counts to Bryson.

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19th Hole

Symetra pro shares eye-opening detail about financial hardships on feeder tour



Over the past few months, we have seen several social media posts from players currently playing at feeder tour level, with many highlighting the disparity between pay at the very top and the potential loss of taking part in development tours.

On New Years Day, six-time professional winner Meghan Maclaren took to Twitter to highlight her real-life example of life on the Symetra/development tours.

The 27-year-old is no stranger to posting her thoughts, with her regular blog an excellent insight into many things golf and beyond, but this posting set up an uninvited debate with the usual anonymous tweets interspersed with understandably supportive comments from her fellow ‘feeder’ players.

The initial comment was itself quite innocuous, detailing the importance of financial help throughout a career, even one with a couple of LET victories in the bank and a 2021 victory on the Symetra Tour, the main pathway to the LPGA.

In the two tweets, Maclaren thanks her sponsors and team for support, highlighting the ‘VERY unselfish coaches and next to no caddie all year.’

Prefacing the tweet with the comment ‘*not looking for sympathy or a debate about feeder tours, just thought interesting to share’ she makes note of the fact that even after a win, two top-10s and a pair of top-15 finishes she would have, without assistance, been looking at a LOSS on the season of around $31,000.

Replies were of contrasting natures. Many folks understood the point that was being made. Here we have a victorious player that finished 18th on the money list of the league just one below that of the big time, and winner of circa $60k in prize money that would, without help, be paying out for the privilege of playing.

Bradley Neil, formally a hugely promising European junior making his way through the grades, commented simply, ”Could not agree more! If it wasn’t down to the generosity of the team around us, we wouldn’t survive.” Thoughts turn to many players on the Outlaw Tours, EuroPro Tours and the rest that perhaps don’t get the chances to progress their undoubted talent because it simply costs too much, not that perhaps they are lacking the skills.

Of course, nobody will argue that Tiger, Phil et al. have brought countless millions to the PGA and ‘deserve’ to be rewarded, but as covered by the likes of Ryan French (@acaseofthegolf1) it is the mini and development tours that create the stories, that have the players so dedicated to ‘making it’ they sleep in camper vans overnight and work in stores at the end of each round. Perhaps too the players that might make the future as bright as it is now, and many that were almost certainly inspired to play by the likes of those at the top.

Maclaren, who said that, ‘(2021) Q series crushed me completely,’ and eventually finished just three shots from a card after eight gruelling rounds, wasn’t looking for sympathy. She simply thought it would be useful to know the costs behind the glamour.

Meghan’s regular blog highlights all these musings and gives an insight into life on the road, into psychology, self-belief and doubt, and simply, well, Meg Maclaren. It’s well worth a read


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19th Hole

‘Get your s–t together!’ – Viktor Hovland fumes at airline over missing clubs…and it gets worse



Viktor Hovland’s trip to Hawaii to play in the Sentry Tournament of Champions this week got off to a rocky start.

The Norwegian’s clubs were stuck in Seattle while he was in Maui, and it’s safe to say he was not best pleased with Delta for the inconvenience – letting his feelings known on his Instagram story (pictured below in a tweet from @golfbettingclub).

As of Tuesday morning, Hovland’s clubs were yet to arrive to his hotel. He has been playing great golf the past few months and should be an excellent fit to contend at Kapalua this week. While he has bounced back from equipment issues in the recent past and won at Mayakoba despite having his driver break on the range prior to the event, it certainly isn’t an ideal way to start the week.

Update: It appears Hovland’s clubs arrived early Wednesday morning…

…but unfortunately for Hovland, it seems that his driver has broken in the shipping process:

Where’s Danny Lee when you need him?

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19th Hole

Massive club-snapping crab clashes with golfers in Australia



The Golden Bear, Great White Shark, The Walrus, El Pato and maybe even Tiger. Just some of the ‘wildlife’ names found throughout golf over the years.

But ‘coconut crab’?

9News Australia recently posted a video on Twitter of a group of golfers on Christmas Island clashing with one of these huge crustaceans, confirmed by Wikipedia as ‘the largest terrestrial arthropod in the world’.

Indeed, probably better known as a ‘robber crab’, that name seems far more appropriate given the beast’s actions in the clip where he clamps down hard on three clubs despite the golfers’ attempts at pulling the sticks free of the exceptional behemoth.

Eventually they recover a couple, but the longest club in the bag is never leaving his pincers.

Weighing up to 4.5kg (10 pounds) and measuring up to one meter from leg tip to leg tip, this was golfers versus ‘a chainsaw’, as one player named the creature.

Indeed, the way he snaps that driver suggests it was very much a match the golfers would never win, although surely he was going for the putter with that claw grip!

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