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    Use launch monitors to rediscover the lost art of shot making

    I’m always amazed at what I learn about my own game every time I hit a few shots on my Trackman. As a full-time golf teacher, I don’t get to practice like I used to in college,...

    • Posted 12 days ago
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  • Trackman vs. Video_FI
    To use video, Trackman or both?

    Video analysis has indeed changed the way we practice, play and view our golf swings. With the advent of Doppler radar launch monitors like Trackman and FlightScope, teachers now understand that “position golf” isn’t the way to...

    • Posted 96 days ago
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  • Tom Stickney at The Kingdom
    Using Trackman has made me LESS technical as a teacher

    Early in my teaching career, I was told that in order to a successful instructor I had to have great communication skills and possess a talent to describe a highly complex motion in an understandable way to...

    • Posted 138 days ago
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  • trackman flightscope comparison
    What Flightscope and Trackman can tell you (and me)

    I have worked with all the technologies that have come along in my 20 years as a golf instructor in an effort to make my job much easier. In the beginning I only used my eyes. Then digital...

    • Posted 153 days ago
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  • Better look or better numbers?
    Looks or numbers: What makes a better golf swing?

    I have seen many things come and go during my 20 years on the lesson tee. But the two things that have stuck around and will continue to be a necessity for golf instructors are digital video...

    • Posted 195 days ago
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    True or False: Golf radar systems are ruining golf?

    Last week, Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee went on the offensive against radar launch monitors, claiming that they were “ruining golf.” Chamblee said that radar systems (like Trackman and Flightscope) were promoting two different swings, one for...

    • Posted 231 days ago
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  • Trackman Nine-Hole Playing Test
    TrackMan/FlightScope are more than teaching tools

    Are golf radar systems like Trackman and FlightScope just for club fitting and working on swing mechanics? To me, they’re much more than that. They’re amazing tools for developing players. There’s a belief that Trackman and FlightScope...

    • Posted 240 days ago
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  • New Ball Flight Laws
    Understanding the “NEW” ball flight laws

    Over the last several years, golf instruction has gone through a unique transformation. The advent of 3D motion analysis, video, and ball/club flight launch monitors have proven to golf instructors that some of the “fundamentals” we were...

    • Posted 310 days ago
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    The Dan Plan: Keep your gear in line with your skill set

    My last post was about my experience at Titleist’s Oceanside Test Facility, and what it means to get fit by some of the best in the industry. The fitting process was very informative and positive, so I was excited...

    • Posted 333 days ago
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  • How Far Should You Hit Your Golf Clubs
    How Far Should You Hit Your Golf Clubs?

    One of the nice things about having all this new fancy technological equipment like Trackman, Flightscope, ShotLink, etc., at various PGA Tour events is that distance data can be gathered for each of the players. In case...

    • Posted 459 days ago
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  • launch monitor
    Wishon: The practical facts about spin and shaft design

    It is a great education as a clubhead and shaft designer to scan through GolfWRX forum posts to listen to what golfers think about their equipment. One of the areas that seems to have developed momentum on...

    • Posted 463 days ago
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  • dustin johnson
    Understanding “open-faced hooks”

    At the Hyundai Tournament of Champions, Dustin Johnson hit an ugly quacker (read snap hook) off the tee on Tuesday afternoon that was headed in the general direction of Haleakala. After the shot, NBC’s broadcast team, Johnny...

    • Posted 464 days ago
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  • flight
    Press Release: FlightScope Hosts Its Second Annual Convention

    ORLANDO, FL, (August 28, 2012) – FlightScope is proud to announce its second annual Science of Golf Instruction and Club Fitting convention. It will be hosted on September 24th and 25th at the Grand Cypress Resort in...

    • Posted 599 days ago
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    Tiger Woods TrackMan Numbers from Quail Hollow

    Check these babies out.  They’re in metric so here’s the conversion: 53 m/s=118 mph club speed 78.5 m/s=175 mph ball speed CLICK HERE TO READ WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING IN THE FORUMS.  

    • Posted 717 days ago
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