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19th Hole

2021 Masters prop bets



The Masters is here, and for those who want to raise the stakes a little this week, has an array of markets for punters to get stuck into ahead of the year’s opening major. 

Check out the full list below courtesy of Also, check out the outright odds for the 2021 Masters here.

Balls in water on the 12th in R4

Over 2½ Balls 10/17

Under 2½ Balls 13/10

Will the leader find water on the 12th in Round 4?

No 1/12

Yes 7/1

54 Hole Leader goes on to win The Masters

Yes 10/13

No 1/1

Albatross to be registered during The Masters

No 1/25

Yes 10/1

Cut Line

Over 147½ Strokes 20/23

Under 147½ Strokes 20/23

Debutant to Win The Masters

No 1/250

Yes 25/1

Flagstick to be left in for Winner’s Final Putt?

No 1/9

Yes 5/1

Highest 18 Hole Score

Under 85½ Strokes 10/17

Over 85½ Strokes 13/10

Length of Winner’s Final Shot

Under 3½ Feet 10/13

Over 3½ Feet 1/1

Lowest 18 Hole Score

Under 65½ Strokes 2/3

Over 65½ Strokes 11/10

Most Strokes Recorded on Any Hole

Over 8½ Strokes 1/2

Under 8½ Strokes 3/2

New Course Record of 62 or lower

No 1/66

Yes 14/1

Number of Players Finishing Under Par

Under 22½ Players 10/13

Over 22½ Players 1/1

Play Off featuring 3 or more players?

No 1/33

Yes 12/1

Player to be Disqualified from the Masters?

No 1/16

Yes 8/1

Will a Play Off be needed to decide the winner?

No 1/5

Yes 3/1

Will any Left-handed golfer win the Masters?

No 1/500

Yes 30/1

Will any player shoot all 4 Rounds in the 60s?

No 1/6

Yes 7/2

Will there be a Hole In One?

Yes 2/3

No 6/5

Winner’s Score on 72nd Hole

Par 20/37

Bogey or Worse 3/1

Birdie or Better 9/2

Winning 72 Hole Score

Under 276½ Strokes 2/3

Over 276½ Strokes 11/10

Winning Margin

Exactly 1 Shot 5/2

19502 Exactly 2 Shots 3/1

Play Off needed to determine winner 3/1

4 Shots or more 7/2

Exactly 3 Shots 6/1

Winning Nationality

USA 20/33

Europe 47/20

Rest of the World 26/5

Wire To Wire Winner

No 1/25

Yes 10/1

Bryson DeChambeau – Total Birdies or Better

Under 17½ Birdies or Better 5/6

Over 17½ Birdies or Better 10/11

Bryson DeChambeau – Total Bogeys or Worse

Over 10½ Bogeys or Worse 4/5

Under 10½ Bogeys or Worse 20/21

Highest Score on Any Hole

Over 5½ Strokes 1/4

Under 5½ Strokes 3/1

Longest Tournament Drive

Over 405½ Yards 5/8

Under 405½ Yards 13/10

Will Bryson birdie all of the Par 5’s in Round 1?’

No 2/13

Yes 19/4

Will Bryson drive the 3rd green in any round?

No 20/33

Yes 27/20

Will Bryson drive the 3rd green in Round 1?

No 1/5

Yes 15/4

Will Bryson make an Eagle in all 4 rounds?

No 1/16

Yes 10/1

Will Bryson make an Eagle?

Yes 4/9

No 37/20

Will Bryson win The Masters by 2 or More Shots?

No 1/38

Yes 16/1

Will Bryson be put on the clock for slow play?

Yes 20/1

Will Bryson make an albatross?

Yes 66/1

Will Bryson score 10 or higher on any hole?

Yes 100/1

Winning Margin

Not to Win 1/14

To Win by exactly 1 shot 18/1

To Win by exactly 2 shots 22/1

To Win in a Play Off 25/1

To Win by 5 shots or more 28/1

To Win by exactly 3 shots 28/1

To Win by exactly 4 shots 33/1

Highest Round 1 Score

Over 84½ Strokes 20/23

Under 84½ Strokes 20/23

Leading Round 1 Score

Over 65½ Strokes 5/7

Under 65½ Strokes 11/10

Will there be a Hole In One in Round 1?

No 1/12

Yes 6/1

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Gianni is the Assistant Editor at GolfWRX. He can be contacted at [email protected] Follow him on Twitter @giannimosquito

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19th Hole

Why are there so few left-handed golfers on the LPGA Tour? – GolfWRXers discuss



In our forums, our members have been discussing the reasons behind the lack of left-handed players currently on the LPGA Tour. The only left-handed player to ever win on the LPGA Tour was Bonnie Bryant back in 1974, and WRXers have been sharing their theories on why we don’t see more lefties currently out on tour.

Here are a few posts from the thread, but make sure to check out the entire discussion and have your say at the link below.

  • mci771: “There are a few. While the game is growing by a lot, there are a lot fewer women golfers than men still. If you look at men’s golf, the majority are still right-handed. 5% on tour are lefty. If you assume that same 5% to women’s golf, it just isn’t a very big number.”
  • ThinkingPlus: “Per some statistical studies, of the left-handed population, there are 23% more men than women (from Wikipedia).”
  • kozubs: “My wife was just commenting on how difficult it is to find female gold attire. She was looking for some clothes for our niece who just started golfing this year, and she went on and searched girls clothing a grand total of 9 items came up. 1 pair of shorts, one skirt, two short sleeve shirts and five long sleeve shirts. Pretty sad. I can only imagine how few left-hand girls equipment is available. Seems like an untapped market.”
  • Buzzkill: “My wife before I met her took up golf as a lefty and the teaching pro who she had lessons from had her switch to righty – that was in the ’80s. My lefty friend in the 70’s made the switch due to equipment available.”

Entire Thread: “Why are there so few left-handed golfers on the LPGA Tour?”

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19th Hole

‘Best day of my life’: Will Zalatoris gets engaged to longtime girlfriend



Will Zalatoris’ life is going pretty good right now. The 24-year-old finished-runner up at the Masters on his debut earlier this month and now has announced his engagement to girlfriend Caitlin Sellers.

The Californian announced the news with a series of photos on his Instagram with the caption: “Best day of my life. I love you.”


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Will Zalatoris (@willzalatoris)

The two met at Wake Forest, and while Zalatoris skipped his senior year (for obvious reasons), Sellers graduated and then attained a Masters degree from the University of Texas.

The 24-year-old first posted a photo with his longtime girlfriend back in 2018.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Will Zalatoris (@willzalatoris)

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19th Hole

Is this Korn Ferry Tour player longer than Bryson DeChambeau ?



Everyone knows that Bryson DeChambeau has a lot of clubhead speed—he’s averaging just over 133 mph this season—but the craziest thing isn’t what Bryson has done to his own game, it’s actually what he has inspired from other players.

One of the players gunning for a spot in the field via Monday qualifying at this week’s Valspar Championship was Korn Ferry Tour player John Somers. As it was pointed out by Monday Q info on Twitter, John could be one of the longest players in professional golf. To give you an idea of his length, here are some of his TrackMan numbers for his pitching wedge

His 6 iron

Although John hasn’t played in enough events to fully qualify for ranking within the stats on the Korn Ferry Tour, his average driving distance of 331.5 yards would put him solidly in the lead on the KFT by seven yards over the current longest player, Brent Grant, and 10 yards past Bryson DeChambeau, based on PGA Tour Shot Link data.

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