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  • Building a team
    The TEAM approach to maximizing your golf potential

    Most professional golfers have a team of supporters/teachers/helpers who are prepared to help them improve their approach to the game, maximize their potential and avoid slumps and injuries. Their teams usually include some or all of the...

    • Posted 429 days ago
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  • Shuan Webb
    Have you been screened?

    Have you ever worked with a golf instructor on improving your swing, and no matter how hard you tried and regardless of how many lessons you took, you just couldn’t seem to make the change that your...

    • Posted 450 days ago
    • 17
  • Titleist Bob Vokey
    Can’t get up and down? It might be a sole problem

    It’s not me; it’s the club. Make that claim in front of experienced golfers and they’ll shy away from conversation with you for a while. That’s because they’ve learned one of golf’s hardest truths – golfers, not...

    • Posted 472 days ago
    • 15
  • TPI Oceanside
    GolfWRXer gets fit for 913′s at TPI

    Buying new golf gear is fun, but buying a new driver is like buying a new car. Golfers look forward to seeing which ones look good to their eye and test-driving them. Then they find out which...

    • Posted 490 days ago
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