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Why Harris English’s putter grip led to strange ruling at Ryder Cup



Sunday at the Ryder Cup appeared to have passed without many issues, but a couple of weeks on from the event, Harris English has revealed that his putter grip caused some last-minute drama.

Speaking on the Fore the People podcast with John Peterson and J.J. Killeen, English explained that he received a call from Captain Steve Stricker concerning the 32-year-old’s putter grip on the day of singles action.

“I had no idea what he was calling me about, he hadn’t called me this whole week. He said, ‘Hey Harry, I’ve got some bad news. We’ve got the head rules official here and he wants to take a look at your putter grip.’ I’m like, ‘s***!’

I guess somebody had called in — they saw [the grip] on television or whatever — and saw the banana flap over. They deemed the grip illegal. This was Sunday morning about two hours before my tee time as I’m getting warmed up.”

The putter grip had clearly seen better days, and it’s unknown who made the call about it possibly being non-conforming.

However, after a conference call with “a couple of USGA guys and the Ryder Cup official”, the grip was indeed deemed non-conforming as the cloth part had been worn completely off the rubber part at the butt of the grip.

Needing a quick fix, English revealed that assistant captain Davis Love III was on-hand to sort the issue out:

“Davis, the savvy deer hunter and knifesman he is, got an X-Acto knife and cut the part off. We gauzed it so it would be flush with the other cloth part. He did it in a few minutes. He finished it, gave it to the rules official and the rules official had to go give it to (Harrington), I guess, to OK it. Then I went out and played with it.”

English went on to lose his singles match, and while the grip stays for now, he says, “I’ll probably have to put a new grip on pretty soon.”

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Gianni is the Assistant Editor at GolfWRX. He can be contacted at [email protected] Follow him on Twitter @giannimosquito



  1. Paulo

    Oct 8, 2021 at 10:57 am

    Can’t believe his points haven’t been redistributed . Home advantage strikes again

  2. Milo

    Oct 8, 2021 at 9:57 am

    I thought they weren’t gonna deal with armchair analysts who called in with rules violations now?

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19th Hole

How Holywood star Chris Pratt helped Bryson DeChambeau deal with hecklers



It’s been an interesting summer for Bryson DeChambeau, who at last month’s Ryder Cup appeared to have won over any detractors with his sizzling display at Whistling Straits.

However, before his performance in Wisconsin, Bryson was being hounded by hecklers at every event, primarily due to a feud with Brooks Koepka that has since cooled off.

Speaking on the Full Send podcast this week, DeChambeau told the hosts that advice from friend and Hollywood actor Chris Pratt helped him deal with the abuse he was receiving.

“He (Pratt) told me something really, really good, and it helped me out, and it helped him out as an actor before…

He said: ‘Bryson, you have to take yourself away from that. The person you are off the golf course is not going to be the same person you are on the golf course. It can’t be. People’s perception and their idea of who you are is, unfortunately, going to be a fictional character.’”

Bryson added that Pratt told him to play that fictional character on the course during the “bad times”, but when he’s off the golf course “Be who you are. And know who you are, and don’t let that fictional character change who you actually are.”


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When things are going good, however, the Californian revealed that he is entirely himself, referencing his epic drives at Bay Hill and Whistling Straits, but when things are going “south”, and he’s receiving abuse on the course, Bryson said

“I have to retract and be like, ‘It’s okay, no big deal.’ I understand they’re doing that because either; 1: They wanna be in my spot or 2: They’re just drunk.”

DeChambeau explained that while he’s received a bunch of abuse on the course, he believes the dynamic has now changed because people are beginning to understand him.

The 28-year-old puts that in part down to his activity on his social media channels which he partakes in so people can see the real him.

Check out Bryson on the Full Send pod here.

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19th Hole

Bryson reveals the cut-off point on money list where players make an annual loss on Tour



With the prize money on the PGA Tour rising all the time, the world’s best take home more money than ever, but you may be surprised by just how thin a line it is from being comfortable to making an annual loss.

Speaking on the Full Send podcast this week, Bryson DeChambeau revealed that any player outside of the top 165 on the Tour’s money list is losing money every year.

Asked to breakdown why that is, Bryson explained how as independent contractors, life is very costly on Tour:

“We’re independent contractors. We’ve got to pay for all of our expenses—every hotel we have to pay on our own, food etc. You do everything yourself. And you’ve got a family to feed. And you’re missing cuts. And when you miss a cut, you make nothing. 

You think it’s great (on Tour), but once you start getting into the nitty-gritty and it’s your livelihood, it’s a very interesting scenario.”

Bryson added that players in the top-125 in the money list are having “a great life”, but that he feels “so bad” for the guys 165 and up, and those also on the Korn Ferry Tour.

The 28-year-old admitted that it “depressed” him when he missed his opening 14 cuts on Tour but that he was fortunate to have sponsors and explained what the gruelling process is for players struggling to find their best stuff on Tour.

“When you go an do these three-week stints, and you miss all three cuts, and you’re grinding Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and you go Thursday and Friday and miss the cut, and you got the weekend off, but you’re still grinding Saturday, Sunday because you’ve got to get good for the next week. And you still can’t find your game, and you’re still not doing well because there are so many players that are way better than you, and you’re still missing cuts.”

To put Bryson’s statement into context, the 166th player on the 2020 PGA Tour money list made $486,337 in earnings, which shows that, if accurate, earning half a million dollars on Tour each year likely only allows a player to break even.

You can check out the entire episode of Bryson on the Full Send pod here.

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19th Hole

Fred Couples on potential 2023 Ryder Cup captaincy: ‘I’m a little old for the system’



Fred Couples has successfully led the United States to three Presidents Cup victories, and is hot off a vice-captaincy for the winning U.S. Ryder Cup team as well.

The 15-time PGA Tour winner has not been shy to express his interest in receiving the lead captain’s honor, but he fears his time may be running out. “Now I’m a little old for the system. I mean, would I like to be Ryder Cup captain? Of course, but that’s probably not going to happen,” Couples mentioned on Wednesday after the pro-am for the PGA Tour Champions Furyk & Friends.

Last month at Whistling Straits, Couples was in charge of the Dustin Johnson, Collin Morikawa, Xander Schauffele, and Patrick Cantlay pod, which combined to go 14-1-2. Couples stated that his formula for feeling out his players and getting the most of them is simple. “I can just see in their eye something’s going on. And it’s easy. Golf is kind of secondary for me. I was a good player and I knew my game, but I can feel out other people’s games pretty easily, I just have a knack for saying ‘what’s going on? and I enjoy that.”

The 2023 Ryder Cup is set to be held in Rome, which would be particularly special for Couples because of his Italian ancestry. The Ryder Cup captain is decided by the PGA of America, and no announcement has yet been made for the 2023 festivities.


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