• Tom Wishon: 7 Keys to Improve Shot Consistency
    Wishon: 7 club fitting keys to improve shot consistency

    One of the simplest ways golfers can improve their games is through proper club fitting, which is often overlooked because of the emphasis golf equipment companies place on trying to help golfers hit the ball farther. Adding...

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    The most important fitting elements for distance

    The desire for more distance lives strong in almost every golfer, and nowhere is the desire for more distance stronger within golfers than with the driver. While keeping the ball in play is a key element for...

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  • Regripping
    Getting started with basic club repair, with tips from Tom Wishon

    My journey into tinkering with golf clubs started small. A bottle of nail polish, nail polish remover and a simple “how-to” video on how to add new paint fill to a golf club. Soon after, I found...

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  • Wishon accuracy
    The Most Important Fitting Elements for Accuracy

    Golfers don’t enjoy the game when they struggle to keep the ball in play. There is no question the primary causes of inaccuracy result from errors in the golfer’s swing path and/or rotation of the club face...

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  • Shaft Frequency
    Wishon: Shaft frequency can be misleading

    Numerous times I have read posts on GolfWRX from golfers who persist in selecting a shaft on the basis of a butt frequency measurement. In viewing new shafts that come on the market, many golfers believe as...

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  • launch monitor
    Wishon: The practical facts about spin and shaft design

    It is a great education as a clubhead and shaft designer to scan through GolfWRX forum posts to listen to what golfers think about their equipment. One of the areas that seems to have developed momentum on...

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    The way clubs are sold has harmed golf

    Tom Wishon served as Vice President of GolfWorks from 1980 to 1986. From 1986 to 1993, he was president of Dynacraft Golf Products, and from 1993 to 2002 he was Vice President and Chief Technical Officer for Golfsmith...

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  • Tom Wishon Clubs
    Facts about shafts — What they do (Part 3)

    There is no question the shaft is the least understood of all the components of a golf club. The first reason is because most golfers simply do not know what the shaft can and cannot do to...

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  • Sergio Garcia
    Wishon: Taking Shaft Fitting from Guessing to Specifics (Part 2)

    How Should a Golfer Select the Right Shaft for His/Her Swing?  One of the most common posts I see on GolfWRX is when one golfer asks other golfers for a shaft recommendation. These posts seldom say anything...

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  • golf shafts
    Taking the guesswork out of selecting shafts (Part 1)

    This is part 1 of Tom Wishon’s three-part series on shafts. Part 2 Shaft Fitting- Guessing to Specifics. Part 3 Facts about shafts- What they do It’s clear that a lot of threads and posts on GolfWRX.com are from...

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