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Odyssey Flip Face Putter Review



by goldenhawk

Product Information from Odyssey:
The new Flip Face Putters are an adjustable masterpiece unlike anything else in golf. Golfers now have the ability to own two putters in one, with one side of the Face featuring the new Metal-X insert and the other side featuring the White Ice Insert. The different inserts let you quickly customize your putter and fine-tune performance on the course by giving you great feel differential, ball speed differential and roll differential all in one putter. Putter lengths are 33”, 34” and 35”. Head weight is 345 grams.

The new Metal X aluminum insert puts a good roll on the ball quickly. Milled pieces with satin chrome finish make up the putter head. Lamkin 3Gen grip is a nice touch on the putter. Comes with an adjustment wrench attached to a divot tool that stores neatly in the putter cover.

Adjustment/divot tool are one and can be lost. The small screw that is loosened to open the putter and Flip the Face has no retention component and can get lost. $350.00 price tag.

Bottom Line:
A blade style putter that has that look of the Newport 2 or Anser 2. Nice look due to the milled putter head components, but does not have that milled putter feel.

Thanks to GolfWRX and Odyssey for having an awesome giveaway. This is one of three models of the giveaway. The No.5 and the No. 9 were the other models. I did not have to write this review, but I wanted to give the community some feedback on this new putter since buying a Flip Face Putter would be such a big investment.

This putter is constructed from 14 different components. It does not look like it and Odyssey did a great job in putting the No.1 together. The pieces that make up most of the putter head are milled and have a satin chrome finish. So, there can be some glare if the sun hits it right. There is a hole in the putter behind the flip-face. This may be distracting to some, but it did not bother me at all. Like most Newport/Anser 2 style putters, there is a simple black line behind the putter Face on the flange that serves as an alignment guide.

I knew that the White Ice Insert looked like from other Odyssey putters. But the Metal-X aluminum insert just looked like it belongs on a $350 putter. The Metal-X insert is an aluminum insert that has a grater-pattern with a rough texture to help put a roll on the ball. It reminds me of the Alu-insert in the G-Field Putter I once owned long ago.

If not aligned properly before you lock it down, the flip-face can be off alignment with the two sides that open and close.

Being one who plays a Newport2, the Flip Face No. 1 has that familiar look I’m used to. Nothing really changes on how I set up and putt with it. Call it a comfort zone. But weighing in at 345 grams, the putter does feel light in my hands. It felt even lighter when I cut the putter down to fit me.

Out of curiosity, I did the tap-the-ball-on-the putter-face test to see where the sweet spot is located on both inserts. Right in the center and slightly off center, with both inserts.

While I have no really love for the White Ice Insert, I have no hate for it either. I just don’t prefer putters with cushy inserts. The White Ice Insert has a soft feel, sometimes too soft of a feel. Since I don’t normally use a putter with a polyurethane insert, I was leaving my putts short when using the White Ice Insert.

Undo the screw, open the putter, Flip the face, close the putter and tighten the screw. I now have a putter with the Metal-X insert. Now this feels better…..but, just not that true milled putter feeling. The ball feels clicky off the Metal-X insert. No buttery feeling, probably because it’s manufactured by having several pieces assembled together instead of being milled from one block of metal. The ball does roll true with the Metal-X insert, so Odyssey was successful with that accomplishment. The ball does jump off the Face of the Metal-X insert (like the original Nike Method). Further reading on the Odyssey website noted that the Metal-X insert does have a urethane insert behind the aluminum face. I was having problems dialing in the distance when I first starting using the putter.

Overall Bottom Line:
I have, on occasion, gamed this putter. But I only play it with the Metal-X insert.

Recommendations for Future Versions:
Odyssey created a technological wonder. But for the future there are some things that Odyssey needs to do to make this putter better:

  1.  Offer the putter in different head weights. The Black Series had different head weights for 35”, 34” and 33” putters, why can’t the Flip Face line have it too.
  2. The screw that holds the putter head together needs a retention system to keep it from falling out. I can’t stress the importance of this since the screw is small and can get lost if the person is not careful.
  3. Tighter tolerances on how the flipping Face aligns with the two sides.
  4. The bottom of one Face is the top line of the other. Using one Face too long will result in brush marks to the top line of the other. So, if you Flip it around, the top line will then have brush marks. The two sides that open and close need to have flanges on the sole to keep the flipping Face off the green/grass.
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  1. Robert Frye

    Dec 4, 2016 at 10:39 am

    Please can you help me lost the screw for my flip face 1 putter and dont know where i can get a replacement screw from thank bobby.

  2. Flagrante Delicto

    Feb 16, 2014 at 7:57 pm

    I just bought the Flip Face on sale at a top golf retailer. Marked down to $129.00.I asked for and got an additional $20 off andthey thru in the putter condom with tool which stores in the zippered pouch.

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Putter Reviews

WRX Spotlight Review: T Squared TS-713i Standard Series putter



Product:  T Squared TS-713i Standard Series Putter

About T Squared: T Squared Putters is a small putter manufacturer just south of Buffalo, New York. The company was founded by Tony Tuber who created his first prototype putters, after hours, in his father’s machine shop. Since then Tony and his father have been creating high-quality putters in the same facility that creates high precision instruments for the medical field. They pride themselves on creating the highest quality, most precise putter they can offer. They offer a few different head shapes from small traditional blades to high MOI mallets and even a custom program to get exactly what you want.

The Ts-713i Standard Series is based on the Ts-713, the first prototype that Tony created. It is a blade-style putter with a slightly longer flange and a unique face insert milled from 6061 aluminum. The body of the Ts713i is milled from a solid block of 303 stainless steel that is produced in the USA and has a Teflon backing between the body and face insert.

This Teflon backing helps give the putter a softer feel at impact and reduce any unwanted vibration. Details are what T Squared is all about and the neck of the putter shows off their milling expertise. The neck is similar to a plumbers neck, built with multiple pieces and offering some cool texture on the section bonded to the head. Another great detail is that all the silver markings on the putter are not filled with paint, they are milled into the head. T Squared finished the head in a sharp matte black and then milled all the markings on the putter for a unique, shiny silver look that really stands out. Ts-713i putters are built for customizing and have a ton of options that you can select if you would like to build something totally unique

On the green, the T Squared TS-713i really performs fantastic. I found the feel at impact very solid without any unwanted vibration. The impact produces a muted click and soft feel that I wasn’t expecting from this aluminum insert and thin face. The deep milling and Teflon coated back to the insert really work together to produce a great, responsive feel that I enjoyed. Deep milling usually makes me a little worried because it can soften the putter too much and lose that feel we all demand.

The TS-713i has no issues and transmits impact feel back to your hands with ease. Mishits are a little louder and harsh, but nothing even close to unpleasant. I have used putters that don’t feel as good on perfectly struck shots as the TS-713i feels on mishit putts. Distance and accuracy on those mishit putts are not as drastic as you would expect with a blade putter. I often just missed the cup by small margins when I struck a putt on the toe or heel of the TS-713i. There aren’t too many blade putters that have shown this level of forgiveness on the green for me.

The “T” alignment aid on the flange of the putter is large and easy to use. Not only do you get a straight line from the face to the back edge for alignment, but the back of the “T” also helps you square the putter up to your target. The Pure grip is not my thing, and it would be great for T Squared to offer a few more options, but that is an easy fix and a very minor criticism.

Overall, the T Squared TS-713i is a great putter from young Tony Tuber that exceeded my expectations. His attention to detail, precision milling, and take on a classic head shape offer golfers something different without sacrificing any performance. If you are looking for a great feeling putter that is made in the USA, you should take a look at T Squared and see what they can make for you.

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WRX Spotlight: Toulon Design San Diego Stroke Lab putter



Product: Toulon Design San Diego Stroke Lab putter

Pitch: From Odyssey/Toulon: “The Odyssey Toulon San Diego Stroke Lab Putter is our take on on another classic putter. It’s an expertly crafted, premium milled blade, with our multi-material Stroke Lab Shaft, deep diamond milled cross hatch grooves, and a new Charcoal Smoke finish.”

Our take on the Toulon Design San Diego Stroke Lab putter

Toulon is the line of all milled putters from Odyssey, originally started by club designer Sean Toulon and his sons. Toulon putters have always featured their Deep Diamond Mill face, adjustable sole weight, and brazed (instead of welded) necks. That combination has created a great putter line that has become popular on tour as well as us amateur players. For 2019, there are some new head shapes, Charcoal Smoke Finish, Deep Diamond Milling across the whole face, and the Stroke Lab putter shaft.

I got my hands on the Toulon San Diego, a more squared-off blade shape, for this review. The shape, milling, and finish on the San Diego are great and really show off what a high quality piece it is. The biggest change visually is the full Deep Diamond Mill face, making the view from address more uniform. The face used to have the milling only in the center of the face and to some that was a distracting look while others liked the way it framed the ball. The new finish also looks great. I always have liked darker finishes and this looks high end while still reducing glare in the brightest conditions.

The Stroke Lab shaft goes well with the finish on the San Diego and the head cover is a plush synthetic leather that feels like it will hold up for years of use.

On the green the San Diego SL has a crisp sound and feel. If you like a little more click to your putter, then the San Diego SL will be right what you are looking for. And don’t take that as a negative thing, that crisp feel gives great feedback on face contact. You know exactly where the putter face and ball met by the sound and feel. The Deep Diamond Mill gets the ball rolling quickly on line with very minimal hop and skid, providing very consistent and repeatable distance control.

This is blade, so shots off the toe to tend to stray from your intended line a bit, the face does seem like it wants to rotate open a bit. Heel strikes defiantly stay online better, but tend to lose more steam and net get the roll out you might expect. The simple alignment line on the flange of the putter is easy to align, even for a guy who has been using mallets for years.

Like I have said before, I think there is something to the Stroke Lab tech, the lighter shaft and weight in the butt of the shaft do affect tempo for me; I noticed a slight calming of my backstroke and stroke through the ball.

Overall, the San Diego is a great putter for those who like a little firmer feel and more audible click on their putter. It is very responsive and putts a great roll on the ball. This isn’t a cheap putter ($450) and the fit and finish let you know that you are getting what you paid for.

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WRX Spotlight Review: Miura MGP-NM1 Putter



Product: Miura MGP-NM1 putter

Pitch: Limited to 300 pieces, the Miura MGP-NM1 is Miura’s first 303 stainless steel putter. Its appearance is in keeping with the bolder designs of the Miura Giken family.

Our take on the Miura MGP-NM1 putter

Miura Giken has become the brand where Miura can push some limits and try out designs and technology not really fit for the standard Miura line. And if doing something new and different is what Miura Giken is about, then the MGP-NM1 fits like a glove. When most people think of Miura, they think forged carbon steel and traditional, old school shapes. The MGP-NM1 is a long ways from that, being milled from 303 stainless steel, having adjustable weights and milled stepped pockets in the sole.

If you love mill marks, then the MBG-NM1 will fulfill all our needs because the head is covered with them. I really liked the top line where the mill marks go front to back but then get much finer around the alignment line. If you look close the milling is still there, but just much finer. It works great along with the alignment lines on the “fangs.” The MGP-NM1 is a great size: large enough to give you confidence that a mishit will stay online, but not too big to be distracting. Like most putters with this (Odyssey No. 7)  shape, it frames the ball really well and looks great to my eye. The way the shaft goes into the head is for sure unique, it is straight from address but does drop down into the head.

I will get my one con on this putter out of the way early: the way the shaft goes into the head from address. I love the shape of the head, but the way the shaft enters the head makes it harder for me to line up. At address you can see the the top line of the putter on both sides of the shaft and for some that might be helpful, but it took me a long time to get comfortable with my alignment. Also, the head cover isn’t up to standard for a putter in this price range.

But the good of this putter really outweighs that bad. The putter  feels and sounds great, much like the Miura KM-009 reviewed previously. Feel is very solid with, to me, the perfect amount of click on impact. There might be just a slight bit of vibration on contact, but very minimal and will probably vary with the ball you play. Contact on the toe and heel really stay on target well; you can tell this mallet has a fairly high MOI. Like any responsive putter should do, this really provides good feedback on mishits. Toe and heel shots are not punished as much as you would think, the ball still rolls out well with minimal distance loss. That solid, soft Miura feel really does come through with this putter.

Overall, I think the Miura Giken MGP-NM1 is a really great way for a mallet user to put a Miura putter into the bag.

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