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19th Hole

2021 Masters prop bets



The Masters is here, and for those who want to raise the stakes a little this week, has an array of markets for punters to get stuck into ahead of the year’s opening major. 

Check out the full list below courtesy of Also, check out the outright odds for the 2021 Masters here.

Balls in water on the 12th in R4

Over 2½ Balls 10/17

Under 2½ Balls 13/10

Will the leader find water on the 12th in Round 4?

No 1/12

Yes 7/1

54 Hole Leader goes on to win The Masters

Yes 10/13

No 1/1

Albatross to be registered during The Masters

No 1/25

Yes 10/1

Cut Line

Over 147½ Strokes 20/23

Under 147½ Strokes 20/23

Debutant to Win The Masters

No 1/250

Yes 25/1

Flagstick to be left in for Winner’s Final Putt?

No 1/9

Yes 5/1

Highest 18 Hole Score

Under 85½ Strokes 10/17

Over 85½ Strokes 13/10

Length of Winner’s Final Shot

Under 3½ Feet 10/13

Over 3½ Feet 1/1

Lowest 18 Hole Score

Under 65½ Strokes 2/3

Over 65½ Strokes 11/10

Most Strokes Recorded on Any Hole

Over 8½ Strokes 1/2

Under 8½ Strokes 3/2

New Course Record of 62 or lower

No 1/66

Yes 14/1

Number of Players Finishing Under Par

Under 22½ Players 10/13

Over 22½ Players 1/1

Play Off featuring 3 or more players?

No 1/33

Yes 12/1

Player to be Disqualified from the Masters?

No 1/16

Yes 8/1

Will a Play Off be needed to decide the winner?

No 1/5

Yes 3/1

Will any Left-handed golfer win the Masters?

No 1/500

Yes 30/1

Will any player shoot all 4 Rounds in the 60s?

No 1/6

Yes 7/2

Will there be a Hole In One?

Yes 2/3

No 6/5

Winner’s Score on 72nd Hole

Par 20/37

Bogey or Worse 3/1

Birdie or Better 9/2

Winning 72 Hole Score

Under 276½ Strokes 2/3

Over 276½ Strokes 11/10

Winning Margin

Exactly 1 Shot 5/2

19502 Exactly 2 Shots 3/1

Play Off needed to determine winner 3/1

4 Shots or more 7/2

Exactly 3 Shots 6/1

Winning Nationality

USA 20/33

Europe 47/20

Rest of the World 26/5

Wire To Wire Winner

No 1/25

Yes 10/1

Bryson DeChambeau – Total Birdies or Better

Under 17½ Birdies or Better 5/6

Over 17½ Birdies or Better 10/11

Bryson DeChambeau – Total Bogeys or Worse

Over 10½ Bogeys or Worse 4/5

Under 10½ Bogeys or Worse 20/21

Highest Score on Any Hole

Over 5½ Strokes 1/4

Under 5½ Strokes 3/1

Longest Tournament Drive

Over 405½ Yards 5/8

Under 405½ Yards 13/10

Will Bryson birdie all of the Par 5’s in Round 1?’

No 2/13

Yes 19/4

Will Bryson drive the 3rd green in any round?

No 20/33

Yes 27/20

Will Bryson drive the 3rd green in Round 1?

No 1/5

Yes 15/4

Will Bryson make an Eagle in all 4 rounds?

No 1/16

Yes 10/1

Will Bryson make an Eagle?

Yes 4/9

No 37/20

Will Bryson win The Masters by 2 or More Shots?

No 1/38

Yes 16/1

Will Bryson be put on the clock for slow play?

Yes 20/1

Will Bryson make an albatross?

Yes 66/1

Will Bryson score 10 or higher on any hole?

Yes 100/1

Winning Margin

Not to Win 1/14

To Win by exactly 1 shot 18/1

To Win by exactly 2 shots 22/1

To Win in a Play Off 25/1

To Win by 5 shots or more 28/1

To Win by exactly 3 shots 28/1

To Win by exactly 4 shots 33/1

Highest Round 1 Score

Over 84½ Strokes 20/23

Under 84½ Strokes 20/23

Leading Round 1 Score

Over 65½ Strokes 5/7

Under 65½ Strokes 11/10

Will there be a Hole In One in Round 1?

No 1/12

Yes 6/1

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Gianni is the Assistant Editor at GolfWRX. He can be contacted at [email protected] Follow him on Twitter @giannimosquito

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19th Hole

Billy Horschel wants armlock ban: ‘I’ll give the belly putter back and take away the armlock’



Billy Horschel has caused a stir this week at the RBC Heritage, with the 34-year-old making the controversial claim that the popular armlock putting technique should be banned as “guys are doing it too good”.

The Florida native explained that the method needs reviewing due to the ability to change the grip position so that it’s “parallel or matches the face” and that he’d even happily exchange the technique for the belly putter.

“I mean, I’m bringing up something different here, and I’m sort going out on a limb, but I don’t think this arm lock putting is — should be allowed either. I’ll give the belly putter back and take away the arm lock.

I think when you look at what guys are doing now with the arm lock and moving the grips to the side where it’s parallel or matches the face and then when you do that up against your arm, I mean, it’s — you know that face is dead square and that face doesn’t rotate at all.

It’s just sort of locked in. Guys are doing it too good.”

Horschel further revealed that there is “a little more flow” in his view with the belly putter and flirted with calling the armlock, a technique very popular on tour, the dreaded ‘A’ word: Anchoring.

“Yes, you could say it’s anchored. I don’t know because I guess anchored is having one point against somewhere and a fixed point. I know that’s not fixed, but it’s something similar to an anchor style.

Like I said, I would rather give them the belly putter back. I think there is a little bit more flow. Some guys going that way are becoming great putters, but it’s just something guys are trying and seeing some benefits for.”

Bryson DeChambeau, Matt Kuchar, Bernhard Langer and now Kevin Kisner are some of Horschel’s peers currently using the armlock method. It’ll be very interesting to see what response we get from them (if any) in defense of the technique.

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19th Hole

Tiger Woods appears to be renovating his practice facility



Tiger Woods’ home practice facility seems to be getting a makeover this spring, and it has got golf fans speculating on the 15-time major champion’s future.

A photo taken and shared this week by pilot Dakota Atkinson shows Woods’ backyard under construction, with three of the facilities’ four greens being renovated.

Per Tiger Woods’ design website, the facility is broken down as the following:

“Tiger started with a flat, 3.5-acre area, and, teaming with TGR Design, directed its design, layout, and shaping. The result is a practice facility of tournament-conditioned turf and bunkering that recreates the look, feel, and playability of various major courses. Using a variety of turf found on the PGA TOUR, the design allows Tiger to hit almost any shot of 150 yards or less to one of four unique greens.”

What this signifies for Tiger’s future is unclear, with many golf fans suggesting that the renovation could well be for his son Charlie. In contrast, others believe it’s a positive sign for Tiger’s potential comeback.

It’s worth noting that many tour pros have commented on Woods’ good progress from his injuries, and that Rory McIlroy told media before the Masters that: “When you hear of these things and you look at the car and you see the crash, it’s like, you think he’s going to be in a hospital bed for six months. But he was actually doing better than that”

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19th Hole

Will Zalatoris on the one hole he wishes he could do over at the 2021 Masters



Fresh from lighting up the Masters with a brilliant performance last week, Will Zalatoris featured on Doug Flutie’s SiriusXM podcast Flutie Flakescast, where the rookie broke down his week at Augusta.

*All quotes courtesy of Doug Flutie’s SiriusXM podcast Flutie Flakescast*

The 24-year-old finished one stroke behind Hideki Matsuyama at the event, and when asked which shots he would take back if he had the chance, Zalatoris was quick to highlight his week-long performance on the par 5 13th hole.

“I think it’s any collection of shots on 13. I played it at even par for the week, which you just can’t do. I mean, you see all those guys knock one tight out of the trees and make eagle or make a good birdie and that’s what jumpstarts them to win the golf tournament. And I just didn’t have it.

I had about a 50 or 60 foot look that weirdly that green is just so slow. I don’t know what it was. I had, you know, I had two 50 footers over the last two days and on that hole and I three-putted both of them and that’s the difference right there.”

In contrast to Zalatoris, Hideki played the 13th hole in four-under-par for the week, including making an eagle on the hole during Friday’s round.

“You know, I just needed to play 13 in a couple under par, just like I would have basically just played average golf and you know it just, it is what it is. But that’s the one to me where it’s like every single day I’m walking off 13, like dang nabbit, like I just need one shot, one shot, one shot.”

The Californian also revealed on the show that his first Masters’ experience flew by, and he wishes he could have slowed the week down.

“Man, I wish I could have slowed it down. I did a good job of staying in the moment, but I mean that seven days that I was there felt like it went by in seven minutes. It was just, you know, every day I walked over that bridge on 12 and look back just cause it’s like, you know, I worked my ass off to get to this point and I finally got there and yeah, a lot of gratitude, a lot of appreciation. And obviously I knew I was playing some good golf, and so, you know, it’s a really good feeling to be frustrated to lose by one.”

The 24-year-old returns to action this week at the RBC Heritage.

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