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  • Are you wasting your time practicing putting
    Are you wasting your time on the putting green?

    As a teacher, I’m always investigating ways to help my players become more proficient both on the golf course and within their practice time. That’s why I am so excited to have come across one of the best...

    • Posted 71 days ago
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  • missed-putt-pain
    Custom Fitting: The most overlooked club in your bag

    Golfers have learned that custom fit clubs are necessary to lower their scores, but they often neglect a crucial scoring club in the fitting process: the putter. Last year, I was able to perform close to 50...

    • Posted 82 days ago
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    Beat the yips with these simple tips

    The yips is a disease that affects the cognitive process of the brain and disrupts fine motor movement of the body. Golfers are predominantly affected by the disease on short putts, but can also be affected on...

    • Posted 91 days ago
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  • putting
    Drills to hit the best putts you possibly can

    I had just hit a 6 iron pin high, about 15-feet right on No. 17. I was about to play my second-to-last hole in the 108-hole European Tour Qualifying Tournament, and was either right on the cut...

    • Posted 106 days ago
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  • 51b248a6-9265-4f62-8075-7c2e0856b1f1tgf_top10_05_082813_612x344_thumb_1
    Rethink how you practice your putting

    If you want to make more putts, you should begin by concentrating more on the putter face instead of the path that it travels on. I see many golfers who work on their putting strokes by trying...

    • Posted 111 days ago
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  • image
    Seven tips to help shave 10 shots off your game

    For golfers, the change from being a 95-shooter to scoring in the low- to mid-80s is huge. It changes the way they feel about the game and opens their eyes to their true potential. I remember when...

    • Posted 112 days ago
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  • The King of All Golf Stats? First Putt Distance

    If you were going to track one stat and one stat only on each round you played to help lower your scores, which stat would it be? GIR? Fairways Hit? Putts Per Round? If you are a...

    • Posted 148 days ago
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  • How much do mishits matter in putting?

    Whenever you impact a putt, the ball is programmed with all its directional data. It is at that point that a golfer’s consistency is either compromised or enhanced by the actions of impact alignments. Impact alignments will...

    • Posted 169 days ago
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  • Putt_forward_press_article_featured
    What happens to loft when shortening or lengthening a putter shaft?

    During a round of golf, the percentage of all putts made is 43. I have mentioned in my earlier articles that the putting technique should be efficient and adjusted to your mobility limitation. With increased efficiency, the...

    • Posted 175 days ago
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  • 5 Principles to Perfection
    Palozola: The 5 Principles of Putting

    So, your putting is pretty good. What? Really? Is that what you actually tell people? Well, that means that you must be averaging in the high 20′s for putts per round, because that’s what the leaders on...

    • Posted 181 days ago
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  • Stickney spotlight timing signatures
    Charting the putting stroke differences in different handicap golfers

    One of the most troubling parts of putting for many golfers has been the relationship between line and speed. Most golfers know that the proper line is determined by the speed at which a putt is hit,...

    • Posted 184 days ago
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  • PHOTO 02
    Which putting grip improves the average golfer’s alignments?

    I’ve found that the most damaging flaw within a golfer’s putting is the breakdown of the lead wrist through impact. This flaw causes many more problems than anything else for the average golfer’s putting such as adding...

    • Posted 198 days ago
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  • Stickney putting teaching feel
    Teaching feel in putting

    One of the most enigmatic portions of putting has been the relationship between line and speed. Golfers know that their lines are determined by the speed in which they hit a putt, but how do they know...

    • Posted 204 days ago
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  • The Pill Review
    Review: The Pill

    Pros: The Pill is idiot-proof; you set it on its edge to practice your putting or on its side for chipping and bunker shots. If your stroke is off, The Pill won’t lie. It’s affordable, portable and easy...

    • Posted 222 days ago
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  • Orange Whip Putting Wand Review
    Review: The Orange Whip Putting Wand

    Pros: Intuitive and familiar device. Its overall weight and flexible shaft force users to pay attention to the length and pace of their strokes, as well as where they contact the ball on the face. Works for...

    • Posted 222 days ago
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  • Justin Rose mental game
    The Ultimate Putting Program (Part 5): The Pre-Shot Routine

    The essence of putting is the ability to roll your ball on your intended line as far as the hole, which we have discussed in previous articles. There is one last variable to putting that I believe...

    • Posted 254 days ago
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  • putting work
    Four New Year’s Resolutions for golfers in 2014

    Some people don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions, but golfers are hopeful types and we love setting new goals every winter. So, in that spirit I bring you some suggested golf resolutions for 2014. You may not...

    • Posted 259 days ago
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  • Putting drills Stetina
    The Ultimate Putting Program (Part 4): Green Reading

    If you know one thing about green reading, it should be this: The golf ball abides by the laws of gravity and when in motion it will roll towards the low point of any slope. A lot...

    • Posted 261 days ago
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    The Ultimate Putting Program (Part 3): Pick a putter that matches your path

    We have discussed how the design of a putter affects a golfer’s ability to control aim and speed. Now it is time to look at how it affects the path of the stroke. I believe the optimal...

    • Posted 268 days ago
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  • Does your height affect putting?
    Are shorter golfers better putters?

    It is generally accepted that taller golfers have an advantage when it comes to driving distance on the PGA Tour. All else being equal, the thought is that taller golfers will have the edge in comparison to...

    • Posted 273 days ago
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  • Putting practice
    Does flexibility lead to a better short game?

    I have seen many beginning, average and professional golfers use a technique that can cause mishits when they are chipping or putting. The professionals usually spend a lot of time training their short game because they know...

    • Posted 273 days ago
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  • wrists putting instruction stickney
    Wrist action: The No. 1 killer of good putting

    The lack of control of the lead and rear wrist actions during the putting stroke causes more problems for golfers on the putting green than anything else. In my putting academy, I use several high-tech systems in...

    • Posted 274 days ago
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  • ethics-scale
    The Ultimate Putting Program (Part 2): Putter weight affects speed

    Putting well has a lot to do with having the ability to control speed, so the first thing that I want to identify is the optimal speed for golfers to maximize the 4.25-inch width of the hole....

    • Posted 275 days ago
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  • FI
    The causes of head movement during the putting stroke, and how to fix it

    As we all know, putting requires a solid stroke, a stable body and very controlled motor motions in order to be consistent from day to day. It is with this thought in mind that most players focus...

    • Posted 282 days ago
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  • odyssey-7
    The Ultimate Putting Program (Part 1): The design of your putter influences aim

    Imagine holing a putt in a golf outing, and hearing one of your teammates say, “That’s exactly where you were aiming.” I bet you’ve never heard that before, especially after making a putt. Through my experience fitting...

    • Posted 282 days ago
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  • Stetina: The Ultimate Putting Program

    Putting is probably the easiest part of the game, and yet so many people struggle immensely with it. You don’t have to be strong, or in any way physically gifted to be a good putter. You simply...

    • Posted 289 days ago
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    The ‘arc’ vs. ‘square-to-square’ putting method: Either or neither?

    There’s hundreds of different golfers try to putt, but putting really just boils down to two schools of thought. There are those who try to move the putter head “straight back and straight through” along the target...

    • Posted 323 days ago
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  • article-2366193-1AD5CB36000005DC-628_634x456
    Putting: The Recoil, “the IF” and the finish

    “How did I make a 12 on a par five hole?” Arnold Palmer said. “It’s simple. I missed a four-foot putt for an 11.” There is an epidemic in the amateur golf world in regard to putting...

    • Posted 331 days ago
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  • Tom Stickney
    The importance of the elbows in putting

    As we all know, putting requires a solid stroke that is derived from very coordinated motions of the shoulders, arms and hands, not to mention the complex set of psychomotor motions that must be mastered between the...

    • Posted 331 days ago
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  • Photo 13
    Master these 3 set-up keys for fewer 3 putts

    It seems that everyone wonders why they do not make more putts. But if you consider the multitude of variables that affect putting, it is a wonder that golfers make any at all. Identifying the most important...

    • Posted 337 days ago
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  • U.S. Open - Round One
    Is there legal recourse against the anchored putter ban?

    Barring a position reversal by the governing bodies of golf or a dramatic legal challenge to the anchoring rule, the anchored stroke will no longer be permitted at any level on Jan. 1, 2016. The anchoring ban...

    • Posted 387 days ago
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  • The most important putts to make

    Back in May, I felt that Tiger Woods was Statistically Primed For the U.S. Open. Tiger had just come off his fourth victory for the year, and was using a very conservative tee shot strategy — hitting...

    • Posted 397 days ago
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  • Top 10 Short Game Mistakes
    The Top 10 Short Game Mistakes

    Over the years of instructing, I have noticed many things that people tend to do incorrectly within their short games that continues to cost these players shot after shot, day after day! It pains me to see...

    • Posted 408 days ago
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  • GSA Putt Featured Image
    3BaysGSA PUTT: Editor Review

    All golfers inherently understand that to score well, they need to putt well. We all know the cliché, but we don’t always listen to the voice in our head telling us to go to the practice green...

    • Posted 413 days ago
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  • PGA Championship - Round Three
    Putting Alignment Keys: The Two Forgotten Fundamentals

    The easiest way for golfers to improve their putting is to align their body square to their target line. But many golfers have a very hard time with their putting alignment. I have used the SAM PuttLab,...

    • Posted 428 days ago
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  • qRIpPh6
    Anchored putter ban goes through

    The clock is ticking for anchored putter users. The USGA and R&A have ruled that rule 14-1B, the ban on anchored putters, will go into effect Jan. 1, 2016. The new rule was proposed on Nov. 28,...

    • Posted 484 days ago
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  • Phil Mickelson Drive
    Do Fairways Hit Equal Low Scores?

    If you’ve played this game long enough, you know how important it is to hit the fairway. It allows any of us to control the ball’s spin and flight far easier than out of the rough or...

    • Posted 509 days ago
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  • Proper Putting Grip
    The Case for Putting Instruction Part 2: Fundamentals and Drills

    Last month I tried to persuade readers to treat the flat stick with respect when it comes to practice and lessons (You can read it here). In this follow up, I’ll address the so-called fundamentals of putting...

    • Posted 510 days ago
    • 8
  • Golfers have ridiculous expectations
    Golfers have ridiculous expectations

    Golf is supposed to be fun. Even for the highest level professionals, it is still supposed to be fun. The biggest enemy of a golfer and his scorecard is not the wrong equipment, horrible swing flaws, slow play...

    • Posted 512 days ago
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