• Titleist Vokey SM5 TVD-K TVD-M Wedge Review
    Review: Titleist Vokey TVD-M and TVD-K Wedges

    Pros: The TVD-M and TVD-K wedges have narrower soles and less bounce than Vokey’s SM5 wedges to give better golfers more versatility around the greens. And If you’re looking for spin, you can’t do much better than Vokey’s new...

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  • photo
    Find a good wedge for you and learn to control the face angle

    In this part of my short game series, I am going to talk about distance control when hitting pitch shots and less-than-full wedge shots into the green. There are many things that go into hitting solid and...

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  • Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0 wedges
    Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0 Wedges

    Cleveland is promising golfers 15 percent more spin with its new 588 RTX 2.0 wedges, which have deeper, sharper grooves and a rougher face pattern to help golfers stop their wedge shots closer to the hole. The...

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  • IMG_2314
    Review: Tour Edge Exotics CB Pro S Wedges

    Pros: These soft-feeling 1025 forged wedges sell for just $99 each and create a ton of spin around the greens. Cons: Limited lofts and bounce options available. The stock grinds have high-to-medium bounce angles, which means they’re...

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  • unnamed
    Cleveland releases limited-edition Tour Rack wedges

    Cleveland Golf has announced the release of its Tour Rack wedges, which are very limited-edition prototypes. How limited are we talking? Only 300 of each model were produced and they are only available at limited locations. Aesthetically,...

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  • Cleveland Scoring Clinic
    Cleveland Scoring Clinics: What you need to know

    You might have heard of Cleveland’s Scoring Clinics, which are taking place across the U.S. this summer to help golfers improve their wedge games. I was able to attend a Scoring Clinic at Haggin Oaks Golf Complex in...

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  • Mizuno MP-15
    Spotted: Mizuno’s new 2015 MP irons and wedges

    Photos of Mizuno’s new line of MP forged irons and wedges have been unveiled to the public via Mizuno’s Facebook page for The Open Championship. Mizuno didn’t reveal much about the new technology in its clubs, which look...

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  • post-1-0-97518000-1390627073_thumb
    Designer Clay Long on TaylorMade’s new Tour Preferred wedges

    Three years ago, Clay Long, who is nothing short of a legend in the club-making industry, began working with TaylorMade on a new wedge project. If you haven’t heard of Clay Long, here’s what you need to...

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  • Vokey SM5 Indigo Wedges
    Vokey to release limited-edition SM5 Indigo wedges

    A limited-edition finish from Vokey puts a totally different spin on the wedge game blues. Starting July 16, golfers will be able to order certain Vokey SM5 wedges with the company’s Indigo PVD finish. Die-hard Vokey fans...

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  • Callaway Mack Daddy 2 Tour Grind wedges
    Callaway to release “Tour Grind” Mack Daddy 2 Wedges

    Callaway has announced the release of its Mack Daddy 2 “Tour Grind” wedges, which have tour-validated C-Grind sole designs, as well as straighter leading edges and higher-peaked toes than the company’s original Mack Daddy 2 wedge models....

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  • FairwayJockey.com review
    FairwayJockey.com Review: My custom Vega wedge

    Until recently, having the ability to play a bag full of custom clubs was something reserved only for the most elite players and those golfers willing to devote extra time, effort, money and usually travel to have...

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  • Nike VR X3X Toe Sweep and Dual Wide Wedge Review
    Review: Nike VR X3X Dual Wide and Toe Sweep Wedges

    Pros: Beautiful satin finish, 8620 carbon steel, and a two cool, new grinds that are serious contenders on the wedge front for pros and amateur alike. Cons: Toe sweep version can cause issues for steeper swings. Bottom...

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  • Titleist Vokey TVD-K and TVD-M wedges 2014
    Vokey to launch new line of TVD wedges

    In March, Titleist launched its much-anticipated Vokey SM5 wedges, which offer golfers more spin through their new Spin Milled TX3 grooves, as well 21 different loft, bounce and grind combinations. The SM5’s will cover the needs of...

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  • cbproswedgeA620
    Tour Edge Exotics launches CB PROs Forged Wedges

    Tour Edge Exotics has announced the release of its first forged wedges, the CB PROs. The wedges are forged from 1025 carbon steel, and have what the company calls “Mongo Grooves,” which are layered with 28 micro...

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  • sm5feat
    Review: Titleist Vokey SM5 Wedges

    Pros: Vokey leads the way with 21 different loft, bounce and grind combinations, three different finishes and personalization programs that allows golfers to create a wedge that suits their games and personalities. The new specialized TX3 grooves add...

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  • b9956695z.1_20130717205828_000_gfg1l2h5.1-1
    Adjust your setup and swing for better bunker shots

    The easiest shot in golf should be a greenside bunker shot. I say that because golfers can be much less exacting from the sand than other lies. A bunker shot can be hit anywhere from 0.5 inches...

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  • custom wedge stamping
    How to create your own custom-stamped wedges

    Like so many other readers here on GolfWRX, I eagerly look forward to PGA Tour WITB photos each week. One of the most interesting aspects of Tour bags for me (and especially at the Waste Management Open)...

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  • 4824fb2cc44640b9ae5bd6f8e11e7b53
    Review: Cobra Tour Trusty Wedges

    Pros: The wedges have an high-friction face design, aggressive grooves and a versatile Tour Notch K-grind. Available in lofts of 62 and 64 degrees, if that’s your thing. Cons: Not as many bounce options as market share...

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  • fa35d62e7c853a490ce2458e612785a4
    Show Stoppers: Day 2 of the PGA Merchandise Show

    The GolfWRX team is live from this year’s PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Fla. The “Show Stoppers” segment will highlight our favorite clubs, gear, and training aids at the show. At the PGA Merchandise Show, golf companies...

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    Titleist Vokey SM5 Wedges

    Titleist’s new Vokey SM5 wedges offer golfers more tour-preferred grind and bounce options, as well as more spin from their larger third-generation Spin Milled grooves. The new “TX3″ grooves have a 7-percent larger groove volume in two...

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  • Vokey indigo 452 wedge
    Vokey Releases Limited Edition Indigo 452 Wedges

    Vokey’s WedgeWorks is back to blue with its release of its limited-edition Vokey Spin Milled 452 Indigo wedges. The lustrous clubs were released this month, but precedent says they will sell out quickly. The 400 series shape...

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  • roger cleveland
    Cleveland Golf sues Callaway over use of ‘Roger Cleveland’ name

    Cleveland Golf Company, Inc. and Dunlop Sports Co. Ltd. filed a trademark infringement, unfair competition and trademark dilution against Callaway Golf Company for imprinting the name “Roger Cleveland” on its Mack Daddy 2 wedges. In 1990, Roger...

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  • Vokey SM5 spotlight
    Photos of Titleist’s new Vokey SM5 wedges

    The seeding process of Titleist’s Vokey SM5 wedges began this week at the Shriners Hospitals for Children Open, where PGA Tour players such as Charley Hoffman and Matt Jones were testing the fifth version of the company’s...

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  • Cobra Tour Trusty Wedges
    Cobra changes the odds with its new Tour Trusty wedges

    In May, Cobra unveiled its Tour Trusty wedge with a limited release that allowed golfers to buy the tour-inspired wedge five months early. As it turns out, those who bought one of the 1600 limited-edition wedges have a rarer...

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  • Bob Vokey Hand Ground Experience
    Want to be fit for wedges by Bob Vokey?

    In June, Titleist opened its Vokey Tour Department to the public with its Hand Ground program, which allows consumers to order custom wedges that are handmade by the same craftsman who create wedges for tour players. If...

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  • phil-mickelson-golf
    Understand your wedge data to find the “magic yardage”

    Being a good wedge player can really help golfers lower their scores in an instant. Wedge shots from inside 100 yards from the fairway are a safe zone, the place where golfers lay up on a par...

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  • IMG_8172
    Miura K Grind Wedges: Editor Review

    Pros: The “knuckles” on the back of Miura’s K Grind wedge makes them some of the coolest looking wedges on the market. Like all Miura wedges, they’re hand ground from carbon steel, and the K Grind seems to...

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  • 50168b62a5453ad3ee41f4c7a30f1521
    SCOR Golf: Editor Review

    The first thing that you notice about SCOR Golf is that these folks are serious about doing something different with what they call the “scoring clubs” (traditionally known as wedges). Terry Koehler, the founder, club designer and...

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  • Scratch Detroit spotlight
    Scratch Golf returns to its roots, opens Detroit-area fitting studio

    It’s not what you’d expect from a small golf equipment company, a storefront-fitting center in Metro Detroit that showcases Scratch Golf’s wedges, irons, putters and accessories. But Scratch has never been the average small golf equipment company,...

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  • Vokey Hand Ground Spotlight 1
    Vokey Hand Ground Wedges: Editor Review

    Pros: Hand Ground wedges are made by the same craftsmen who create wedges for tour players. It’s one of the few custom wedge programs that allows consumers to select their favorite grind and tweak it to their preference....

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  • Callaway Mack Daddy 2 Wedges Designed by Roger Cleveland
    Editor Review: Callaway Mack Daddy 2 Wedges

    Pros: The Mack Daddy 2 wedges feature a compact, forged head with some of the highest-spinning grooves we’ve tested. With three different grinds available for the 58- and 60-degree wedges in two different finishes, the line supplies...

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  • Miura Lefties 7/13 spotlight
    Miura adds options for lefties

    Lefties rejoice! Miura Golf has expanded its lineup of left-handed clubs to include the new Limited Forged Black Blade Irons and Black Wedges. The flat-black finish is designed to produce no glare while still maintaining the appropriate...

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  • Custom Wedge Spotlight 2
    Want a custom wedge? Cleveland, Vokey and Hopkins have you covered

    If you’re the type of grinder who likes to work on wedges as much in your garage as you do on the course, three wedge companies have websites that allow you to custom build your wedges, saving...

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  • wedges
    Giveaway: 8 Custom Wedges from Cleveland Golf

    A great GolfWRX Giveaway to start off July!  Cleveland Golf is giving you the chance to create your own custom 588 Forged RTX wedge on MyCustomWedge.com.  Share it on GolfWRX and you could win! Five (5) people will...

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  • Callaway Mack Daddy 2 Wedges Designed by Roger Cleveland
    Tech Talk: Callaway Mack Daddy 2 Wedges

    “Nothing feels better than forged,” says Callaway wedge designer Roger Cleveland, which is why the company’s new Mack Daddy 2 wedges are forged from 1020 carbon steel. But modern wedge design has become about much more than...

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  • Hopkins Golf
    Custom wedge company Hopkins Golf opens it doors

    For most amateur golfers, the ultimate goal is to play like a pro and shoot as close to par as possible. Most will never get there, but players can now customize their clubs like tour pros at...

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  • Morgan Hoffman Wedges
    Grab that net and catch that beautiful butterfly, pal!

    If you look through the Tour photos that are on GolfWRX every week, you may notice that more often than not, players have added a little flair to their golf golf clubs. Whether it is in the...

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  • Vokey WedgeWorks Hand Ground-1
    Vokey opens its Tour Department to the public

    Call it WedgeWorks on steroids. Titleist has announced that the custom wedge grinding services it offers to its tour players will be available to the public starting June 19. Titleist calls the program “WedgeWorks Hand Ground,” and it...

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  • Nike VR Forged Wedges
    Nike VR Forged Wedges

    Nike’s new VR Forged wedges offer three distinct sole grinds to give golfers with different short-game styles and course conditions more choices from around the greens. Standard Grind Nike’s “Standard Grind” was inspired by Tiger Woods, and is the...

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