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2020 GolfWRX Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for the Golfer Looking to get Better



It’s that time of year again, GolfWRX members, the moment we start filling our wish lists with the golf gear we want this holiday season.

The GolfWRX Holiday Gift Guide was created to ensure that our readers give (and hopefully receive) the very best golf gifts on the planet. These gift ideas will suit any budget, and each item was hand-picked by our staff.

In an effort to provide more value and tailored recommendations, we’re presenting our guide as a series this year, targeting “the purist,” “the gearhead,” “the value seeker,” “the golfer looking to get better,” “the clothes horse,” and “the big spender.” (Editor’s note: remaining installments to publish tomorrow and Wednesday)

You know the golfer looking to get better by his/her closet full of every infomercial training aid and a pursuit of forgiveness that would put the most penitent sinner to shame.

Here are our best recommendations for “golfer looking to get better” in your life.

Get a lesson

James Oh

Former tour player and now Southern California based coach to a number of fast-rising players in college and on tour, James teaches not only the swing, short game, etc., but he is also arguably one of the best Golf IQ coaches out there.

Book a lesson here. 

George Gankas

Get on the mat with the hottest teacher in the U.S. and longtime coach to Matthew Wolff and Akshay Bhatia. In a few years, these appointments will be few and far between.

Book a lesson here. 

James Ridyard

Short game teacher to the best—notably Francisco Molinari. A private session with James is expensive, but it’s worth the investment and then some. The best way on the planet to get your short game dialed.

Book a lesson here. 

Marcus Potter

Young and nimble, Marcus Potters career has taken off via word of mouth and Instagram. Schedule an in-person or video-based session with Marcus, and you will be putting like a young Ben Crenshaw.

Book a lesson here. 

Get Better at Home


The hottest training aid in 2019 continued to be fire in 2020 as players are now learning how to utilize it over the winter to hit the ground running in the spring.

Buy here. 

Gankas G Box

If you really want to learn how to rotate like the best players in the world, there is no better and easier-to-use aid in the market. Good indoors and out.

Buy here. 

Get Faster

SuperSpeed Sticks

No longer a secret tool on tour, the SuperSpeed Sticks offer adults and juniors the ability and training program to truly hit it longer. If you want to build true speed and learn how you hit it farther, the SuperSpeed Sticks are a necessity.

Buy here. 

At-home practice facility

If you’ve got the dough to do it, building a Foresight hitting bay at home is almost like cheating. Not only can you dial in your swing, your clubs, and a create sound practice routines, you can also have some fun and play multiple iconic tracks over with your friends in the comfort of your own home.

Buy here. 


Urban Golf Performance

For the SoCal crowd, buying a membership at Urban Golf Performance in Los Angeles puts you in an all-encompassing golf ecosystem that works with your body, your game, your mind and your bag. Its Equinox for golfers—and oh yeah, Collin Morikawa works out there amongst a bunch of other PGA pros and college stars.

Book here. 

For the .com crowd

Me and My Golf online membership

It’s a rabbit hole of tips, tutorials, and insight for golfers of all levels. Arguably the biggest golf platform on YouTube now offers you the VIP experience.

Buy here (7-day free trial).

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  1. Bagger Vince

    Nov 24, 2020 at 6:05 am

    This is the worst Christmas/Fathers Day gift list GolfWrx has ever done. No niche companies I have not heard of, nothing in the lower end price range for a golfing buddy… and tone deaf of the current economic situation

  2. Tyler Durden

    Nov 23, 2020 at 11:18 pm

    You don’t need to spend 350/hr for a lesson to improve.

  3. josh

    Nov 23, 2020 at 3:20 pm

    Gifts for the Golfer(with loads of disposable cash) Looking to get Better.

    There. I fixed the headline for you.

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XXIO launches premium, lightweight 2021 Prime and Prime Royal lines



XXIO and its Prime line of premium clubs are one of the leaders in the world of lightweight golf equipment. With the introduction of its newest 2021 Prime line, XXIO looks to continue to offer some of the fastest and most forgiving clubs on the market for those golfers in the moderate-to-slow speed category.

The biggest key to the XXIO Prime line of clubs is in strategic weighting and mass saving at every possible step without sacrificing forgiveness. From a practical and club fitting perspective, lighter weight clubs offer golfers the ability to stay in balance and route the club properly, which leads to more consistent results along with clubs that are just overall easier to swing and swing faster.

“From the exotic materials and construction to the ultra-lightweight shafts featuring our Weight Plus counter-weighting technology, every detail in the new XXIO Prime has been engineered to add distance and accuracy – specifically for players who have lost some yards over the years. XXIO Prime is truly different and special.”
– Jeff Brunski, Vice President of Research and Development.

A key component to the lightweight designs are the Prime SP-1100 shafts, which use T1100 carbon fiber and nanoalloy resin. T1100 is well known for being used in the ultra-stiff Project X HZRDUS T1100 shaft, but it can also be used to stabilize extremely lightweight designs to add strength and offer tip stability without losing feel.

2021 XXIO Prime driver

Since engineers are working with light target head weights, internal optimization is crucial in keeping MOI as high as possible. The 2021 XXIO Prime driver uses what they are calling the “Star Frame” rib structure to save every last gram around the head—specifically in the midsection of the sole to push more mass low and deep.

This works alongside the “Rebound Frame” to optimizes the stiff and flexible areas around the driver’s head to focus energy towards the face to create extra ball speed.

Another cool design feature found in the driver and the rest of the 2021 Prime metal woods and hybrids is a draw bias bulge to more efficiently promote a draw-biased ball flight thanks to gear-effect.

2021 XXIO Prime fairway woods and hybrids


The new XXIO Prime fairway woods and hybrids feature where their engineers have dubbed “Cannon Sole”, which is a floating sole weight positioned in the rear of the head and allows the cup face to more area to flex for additional ball speed and forgiveness—especially for shots hit lower on the face.

XXIO Prime hybrids

XXIO Prime irons

Behind the face of each iron, which is made of Super-Tix Plus titanium, is a structure intended to flex more to increase ball speed.

According to XXIO, the combination of technologies in the new iron offers a 110% larger sweet spot than the previous generation Prime irons.

XXIO Prime-exclusive shaft specs

XXIO Prime Royal edition

Along with the new 2021 XXIO Prime line, there will also be an additional Prime Royal series targeted exclusively towards female golfers. The series will be highlighted by it’s careful attention to detail and offer quality luxury performance according to XXIO.

Price and availability

The all-new 2021 XXIO Prime is now available for preorder and will be available starting February 12, 2021.

The XXIO Prime Royal line pre-order starts February 25 and will be available in golf shops starting March 12.

Prices of the XXIO line are:

$899.99 for XXIO Prime Driver

$599.99 for XXIO Prime Fairway Woods

$399.99 for XXIO Prime Hybrids

$274.99 for individual XXIO Prime Irons, $1,099.99 for 4-piece set of XXIO Prime Irons

$1,199.99 for XXIO Prime Royal Driver

$799.99 for XXIO Prime Royal Fairway Woods

$449.99 for XXIO Prime Royal Hybrids

$299.99 for individual XXIO Prime Royal Irons

$1,799.99 for 6-piece set of XXIO Prime Royal Irons

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New Bridgestone E12 Contact golf ball features tire technology, major performance gains



It’s not very often that a golf company touts huge technology gains with its mid-level priced products. Large scale changes are generally reserved for the premium price point and performance category, and then those technologies funnel down to the mid-price point in the next generation.

Bridgestone is flipping that model on its head, however, with the release of the all-new e12 Contact, which looks to offer one of the biggest performance jumps in the mid-price golf ball category ever developed.

Bridgestone e12: The science

The focus for Bridgestone with the e12, just like it was for the re-engineered Tour B series and its ReActive cover in 2020, is contact science—it’s where the e12 Contact derived its name from.

“Bridgestone has long been a pioneer in bringing to market unique dimple shapes, sizes and constructions in the golf industry, but up until this point that has primarily been a means of achieving optimal aerodynamic performance,”
-Elliot Mellow, Golf Ball Marketing Manager for Bridgestone Golf.
“In the new e12 CONTACT, dimples actually serve as a source of increased power and distance as well. They also contribute to minimizing hooks and slices, making the newest e12 a golf ball that provides performance you can actually see in terms of straight distance.”

The breakthrough comes in the form of a new dimple design to increase the ball contacting the face for both soft feel and additional distance. The new dimple design places a raised area in the middle of the traditional dimple, which when hit with a direct force, creates a whopping 38 percent for more face contact at impact.

  • This face contact and compression promotes a longer amount of time for the ball to stay on the face resulting in more efficient energy transfer to engage the core layer of the ball which from Bridgestone’s testing has resulted in a gain of over 1.5 mph ball speed.
  •  On the other end of the spectrum, in the short game, the additional contact helps increase spin in the scoring clubs and compared to the previous generation results in over 600 rpm more spin.
  • Although less scientific, Bridgestone also says that many players will experience a benefit when putting thanks to improved putter face contact.

Why not put this into a premium ball?

This is the million-dollar (or millions and millions of dollars) question, and it actually has a fairly simple answer—the new dimple design increases the peak trajectory of the e12 Contact and also makes it fly straighter. This makes it the perfect fit for a golf ball designed to enhance distance and reduce total golf ball curvature but less ideal for a tour-level ball designed for maximum trajectory control.

I realize that makes it sound like a negative, but in reality, it’s the exact opposite—the engineers at Bridgestone have closely analyzed the target golfers and designed a ball to fit their needs. The new e12 Contact is so efficient at creating the desired results from both distance and scoring clubs, they have eliminated the previous “Speed” and “Soft” balls and made one better with the e12 Contact.

Price and availability

The new Bridgestone e12 Contact will be available at retail and online starting February 26 at the price of $29.99 a dozen.

Beyond the traditional white version, the e12 Contact will also be available in Matte Green, Matte Red and Matte Yellow color options.

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Adidas unveils new ultra-lightweight ZG21 golf shoe



Adidas Golf has launched the new ZG21 golf shoe – a high-performance spiked shoe that is both lightweight and comfortable.

ZG21 is the brand’s lightest spiked footwear model to feature Boost cushioning. Per Adidas, the new addition is also up to 20 per cent lighter than comparable spiked models previously in the company’s range and significantly lighter than many competitor models. 

“ZG21 is truly a breakthrough feat in spiked performance. We were able to combine the latest and greatest materials, innovations, and manufacturing processes without sacrificing anything. It changes the game for those who love spiked footwear.” – Masun Denison, global footwear director, Adidas Golf.

The new ZG21 outsole features an ultra-thin TPU construction, six strategically placed cleats, and a new crescent moon-shaped secondary lug designed to optimize grip, support and performance while ultimately reducing weight.

The TPU insert has been created in the lateral sidewall in a bid to provide increased lateral stability and a locked-in feel throughout the swing.

Speaking on the new ZG21 shoes, Dustin Johnson said

“I couldn’t believe how light these were when I put them on. I’ve worn Adidas shoes my entire career and it’s amazing how the team was able to reduce the weight so much while still keeping the great comfort, traction and stability. Players of all skill levels will benefit from what ZG21 has to offer when they put them on and head to the course.”

A lightweight and waterproof (one-year warranty) four-layer upper is combined with innovative textiles and polyurethane films in the new shoe for improved performance. In addition, the SwingPlane traction is inspired by heat-map studies and running from heel to toe. In doing this, Adidas were able to target the areas and place the maximum amount of traction where it’s needed most in the shoe.

The ZG21 comes in four models: men’s laced, men’s and women’s BOA, and a simplified laced offering for junior golfers. 

The two BOA models feature the new BOA Fit System, a ‘Y’-strap design that’s a first in the sport – designed to provide an even higher performance level. The configuration wraps around the foot, creating a secure fit over the instep and provides flexibility and freedom in the toe box. 

The men’s ZG21 BOA is also the first golf shoe on the market to feature Li2 – a sleek, low-profile dial platform that modulates tension when and where needed to provide enhanced speed and execution.

All ZG21 models will be available exclusively on and the Adidas app starting today, and at select retail partners worldwide beginning Feb. 1, 2021.


  • ZG21 – $180
  • ZG21 BOA – $200
  • W ZG21 BOA – $190
  • JR ZG21 – $65
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