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Bryson DeChambeau shares why dimples are the key to sinking more short putts



Over the last three seasons, Bryson DeChambeau has turned into one of the best putters on Tour, but it hasn’t always been that way. In his first two full season on Tour, DeChambeau ranked 97th and 111th in putts made from under five feet.

Something flipped however in 2019 for the world number seven, and he finished the season ranked 24th in putts made from 5 feet and in.

DeChambeau shared the reason for this on the Full Send podcast, “So I did some study and some research on the golf ball and the geometry of those dimples. And so, and this is getting a bit technical, so the dimples, they have edges on them, right. And if you hit the dimple on the edge at the wrong angle, it can come off horizontally or vertically.”

The eight-time PGA Tour winner elaborated, “So if you hit it at this angle, it will twist and go off line. But if you’re hitting on the top or bottom of the dimple, it will only affect the vertical launch. So when I was putting, I was missing putts from super-close range because I was hitting it off the other edges of the dimples. And so a lot of guys who miss short putts, they’re like, I felt like I made a great stroke, but it comes out and lips out of the hole from a foot or two feet, it’s because they’re hitting it on an edge.”

DeChambeau explained why this is most relevant on short putts, “So the firmer you hit it, the more the golf ball compresses. So when you’re hitting something a lot harder, it’s compressing and it doesn’t come off at a weird angle. When you’re hitting it softer, like a five-footer or like a three-footer, you hit it a little bit off the edges, it can now come off line.”

It’s hard to argue with DeChambeau’s approach, as over the past three years, the recent Ryder Cup star has made over 97.25% of his putts inside 5 feet.

DeChambeau has not yet committed to any PGA Tour events on the upcoming schedule, yet he is set to battle Brooks Koepka in the fifth edition of “The Match,” which will be held at the Wynn Golf Club in Las Vegas on November 26th.


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  1. Dennos

    Oct 19, 2021 at 12:58 am

    I like Bryson but this is complete BS. Even if its true its just impossible to line the ball up.

    • Gunmetal

      Oct 20, 2021 at 11:12 am

      Agree very much. I love Bryson but what he’s talking about is Green Variability. Sasho Mackenzie has talked a lot about this. When you hit a putt perfectly, something like 20% won’t go in because of subtle undulations or nuances in the green.

      Where the heck is the top of a circular dimple anyway?!?!

  2. Brett

    Oct 18, 2021 at 9:59 am

    Easy to hate on the guy like the main herd of golfers, but this guy works so hard and does his OWN thing, and why not continue to educate yourself as a golfer even if it’s as small as something like this. I’m not a huge fan of his but when is the last time a golfer has been talked about as much as Bryson, notably amongst his fellow tour pros (Tiger?). If there’s data to collect that can MAYBE make you just a tad better, why wouldn’t you analyze it.

  3. Tyler Durden

    Oct 16, 2021 at 7:54 pm

    You guys are the among the dumbest people on the internet. Bryson decides he wants to be a pro golfer and does it. Decides one length clubs are what he wants to play with, he researches it, refines it and wins the US Amateur. Bryson decides he’s gonna bulk up to drive the ball as far as he can, wins the US Open. Bryson decides to enter long dive, he ends up in the top 8 in his first try. He says he wants to strike the dimples a certain way to make him a better short putter, and you morons doubt him. He has shown he knows what he is talking about and backs it up with real world success, unlike the unknown doubters on the internet.
    But you all keep it up , making yourselves look like jealous little trolls

  4. Brian Gott

    Oct 14, 2021 at 7:44 am

    Do you think Patrick Cantlay was concerned about dimple effect when won the BMW. Maybe Bryson was hitting the wrong dimple and that is why he lost. Perhaps when he chunked that chip on 17 the ball wasn’t oriented right. Where do they come up with these articles? Bryson is very talented but how many wins did he have this year??? He has figured out another way to play the game but he is not dominating.

  5. Greg McNeill

    Oct 13, 2021 at 11:28 am

    Bryson is a strange duck. As pointed out above, the only possible way the variable of hitting the edge of a dimple on a putt would be a factor is if you controlled for every other variable, ie, the surface (smoothness, moisture, etc) of the green, the path of the stroke and face angle, and so on. Even with every factor perfectly controlled for, I seriously doubt you could detect a difference.

    That said, this is just the way he is built. I think diving into the minutiae of the game is an outlet for him. And even if his conclusions are insupportable, it works for him. I remember interviews with Johnny Miller back in the 70s when he was routinely shooting 61 and winning tournaments by 8 shots. He claimed he could adjust his swing depending on whether he wanted to hit a shot 150 yards or 151 and therefore wanted Andy Martinez (his caddy) to give him exact yardages because a one yard difference actually mattered to his swing.

    • Edward Buchanan

      Oct 19, 2021 at 7:44 pm

      Every pro wants exact yardage. Johnny Miller went a step further and wanted half yardages. 150.5 instead of 150/151.

  6. Shane Quimby

    Oct 13, 2021 at 9:55 am

    I cannot believe people publish this garbage. Bryson has shown repeatedly that he has no grasp of actual math or physics. He is an elite golfer with a public forum, not a scientist or an engineer. He used ‘terminal velocity’ to describe a chip shot not going in because it hit the pin too hard. That is skydiving/free fall term. He said greens were fast because they had a low ‘friction number’. That is a nonsense term. The term is coefficient of friction. This dimples comment is even more nonsense. The ball is not perfectly round, so there will be some miniscule effect. The imperfect state of putting greens is a much bigger factor than dimple irregularities. If he is the only guy who is onto this, why are there 20 some guys who are better from close range? Are they just lucky 500 times a season, or are they keeping the secret too? Even if there is a way to overcome it, the chances you can place the ball perfectly every time using just the naked eye is pretty much nonexistent. Get someone who actually knows science to filter this stuff.

  7. Howard Lockhart

    Oct 13, 2021 at 5:17 am

    There was an American golf ball company that promoted this a great many years ago. From memory the ball was called a “bald eagle”. It had no dimples on the 4 equators and thereby prevented exactly what Bryson is talking about.

  8. art

    Oct 12, 2021 at 1:17 pm

    I just injured myself with how hard I rolled my eyes at this nonsense

  9. geohogan

    Oct 11, 2021 at 2:40 pm

    Doesnt hurt when your putter is closer to 90 degrees
    to the ground… croquet anyone.

    • Jim

      Oct 11, 2021 at 9:09 pm

      There have been studies about this topic. If I am remembering correctly, putting accuracy increases a tiny bit when the cover is softer. Putting with a Top Flite XL, the cover is going to “give” less and can deflect at a weird angle.

      • geohogan

        Oct 12, 2021 at 4:08 pm

        Recall studies many years ago, showing putts of equal force
        with surlyn covered balls vs balata could be as much as 36 inch different in distance.

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19th Hole

LPGA stars given creepy ‘Squid Game’ cookies on arrival in Korea



The LPGA Tour players were greeted with a rather unusual gift when they arrived at the BMW Ladies Championship at LPGA International Busan in Busan, Korea this week.

As seen on Danielle Kang’s Instagram story this week, each player received a metal tin can with a traditional Korean dalgona cookie inside. At first glance, this would seem to be a fairly normal occurrence. However, if you have seen the new Netflix show, “Squid Game” that has quickly become an internet sensation you would know otherwise.


The cookie the players were presented with was a reference to the second episode of the Netflix show, and the implications were horrific.

In the show, the contestants of the “Squid Game” had ten minutes to choose and carve a shape or picture into the cookie. If they failed to complete the task, the consequences were deadly. As one would imagine, being given this creepy gift upon arrival to the event was relatively unsettling to those preparing to tee it up.

Despite the spine-chilling inference of the gift, many of the LPGA players decided to try the “challenge” from the show and carve some shapes out of the cookie.


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A post shared by hye jin choi (@hyejin_choi1)

Hopefully, their results at The BMW Ladies PGA Championship will go better than it did for the contestants on “Squid Game”.

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2021 ZOZO Championship: Best DFS plays from each price range



Accordia Golf Narashino Country Club is a par 70 measuring 7,041 yards and features bentgrass greens. The course has a unique design with five par 3’s and three par 5’s.

The ZOZO Championship is a no-cut event and will feature 78 golfers. The field is fairly strong this week, with a handful of PGA Tour stars making the long trip to Japan. Those golfers include Xander Schauffele, Collin Morikawa, Hideki Matsuyama, Tommy Fleetwood, Paul Casey, Rickie Fowler, Joaquin Niemann, Will Zalatoris, and Kevin Na.

Let’s take a look at each DraftKings price range and identify the best plays for each in GPP’s.


Collin Morikawa $11,200:

Collin Morikawa has the perfect skill set for Narashino Country Club. The course requires accuracy off the tee due to the narrow fairways and penal tree lines. Approach play will also be a major factor as the greens at the course are heavily contoured and undulating. Morikawa’s prowess in these two specific areas make him a must play to start your DFS lineups.


Rickie Fowler $9,800:

Fowler ranked first among the field in Strokes Gained: Tee to Green last week in Las Vegas and gained a whopping 8.9 strokes on the field. He also gained 8.3 strokes in “Fairways Gained” which should translate quite nicely to what he will need to do this week in Japan. Narashino Country Club is a tight tree-lined golf course that makes accuracy off of the tee essential. Fowler was in total control of the golf ball last week, and I expect that to carry over to the ZOZO Championship. 


Carlos Ortiz $8,600:

Carlos Ortiz got off to a sluggish start in Las Vegas but bounced back nicely and ended up finishing in a share for 25th place. The turnaround was due to a superb week statistically from tee to green. The 30-year old gained 6.1 strokes on the field in Strokes Gained: Tee to Green for the week. Additionally, he gained 4.6 strokes on approach, which was good for fourth in the field. The only part of his game that was subpar on the week was his putting, where he struggled and lost 3.4 strokes to the field with the flat stick.


Pat Perez $7,300:

To put it simply: Pat Perez is a birdie maker. At a no cut event, birdies and eagles are even more important than usual. Perez ranks 12th in the field in Birdie or Better rate in his past 36 rounds and should be able to pile up the points. Additionally, we have seen Perez play well in Asia as he finished 7th at the 2018 CJ Cup at Nine Bridges in South Korea.


Sam Ryder $6,700:

Speaking of birdie makers, Sam Ryder is a golfer who fits that mold exquisitely. In his past 24 rounds, Ryder ranks 1st in the field in Birdie or Better. Narashino Country Club also seems to be an ideal fit for the 31-year-old. Ryder ranks 6th in the field for Strokes Gained: Approach and 16th for Strokes Gained: Putting on bentgrass greens.

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19th Hole

LPGA Tour graduate hit with 4-shot penalty for having her kid’s club in bag



When trying to secure your card to become a professional golfer, every single stroke matters.

As reported first by GolfWeek’s Beth Ann Nichols, during the final round of the Copper Rock Championship on the Symetra Tour, Rachel Rohanna reached in her bag to discover her daughter’s 23 inch club. Being the 15th club in her bag, Rachel was forced to call over a rules official and receive the bad news: she had incurred a 4 stroke penalty for the mistake.

Rohanna’s three year old daughter, Gemelia has had to travel with her mom on the Symetra Tour all season. It has been a challenging year for Rachel who is trying to earn back her LPGA Tour card and raise a toddler at the same time.

Thankfully, this story has a happy ending. The loss of $900 due to the penalty didn’t impact Rohanna’s graduation to the LPGA Tour, who finished 10th in the money list for the Symetra Tour ($4,429 clear of 11th), to earn her LPGA card despite the costly penalty.

With the promotion, the 30 year old becomes the first mother to earn her professional card by going through the developmental tour.

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