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    Review: Graphite Design YS NanoReloaded Shafts

    Pros: A high-launching shaft that feels very smooth. Available for woods (50, 60 and 70-gram models) and hybrids (70 and 80-gram models). Cons: They’re cheaper than Graphite Design’s Tour-AD shafts, but they’re still pricy. Wood shafts have an MSRP...

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  • hp_ctlite-parallel
    KBS adds new C-Taper Lite shaft with parallel tip

    The C-Taper Lite shaft KBS released in June is now available in a parallel-tip model that complements the original tapered-tip design. The shaft has the same mid-launch, mid-spin performance as the original C-Tape Lite tapered tip shaft...

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  • IMG_3679
    Review: Hiskei “Wave” shaft

    Pros: Premium shaft with ripples that create more consistency and reduce vibration. They’re also a great value at $125 each. Cons: The Wave shaft produced a slightly lower launch and higher spin for both testers. Who’s it for? Anyone looking...

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  • Graphite Design YS Reloaded NanoReloaded shafts
    Graphite Design announces YS NanoReloaded shafts

    Graphite Design is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a new shaft that blends technologies from two of its most successful design. Golfers familiar with the company’s shafts likely know about its Tour AD line, which launched in...

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  • IronShafts
    2014 Iron shaft shootout: Top-rated steel and graphite iron shafts get put to the test

    Iron shafts are the forgotten younger sibling of the golf shaft family. Where’s the love? Most of the avid golfers we see in our shop will spend hours combing WRX forums, reading various reviews, asking questions and...

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  • IMG_8466
    Review: Basileus Fiamma shaft

    Pros: The Basileus Fiamma is a gorgeously eye-catching shaft with design features that benefit a quick and compact swing. High modulus carbon materials make the shaft one of the smoothest I’ve had the opportunity to test. Cons: Due to...

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  • IMG_4599
    Mitsubishi unveils 2015 Diamana shaft lineup

    Few graphite shaft makers can claim the success of Mitsubishi Rayon’s Diamana shafts, which have been used to win more than 100 events on golf’s major professional tours since 2004. That makes it a big deal when the...

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  • Mitsubishi Rayon Fubuki J shaft
    Mitsubishi Rayon launches Fubuki J shafts

    Mitsubishi Rayon’s new Fubuki J was introduced to PGA Tour players this week at the FedEx St. Jude Classic, where three players including T3 finisher Matt Every put the new shaft in play in their drivers. The...

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  • Matrix TPHDe shaft
    Matrix TPHDe shafts

    Matrix’s new TPHDe shafts use the latest materials in a new construction that can improve ball speed, feel and stability, according to the company. Like its predecessor, Matrix’s TPHD shaft, the TPHEe uses exotic materials such as...

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  • Aerotech Steelfiber
    Q&A: Aerotech Golf President Chris Hilleary

    The best-case scenario for a small golf equipment company is essentially what has happened for Aerotech Golf in the last six years. Matt Kuchar began using a set of the company’s SteelFiber composite shafts in his irons...

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  • Fujikura Speeder 757 Masters Shaft Limited Edition
    Fujikura Speeder 757 Limited-Edition Masters Shaft

    Fujikura fans, it’s official. Last year, Fujikura released its popular FUEL shaft in a Limited Edition paint scheme to celebrate the year’s first major. This year, the newly relaunched Speeder 757 receives its special “Masters” green and...

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  • Tour Edge SST Pure
    Exotics to offer SST PURE shaft alignment

    Tour Edge is bringing the the same technology used on the PGA Tour to all its product lines. The company has finalized an agreement with SST Pure to have its shaft alignment technology used on all of...

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  • Graphite Irons shafts
    Should your next set of irons have graphite shafts?

    The days of steel-shafted irons are numbered. That’s what golfers are hearing from graphite shaft makers, who after many years of trial and error have created a new crop of products that are breaking down the perception...

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  • b42ed194eb077a871b0a087ed938ed55
    Show Stoppers: Day 3 from the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show

    The GolfWRX team is live from this year’s PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Fla. The “Show Stoppers” segment will highlight our favorite clubs, gear, and training aids at the show. At the PGA Merchandise Show, golf companies...

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  • Fujikura Pro Shafts
    Fujikura Pro Series Shafts

    Fujikura’s new “Pro” shafts are mid-launch, low-spin shafts that are designed to help golfers hit the ball farther by improving the “kick speed” they get from their shafts. Jeremy Butler, Fujikura’s director of sales, said the company’s...

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  • True Temper XP 95
    True Temper releases lighter, longer XP family of shafts

    Most golfers are familiar with the advantages of today’s game-improvement irons, which are helping golfers hit the ball higher and farther than ever before. But fewer are aware of the latest crop of  lightweight “game-improvement” shafts, which...

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  • 5d190e7171be29251b4cf3336ad1d8f1
    Review: Aldila Tour Blue and Tour Green shafts

    Pros: Cool graphics and a smooth feel that’s consistent in both models. Cons: High price ($349). Bottom Line: Need to hit it lower? Try the Tour Green. Need to hit it higher? Try the Tour Blue. Overview The Aldila Tour...

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  • Matrix Velox
    Matrix Velox shafts optimize speed through curvature

    Matrix’s new line of Velox shafts are designed to help golfers maximize clubhead speed, regardless of what type of driver setup they play. In the past, better golfers gravitated toward drivers built to shorter lengths, which offered...

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  • Mitsubishi Diamana White Board W-Series
    Editor Review: Mitsubishi Diamana W-Series Shaft

    Pros: Mitsubishi’s Diamana W-Series has similar launch and spin characteristics to its predecessor, the ‘ahina. Its newly designed butt section that gives the shaft a smoother feel, and it’s is the first White Board shaft to be available in...

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  • Mitsubishi Rayon W-Series 420x470
    The New White Board: Mitsubishi’s Diamana W-Series shaft

    Mitsubishi Rayon’s new Diamana W-Series shaft is the third generation of the company’s “White Board” shaft, a low-launching, low-spinning model that has been extremely popular with pros and amateurs since its launch in 2006. The most notable...

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  • KBS Tour-V iron shafts
    KBS launches ‘Tour-V’ iron shaft

    KBS has announced the release of its new “Tour-V” steel iron shaft, which is lower spinning than the KBS “Tour” shaft and weighs about 10 grams less. The Tour-V (known as the “Tour V2″ in its prototype...

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  • 70644446
    Snedeker switches to a 45-gram driver shaft

    Brandt Snedeker doesn’t change equipment often, but when he does decide to switch he’s not scared to play something unconventional. Snedeker already plays one of the lightest iron shafts on the PGA Tour, AeroTech’s SteelFiber i95, which...

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  • a5b468f9add4b4c896e42eb09c36a336
    New Equipment Overload at the BMW Championship!

    We spotted an overwhelming amount of new equipment this week at the BMW Championship, so much that we thought it was necessary to organize them in a single story for your viewing pleasure. Check out the latest...

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  • black and white graphite design
    Graphite Design Tour AD DI Shafts in Black & White spotted

    raphite Design is adding to their uber exclusive and tour popular Tour AD DI line up a new color option of black with a white graphic. According to the company, they shafts will be available on Aug....

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  • Rory McIlroy driver shaft
    McIlroy switches to prototype MRC driver shaft

    Rory McIlroy is using a new driver shaft this week at the U.S. Open, a prototype by Mitsubishi Rayon that is similar to the company’s Kuro Kage Silver shaft. McIlroy was previously playing another prototype Mitsubishi shaft,...

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  • Aldila Tour Blue Spotlight
    Aldila ‘Tour Blue’ and ‘Tour Green’ shafts

    When designing its newest line of shafts, the “Tour Blue” and “Tour Green,” Aldila sought inspiration from its most successful platform, the NV shafts it released to tour players more than 10 years ago. The NV shafts...

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  • KBS C Taper Lite shafts spotlight-1
    Tech Talk: KBS C-Taper Lite iron shafts

    With the name C-Taper Lite, most golfers will assume that the biggest difference between KBS’s newest shafts and the company’s original C-Taper shafts is the weight. But even though the new shafts are between 5 and 15...

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  • PX Prototype Memphis-1
    Prototype Project X Graphite Shafts Spotted

    Check out our photos of True Temper’s new PX prototype graphite driver shafts, which are being tested by tour players this week at the FedEx St. Jude Classic at TPC Southwind. The shafts have textured bands reinforcing...

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  • 0ac9170b5dcf502ebb765ab1af685bd3
    Nunchuk xi Iron Shafts: Editor Review

    Pros: For a lightweight graphite iron shaft (104 grams), the xi’s feel extremely stable. They reduce vibration compared to steel shafts, and offered slightly more launch and spin for our tester. Cons: They’re $75 each, and could cause...

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