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  • Stickney fitting yardage gaps
    Why you’re not good enough not to get fit

    Since the beginning of custom golf club fitting, players have always wrestled with the question “should I get custom fit?” or “am I good enough to get custom fit?” While these seem like valid questions, I tell...

    • Posted 7 days ago
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  • Stickney Three Ways
    Three different ways to set up to the golf ball

    Over the course of time there have been several different setup positions that people have used to play successful golf. The most frequently taught setup position, which I call the Right Tilt, has golfers leaning away from...

    • Posted 28 days ago
    • 39
  • Stickney spotlight timing signatures
    Charting the putting stroke differences in different handicap golfers

    One of the most troubling parts of putting for many golfers has been the relationship between line and speed. Most golfers know that the proper line is determined by the speed at which a putt is hit,...

    • Posted 35 days ago
    • 29
  • Bunker Shot
    Keys to finding the right angle of attack in a bunker

    Thwack — that’s the sound of the ball coming out of the bunker at ankle high and moving at Mach One over the green — what a great feeling! If I had a dollar for every shot...

    • Posted 63 days ago
    • 6
  • 9601aac7a39afc2557161a1a9c68a242
    Use caution when “Lofting Up”

    By now, most golfers have forgotten the sound and feel of a wooden driver against a balata ball, not to mention how small the original metalwood drivers were compared to today’s multi-material, adjustable behemoths. It’s funny, but...

    • Posted 70 days ago
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  • Stop Slicing
    Hitting hooks and slices? Here’s how to control your ball’s curvature

    As with most golfers, controlling the curvature of the golf ball in flight tends to be the most common issue plaguing players’ consistency on a daily basis. While there are a ton of fundamental reasons why your...

    • Posted 91 days ago
    • 7
  • Trackman vs. Video_FI
    To use video, Trackman or both?

    Video analysis has indeed changed the way we practice, play and view our golf swings. With the advent of Doppler radar launch monitors like Trackman and FlightScope, teachers now understand that “position golf” isn’t the way to...

    • Posted 98 days ago
    • 21
  • SergioGarcia-1
    Curing excessive “lag” at impact

    Technology is a wonderful thing. It is making both teachers and students better, as it allow us to understand more and more about the golf swing with the inventions of systems like 3-D Motion Analysis, Force Plates and...

    • Posted 113 days ago
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  • Tom Stickney at The Kingdom
    Using Trackman has made me LESS technical as a teacher

    Early in my teaching career, I was told that in order to a successful instructor I had to have great communication skills and possess a talent to describe a highly complex motion in an understandable way to...

    • Posted 140 days ago
    • 8
  • trackman flightscope comparison
    What Flightscope and Trackman can tell you (and me)

    I have worked with all the technologies that have come along in my 20 years as a golf instructor in an effort to make my job much easier. In the beginning I only used my eyes. Then digital...

    • Posted 154 days ago
    • 38
  • Photo 2
    Instruction: Only change the things that need to be changed

    As a golf instructor for more than 20 years, I have gone through my own professional maturation when it comes to my instructional style and the way I have chosen to help my students. Golf instruction is...

    • Posted 168 days ago
    • 6
  • 5
    The ‘arc’ vs. ‘square-to-square’ putting method: Either or neither?

    There’s hundreds of different golfers try to putt, but putting really just boils down to two schools of thought. There are those who try to move the putter head “straight back and straight through” along the target...

    • Posted 175 days ago
    • 11
  • Tom Stickney
    The importance of the elbows in putting

    As we all know, putting requires a solid stroke that is derived from very coordinated motions of the shoulders, arms and hands, not to mention the complex set of psychomotor motions that must be mastered between the...

    • Posted 182 days ago
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  • Photo 13
    Master these 3 set-up keys for fewer 3 putts

    It seems that everyone wonders why they do not make more putts. But if you consider the multitude of variables that affect putting, it is a wonder that golfers make any at all. Identifying the most important...

    • Posted 189 days ago
    • 9
  • Better look or better numbers?
    Looks or numbers: What makes a better golf swing?

    I have seen many things come and go during my 20 years on the lesson tee. But the two things that have stuck around and will continue to be a necessity for golf instructors are digital video...

    • Posted 196 days ago
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  • Phil Mickelson (3)
    The Mental Game: Training vs. Trusting

    Do you stand over EVERY shot running down a mental checklist of the 24 basic swing components and their variations? I promise you that tour players don’t, which is why they are able to look and swing...

    • Posted 210 days ago
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  • THE PLAYERS Championship - Preview Day 2
    Do old school teachings have a place in golf’s new school environment?

    Every week, I watch golf telecasts that show the best players in the world playing tough golf courses and hitting shots that challenge their skills. It’s a joy to see what they can do with a golf ball....

    • Posted 225 days ago
    • 22
  • phil-mickelson-golf
    Understand your wedge data to find the “magic yardage”

    Being a good wedge player can really help golfers lower their scores in an instant. Wedge shots from inside 100 yards from the fairway are a safe zone, the place where golfers lay up on a par...

    • Posted 231 days ago
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  • 350x350-apr11-steal
    Stopping the slice: Fix the path or the face?

    I was reading a debate between two teachers, both of whom use golf radar (Trackman and FlightScope), and they were discussing the “best” way to fix the average golfer’s slice. One was adamant about fixing club path...

    • Posted 238 days ago
    • 15
  • don't be a golfer who doesn't improve spotlight
    Don’t be a golfer who doesn’t improve

    I had an interesting thought while watching a PGA Tour tournament the other day: A manufacturer’s advertisement stated that over the last 20 years or so, the average handicap has not gone down, yet we have better...

    • Posted 245 days ago
    • 8
  • original
    The Golfing Machine: Homer Kelley’s quotes explained

    As I’ve maturate through this game for life, I, like most golfers, have worked hard to improve my golf game. Just like many of you, I’ve taken lessons and or listened to someone who I believed could...

    • Posted 252 days ago
    • 12
  • Top 10 Short Game Mistakes
    The Top 10 Short Game Mistakes

    Over the years of instructing, I have noticed many things that people tend to do incorrectly within their short games that continues to cost these players shot after shot, day after day! It pains me to see...

    • Posted 259 days ago
    • 4
  • PromontoryBunkerI
    What pictures can quickly tell you

    As I played a few holes the other night at Promontory with a buddy, we laughed and discussed life and he shot pictures of our round together. I have included several of his photos of my swing...

    • Posted 266 days ago
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  • swing direction v. swing path spotlight
    Understanding swing direction vs. swing path

    With the advent of launch monitors that track the club and ball interactions in 3-D, we are able to see things that we “thought” we saw while using video. Knowing that video only shows us a 2-D...

    • Posted 273 days ago
    • 6
  • PGA Championship - Round Three
    Putting Alignment Keys: The Two Forgotten Fundamentals

    The easiest way for golfers to improve their putting is to align their body square to their target line. But many golfers have a very hard time with their putting alignment. I have used the SAM PuttLab,...

    • Posted 279 days ago
    • 14
  • Pitching Wedge
    Practice pitch shots to improve your full swing

    As everyone knows, hitting the ball solid not only feels better, but it causes the ball to travel farther than off-center hits. Manufacturers are always trying to help people generate more distance when players miss the sweet-spot,...

    • Posted 285 days ago
    • 2
  • Stickney tee height spotlight
    Altering tee height influences trajectory

    Just like everyone else, golfers can make things very complicated when the answers to some questions are actually quite simple. While I am not discounting the introspective nature of golfers or even calling it a bad thing,...

    • Posted 287 days ago
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  • No Curve Stickney
    Understanding Curvature Control: The Simplified Version

    As with most golfers, controlling the curvature of the golf ball in flight tends to be the most common issue plaguing players’ consistency on a daily basis. While there are a ton of fundamental reasons why golfers...

    • Posted 297 days ago
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  • Tiger Angle of Attack Spotlight
    Hit it farther with the right attack angle

    If you have ever had a lesson or a club fitting using a launch monitor, you have heard the term “angle of attack.” Simply put, angle of attack is a measurement of how much a golfer is...

    • Posted 301 days ago
    • 5
  • The Finish Position DL
    The Swing in Pictures: The Finish Position (Part 2)

    Over the past several weeks, Tom Stickney has been presenting a series called, “The Swing In Pictures” on GolfWRX. This will be the last in this series. Each Monday a different swing position has been coupled with...

    • Posted 343 days ago
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