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What are SQAIRZ golf shoes and can they really help you hit the ball farther?



SQAIRZ golf shoes are the sport’s latest footwear designed to provide golfers with the one thing every player wants: the ability to hit the ball farther.

The brand’s shoes have been independently scientifically tested by numerous organizations, including Golf Laboratories Inc. and Terry Hashimoto, Co-founder of BodiTrak, (who are one of the top golf pressure mapping manufacturers), with the results showing that SQAIRZ help golfers excel in a number of key areas.

SQAIRZ golf shoes: The data

There are two connections in golf; your hands to the club and your feet to the ground. Your feet and the interaction of the shoe on the ground provides the energy to produce swing speed. Arguably, the feet to the ground is most important connection when considering balance, stability, and swing speed.

Terry Hashimoto tested the performance of over 200 golfers of all experience and levels for months wearing their current brand and then wearing SQAIRZ golf shoes. While using some of the top swing analysis software and devices such as BodiTrak, SwingGuru, and Ernest Sports, the data showed that SQAIRZ shoes have the most surface area connection with the ground of any golf shoe on the market, and this increased surface area resulted in a greater energy exchange with the ground, better balance, and weigh distribution/transfer, the key to generating more swing speed and distance.

What results did that increased surface area in connection with the ground yield? Vast gains for all wearers of SQAIRZ shoes in vital areas pertaining to distance in the game, including swing speed, carry, ball speed, and smash factor.

The average gains for those 200 golfers wearing SQAIRZ shoes compared to other brand’s footwear was an average of an 8-yard extra carry distance, 13mph increased ball speed, 11 degree increase in hip rotation, and a greater smash factor of 7%.

SQAIRZ golf shoes: The technology

At the heart of the design behind the technologically advanced shoes is the patented squared toe.

The interior design of the square toe allows the golfer’s toes to sit comfortably in the shoe, with a wider base and a heel stabilizer designed to provide enhanced balance and stability. The square toe also allows golfers a unique freedom for their toes to sit naturally with a full range of motion and noticeable feel for the ground.

SQAIRZ testing found that added flexibility in competitive sneaker-like golf shoes promoted inversion, the foot (weight) moving to the outside of the trail foot. This is when the golfer gets stuck on the right side (for right-handed golfers) and not being able to shift the weight back to the lead side.

With the SQAIRZ golf shoe, golfers are provided with a structured upper material often used in sports such as football and soccer to provide structure for sudden weight shifts. Along with this upper material, the outsole and midsole have been optimized for the right amount of flexibility to promote efficient energy exchange and stability. In addition, SQAIRZ has engineered a heel stabilizer that keeps the heel down throughout the swing and prevents ankle roll-over injuries on all types of lies.

There are 6 removable cleats on each shoe of which 4 red cleats target the area where the greatest amount of pressure is exerted on the bottom of the feet through the swing. 

The spikes are strategically place under these pressure points for optimum connection in the areas that require it most.

SQAIRZ shoes also feature the widest base and greatest amount of ground coverage of any golf shoe, which is proven to provide better balance and stability as well as offering an efficient braking power. 

Braking occurs towards the end of the backswing and immediately before the ball is struck. Golfers shift the weight from the trail to lead side and this optimized braking at the right time allows for increased swing speed.

SQAIRZ developed Sta-Put laces that don’t loosen or come untied during the round, with the laces containing silicone nubs printed on the top of the lace that are designed to make the “Sta-Put” once laced.

The laces feature a durable polyester material and raised silicone squares printed down the lace in a bid to comfortably form the shoe to your foot and lock it in place.

The soles of SQAIRZ shoes also contain Circular Traction Lugs designed for proper rotational movement of your feet, and the shoes are 100% waterproof thanks to a synthetic leather material that keeps your feet dry in all conditions.

In addition to the durable material, a gusseted tongue design aids at keeping water, sand and other debris out even in the worst of conditions.

Performance Conclusion:

As outlined in the independent tests, there are several notable performance highlights:

  • SQAIRZ allowed pressure to get to the trail heel portion of the foot faster during the
    backswing, generating more acceleration to the lead side quicker and creating a much
    greater “brake effect”, generating more vertical power on the lead side prior to impact
    with impressive distance gains.
  • SQAIRZ’s greater balance and stability translated to less sway and better accuracy and
    energy transfer.
  • SQAIRZ resulted in a significant increase in hip and shoulder rotation.
  • SQAIRZ eliminated inefficiencies witnessed in sneaker like golf shoes.

So, can a golf shoe really help you play better golf? The data says yes.

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  1. d

    Oct 19, 2021 at 12:20 pm

    as 1 cap i can tell you for years ive been telling some high handicap golfers to stop buying soft no support “socky” shoes….as a 1 i can immediately feel loose in many shoes.
    being stable is more important than
    being comfortable….

  2. LD

    Oct 19, 2021 at 10:30 am

    I’ve been wearing them for al this year and they are the most comfortable and stable shoes I’ve had in years. For all the negative comments, it’d be nice if you’d actually tried the shoes out so you have some credibility for your comments.

  3. Joe

    Oct 19, 2021 at 9:07 am


  4. Paulo

    Oct 18, 2021 at 2:27 pm

    What happens it you set up with your feet angled outwards like 99.9% of golfers?

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