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My dream round (including my dream WITB)



Have you ever thought about your golf unicorn scenario? If the golf gods let me time travel, and all courses and equipment were available to me: Where would I play? With who? What’s in the bag? What am I wearing? Every last detail. Well, for me, this is what it would look like.

WHERE: Augusta National Golf Club from the tournament tees on a Sunday pin placement setup. 1997 length of 6,925 yards.

FIVESOME: John “Old Bud” Wunder, Sr., Rob “Big Blue” Wunder, Mark “Warbie” Langston, Nico “Lodeon” Bollini.

My old man, my uncle who taught me how to play, my second dad and my best friend. My boys are a bit too young, and this would be if it happened today, so I needed to say that out loud.

WEATHER: 78 degrees with a slight breeze, a little overcast.

TEE TIME: 11 a.m.

LUNCH AT THE TURN: The “Burger Dog” from the halfway house at Olympic Club.

 If you know, you know. It’s ridiculous.

OUTFIT: G/FORE head to toe

My favorite stuff to wear so might as well go all swag on it at Augusta.


This is the perfect golf bag. Nothing better out there, in my opinion.


DRIVER: Callaway Great Big Bertha 8.2 “Tour Issue” w/ RCH 36 “Pro Series” Strong Flex shaft

My uncle Rob got one of these in 1997 and didn’t like it; he ended up giving it to me to try and I absolutely DESTROYED it. The longest drives I ever hit at my home track Rainier G&CC were with this driver. From the blue tees, 149 into #7, 121 into #11, pin high on #12 and flew it in the front right bunker on #18. Only a Rainier member would know, but these are pokes.

3-WOOD: Callaway S2H2 “2 dot” 13 Degrees with w/ RCH 36 “Pro Series” Strong Flex Shaft

Best 3-wood setup I ever had, period.

5-WOOD: TaylorMade Raylor 19 Degrees w/ Dynamic Gold “Tour Issue” X100

This was a fun one to think about. This club represents more than good shots for me. All the players I looked up to as a kid had either the 16 or 19 in this head and I saw some of the best-looking fairway wood shots ever with it. It will always have a special place in my heart.

IRONS: (3-6) Ping Eye2 Copper, (7-PW) Titleist 962B w/Dynamic Gold “Tour Issue” X100

The combo set of all combo sets. Best looking Ping cavity backs ever and arguably the greatest cast players clubs in the history of the earth. I had this set up when I played the best golf of my life, although it was 2-4 in the Pings and the rest 962B.

WEDGES: Titleist Vokey Aaron Dill custom 53 degree, TaylorMade Milled Grind 2 “TW” Grind 60′ degree w/Dynamic Gold “Tour Issue” S400

One wedge from a dear friend and the other from my favorite player of all time.

PUTTER: Tiger Woods Scotty Cameron GSS

C’mon. Exact Replica of Tiger’s Scotty “Elder Wand”

BALL: Titleist Original Pro V1

The ball that changed the game.

GLOVE: Titleist Players

Best glove ever made, hands down.

What happens from there I don’t care.

I’d love to know what you guys would do if you were presented with the same scenario. Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Geoffrey Holland

    Mar 20, 2020 at 10:29 am

    Capilano Golf and Country Club in West Vancouver BC, first tee time of the day 7:30 a.m. in April. the first golf course I ever played, also the first birdie I ever made on number 14. Thanks James B for bringing me along to play with you so many times.

    My fivesome would include my late grandfather Gilbert Robinson, who introduced me to the game but I never got to play with him because he died when I was 9. He actually taught me how to play right-handed but I ended up left handed. We did play once at a pitch and putt where I even made a par.

    I’ll fill out the group with some great Canadian golfers, George Knudson, Mike Weir, and either Brooke Henderson or Sandra Post. It all depends on their schedules. Those four are some of the greatest Canadian pros of all time.

    Wardrobe? Who cares.


    Golfsmith Harvey Penick titanium driver with Aldila HM50 x-stiff. I worked for Golfsmith Canada back in the day and this driver head was my favourite.

    TaylorMade Original One 12 degree driver TT Dyn Gold S300. This will act as my 3-wood. I’ve never had much time for fairway woods but this is a solid one.

    Ping Eye 2 1 iron becu with TT Dyn Gold S300. I have hit some beautiful shots with this golf club. The most memorable was on number 17 at Marine Drive Golf club in Vancouver, setting up a 20-foot birdie putt.

    Campbell Arnold Palmer irons 3-pw with original Palmer stiff shafts. At one point I was without an iron set, and a friend at the golf course I worked at rescued these from someone who was cleaning out their storage locker. Just a lovely set of old school irons old, forged with the pinned shaft. Thanks James W.

    Ram Tom Watson 55 and 60 degree wedges with TT Dyn Gold S300. If I’ve had a set of clubs since 1983 its had one of these wedges in it. Best wedges ever.

    Arnold Palmer original putter. Napa style, whatever you want to call it, best putter head ever. 38 inches.

    All clubs two inches overlength, all irons 2 degrees upright.

    For the ball, I’ll go with the old Spalding Tour Edition Zinthane balata. That baby could spin.

  2. Nick Panepinto

    Mar 19, 2020 at 1:18 pm

    Course: Kiawah Island; Ocean Course (Walking)

    Foursome: ’00 Tiger, ’92 Jeremy Roenick, ’15 Jordan Speith

    – Driver: r7 Superquad TP
    – Irons: Taylormade Smoke RAC TP 3-9
    – Wedges: Titelist Vokeys SM7 (48, 52,58)
    – Putter: Bettinardi Studio Stock 6
    – Ball: Taylormade TP5
    – Bag: PING Moonlite (Augusta Colorway)

    – Shirt: White Polo with Harbor Town Logo
    – Shorts: Khaki Vineyard Vines Performance Shorts
    – Hat: Green Masters Hat
    – Shoes: Jordan XI’s

    Glove: Titleist Player’s Glove

    Tee Time: 6:30 AM

    19th Hole: John Daly; Classic Club Sandwich

    Thank you for this post, it has been a nice escape putting this together from the madness that has been going on.

    I wish all of you health and the best!

  3. ZoomIt

    Mar 18, 2020 at 11:42 pm

    Myopia Hunt
    2:00 pm start

    Arnold Palmer out of the coolers at the turn. If you know, you know

    Titleist 975 D 9.5*
    Titleist PT-15*
    Titleist 904 19

    Dynamic Gold

    Titleist 690 mb 3-P
    Dynamic gold

    Raw Vokeys

    Scotty Cameron newport

    Nike Tour Accuracy

  4. Kimo

    Mar 18, 2020 at 9:13 pm

    Cuz, I’d play Ala Wai golf course in Waikiki.
    Clubs no mattah.
    Jus need new Pinnacle golf balls. Clean eh?
    I’d go play wit mah friends an cousin.
    No can beat dat, eh?

  5. Nihonsei

    Mar 18, 2020 at 8:01 pm

    TM Super Steel 9.5 w/ Bubble shaft
    Cleveland Quad Pro 15*
    Ping i3 “Blades” w/ TT Tri-Gold (AMT) 3-PW
    Wilson Harmonized 80*
    Ping Anser, Blue Ti hosel Hand painted dot on top
    Maxfli Revolution or Topflite STrata
    Playing any course in Austin or Basstrop along the Colorado River or the Base Course in San Antone AFB

    With my Pops(RIP), Any coach that shut me out of playing for my Middle or Jr. High squad in order to keep me out of the game I Loved as a kid and couldn’t quite afford, and for a pro both Harvey Penick and Lee Trevino or The Black Knight as I was more active writing the U.N. as an Anti-Apartheid youth than hitting balls as I never outgrew the pen but the sticks never kept up…my pops was lefty and cut downs were not feasable once he taught me as a righty. I’d rock BC Ethic club clothes and go barefoot for a round! Thanks for asking, this was fun to consider!!!

  6. Ryan Rieckhoff

    Mar 18, 2020 at 7:44 pm

    Golf Course – Sahalee Country Club
    Tee Time 1:00 PM
    Club Set Up
    Driver TaylorMade Burner 91 model with Flex Twist Shaft
    Titleist 13 PT FW with stock stiff shaft
    Ping Eye 2 + 1 iron Black Dot with Precision Rifle 7.0
    2 Iron Thru SW Ping Zing 2 Red Dot with Precision Rifle 7.0
    Maxfli Tad Moore Putter
    Maxfli HT Balata 100 1994 version

  7. Gdb99

    Mar 18, 2020 at 7:12 pm

    I would play Augusta.
    Probably wear my favorite Timberlin shirt, Blue with White stripes. Shorts. My new FootJoy shoes I have coming.
    I would use my Great Big Bertha, but it had too many sky marks on it!
    My current Cobra LTD will work
    Ping G400 5 wood in big – configuration
    Cobra DWS 23* hybrid
    Played many rounds with a set of Ben Hogan GCD irons
    Cleveland 588 RTG gap, sand, and lob wedge
    Original Odyssey White #2 putter
    I would love to play with my brother Jon, my Uncle Leonard, and my father. I never knew my dad played golf until until after he passed, my uncle told me the stories just before he also passed.
    Thanks for the story. ?????????????

  8. BillyG

    Mar 17, 2020 at 10:56 pm

    I played that driver, Eye2 coppers 1-LW, a TM tour spoon, and a old Ping Anser. Those were great days. What happened and why did I sell it all? Stupid.

  9. Greg pepper

    Mar 17, 2020 at 10:30 pm

    Still have the Taylor Made Raylor 19 degree in the bag as my 3 hybrid. Had it originally wth tour golf hm-40 shaft but now play with hybrid Fuji shaft. Hybrid before there were hybrids.

  10. Alex

    Mar 17, 2020 at 7:59 pm

    Wolf Creek ( mens only club in Olathe, KS)
    3 best golf buddies and myself-with Woodland,Watson, Streb, Tom Pernice as caddies
    Mid September
    73 degrees
    5mph wind
    Suns out with a few clouds
    Cigars, Skoal, Ultras,
    Clothes- Travis Mathew or Peter Millar shirt and pants
    Koepka Nikes or Footjoy 1857 shoes. Depends if its Peter Millar or TM clothes
    Nike Dri Fit or Travis Mathew Hat
    Stitch Bag with Stitch headcovers
    Driver- 9 degree Ping Rapture V2 with Proforce V2 65x
    3wood- 13.5 degree Cobra S91 pro Diamana Tensei Oragne CK Pro 70 x stiff
    Hybrid- 18 degree Mizuno CLK Diamana White 90hy x stiff
    Irons 3-9 Ping S58 X100 bent a degree weak in the short irons
    Vokey SM7 48-10, 54-14- 60-08 all bent one degree strong with S400
    MCC New Decade Black and Orange Grips Standard
    Scotty Cameron Phantom X5 35 inches midsize red Scotty Grip
    Pro V1

  11. Flip Tickles

    Mar 17, 2020 at 6:17 pm

    ANGC with Sunday Pins, preferably not all the way back with my equipment choice.
    W/ 2 of closest friends and Pat Perez
    Any comfortable leather sunday stand bag
    Swag – G/fore is a great choice, but I’ll rock William Murray on this occasion
    Driver – Titleist Howitzer X100 at 43 inches
    Irons – Titleist Tour Model 1-PW S400
    Wedges – Titleist DLIII and ELK S400
    Putter – Wilson 8802
    No Glove, golf pride tour wrap cord grips
    Ball – Titleist Tour Balata 100
    Lunch- deep fried cheese curds
    Drink – Bulldogs and Beer
    Dinner – Steak and Lobster
    Smokes – Marb Golds zippo lighter

    • Flip Tickles

      Mar 18, 2020 at 10:16 am

      I’d also consider my old Wilson Killer Whale Driver with graphite firestick stiff and top Flite Z Balatas 90 compression

      • Geoffrey Holland

        Mar 20, 2020 at 10:31 am

        I had one of those and I love hated it. I called it Willy. Eventually I threw it in a river while yelling “you’re finally free Willy”.

  12. Billy

    Mar 17, 2020 at 4:42 pm

    975D with Fujikura speeder 757
    Sonartec SS-02 13 degree with Fujikura Vista Tour Series 70
    V-steel 5 wood with TT Dynamic Gold
    DCI 690 irons with TT Dynamic Gold
    Cleveland Tour Action 588 wedges
    Bettinardi BB8 honeycomb RJB putter

  13. Elder Wand

    Mar 17, 2020 at 2:42 pm

    Then going sub 60.

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Opinion & Analysis

2023 PGA Championship: Interview with Jeff Corcoran, MGCG



As ticket-holders exit their shuttles and enter the main gate to Oak Hill Country Club this May, their eyes will be attracted to so many sights. The 100-year old, Tudor-style clubhouse, designed by Thompson, Holmes, and Converse (of New Tammany Hall fame in New York City) catches and holds many glances. The market boardwalk will feature emporia of food, drink, and memories, all featuring the designs and flair of marketing teams. It’s a lot to take in.

Most attendees won’t enter the clubhouse, and their time along the merchandise promenade will be restricted to acquisition of souvenirs and sustenance. The majority of their time will be spent in the rough, adjacent to tees, greens, and fairways. Their eyes will roll across the hills of Pittsford’s jewel, but they might be forgiven if they don’t consider exactly how the course and surrounds came to reach this pinnacle of preparation.

Fortunately for them, we’ve tracked down the gentleman who knows more about Oak Hill’s preparation than any other. Mr. Jeff Corcoran is the Manager of Golf Courses and Grounds at the venerated New York state club.

GolfWRX: We’ve introduced you already in your current role. Please tell us how you met golf and golf course maintenance, and what the a-ha moment was that this would be your career.
Corcoran: I started playing golf when I was about 9 years old, a friend and his father took me golfing, and I was hooked. I started playing every chance that I could get and that eventually lead me to a job when I was 13 years working on a public golf course in my hometown of Groton, NY called Stonehedges Golf Course. Working on the golf course was an end to a means, as it allowed me the opportunity to play a significant amount of free golf. I enjoyed working at the golf course so much, that I eventually figured out that I could go to college to study Turfgrass Management. I pursued that endeavor and eventually my way to SUNY Cobleskill and then Penn State University.
GolfWRX: Please trace your career path, from your first job in the industry to your current one.
Corcoran: As stated above my first job in the industry was working at Stonehedges Golf Course as a teenager. While I was in college I worked at the Robert Trent Jones Golf Course at Cornell University, and eventually made my way to Oak Hill Country Club as an intern in 1994. I graduated from Penn State in ’95 and I came back to Oak Hill to work the ’95 Ryder Cup and soon after was made a 2nd assistant. While I was at Oak Hill I was fortunate enough to meet my mentor, Paul B. Latshaw, and I became his first assistant until I left to take my first superintendent position in 2000. My first superintendent position was at The Weston Golf Club which is located just outside of Boston. I was there until 2003, when I was asked to interview for my current position at Oak Hill, as Paul Latshaw had moved on to Muirfield Village. I have been at Oak Hill ever since, and in way or another have been a part of every championship held at Oak Hill since that ’95 Ryder Cup.
GolfWRX: The 2023 PGA Championship will be the 4th at Oak Hill’s East course, but it will be unlike the previous three. How did the course play, from your acquired knowledge, for those first three championships?
Corcoran: I can’t really speak to the 1980 Championship; however, I have a considerable knowledge of how the East Course played for the ’03 and ’13 PGA Championships. In ’03 the East Course went through a renovation performed by Tom Fazio/Tom Marzolf, where all of the bunkers were renovated and relocated to areas where they would affect playability of the professional golfer. Additionally, a considerable amount of length was added to the East Course prior to the ’03 Championship. The Fazio/Marzolf renovation had a significant impact on the playability of the East Course, and it proved difficult to the tour professional of the time. Ten years later in ’13 we held the championship again, and the course was essentially the same as it was in ’03. We didn’t really add any length or adjust any bunkers, however the tour professionals’ game had adjusted and improved significantly in that same 10-year period. In 2013, we had significant rainfall during the week, which softened the golf course, and the scoring for the event reflected the softer, easier conditions.
GolfWRX: Andrew Green’s 2019 restoration returned much of the course to its architectural roots. What will stand out most for those who have attended or competed in prior championships?
Corcoran: If I were to venture a guess that the most noticeable aspect for many individuals will be the reduction in the amount of trees on the East Course. We have been reducing the amount of trees on the East Course for 20+ years, however during the renovation we hit a point where the value of the tree removal hit a critical point where the vistas and views throughout the East Course were impacted in a way that allowed much more enjoyment of the property and its features. For the competitors, I believe they will also notice the severity of the Andrew’s bunker style combined with the ability to take the pin position out to the extremities of the greens. There will be many more pin locations in 2023 that will have a very close proximity to the hazards.
GolfWRX: Speaking of restorations, how was the Oak Hill grounds crew involved in the East Course’s return to its legacy?
Corcoran: The grounds crew was involved in every aspect of the renovation and worked directly with Andrew Green and LaBar Golf Renovations to ensure the product that was produced on the East Course was representative of Oak Hill and the legacy of the East Course.

GolfWRX: Tell us a bit about the re-invention of the fifth hole. What sort of hole did it replace, and how does it join itself to the course’s Donald Ross roots?

Corcoran: Andrew always indicated that he wasn’t designing anything on the East Course, that we was just taking what Donald Ross had designed and was tweaking it. With regard to our current 5th hole, Andrew drew inspiration from the original 6th hole, which was a classic Donald Ross heavily bunkered par-3. We fortunately had a considerable amount of pictures of this hole, and Andrew utilized them during his design phase. Additionally, Andrew made more than one visit over to our West Course and looked at our 4th hole, which is also a classic heavy bunkered par-3. The difference between our original 6th hole and the new 5th hole that Andrew produced is the location, and this is where the brilliance of Andrew Green came into play. Andrew tucked the new 5th green into the northwest corner of the property and it looks as though it has been there since day #1. To be able to achieve that immediate impact and value, really demonstrated his true genius.
GolfWRX: What will the final two months of preparation (April-May) demand from you and your staff?
Corcoran: I think that Mother Nature will hold the answers to the last 2 month of preparation, however it will be demanding and difficult. I anticipate that the my staff will work a considerable amount of hours, and we will do whatever is necessary to ensure that the playing conditions for the PGA Championship are exemplary.
GolfWRX: The weather for the championship week is anyone’s guess. A cold front came arrived in Tulsa last year, for the 2022 playing at Southern Hills. Ironically, Rochester’s temperatures that weekend were the warmer ones! How does your game plan change for unseasonable (both colder and warmer) weather and temperatures?

Corcoran: Our game plan doesn’t really change at all based upon the temperature. There are inherent agronomic aspects that need to happen to be successful, and some of that depends on the temperature and some of it doesn’t. Our focus is to plan for those aspects that we can control, and have a plan to react to any variables that are throw at us as we prepare.

GolfWRX: What question haven’t I asked, that you would love to answer? Please ask it and answer it. Thank you for your time.

Corcoran: “What is the most important aspect of your job as you prepare for the 2023 PGA Championship?”
The most important aspect of my job is building, taking care of, and facilitating our team that comprises golf course maintenance staff at Oak Hill. Without those individuals the championship doesn’t happen, and they will work a tremendous amount of time to ensure that golf course is ready for a spring championship. I am very proud of our team members, and I am extremely excited that their product will get the opportunity to shine on the world stage.
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The Wedge Guy: What really needs fixing in your game?



I always find it interesting to watch how golfers interact with the practice range, if they do so at all. I certainly can figure out how to understand that some golfers just do not really want to get better — at least not enough to spend time on the practice range trying to improve.

What is most puzzling to me is how many golfers completely ignore the rationale for going to the range to at least warm up before they head to the first tee. Why anyone would set aside 4-6 hours of their day for a round of golf, and then not even give themselves a chance to do their best is beyond me. But today, I’m writing for those of you who really do want to improve your golf scores and your enjoyment of the game.

I’ve seen tons of research for my entire 40 years in this industry that consistently shows the number one goal of all golfers, of any skill level, from 100-shooter to tour professional, is simply to hit better golf shots more often. And while our definition of “better” is certainly different based on our respective skill level, the game is just more fun when your best shots happen more often and your worst shots are always getting better.

Today’s article is triggered by what we saw happen at the Valspar tour event this past Sunday. While Taylor Moore certainly had some big moments in a great final round, both Jordan Spieth and Adam Schenk threw away their chances to win with big misses down the stretch, both of them with driver. Spieth’s wayward drive into the water on the 16th and Schenk’s big miss left on the 18th spelled doom for both of them.

It amazes me how the best players on the planet routinely hit the most God-awful shots with such regularity, given the amazing talents they all have. But those guys are not what I’m talking about this week. In keeping with the path of the past few posts, I’m encouraging each and every one of you to think about your most recent rounds (if you are playing already this year), or recall the rounds you finished the season with last year. What you are looking for are you own “big misses” that kept you from scoring better.

Was it a few wayward drives that put you in trouble or even out of bounds? Or maybe loose approach shots that made birdie impossible and par super challenging? Might your issue have been some missed short putts or bad long putts that led to a three-putt? Most likely for any of you, you can recall a number of times where you just did not give yourself a good chance to save par or bogey from what was a not-too-difficult greenside recovery.

The point is, in order to get consistently better, you need to make an honest assessment of where you are losing strokes and then commit to improving that part of your game. If it isn’t your driving that causes problems, contain that part of practice or pre-round warm-ups to just a half dozen swings or so, for the fun of “the big stick”. If your challenges seem to be centered around greenside recoveries, spend a lot more time practicing both your technique and imagination – seeing the shot in your mind and then trying to execute the exact distance and trajectory of the shot required. Time on the putting green will almost always pay off on the course.

But, if you are genuinely interested in improving your overall ball-striking consistency, you would be well-served to examine your fundamentals, starting with the grip and posture/setup. It is near impossible to build a repeating golf swing if those two fundamentals are not just right. And if those two things are fundamentally sound, the creation of a repeating golf swing is much easier.

More from the Wedge Guy

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Golf's Perfect Imperfections

Golf’s Perfect Imperfections: Great debut for Savannah at the WLD opener + Hideki’s driver grip



A great start for Savvy in her second season competing in the World Long Drive Organization! We talk about the whole experience and we also take a look at the Katalyst suit and how our training sessions are going. Plus we speculate why Hideki is experimenting with a putter grip on a driver, thanks to GolfWRX’s Ben and Brian help.

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