• winter golf
    The Frost Delay: Stealing a Round

    I know, I know. This next column was supposed to be about the joys of playing indoor golf with the help of the OptiShot. Rest assured, I’ll get to it next week. But regardless of the results...

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  • winter golf
    Winter golf: Breaking the monotony

    Let me paint a picture of my New Year’s Eve for you: The snow is gently falling outside of my window and a small but lively group of close friends are gathered around a raging fire. Tunes...

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  • Dan Gedman
    The Frost Delay: A Winter Golf Survival Plan

    It might be possible to ignore the fact that our phones insist that it’s October. It might be possible to ignore that we’re seven weeks into the NFL season (and my Chiefs are already looking toward the...

    • Posted 543 days ago
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