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TaylorMade goes titanium, Twist Face for M5, M6 fairway woods




TaylorMade stayed faithful to a steel-headed fairway wood for a long time, but 2019 is different for a few reasons. For starters, with the M5 and M6 fairway woods TaylorMade brings Twist Face technology beyond the driver for the first time, and with its M5 offering, TM has gone with a titanium/carbon head alongside an interesting weighting system that isn’t exactly new science but seems to harmonize with all the rest of the tech the company offers.

“The M5 fairway wood is a new super adjustable fairway wood featuring ground-breaking new titanium-carbon construction with a massive 65-gram movable weight. This is the first ever fairway wood to use our revolutionary Twist Face technology for unparalleled accuracy and game-changing performance,” says Tomo Bystedt, Senior Director, Product Creation, Metalwoods.

While the effect is the same — counteracting the gear effect on high-toe and low-heel mis-hits — the Twist Face shape is slightly different in the woods, owing to the differing impact patterns between drivers and woods.

TaylorMade M5 fairway wood

The titanium-bodied club features a five-layer carbon composite crown, as well as a steel 65-gram movable weight for a tri-material body construction.

The weight system is redesigned from the M family’s predecessors, as the engineers were able to lower CG and increase adjustability, thanks to the increased discretionary weight.

The M5’s 12-position loft sleeve allows for plus/minus two degrees of adjustability.

In the past TaylorMade has always designed a fairway wood that jived well with its drivers, this is no exception in the case of the M5. It will be interesting to see how Twist Face technology in a fairway wood plays with its tour staff — traditionally forgiveness or speed across the face isn’t a necessity on tour for a fairway wood.

Director of Content Johnny Wunder on early testing of the M5 fairway wood

“Compact head with a deepish face, the better player will like this shape overall.”

“The titanium/carbon head is a new feel for a TaylorMade fairway wood. At 65 grams the steel weight system provides a hammer head feel to this wood that I really like.”

“Very similar to all the Taylor fairways, crisp, thumpy and non tingy.”

“A winner as an offering is concerned however as with any fairway wood coming out, this is a hard category to really elevate the conversation. These clubs are so personal to each individual.”

M5 specifications, pricing & availability

Available for preorder on January 18 and at retail on February 1. MSRP of $399.99. The M5 fairway will be offered in Rocket 3/14 degree (RH only), 15 degree, and 18 degree lofts and come equipped with a Mitsubishi CK Tensei Orange 75 (X) and 65 (S, R) with numerous additional shaft options available at no additional cost.

The stock grip is the MCC Decade grip from Golf Pride.

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TaylorMade M6 fairway wood

The M2/M4 woods had a ton of success across the board for all levels of golfers due to its overall forgiveness and for the tour player the ability get the gains out of a slightly lower profile fairway without giving up the turf interaction and workability of the deeper smaller M1/M3.

The steel-constructed M6 fairway wood is equipped with a re-engineered Speed Pocket
to boost ball speed on shots struck low on the face. A TPU slot insert sits flush with the sole of the M6 for better turf interaction/less Speed Pocket drag.

This year also sees the addition of a “Rocket 3.” The 14-degree offering targeting those who seek reduced spin and higher ballspeed, according to the company. The center of gravity sits directly behind the club face in the M6, which improves energy transfer from its predecessor, the M4.

In an interesting change this year, relative to the M5, the M6 features a slightly taller face, and as a result, a larger impact area. Like the M5, however, the M6’s carbon composite crown increases discretionary mass, which is concentrated low in the head for a lower CG/higher launch.

The M6 is also available in a draw-biased M6 D-Type, which features the company’s divergent face masking and a modified internal weighting structure for an addition 15 yards of draw bias compared to the standard M6.

Johnny Wunder on early testing of the M6 Fairway Wood

“The M6 is the best looking fairway wood in the M2/M4/M6 class. I like the deeper face and from a look standpoint find it very confidence inspiring.”

“This may sound weird but it feels forgiving LOL. It’s easy to get up in the air and has a good feel across the face. If there was any negatives, for better players it may be too forgiving.”

“Acoustics on the M6 is consistent with the previous versions in this category. If anything it might sound a bit less tingy then before but that’s nit picky to the older versions, they all sound great.”

“A solid choice across the board. Probably not for me personally but I can see this thing getting a lot of attention for very good reasons.”

M6 specifications, pricing & availability

Available for preorder on January 18 and at retail on February 1, 2019 at an MSRP of $299.99 USD, the M6 fairway woods will be offered in Rocket 3/14°,

15, 18, 21 and 24 degree lofts, equipped with Fujikura’s Atmos Orange FW shaft in S, R and A-flexes. The M6 D-Type will be offered in 16, 19, and 22 degree lofts and come equipped with the Project X EvenFlow Max Carry 50 shaft in 6.0 (S), 5.5 (R) and 5.0 (A).

The stock men’s grip is the Lamkin Dual Feel grip and the stock ladies grip is the Lamkin Comfort Plus Dual Feel grip.

M6 Rescue

TaylorMade has incorporated Twist Face technology into a hybrid for the first time. With more extreme curvature than the M6 driver, engineers opted for a two-tone crown to mask the potentially visually distracting shape.

With respect to a low CG steel body, thinner face, and lightweight crown, the M6 Rescue has much in common with the M6 fairway wood. Ditto, the Speed Pocket with a TPU slot insert.

This hybrid will satisfy the needs of the higher handicap player looking to hit something high that lands softly. It doesn’t appear at first glance that the better player will land on this club, but that’s not the agenda here.

Johnny Wunder on the M6 Rescue

“I was only able to hit a couple of shots with the hybrid, as a non hybrid player I can simply say its very easy to hit and will be a great option for the higher handicap to fill top of the bag gaps.”

Rescue specifications, pricing & availability

Available for preorder on January 18 and at retail on February 1, 2019 at an MSRP of $249 USD. The M6 Rescue will be offered in 19, 22, 25,  28 and 31 degree lofts and come equipped with a Fujikura Atmos Orange HY shaft in 7 (S), 6 (R) or 5 (A).

For women, the M6 Rescue will come in 22, 25, 28, 31 degree lofts (RH only) and come equipped with TaylorMade’s Tuned Performance 45g L-flex shaft.

The stock men’s grip is the Lamkin Dual Feel grip and the stock ladies grip is the Lamkin Comfort Plus Dual Feel grip.

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  1. Walter

    Jan 4, 2019 at 11:45 am

    WOW! what a concept, titanium faces for fairway woods, ha ha. Ahh my old Tour Edge Exotics XCG6 3WD had a Ti face from many many years ago. I guess TM just discovered Ti could be used in fairway woods, ha ha.

  2. Benny

    Jan 4, 2019 at 8:00 am

    You guys have to go and watch Youtube. Forget the guy but he tests each line of drivers from previous 5/6 years. Same shaft in all I believe so there could be some hidden yards. But new vrs old is a matter of a yard or two.

  3. Grande

    Jan 3, 2019 at 1:59 pm

    God these are ugly looking drivers.

    • orv

      Jan 3, 2019 at 6:23 pm

      Hey… these blingy style drivers with lots of doo-daad features is what gearhead geeks go bananas for… and TM marketing department know that too. They play with the driver head just like they do with themselves.

    • CaoNiMa

      Jan 4, 2019 at 2:03 am

      That’s because these are fairways metals. lol

  4. Daniel Hill

    Jan 3, 2019 at 1:37 pm

    Justin Rose lost two tourneys and the Tour Championship because his TM was 50-60 yards left/right. Tiger lost Bay Hill, PGA, and several others because of his snappy and crappy TM gear. No thanks, if it’s long and crooked like SLDR, count me out.

  5. Tom

    Jan 3, 2019 at 12:31 pm

    Hahahahahahahaha…..What a joke twist face is, didn’t you see Tiger and other TM players missing fairways by 30-40 yards last year using it?
    This company is on the skids for sure…desperate even.

  6. orv

    Jan 3, 2019 at 11:08 am

    This is too much! I’m gonna scrap my current clubs for the new TM drivers and fairways. The technology is awesome.

  7. bonifacj

    Jan 3, 2019 at 10:49 am

    M5 looks like it’s a hydrogen infused Powerbilt.

  8. David

    Jan 3, 2019 at 9:19 am

    I’m a Taylormade guy, but at $400 for a fairway and $550 for a driver, this whole line is a hard pass. Waiting to see what the $300 wedges look like.

    • Roy

      Jan 3, 2019 at 3:07 pm

      No Fear – they will be on the preowned sight by late summer – can always pick up a good deal there…..

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Morning 9: True test ahead at Olympic Club | speaking of rough: Thick stuff aplenty at Muirfield Village | Bubba talks mental health



Good Thursday morning, golf fans.
1. True test ahead at Olympic Club
Emilia Migliaccio for Golf Channel…”Drop a ball in the rough and crouch to eye level … the ball disappears. Players flood the short game area to practice their rough finesse, but and shot longer than chip from this stuff and there’s little to no chance to reach the green. Get ready for lots of punch-outs to those narrow fairways as this week harkens back to U.S. Opens of old.”
  • “…It’s hard. I love it. Small greens, high rough. Yeah, it’s going to be difficult, but I’m super excited about it,” said Jessica Korda. Her sister, Nelly, gave a similar analysis: “Tight fairways, high roughs, small greens. It’s going to be a shot-making golf course, and I can’t wait to get started on Thursday.”
2. …speaking of rough: Thick stuff aplenty at Muirfield Village
Steve DiMeglio for Golfweek…”one feature of the course felt all too familiar.”
  • “The rough.”
  • “I felt bad for the (amateurs) today,” 2018 Masters champion Patrick Reed said Wednesday. “When they got in the rough, they just kind of looked down and the first reaction was to look at me and ask what do I do. And I’m like, ‘Guys, it’s a hack out.’ It’s take a wedge, hit it sideways for them.”
  • “…I haven’t seen rough like this really ever,” Reed said. “My first practice round I played I just played the front nine on Monday and I missed the fairway by maybe a yard on hole 6 to the right and Kessler (Karain, his caddie) and I spent at least five to seven minutes searching. We couldn’t find the golf ball. And it is that brutal, that thick, that nasty.
3. Heck’s wild ride continues
Beth Ann Nichols for Golfweek…”Rachel Heck’s incredible streak of strong play could only be stopped by one thing: a positive COVID-19 test. At least that’s what it seemed for a scary 24-hour period during which the Stanford freshman called her mother in the middle of the night in Memphis with the news.”
  • “She went into a quarantine dorm for a brief spell but ended up being cleared before she had to spend the night. (There’d been an entire batch of false positives.)”
  • “Heck came to The Olympic Club in the midst of final exams. Her stuff is packed up in boxes and sitting in an empty dorm room, ready to be shipped back to Tennessee. She has a paper due in a political science class that she told herself she’d write on Monday, but then didn’t start it until Tuesday and it’s due on Friday.”
  • “That’s the plan, to finish it today,” she said. “Will it happen? No. But that’s the plan.”
4. JT bankrolling Visacki’s Ben Everill…”The world No. 2 felt compelled to help Visacki in any way he could. That included reaching out to play practice rounds and also to help financially. The latter was not meant to be public, but a video surfaced at last week’s Charles Schwab Challenge where the two interacted after a check for an undisclosed sum was handed over.”
  • “I was a little irritated that it got out. I didn’t really want it to. That wasn’t the intention of it. I just saw the video of Mike calling his dad after he Monday’ed in Valspar, and in a day and age where it seems like only anything in the media is negative…, I just felt it was so refreshing and great to see and how genuine his excitement and emotions were,” Thomas said ahead of the Memorial Tournament presented by Nationwide.
  • “It was great because I haven’t been in a great place, both mentally and on the golf course…, and I felt joy out of seeing his joy and it just kind of totally made me forget about what’s going on in my golfing life and sometimes puts things in perspective that obviously we’re all out here to play golf and we’re all out here to try to win a lot of golf tournaments, but changing people’s lives and helping people who are less fortunate than you is sometimes, you know, more important than that.”
GolfWRX may earn a commission of “GolfWRX Recommends” products.
5. Bubba on mental health, Osaka
Golf Channel’s Rex Hoggard…”In what has become a surprisingly polarizing issue, Watson is one of a very few who can truly understand what motivated Osaka to skip her media obligations this week at Roland-Garros and then withdraw from the Grand Slam event.”
  • “Osaka spoke of dealing with depression and anxiety and how interactions with the media created unwanted doubt. She spoke of being vulnerable and not a “natural public speaker.” She skipped her post-round interview following her first-round victory and was fined $15,000 before announcing her withdrawal.”
  • “…Watson could sympathize as he settled into his virtual press conference Wednesday at the Memorial.”
  • “I can sit here and draw up a whole story for you. I’m sitting in a room right now with cameras looking at me,” Watson said. “I don’t like enclosed places. I don’t like elevators. I don’t like heights. I mean, there’s a lot of things that trigger a lot of my mental issues.”
6. Canadian Women’s Open canceled
AP report…”The LPGA Tour’s CP Women’s Open was canceled Wednesday because of logistical challenges and border restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.”
  • “The event was scheduled for Vancouver’s Shaughnessy Golf and Country Club on Aug. 26-29. Golf Canada and Canadian Pacific said Shaughnessy will host the 2023 event and that CP has its extended title sponsorship an additional year through 2024.”
7. Brooke looking for USO breakthrough
Emilia Migliaccio for Golf Channel…”The U.S. Women’s Open holds a special place in Brooke Henderson’s heart because at 15 years old, it was the first cut she made on the LPGA Tour and then at 17, she finished T-10 and placed low amateur.”
  • “I got to be on the 18th green when Michelle Wie was awarded her trophy [in 2014], which is a pretty incredible feeling,” said Henderson on Wednesday who is making her ninth appearance at the U.S. Women’s Open and looking to win her first this week at The Olympic Club.
  • “…It gives me a lot of confidence [to be a major champion] because sometimes you wonder how you’re ever going to be able to finish four rounds or be able to play well on golf courses this challenging. Mentally, I’ve made a lot of gains as of recently, and physically I’m always working hard to improve every day.”
8. Kokrak’s putter switch pays dividends
Our item for the PGA Tour’s Equipment Report…”Jason Kokrak made more than 200 PGA TOUR starts before earning his first victory. Now he has won twice in a matter of months, after staring down local favorite Jordan Spieth at last week’s Charles Schwab Challenge.”
  • “The 36-year-old ranks fifth in this season’s FedExCup standings thanks to wins at Colonial and the CJ CUP @ SHADOW CREEK in October. He has finished in the top 25 in nearly half his starts this season and sits fifth in the FedExCup standings.”
  • “Adjustments made in late 2020 to Kokrak’s Bettinardi Studio Stock 38 putter are bearing serious fruit. It was Kokrak’s caddie, David Robinson (no, not that David Robinson), who recommended that his boss move to a longer putter. The 6-foot-4 Kokrak now uses a 36-inch shaft in his putter, which improves his grip on the putter.”
9. Tour Truck Report
Not a ton going on at Muirfield Village this week! The most notable nugget we’ve heard from sources so far is Rory McIlroy, continuing his return to what’s worked in the past, is making a return to his Mitsubishi Kuro Kage XTS driver shaft. While we don’t yet have word on weight and flex, it’s presumably the same 70 X model he used in 2019-2020.
  • A morsel not as tasty as a Muirfield Village milkshake, admittedly, but Hideki Matsuyama is testing the prototype Piretti putter pictured below. No stranger to kicking tires on a couple (or a dozen) of putters prior to a tournament and ultimately returning to his gamer, Hideki is anything but confirmed to be putting this beauty in play, but it’s ours to admire, nevertheless.
  • Rory McIlroy is expected to put a Kuro Kage XTS shaft in play in a SIM2 Max head.
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Tour Photo Galleries

Photos from the 2021 Memorial Tournament



GolfWRX is live at Jack’s place for the 2021 Memorial Tournament. As always, a strong field has turned up to take on the Golden Bear’s track.

Past winner Bryson DeChambeau as well as Justin Thomas, Rory McIlroy, Patrick Cantlay, Jon Rahm, and Jason Dufner will all tee it up this week.

We have a buffet of general galleries for your viewing pleasure and a number of special galleries that include some very cool new putter covers and a custom Hideki Matsuyama flatstick.

General galleries

Special galleries 

See what GolfWRXers are saying in the forums. 

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Ally Ewing wins LPGA Match Play | Thomas shells out to help Visacki | Feng’s pre-consolation match WD



Good Tuesday morning, golf fans.
1. Ally Ewing wins LPGA Match Play 
AP report…”Ally Ewing won the LPGA Match Play on Sunday on another long, hot afternoon at Shadow Creek, beating Sophia Popov 2 and 1 for her second tour victory.”
  • “Ewing won the difficult par-4 14th with a 60-foot birdie putt to take a 2-up lead and closed out her German rival with a double-bogey halve on the par-3 17th in the final event before the U.S. Women’s Open next week at Olympic in San Francisco.”
2. Thomas shells out to help Visacki 
Our Gianni Magliocco…”Justin Thomas’ generosity to aid a fellow tour pro has left golf fans in awe, and may well have provided the feel good story of 2021 in the process.”
  • “According to Rick Gehman, the founder of and the host of the First Cut Podcast by CBS Sports, Thomas cut a check from his own pocket at Colonial to help Michael Visacki continue his dream of competing regularly on tour.”
  • “Visacki hit the headlines last month when footage of him calling his proud father after qualifying for his first-ever tour event went viral.”
3. Feng’s pre-consolation match WD
Kent Paisley for Golf Digest…”After losing her semifinal match to Sophia Popov, 1 up, on Sunday morning at the Bank of Hope LPGA Match-Play, the 10-time LPGA winner from China went to tournament officials and said she was conceding the consolation match…”
  • “Feng played a total of 112 holes over five days, more than anyone in the tournament. On Saturday alone she played 41 holes, outlasting her opponents in extra holes in both the Round of 16 and the quarterfinals.”
  • “…There were quite a few times when I was on the course I was like, You know what, you’ve tried your best already. Yeah, maybe you just … you don’t have to give it your 100 percent. You know, if you make any mistakes, it’s acceptable,” Feng said Saturday.
4. 2021 PGA Tour University class
Adam Woodard for Golfweek…”Ladies and gentlemen, meet the inaugural PGA Tour University class.”
  • “On Monday evening after the completion of stroke play at the 2021 NCAA Division I Men’s Golf Championship at Grayhawk Golf Club, 15 men’s collegiate golfers punched their tickets to professional golf.”
  • “The top-five players in the PGA Tour University standings – John Pak (Florida State), Davis Thompson (Georgia), Austin Eckroat (Oklahoma State), Chun An Yu (Arizona State) and Garett Reband (Oklahoma) – receive Korn Ferry Tour membership and will be exempt into all open, full-field events beginning with the BMW Charity Pro-Am, June 10-13, through the conclusion of the regular season.”
GolfWRX may earn a commission of “GolfWRX Recommends” products.
5. “No freaking clue”
Golf Channel’s Mercer Baggs with Jordan Spieth’s remarks following a befuddling final-round performance at the Charles Schwab Challenge…“I could have shot even par today and won the golf tournament, but from the very get-go, just a really bad start, and then tried to fight my way through it,” Spieth said. “But I was just really off with my golf swing. I really lost it this weekend. You just have to be in control around Colonial.”
  • “Spieth ended the day with five bogeys and two birdies. He lost strokes to the field in strokes gained: tee to green, approach the green, around the green and putting.”
  • “I was taking the club back and had no freaking clue where it was going to go,” he said. “It’s very rare that you’re in the lead or close to the lead on a Sunday when that’s the case, and it’s not the most enjoyable feeling, but I’ve never been shy on grit, and really belief, in knowing that anything can happen. It was with me ‘til the end, until the shot came off left on 18.”
6. Kokrak’s new ride 
Kokrak’s new ride…”Jason Kokrak edged out local favorite Jordan Spieth at Colonial Country Club to take home a ‘Texas-sized prize’ of $1.35 million, the Leonard Trophy, a Colonial signature Scottish tartan plaid jacket and a 1946 Dodge Power Wagon.”
  • “I’m a big guy with a big truck with a big jacket and a big paycheck,” Kokrak said after winning at Colonial Sunday. “So I guess everything’s bigger in Texas, right? The truck, I looked at it the entire week. It’s a little small in that cab for me, but I’ll tell you what, it is a cool truck and I think it’s something that I’ll keep for myself for a long period of time to commemorate that victory.
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