• Are your expectations killing your progress?

    Self-inflicted expectations hold back golfers of all levels. They turn an enjoyable round of golf into a tiring, difficult stretch of time, thinking “I should be able to do this” or “I wish I had a more...

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  • DSC_0267
    How to avoid the learning plateau

    You’ve started playing better golf and you’re on the verge of achieving your goals. You’re hitting more fairways and greens. Your handicap is dropping quickly. Your buddies are asking whether you’ve been taking lessons. More importantly, you...

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  • Why intelligent golfers underperform
    Why intelligent golfers can under perform

    The following is an excerpt of an email I received from a frustrated golfer! “…I do have an athletic (baseball) background and have gotten my handicap as low as 8 on athletic ability alone. That coupled with...

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  • Self-handicapping
    Self-Handicapping: The numberless system

    At present in Australia, the amateur golfing powers are conducting a revision of the handicapping system and we are about to begin a new calculation system. So, now seems rather appropriate to talk about another handicapping method,...

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  • File or Forget
    File your good golf shots, forget the bad ones

    Most of the joy in golf comes from great shots. Everyone knows the feeling of a pure shot. Many of us even remember the shot that got us addicted to this great game. Despite the enjoyment great...

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  • Justin Rose mental game
    The Ultimate Putting Program (Part 5): The Pre-Shot Routine

    The essence of putting is the ability to roll your ball on your intended line as far as the hole, which we have discussed in previous articles. There is one last variable to putting that I believe...

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  • Jim Furyk
    Own your game and execute better with a post-shot routine

    We are all trying to get better at this silly game a variety of different ways. But one skill set that rarely gets the attention it deserves is our post-shot routine. Perhaps you are unfamiliar with the...

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  • The power of the eyes in golf

    A great golf shot requires attention to many components. It is therefore no surprise that the best in the world have long discussions with their experienced caddies before deciding on a plan of action for the shot...

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  • Distraction image
    Too distracted to focus?

    If you were to guess at the number of times you were distracted today, how many would it be? How many text messages did you receive? How many times did you check Facebook? How many emails did you...

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  • tigerwoods12
    Use visualization, imagery like many of golf’s greats

    The saying “success leaves clues” is as true in golf as it is in all other sports. Golf’s all-time greats and top athletes from other sports have used similar universal principles to reach their full athletic prowess....

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  • SAL026
    The goal of golf: Put the ball in the hole

    Imagine you have never played the game of golf. You arrive at the course and your friend explains the rules of the game. After a few basic questions, you grab your clubs and head to the first...

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  • Thinking Box
    Separate thinking and execution with “The Thinking Box”

    The thinking box is a concept that has become popularized in golf instruction, yet is at times not well understood and enforced by golfers. It is used as a structure to determine a golfers pre-shot routine strategies, and is...

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  • Lower scores self analysis
    Shoot lower scores with better self-analysis

    By Anthony Procopis, GolfWRX Contributor Dear fellow golf maniacs, can you shoot 10 shots better than your handicap? Well, whether you currently can or can’t is not the point. I believe that if you are firing and...

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  • Tiger Woods reads a putt at the 2012 Open Championship
    Focus! It’s the key to good golf

    Golf is a game that is played over a long period of time, but each shot takes a very short amount of time.Therefore, there is a lot of ‘down time’ in golf where you walk from shot...

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  • Brandt Snedeker
    In golf, perspective is more important than perfection

    By Dennis de Jesus Jr. GolfWRX Contributor I’m a mid-handicap golfer who would love to be a single-digit or even a scratch. It’s not so I can join the tour and compete for the big (but often...

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