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Cobra AMP Forged: Member Review



From Cobra: Trusted and tour proven, these irons have the best of forged performance combined with Advanced Material Placement to offer the best of both worlds—playability with forgiveness. AMP Technology is applied individually to each iron in the set. The irons feature high MOI tungsten inserts (3-7 iron) and progressively larger CNC milled pockets (3-9 iron) that redistribute weight for higher launch and more consistent distance on off-center hits.

Pros: Cobra packed a lot of power into these irons — I saw at least 10 yards of distance with each club. Another great feature is that while each club’s sole is HUGE for “players irons,” the sharp leading edge compensates, giving me the confidence that I can compress the ball instead of just having the club bounce off the ground.

Cons: Having played blades for almost a decade, I am used to getting instant feedback with every shot — you know your swinging well with blades when you barely feel a thing at impact. These are SO forgiving that off center hits feel identical to solid impact. Also, at the proper angle, the chrome finish bounces the sunlight into your face at address more-so then other chromed irons I’ve tested.

Bottom Line: The added distance and monster ball flight make the AMP Forged extremely fun to play. It’s very easy to produce a shot with penetrating flight that goes DEEP and lands soft. These are ideal for the better player that can’t always get a lot of practice in during the week.



About the tester

Swing Speed (Driver): 110 mph
Handicap: 3
Plays: 1-2 times a week

Click here for another review of the AMP Forged from a 45-year-old, 6-handicap golfer and to see comparison photos


I’m used to a small blade without the bling that these irons have. The orange insert is what jumps out to me first. It is purely cosmetic, and egos are the only thing that might be hurt by it, preventing experienced players from giving these irons a chance.  The size of the clubs may also be off-putting at first glance, as the short irons are quite large. The sole on the gap wedge, pitching wedge and 9 iron is very wide, which gives them a bit of a “game improvement” look rather than the “players iron” that Cobra might have been going for. Not to worry though — over the ball the leading edge is sharp and the hosel is thin, giving them a very blade-like appearance over the ball. The sole starts to thin out as you go up the bag, ending with the 4 iron being a not-so-shocking width. The 4 through 7 irons have the added tungsten inserts in the heel and toe which really doesn’t make a noticeable change to the look; just a dark grey spot on either side of the number. Looking at the cavity, you could say that these irons are “ripped.” For a cavity back, there is a lot of muscle bulging out the back, with the COBRA logo popping out of the cavity. For me, the best part of the look is that at address I didn’t see the cavity creeping out behind to the topline in the long irons. So many other brands with this style of cavity back have longer dragged out soles in the long irons that give them somewhat of a hybrid, and thus a “game-improvement” look.  With these, all you see at address is the thin topline and sharp leading edge, which a lot of players will like to see.


Click here to see more photos and read the discussion in the forums


The AMP forged have great versatility. A standard shot gives you a penetrating flight that goes for miles and lands softly, which you would expect from a cavity back. Obviously the right shaft helps, but a lot of times, cavity backs are just a big blunt instrument that aren’t as easy to be creative with. With these, you also get the workability and trajectory control of a blade. For as high as these can send the ball, they can just as easily fire little low bullets. Shaping shots is a bit trickier. The larger face and wider sole take some getting used to when trying to work the ball. Having been with thin blades for so long, I was always used to having a small, thin sole hit the ground at impact.  With these, the wider sole seems to try to square the face at impact, making it a little difficult to leave the face open and hit a little cut. It’s not impossible though. Once you start to feel how the club reacts differently compared to a small blade, you can make the adjustment and still do have the ability to shape the ball.  Also, the lofts are two-to-three degrees degrees stronger than standard (my set had a PW of 48 degrees, the AMP Forged PW measured 45 degrees), so each club gave me at least 10 yards additional distance.


Feel is one of those personal characteristics that make people like certain clubs over others.  For me, these have a soft, solid feel that I would expect from a quality forged club.  For a forged club, these are also incredibly forgiving. The tungsten weights in the mid and long irons really increase distance and forgiveness on off center hits.  My misses were flying just as far as a center strike, and felt just as soft.  For me, that’s not always a good thing. When my last shot was “not so perfect,” I try to apply how the shot felt at impact to the next few swings so I can adjust on the fly. My old blades had a very obvious feel when the shot wasn’t dead square, and I could learn and apply that to the next shot.  It’s a little harder with the AMP Forged.  They are so forgiving that they don’t’ always give you that immediate feedback, making it harder to know how to prevent that same swing on the next shot. Every shot with the AMP Forged feels flush. These might make things difficult for the better player who is always trying to improve and learn something from each shot.

The Takeaway 

These are definitely a fun club to play. They break from the traditional look and add some great detail that player’s irons may have been missing. They provide the length and forgiveness of normal cavity backs with the versatility of traditional blades.  The forged steel is very soft and forgiving, yet provides an explosive feel that makes each shot feel flush and solid. Are these the best feeling clubs I’ve ever played? Not quite. But for a strong player who wants distance, forgiveness and control, the AMP Forged are definitely near the top.

Click here to see more photos and read the discussion in the forums

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Evan is an attorney licensed to practice law in Michigan. He's also a dedicated golfer with an obsession for the latest golf equipment, and frequently gets caught in public examining his swing in any reflective surface.



  1. stephenf

    Jan 15, 2013 at 8:05 pm

    How about photos at address (POV shots, I mean) with the shaft not leaning backward? If it’s a huge sole, a good player is going to want to know what the club looks like with a little forward shaft lean, esp. in the long irons.

  2. Ihatecats18

    Oct 2, 2012 at 6:41 pm

    I really like the feel of these clubs. But the look of the club when it is square on the ground, doesn’t look very square compared to other forged clubs I’ve played. It is like more of a rock on the bottom of the lead edge.

    Feel A, Look C, Distance Fine

  3. Exhaloprez

    Sep 14, 2012 at 12:26 pm

    Great review. This may be out of left field but how do these clubs compare to Fourteen 930 or 910 irons relative to feel, distance, workability and forgiveness?

    Thank you.

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Wedges: Callaway Jaws MD5 (50-10S, 56-10S, 60-10S)
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‘My brief blade experience’ – GolfWRXers react



In our forums, our members have been reacting to an interesting experience WRXer ‘LongJohnPeter’ had when testing out blades for the first time. ‘LongJohnPeter’ writes:

“For reasons unbeknownst to myself, I have been obsessed with playing blades lately. So I took a trip to my local range today and picked out an old Lynx USA 7 iron blade from the rental rack (I don’t own a blade and had never hit one previously). While I did see a reduction in distance (more of a result of EXTREMELY crappy range balls and a 50 degree day), I couldn’t believe how much more consistent my face contact was, compared with my Ping Zing’s I currently use. And even on the few mishits, they weren’t punished nearly as bad as everyone and their mother said they would be, and I knew exactly what had happened and could adjust accordingly.

Anyone have a similar experience? Is this just a honeymoon phase? Or is the golfing elite trying to preserve the sanctity of blade irons?”

And our members have been reacting to the post and sharing their thoughts in our forum.

Here are a few posts from the thread, but make sure to check out the entire discussion and have your say at the link below.

  • uglande: “I switched back to blades this year (had not played them in decades), and I will never give them up. They are so pure and consistent and easy to maneuver. I prefer the thinner soles, which give me better turf interaction. Blades will never produce those nuclear shots that go 15 yards longer than you expected. And, yes, GI clubs help retain ball speed on mishits, but I would rather be 10 yards short of the green than in the bunkers or other garbage on either side of the green. And I certainly don’t want to torpedo one (happened frequently with my P790s) that goes over the green, which is always where the worst hazards lie.”
  • NotTheGuyOrAmi: “I ’m far from a technical expert, but I have concluded that increased MOI may give some incremental benefit, and of course less loft means clubs with a particular loft might hit father, but the point of most of the “improvement” in-game improvement irons is to allow people who hit the ground before the ball with a slow swing speed to get a better result from a lower center of gravity. This, by the way, is not a good thing.”
  • CCTXgolf: “For some people a smaller club makes them concentrate a little harder, and that extra little bit of concentration can certainly help you find the center of the club face more often. Problem is it’s tough to keep that going for 18 holes. Much less day to day. I just went to blades in my short irons (8-P) and don’t really find that much difference in those shorter irons. They sure are pretty though.”

Entire Thread: “My brief blade experience”

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