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Q&A with Nike Golf: GolfWRX Members ask questions



Do you have a question for Nike Golf? Plenty of our GolfWRX Members did, which is why we setup a chat for them with key members of the Nike Golf team.

Our members have chatted with Nike Golf in the past on GolfWRX, but this year’s chat was special. Not only did Nate Radcliffe, Nike Golf’s director of engineering, answer questions from Nike Golf HQ at The Oven in Fort Worth, Texas, but Rick Nichols and Ben Giunta also joined the chat from the Nike Golf Tour Van.

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The Nike Team fielded a barrage of questions from our members for nearly two hours. As our members always do, they asked the hard questions about the new Nike Golf equipment, athletes and more.

Other Nike Golf Team members answering question from The Oven included: Matt Daraskavich, Jeff Ritchie, Mike Taylor, David Franklin, Josh Boggs and Chris Savage.


From Nike Golf Headquarters: Product Directors Philip Hatton and Tony Dabbs. Nate Radcliffe and Product Line Manager Matt Plumb joined via phone.


From the Golf Tour Van at Doral: Rick Nichols and Ben Giunta


Here are some of the questions asked and the answers from the Nike Golf staff.

Nike Golf: On behalf of our entire team, we want to thank the GolfWRX team and community for the opportunity to connect with all of you directly. We relish these opportunities as they hopefully better educate and inspire you to understand the Nike Golf brand and product. Our goal is that it allows you to make smarter equipment decisions and ultimately play better golf.  The response the past number of days in the form of questions has been overwhelming. The interest in the Nike brand is definitely at an all-time high!

That said, our Nike teams are starting to assemble in Doral, Ft. Worth and Beaverton! Hopefully all of you enjoy the session. We have been inspired by the level of questions and appreciate everyone’s participation.

WRX Member dcosby: Any chance of a limited edition run of tour model putters. I would love to see a mid slant version. And please don’t tell us the retail offering are the same as what the tour guys are playing.

Nike Golf  TD: We are looking into it for a couple of models.  This is especially important when we get a win with certain models.  More to come, but rest assured you guys have mounted plenty of pressure for us to release a couple of the models in question!

GolfWRX Member FSUbulldog: Thank you to Golfwrx and Nike.  It is always an incredible opportunity to get to talk to the people in charge. I have two questions, which will probably be asked again here.

1)  I know other OEM’s have commented, but how much do you rely on this site for feedback?  Obviously, we are not the general consumers who will walk into any store and ask for “that red driver I saw Tiger hit.”  Therefore, if we are not your biggest target audience, does our feedback really go into the products?2)  If the answer above was yes, what is your stance on releasing a Rory/Tai Proto head?  I know it would most likely be limited and/or at a higher cost, but what are the chances of it coming to the general public?Thanks again to Golfwrx and Nike!

Nike Golf: A Maxim at Nike Inc., literally #5 says that the “Consumer Decides”.  Our team is dedicated to listening to every consumer, in any medium we can get.  Our product is useless if it is not what you guys want!  GolfWRX is definitely the Hot Spot globally for the craze golf addict that we serve, so reading the pulse of the “golf ho” as you guys call yourselves is very vital.

GolfWRX Member Lesmond: This maybe have already been answered. But why no blades in the 8-PW in the ’14 Pro Combo iron set? That was the best part in the combo. Thanks Nike and Golfwrx for all this.

Nike Golf: We try to build product for a large audience.  Outside of the crazies from GolfWRX, blades tend to scare people, hence we kept the cavity for this year’s PC.  Don’t be surprised to see something in the “harder to hit area” coming soon.

GolfWRX Member ladahl: The Nike driver fitting bag is great this year….  What promps your choices for what goes into the fitting cart (bag)?  So many cool shaft choices to try. Also- For the the van: Which of your staff guys/gals is the most knowable on club building, specs, etc.?  And who is the the least (just hits the ball, let’s you guys worry about specs)?

Nike Golf Phil:  The custom shafts in our fitting kit were chosen to span a broad range of performance, weights, price points, brands, and, last but not least, cosmetic symmetry with our club heads.

GolfWRX Member Kylekoz17: Based on your (Nike’s) testing, what are the differences in spin and launch between the 1.0 and 2.0 Covert Tour drivers, assuming same shafts?

Nike Golf: Performance 14 v 13:  .75º higher launch, same spin and the Tour 14 v 13:  .75º higher launch, 300rpm more spin.

GolfWRX Member wilavic: Does the fly brace technology have any negative effect on the trampoline effect of the face or does it just enhance the effect by stabilizing the the amount the crown can flex?

Nike Golf: Fly Brace Stiffens the rear portion of the club, driving energy to the front.  No effect on the trampoline effect, but maintains more energy transfer from face to ball.


GolfWRX Member youngunz5840: The vrs forged irons were endo forged are the covert forged done by the same facilities? How much larger is the sweet spot on the new nexcor face?

Nike Golf: Same facility.  Nexcor face creates a slightly larger sweetspot, but amazingly a faster face than last model!

 GolfWRX Member Mizgoodie: With nikes success of the fuel band, and technology  showing up every where in golf this year, is nike planning any technology for golf or clubs ?   ie game tracking , club data….

Nike Golf: We are always innovating…can’t say anymore than that!

 GolfWRX Member kobes31: Have you experimented with the square wood technology AND the cavity back technology for drivers/woods?  The basic shape is almost already there looking at the sole of the Covert line.  And I still can’t find anything better for me than my trusty sumo2 4 wood!

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Nike Golf: That is a really interesting thought.  Tom’s (Stites) original idea was to bring the benefits of square to a golf club that was pleasing to the eye at address.  Hence technology is hidden, aka “Covert”.  I think we have done a nice job of bringing both worlds together!

GolfWRX Member wldchld22: Which of your tour players is the most technical when it comes to their equipment? The least?

Nike Golf: “All the tolerances are very tight for every player.  All of our players are easy to work with because they articulate what they need very well.”  – RN

How often do coaches get involved during the fitting process? “At times because when your swing changes, the specs on your clubs may need to change.  Therefore we consult with the coaches as well as the players.” – RN

GolfWRX Member OUZO Power: Does the adjustment hosel on the Covert series truly separate loft and lie adjustment without one impacting the other when changed? Thanks and really appreciate it that Nike is opening the doors.

Nike Golf TEAM OVEN: The FlexLoft system utilizes two sleeves that are off axis to each other and the hosel bore. It is a two ring adjustment that requires broaching a symmetrical pattern on each component.  While complex in design and manufacturing it yields the easiest and most effective adjustments for changes of loft and face angle.  Through years of testing and research we have verified ball flight of FlexLoft in every position compared to traditionally bonded clubs with different lofts.

GolfWRX Member justdoit22: What’s the biggest difference in the new pro combos? I had the originals and got the one’s a couple years ago? Should I switch to the newest model?

Nike Golf: Versus the prior model, the Pocket Cavity technology has been extended further down the set (from 3 to 6 iron) to increase stability and tighten dispersion in what, for most golfers, are the hardest to hit clubs in the bag. The VR Forged Pro Combo set now features Pocket Cavity 3-6 and Split Cavity 7-PW. Furthermore, a new ‘Shotmaking gel’ has been injected into the Pocket Cavity to improve sound/feel and eliminate the harshness often associated with such a construction. New X3X 27 grooves increase the groove area behind the ball at impact, improving spin control and trajectory consistency in wet and dirty conditions. New variable trajectory True Temper DG Pro shaft offers the widest variation in trajectory of any shaft: high and strong trajectory in the long irons, flattening out to a low, piercing trajectory in the short irons .

GolfWRX Member Crowboy: What do you tell the life long Titleist, Callaway or Taylor Made golfer why he/she should switch to Nike clubs and balls?

Nike Golf: Innovation and free thinking!  We bring an athletic spin to this traditional sport.  The majority of our team has come from other companies in the industry to Nike.  Each and every time we are all amazed how we are pushed to think bigger and freer than where we came from.  This ability allows us to break molds in an industry that tends to be stagnant and homogenous.  Who else would have the guts to put a cavity in a driver?  Would else years ago would have had the guts to eliminate the wound ball?  Who else would think big enough to utilize RZN as the core and obsolete rubber?  The foundation of Nike Inc. is innovation and doing things that no one else can imagine.  This holds true in every category the Brand participates.  It is the reason all of us have left other parts of the industry to build Nike Golf!

GolfWRX Member jonn443: What actual degree does Tiger and Rory play their new Covert Tour 2.0 at? Also, how many degrees open or closed? Thanks Nike and golfwrx!  Love the CT 2.0!

Nike Golf: Rory: 8.5N and Tiger Woods: 9.5N

Nike covert driver 2014

GolfWRX Member russian7: I love the new design…can you explain if cor is maxed for drivers with the same shaft what benefits the tour model provides over other manufacturers since the claim is 15% larger sweet spot, is that an overall increase in forgiveness or the sweet spot or both? Also can you explain how the cavity back design affects aerodynamics, swing speed, and stability? Thank you Nike!

Nike Golf: COR is always maxed.  It would be rare to get a driver from any company nowadays where the COR is not maxed.  The 15% larger refers to the face size versus last year on the Tour 2.0 (Performance is 7%).  The MOI (forgiveness) is up on both models, slightly on the Performance SIGNIFICANTLY on the Tour.  The Cavity has little to no effect on Aerodynamics or Swing Speed, but much to do about low spin and high forgiveness!

GolfWRX Member foxycats: Nate, what achievement are you most proud of your team for?

  • Tony, What is some of your thoughts or concerns when you are about to introduce a new product launch?
  • Philip and Matt, How often do you two disagree on the direction of a certain product line?
  • Rick, Do you find Nike staffers to be ahead of the curve and hungry for tech, or are they more of a “i like what i like, don’t change it” group?
  • Ben, How often do you look in the mirror and say, “I have the best job in the world”?

Nike Golf  Tour Van: “At this level, the expectation is to always innovate and stay ahead of the curve because if you aren’t someone else is.  We have had athletes sign with us because of our ability to innovate.” – RN

“I am very fortunate to work with the best players in the world.  And I am surrounded by the best team in the industry.”  – BG

GolfWRX Member stk13: I would like to ask if Nike plans to offer any more options in their putters in the near future? I mean this in regards to offering different/more finishes or any custom options. This is mostly selfishly motivated, as I would absolutely kill for a NikeID type system within their putters, offering grip/paintfill options. I have always been really intrigued by the Nike Method system, and if I could customize the Mod 30 with paintfill, sight dot, and a stamp then I would own it right now.

Nike Golf: Much to come in the future on all subjects above!


GolfWRX Member bushy007: Thanks for the opportunity GOLFwrx and Nike Golf. I am a big Nike golf fan and you guys are really kicking goals at the moment. When will the NG360 app be available in Australia? What are the major advancements in the new ball technology? Ie what will I see? What was the thinking behind the Golf Pride 2G Tour Wraps on the Covert range rather than the traditional Tour Velvet? Can we please have access to the putter covers that the tour staff have? I Love the one that Rory is using atm.

Also I’m another advocate for releasing a TW and RM series of putters. I Love my 006 but one with a finish like Rory’s would be awesome.

Nike Golf: Not sure exactly, but there is a group from WHQ heading to the region to review how to grow a stronger foundation down under.  Too much untapped potential and we need to give our Australian supporters a better brand presence!

Since the 2G was launched 2 years ago, it has quickly become the #1 grip in aftermarket unit sales.  This really raised our eyebrows…hence the consumer decides.  When a component like this becomes #1, how can we not look strongly at it.  Secondly, the compound allowed for shelf appeal in a rubber grip that is unmatched.  It allows is to put out a vibrant white (that does not hold dirt) and a very vibrant red.  Third, the grip performs!

GolfWRX Member ustdoit22: Why did you guys decide to go with the DG Pro shafts in Pro Combos instead of the dynamic gold for the 2014 Pro Combos?

Nike Golf: The True Temper DG Pro shaft was chosen as it perfectly compliments the progressive performance targets of the Pro Combo irons: high and strong trajectory in the long irons, flattening out to a low, piercing trajectory in the short irons

GolfWRX Member chiguy: What are your plans moving forward for the adjustable driver given the recent offerings from competitors? How much pressure do you feel to match their level of adjustability, or do you feel that there will not be long term success with all of it?

Nike Golf: At some point we are concerned that the competition will finally catch up to the ease and adjustment ability of our Flex Loft.  When they do, rest assured we will be a phase or two beyond!  As mentioned above, we never stop innovating!  Adjustability is here to stay.

GolfWRX Member SeeMoney09: This question is for Rick and Ben: Can you take us through a typical day at the tournaments with the pros? Do they seek out your help in modifying clubs depending on the course conditions? Do you make your way to them after practice rounds/range sessions to see how everything is swinging? How often do you make adjustments during the tournament for the pros? Thank you all for the chance for us to see behind the scenes, and your time interacting with us common enthusiasts!

Nike Golf Tour Van: “Yes, certain venues could possibly require a specialty club.  Like an Open Championship where 2-irons are popular.  The athletes also put fresh wedges in for Major Championships because they are typically firm and fast.” – RN

Click here to go to the original raw chat in the forums

“A typical day we just check in with the guys to see that they have everything they need for the week.  We are the “pit crew” to make sure they have what they need to perform at their best. We work with them on the range, putting green, the course…it depends on what we are working on to determine where we work with them at a tournament site.” – BG

GolfWRX Member RjBern10: Loved the VR Pro Combo set and was excited in 2013 when I heard about the new Pro Combo line. But being LH has it’s disadvantages as the new PCs weren’t released to us lefties. Are there plans to expand the LH line in irons/putters?

Nike Golf: You will be a very happy Lefty this fall.


GolfWRX Member rthrbgolfing: Has Tiger changed any of his equipment specs – especially lie -with his new swing?

Nike Golf Tour Van: “Yes. As your swing changes you deliver the club to the ball differently, that usually requires a lie angle adjustment.”  – RN

GolfWRX Member nmanoles3: Was Dave Stockton very influential in the newish Mod series methods? Further, how do you react when rumors circulate about staffers having fake grooves on their putters?

Nike Golf: The MOD line was developed prior to the Stockton’s becoming a part of our team.
We are always testing new and better ways to achieve perfect roll with Method Technology.  Rest assured all of the players that you see with a Polymetal Patterned face has polymer and metal on the face.  The notion of a “painted face” on a Method putter makes David Franklin cringe!

GolfWRX Member Rob G: I believe Nike was actually the first major OEM to really use low and forward CG with the covert. That being said… How much better is the covert 2.0 tour with low and forward CG? Also what makes your offering better than those of the other major OEMs?

Nike Golf: While we believe in low spin, we also believe that MOI is a relevant measurement of the golf club.  We also believe that a golf club should work beyond an indoor launch monitor and help golfer’s achieve better scores.  Hitting proper launch windows with a high launch, low spin product that is effective on off center hits is why you should choose Covert 2.0!

GolfWRX Member Easyyy: We started a thread a few days ago after receiving 2 of 6 ranking reports from our Club Fitting panel that votes for our annual awards. The Covert Forged Irons are being ranked VERY high on the early reports. We are all looking around and in some cases taking a serious first look at the Covert forged as a contender. Off the charts distance, forgiveness and that obviously translates to smash numbers compared to others in the iron category. What did you do? Are there actual COR, MOI or other actual numbers you could share comparing these to the 2013 VRS Forged?

Tony… where is my set? LOL

nike covert forged

Nike Golf: The previous model was an “underground rock star” as well.  We took the knowledge garnered from that model and made some modifications.  First was to add NexCOR to the face which heated it up even more.  Secondly was the refinement of the shaping throughout the set, but most drastically on the long irons.  It is an incredible game improvement club for the better player and now that the sole is invisible at address on the long irons, it should open itself up to an even wider audience to enjoy.   It is VERY long and very easy to hit, while feeling great. As for your set…we are send a shuttle up for the moondust encrystaled ferrules you asked for, hence lead time is a longer than normal.

GolfWRX Member easyyy: Nike 2.0 tour and performance drivers. What are the spin and MOI differences between these and last years heads?

2013 Covert Performance Driver – Spin center hit vs 2014
2013 Covert Tour Driver- MOI vs 2014

Nike Golf: Spin is answered previously, MOI-  Increase of 500gm/cm2 for MOI on the Tour driver to 4500.  Extremely stable tour product!

GolfWRX Member enis750: 1. The tour issue RAW finish wedges seem to be everywhere on tour. Were always trying to find a way to strip the existing finish to achieve this. Any chance we will see a TRUE RAW finish on the wedges, like the NIKE tour players? OR at least make it an order-able custom option? And more grind options, will we see more grind options?

2. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, confirm there will be a limited edition black, glued hosel tour head, just like Tigers red one?

3. The future of the Pro Combo Irons – will it be possible to order them in whatever configuration you want? Such as PC, CB & MB? I think TM has this market cornered w the new TP line, as they flow seamlessly. Give me the chance to configure my own Nike Combo Set, and Im all in!

4. Would you consider the first “GolfWRX visits the OVEN” a success and if so in what regards? And will there be a 2.0 visit?

Nike Golf:
1.    While raw wedges are great, the trouble with them is what they look like at retail over time.  This is why we have launched Black Oxide wedges.  The black ox is essentially raw as there is no plating and will rust once it gets to the course.  It tends to look better when sitting on a shelf for a longer period of time, therefore this has been our direction.
2.    The Oven visit was awesome in that the group of guys that attended were true gentlemen and did a great job of communicating to the community candidly about the experience.  Rest assured it will not be the last time we do something like this!

GolfWRX Member binknrum: My question is more tour van related.  How much equipment and supplies are stocked in the van for a tour event?  How often are the guy changing their grips  and what’s the average number of extra wraps they have under their grips?

Nike Golf Tour Van: “We usually have about 2-3 weeks full of soft goods (Hats, gloves, balls, footwear, outerwear). For hard goods, we have everything they need on board.  We make sure to be prepared for anything they want to test/tweak…variety of grips, shaft, heads, etc….” – BG

“It depends on the player, but some of our athletes change every month, some every couple of months.  But most in general only have one piece of tape underneath and switch out their grips every 6-8 weeks.” – BG

GolfWRX Member MNNikeGuy: Why are the new Toe sweep wedges cast and not forged?

Nike Golf: Due to the CG placement and overall feel of this product, we did not see a benefit in forging the part.  Our tour athletes told us over and over that it was the best “feeling” wedge they had ever hit.  They had no idea if it was forged or cast, nor did they care.  The results spoke for themselves.

GolfWRX Member UncleKevin: Is it true the staff has been playing the 2.0 for a while just with the 1.0 color way? What reasons made you guys bring the Kuro Kage TiNi to retail with the 2.0’s? Pretty nice shaft offering for a stock shaft.

I’m sure i’ll think of more throughout the week. Thanks Nike and GolfWRX for putting this together!

Nike Golf: The 1.0 Fairway woods that you saw on tour last year (and still this year) are the foundation that we built the 2.0 line on.  As noted before, once a player gets settled into a fairway wood, it is very difficult to get them to switch, hence some of the guys have remained in the original proto rather than the new 2.0.

We have worked with MRC for nearly 4 years co-developing the TiNi shaft.  We partnered with them, utilizing a number of our tour athletes to performance test during this time.  This resulted in a shaft that performs remarkably well in out Covert 2.0 Tour head, hence is why it became the stock offering.

nike covert fairway

GolfWRX Member JPNC1977: Big thank you to Nike and Golfwrx. 1.  Great work on the new irons.  Can you talk a little bit about how the VR-S 2.0 Covert irons came about and how they compare to the Machspeed irons from a few seasons back? 2.  One of my dreams is to do a fitting at The Oven.  Are there any plans to open this facility to us mere mortals for fittings, tour, etc

Nike Golf: The VRS Covert 2.0 irons are remarkably different from the Machspeed.  The MS was one of our first “distance” irons, but was built from a wider sole.  The new Covert 2.0 iron incorporates a lot of what the Machspeed had, but is in a chassis that is much more appealing to a wider audience and more importantly showcases major advances in face technology.  Technology flies literally in this case as the Covert 2.0 is as much as 8 yards longer across the set than the Machspeed, while having the same MOI numbers! As for the premium fitting experience, this was answered above.

GolfWRX Member Pure745: #2 – What are the most commonly used wedge grind setups?  Specifically the grinds in the 48, 54, 60.

#3 – What model of RZN ball is the most popular on tour?  Which one is also the most unique (special, proto etc.) ?

#6 – Does Tiger actually like the red paint?  Or did it take some major $$$$$ arm twisting to get him to jump on board with the red?

Nike Golf Tour Van: 
Q2: “Those are the most common lofts, 48, 54 and 60. As far as the grind, dual sole is the most common grind. Almost all of the athletes have dual sole type of grind in their lob wedge.” – BG

Q3: “There were 17 RZN balls in play last weekend across the PGA, LPGA and European PGA Tours. 11 athletes were using RZN Black and 6 were using RZN Platinum.” – RN

Q6: “Red was not an issue for Tiger.” – RN

GolfWRX Member swanry30: I asked the same question last year, which was answered in a politically correct manner – but are you disappointed that for the second year in a row the Golf Digest HOT LIST has not rated any of your products as category leaders in innovation?  FLEX LOFT was revolutionary.  FLY BRACE has allowed a tour driver to perform like a game improvement driver.  Toe sweep wedges are a completely new concept in wedge design…  If this isn’t innovation what is? This is what I would like to hear…  “We’re pissed”

Nike Golf: Ryan…We are pissed.  Not so much at the Hot List, but for greatness.  While we agree with your statement on the level of innovation in our current product it is our job to be EVEN MORE INNOVATIVE and make the game even more fun! If you think what you saw this year deserved higher praise for innovation, wait until…(they just cut me off).

GolfWRX Member MichiganMan: Lifelong Nike consumer here. Obviously when designing tour performance clubs, or clubs for the lower handicap player, feedback from the Tour players is important. However, I’m wondering how much the Tour players feedback affects the products intended for the high handicapper? Do you still seek the Tour players feedback? If not, what types of people/players are you getting feedback from? As a lower handicap player, I’ve always been curious as to what companies hear is important to the informed high handicapper. Thanks for the time. Keep making the best clubs on the market.

Nike Golf: Great question, but nothing we wouldn’t expect from a Michigan Man!  When it comes to metal woods, we develop product very cohesively with the tour.  In addition we test all of our products with consumer groups of varying playing ability.  What is interesting is the needs of the tour athlete is becoming more in line with what we need as average players.  Having the ability to adjust attributes of the golf club with technologies like Flex Loft allows us to to play the same head.  They want high launch, low spin, max face speed, and forgiveness just as much as we do!  On the irons side, it is a bit more specialized by player type due to head shapes and sole configurations.  Because of this, the testing tends to be more targeted to the specific audience it is intended.

GolfWRX Member mattuop: What was the turning point in the last few years that really brought Nike equipment to the where it is today? What are your equipment goals for the next couple years? What do you do better than the other OEMs?

Nike Golf: We are getting older, wiser, and more talented!  Keep in mind this is our 12th year in the club business.   As you have seen in our history, we are not afraid to advance innovation.  Products such as Sasquatch, Slingshot, square, Str8 Fit,Flexloft, and Covert are things that the Nike development engine and overall free thinking allow us to do.  When you have a high level of innovation, it allows us to have a high level of learnings as well.  We have learned from every product we have created and we feel it has put us in a great spot today and we know a great spot for the future.

GolfWRX Member JEFFERYLEE: First off, Kudos for the Covert 2.0.  Did the MOI change from the first version?  If so, was it a priority?  To me it’s a better and more forgiving SLDR – in reference to weight forward and higher MOI.

Nike Golf: The MOI changed on both versions as it was a focus to make both heads more forgiving than the last.  The Tour model increased by 500, while the Performance by 200.

nike covert driver 2.0

GolfWRX Member Boogaloo_Jones: What are some improvements of the Covert 2.0 Irons (non-forged) over the original Covert Irons.  I have hit a demo Covert Iron and found it to be amazing with forgiveness and some workability.  I was able to hit some really nice cuts with it.

Nike Golf: The performance was enhanced slightly both in ball speed and MOI.  We balanced the iron out by added more weight toward the toe, which increased stability especially on toe side hits.  The other major factor that consumers have raved about since launch is feel! 

GolfWRX Member enduro: I played a Nike VRS driver last year and liked it, especially because of the flatter lie settings. My questions: 1. Why was the Covert driver made 2 – 4 more degrees more upright? 2. Why are the adapters not available to be purchased at places such as Golfworks? 3. Did the designers ever consider “ghosting” the Nike swoosh on the  top the Covert driver similar to how the VRS did?

Also , the general consensus is that Nike has by far the worst website of the major golf OEMs. Has Nike golf considered doing their own stand alone website?

Nike Golf: 1. This was a specific tour input.  Made the drivers a bit easier to turn over. 2. They are absolutely available through Golfworks!  We were out of stock for a while, but shipped more adaptors out a couple of weeks ago.  They should be fully in stock. 3.  The designers look at 100 of options! The website is a topic of conversation and something that we are constantly improving.

GolfWRX Member justdoit22: Based on your testing what’s the difference in spin when it comes to the original covert fw’s and the 2.0 fw’s?

Nike Golf: We lowered the crown on the 2.0 model which reduced spin by 700 rpms.

Click here to go to the original raw chat in the forums

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  1. Teaj

    Aug 4, 2014 at 10:54 am

    change the grip the, the Golf Pride tour wrap is great when dry but slick when it gets wet, rain/sweat

  2. Mike solis

    May 9, 2014 at 7:52 am

    I played me new covert for the second time. I love it. Except it started raining an the red grip was slick. My hand would slide after every shot,any suggestions?

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Start hitting longer drives and shooting lower scores. The Rypstick Distance Training Aid
features three interchangeable weights, plus an optional counterweight, all in the convenience of one stick, without any tools necessary.

The versatility of the Rypstick is unmatched, allowing you to swing up to 10 percent lighter than your driver weight, helping to build speed, and up to 25 percent heavier than your driver weight, helping to build strength. For every 1 MPH of added clubhead speed, you’ll gain 3 extra yards of driving distance. All it takes is 15 minutes, three times per week, and you could add 15-25 yards to your game!

Rypstick’s compact, streamlined design fits seamlessly in your golf bag and enables you to build speed from anywhere. The Rypstick is also a great warm up device to use prior to your round of golf, making it an incredibly useful stick.

Over 300 top PGA Teaching Professionals, all use the Rypstick. These top professionals are validating the impact Rypstick’s had on the games’ speed revolution. In addition, Rypstick is used by 75-plus tour athletes, 10 long drive competitors.

Our take on the Rypstick

It seems like everyone is chasing speed these days. And if you’re ready to join the hunt, you’re going to need both a tool for the job and a training program. With respect to the latter, RypGolf offers a four-part training protocol, which we like. And it’s serious business! Four weeks of training for each protocol. Having a swing speed training is great, but without a plan, you’re never going to see 10 or 20 yards of distance gains.

The Rypstick definitely has some weight to it and the first swings take a little bit of strength to get it moving! Like warming up with multiple clubs, you can really feel your muscles working through the swing. After just a few swings at high effort, you really feel like you can swing a normal golf club with some increased speed! The auditory feedback the Rypstick delivers is a big plus as well. We definitely see viability as a warm-up tool in addition to the speed training protocol.

For us, RypStick hits all notes relative to competitor models: weight options, no tools required, available counterweighting, and the price point ($199) is lower than most other swing speed trainers on the market.

You can buy the RypStick here. 

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Mitsubishi Chemical unveils new Diamana GT shaft



The Mitsubishi Chemical Group has introduced the latest addition to the 5th Generation Diamana Family: Diamana GT.

Built on the platform of the 4th Generation Diamana ZF, Diamana GT provides the blend of Diamana TB and Diamana PD in a mid-launching, low-spinning versatile package.

“After participating in the launch of the original Diamana profile in 2005 people still think I work for ‘Diamana’ and not Mitsubishi Chemical, that’s how big Diamana is! Every time we add a new product to the Diamana family, there is a tremendous responsibility to ensure that product performs as a Diamana should. I have no doubt Diamana GT will carry the name well,” – Mitsubishi Chemical Group VP of Sales & Marketing, Mark Gunther.

The latest shaft features a firm handle with a soft midsection with additional fortification tip-side from Diamana GT. This is designed to create stability in the handle and tip section with plenty of load in the midsection in a bid to provide outstanding feel and increased club head and ball speed.

Diamana GT features the brand’s Xlink Tech Resin System – a new shaft construction process that uses a dual-phase epoxy/non-epoxy high density, interlinked structure that, per the company, “results in a far more carbon-rich structure while driving down resin content,” therefore creating a shaft with minimal resin designed to also feels great, all without affecting the shaft’s durability and actually increasing its overall strength.

The design is capped off with a Consistent Feel Design. Diamana GT was designed to help fitters in fitting bays across the world by using Consistent Feel Design to reduce variance in butt OD, weight between flexes, and balance point to make different weights and flexes feel as close as possible to one another. This is all designed to help the fitter and customer move through different weights and flexes more seamlessly to lock onto the proper fit to produce ideal launch and spin characteristics.

The Diamana GT will be available in September 2022 with a retail price of $400.

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Most forgiving one-piece forged irons? – GolfWRXers discuss



In our forums, our members have been discussing the most forgiving one piece forged irons on the market. WRXer ‘JStang’ lays out the criteria, saying: “I’m talking no slots, injected goo, tungsten plugs etc. Just a good old solid chunk of metal.”

And our members have been sharing their best picks in our forum.

Here are a few posts from the thread, but make sure to check out the entire discussion and have your say at the link below.

  • Jmccas: “New Level 623CB is a single piece forging.”
  • brucedeuce: “Zx7. Not sure anything compares in a one-piece forging.”
  • drumdude96: “I play Adams A4 forged irons, and they are incredibly forgiving for a one-piece forging. They’re certainly not the latest and greatest, but I love them. And I get really good distance out of them too.”
  • CR1977: “Without tungsten? Wilson Staff Blades are pretty forgiving for a simple chunk of metal.”

Entire Thread: “Most forgiving one piece forged irons? – GolfWRXers discuss”

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