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‘When an apology is not enough’ – Justin Thomas keeps Citi sponsorship but at a price



Investment bank Citi decided on Monday that the company would not terminate their sponsorship of Justin Thomas following his slur earlier this month, but would make the 27-year-old donate a “meaningful portion” of his deal as part of an active role in LGBTQ causes.

Speaking in a company blog post titled “When an apology is not enough”, Carla Hassan, the chief marketing officer heavily condemned Thomas’ “beyond offensive” homophobic slur at the Tournament of Champions and revealed that the bank considered terminating their relationship with JT.

“We considered terminating our relationship with him. It would send a clear and important message, but we decided to use this moment to work with Justin to try to create change.”

Ralph Lauren ended their sponsorship of Thomas following the slur, and Hassan detailed in the post that Citi was very close to doing the same – writing that some of her colleagues felt anything less than cutting ties to JT would undermine Citi’s commitment to the LGBTQ community.

”We want to more than make it clear that it is wrong to use this word. Instead, we hope our efforts can lead more people to make an affirmative choice not to use this word or others like it – and speak up when others do – because they understand the impact it can have, including on a friend, colleague or teammates who may be struggling with the decision to disclose their sexual orientation.”

Hassan further revealed that Thomas would be required to donate a “meaningful portion” of his current deal to various LGBTQ causes, and issued a stark warning that any similar conduct would result in the termination of his sponsorship.

“If at any point we feel that Justin is not sincere in working toward this goal, we will end our relationship with him.”

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Gianni is the Assistant Editor at GolfWRX. He can be contacted at [email protected] Follow him on Twitter @giannimosquito

19th Hole

Golf fans react to bizarre driving range video



We’ve all seen some peculiar things occurring on the driving range, with nobody immune from allowing the game of golf from scrambling their brains.

But over the last 24 hours, golf fans have been reacting to a truly bizarre incident captured at a driving range in China over the weekend that has left viewers stunned.

In the video, which you can see below, a player has decided to drill 5 foot putts from their range bay, and it’s made even more strange by the fact that the putting area at the range was apparently open.


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Golf fans have been reacting to the video over the past 24 hours with some great responses. Here’s a look at some of the best captions for the video provided by our social media followers:

  • mc40in07: “When you buy a large but just want it to be over with…”
  • bshaff3fore: “Golf can take us down strange paths sometimes.”
  • _4nash_: “When you don’t feel like walking to the putting green.”

I concur with ‘bshaff3fore’, golf truly can take us down some strange paths!


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Tour pro reimburses gamblers after marathon exchange with heckler on social media



Talor Gooch missed the cut at the Valspar, and as a result, found himself having to deal with a heckler on Twitter. In a wild twist, however, the confrontation then evolved into a situation where Gooch decided to reimburse gamblers who had bet money on him last week.

“3 bogeys in a row u are so bad @TalorGooch,” tweeted @VinkolaJokic to kick things off, to which Gooch replied, “Did you bet on me?”

This set off a 6-hour marathon of back and forth Tweets, with Gooch ready to reimburse the troll for his gambling losses.

However, the heckler had other ideas and challenged the golfer to a $50k mini-golf match in New York, which Gooch was ready to accept if proof of funds were provided.

Unsurprisingly, the proof of funds never came putting an end to the online back and forth.

However, when users realized that Gooch was prepared to reimburse the heckler’s gambling losses on him, they decided to chance their arm and see if Gooch would be so generous to deliver them a Venmo payment.

The answer? A resounding yes, with the 29-year-old reimbursing gamblers in a bold and generous move.

Pretty cool, but Gooch might want to stress that it’s a one off move considering the number of DFS golf gamblers growing by the week.

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What GolfWRXers are saying about ‘idiot fans’ on the PGA Tour



In our forums, our members have been discussing the fans at recent tournaments, with many believing that even with limited capacity, the shouts and screams appear more obnoxious than ever.

WRXers have been having their say and offering up some solutions to curb the behavior in a year where plenty of players have already been heckled at events.

Here are a few posts from the thread, but make sure to check out the entire discussion and have your say at the link below.

  • JimmyC59: “Anyone shouting, “You da man!”, “In the hole” (on a par four), or “mashed potatoes”, should be permanently banned from attending any golf tournament.”
  • Ghostwedge: “Tournament officials need to cut off the beer sales early, spend a lot more on crowd control. A PGA tournament isn’t an NFL game. You want to yell stupid s*** at the players and other fans? do it from the parking lot.”
  • jonsnow: “I wish it were as simple as cutting off alcohol sales earlier, removing the offenders, etc. All worthy ideas, but I think it’s a cultural thing; it’s a natural outgrowth of the current attention-seeking, social media-driven, me-focused society at large. The fact that it’s pathetic doesn’t make it any less omnipresent.”
  • Need4spd: “You guys all sound like you’d be a lot of fun at parties. Listen, you’re never going to catch me yelling anything loud enough to be heard on camera, but is it really that abhorrent? You guys make it sound like every hole on The PGA Tour is 16 at The Waste Management.”
  • Go Cougs: “I despise social media, but I seem to remember these shouts just as frequently before its prominence. I think it began with a guy at a tournament telling his buddies watching on tv at home, ‘Hey, I’m going to yell ‘Mashed Potatoes!, Baba Booey, or what have you. Listen for it.’And the rest is history.”

Entire Thread: “Idiot fans on the PGA Tour”

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