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Top 3 full swing training aids of 2019—and a new one for 2020



The title says it all. I have tried a bunch of training aids at this point, and frankly, I have really liked most of them. In this day and age, the amount of thought that goes into these training devices is enormous and one thing that is true for all of them is that if they are used correctly and consistently, the intended change will come. There is enough out there now that you can identify exactly what you need to work on and find something to help groove it in.

I based my list on overall ease of use, the ability to use it unsupervised (i.e. by yourself without the help of a coach), and at-home convenience. So, to be fair to the market, the title could be a bit more granular and perhaps I could have done a list for each category, but it’s the holidays and I felt this was a fair assessment.

Here we go…

The Tour Striker PlaneMate

David Woods and Martin Chuck demonstrating the use of the Tour Striker PlaneMate

This thing is RED HOT in terms of sales and overall marketing presence but truth is, the buzz is earned. It’s a fantastic product IF you know how to use it. The given protocols and system must be followed and if you do and become an expert on what to do, it WILL make a positive change in your action. For some, it’s a backswing fixer, for the tour guys it’s face control and exit point, and for the general golfer, it’s a swing plane educator with proper feedback. The PlaneMate is a good “in the mirror at home” aid, which for me is always a big plus living in a polar vortex half the year. Can’t go wrong with this one.

Created by: Martin Chuck and David Woods

Price: $162.99


GForce Swing Trainer

This one was a nice discovery for me. As someone who gets very handsy in my golf swing, finding a timing device that I can use at home and that helps me focus on rotating, instead of whatever it is I do, is big.

The idea is simple, its a 7-iron (Also comes is driver/wedge/putter) with a REALLY whippy shaft in it. My old teacher from Seattle had one he built and we would use it when things would get way out of sync. That’s what this thing does, it simply gets your body moving in harmony again. The flex of the shaft demands it and if you get out of harmony, the ball will go all over the place. Yes, there have been aids like it in the past, but this one is the beefed-up version and it is well put together. This product can be used on and off the range which is awesome for most people.

Creator: Stuart Small

Price: $119.99


SuperSpeed Swing training System

Unless you have been living under a rock this past year, it’s hard to have not seen these things everywhere. The system has legit benefits for anyone and like the rest of the gear on this list, if used responsibly IT WILL HELP YOU. I have seen players use this over a season and get swing speeds up 5-10 MPH. That’s a big jump, and I like how the system keeps you from overdoing which is something you can definitely do with these. There are sets for men, women, and juniors, and once again they don’t require hitting a golf ball to be effective.

Creators: Michael Napoleon and Kyle Shay

Price: $199.99


And this is the one that I think will create some buzz in 2020…..

George Gankas G Box

As I’ve gotten older, I just don’t turn like I used to….this is the first device I’ve tried in a long time that gives me points of reference to turn properly. Designed by arguably the hottest instructor out there, George sent me a prototype a few months back, and as someone who loves to work on stuff in the mirror, the G Box took that work to the next level. It needs to be said that this may not be for everyone, at least right outta the box, but like anything with George Gankas, there is plenty of content to explain what and what not to do with it.

The idea is simple, there are points of reference built into the blocks. The blocks are strapped to your midsection in a specific way and there is literally a map to follow that puts you in a loaded position at the top (without cheating) and a map to rotating properly on the downswing. It’s that simple. Like the Plane Mate, the G Box will help better players with face control and exit path—and the best thing is no ball hitting is required to use it and it works in the house.

Creator: George Gankas

Release date: Late January 2020

Price: $99.95 to $199.95




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  1. Gunter Eisenberg

    Dec 25, 2019 at 8:45 am

    For me, the best training aid in my 19 years of golf is Youtube videos.

  2. ButchT

    Dec 24, 2019 at 9:39 am

    Too damned expensive! Plenty of profit at half the price!

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Next “Ping Slam” putter announced: Ping PLD Limited Zing 2



Following the Pal and Pal 2, Ping today announced the release of the third of four “Ping Slam” putters, which commemorate the 1988 season in which the brand won all four men’s major championships.

The precision-milled PLD Limited Zing 2 putter commemorates Curtis Strange’s 1988 U.S. Open win — the first of his two consecutive U.S. Open wins using the putter.

“We’re really enjoying celebrating the ‘Ping Slam’ and reliving some wonderful memories from 1988,” said John A. Solheim, Ping’s Executive Chairman. “Curtis’ thrilling win at the U.S. Open was soon followed by the U.S. Women’s Open champion using a Zing 2, giving us wins at both national championships that summer. The next year Curtis won the U.S. Open again with his Zing 2. That was a remarkable run for the Zing 2 and secured its place in Ping’s putter history.”

Arriving on tour in 1984, the original Zing 2 was inspired by the Zing was cast from stainless steel. Ping cites the heel-shafted design and heel-toe weighting as key elements of the putter’s popularity.

The putters are custom-built by Ping WRX master craftsmen at the company’s headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. Each putter is serialized for authenticity and includes a custom headcover. Ping’s engineers and company historian scoured the archives to retain the integrity of the four classic designs during the milling process, spending time in the legendary Ping Gold Putter Vault to ensure the integrity of the designs.

Pricing, availability

Only 88 of the 100-percent milled, 303 stainless steel, natural finish putters are available via at 2 pm ET, Tuesday, June 13 at a price of $990.

Later this year (December 5), 35 complete sets of the PLD Limited ‘Ping Slam’ putters will go on sale for $4,990 (limit one per customer), which will include a custom-designed display unit.


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