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    Golf Getting Social: OEMs tap into massive online influence

    Social media offers an easy and relatively inexpensive way for players, golf brands and clubmakers to generate buzz around their products. While it’s certainly no secret that social media is playing an ever-increasing role in the lives...

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  • Odyssey Tank Cruiser Putter Review
    Review: Odyssey Tank Cruiser Putters

    Pros: Available in four different models — #1 Wide, #7, 330M and V-Line — and two different lengths (35 and 38 inches). Each Tank Cruiser putter comes with a weight kit that offers three different head weights and...

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    Show Stoppers: Day 3 from the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show

    The GolfWRX team is live from this year’s PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Fla. The “Show Stoppers” segment will highlight our favorite clubs, gear, and training aids at the show. At the PGA Merchandise Show, golf companies...

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    Odyssey Havok and Jailbird putters

    Happy New Year to fans of Odyssey putters, who only six days into 2014 are greeted with two new radical designs from the putter company, the Havok and Jailbird putters. The Havok is what Odyssey calls an...

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  • Poulter Damascus spotlight
    Poulter chooses Odyssey White Damascus putter for The Open

    Last week, Ian Poulter took to twitter to ask for help choosing a new putter for The Open Championship. (Click here to read our full story). I am sacking my putter, I will use a new putter...

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  • Ian Poulter
    Poulter sends tweet, receives putters

    File the following under “Only in the Web 2.0 World” or “Only Ian Poulter.” As you may have heard, Ian Poulter is banishing his Odyssey XG No. 7 putter to the garage. For the upcoming Open Championship,...

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  • U.S. Open Odyssey Versa-1
    Odyssey Limited Edition U.S Open Versa #7

    Odyssey’s Limited Edition USA Versa #7 putters do everything the retail models do, but they’re infinitely cooler. They look much like the standard white/black/white Odyssey #7 putters with two noticeable exceptions: The black perpendicular line sandwiched between the...

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  • IMG_2485
    Odyssey “Tank” Putter: Editor Review

    Pros: Thanks to the balance between its heavier head, heavier shaft and heavier grip, the Tank is a counter-balanced putter that doesn’t feel like one. We love the beefier head shape, and the White Hot insert and heavy, soft...

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  • Phil Mickelson's putter at Bay Hill
    Mickelson has a new putter, grip at Bay Hill

    Phil Mickelson started 2013 with a cut-down SuperStroke 21-inch putter grip on his Odyssey gamer, which better accommodated the “claw” grip he started using in 2012. A few weeks later, Mickelson ditched it for one of Odyssey’s...

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  • tank putter
    Odyssey’s Tank putter – shot at 2013 WGC Cadillac

    Odyssey’s new “Tank” putter and was officially launched on the PGA Tour this week at the WGC-Cadillac Championship at Doral and gives golfers yet another legal alternative to anchoring. It features a heavier head, shaft and a...

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  • Tattoo for Odyssey Putter
    GolfWRXer gets an Odyssey tattoo for a custom putter

    Don’t confuse Neil Javins for a walking billboard. Yes, he may have gotten the Odyssey swirl logo tattooed on his left forearm, but the opportunity to get a customized putter was just too good to pass up....

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    Odyssey’s new White Hot Pro putters dial in feel and fit

    There’s plenty that’s new with Odyssey’s White Hot Pro putters — the lineup has new models, a new finish and a new fitting system. But what many golfers will like the most about the company’s new putters...

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  • Odyssey Versa Putter
    Odyssey Versa Putters: In-hand photos, video & specs

    Odyssey’s Versa putters take alignment in a new direction. Rather than have golfers focusing on the target line using parallel alignment aids, Versa putters were developed to make golfers turn their attention to  a black-and-white finish that...

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  • Odyssey Arm Lock Putter
    Odyssey Arm Lock putters: In-hand photos and story

    The USGA and R&A’s proposal to ban the practice of “anchoring” during the golf swing has left many golfers with doubts about their continued use of anchored putting styles, which will likely be outlawed by golf’s ruling...

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  • Steve Stricker and his new putter
    Stricker puts a new putter in the bag

    Steve Stricker finished 67th on the PGA Tour in its Strokes Gained-Putting Statistic in 2012, marking one of the worst putting years for the Wisconsin native since to Tour began tracking the stat in 2004. Maybe that’s...

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  • Keegan Bradley Belly Putter Ban
    OEMs weigh in on the anchored putter ban

    The USGA and R&A unveiled their proposal to ban anchored putting in a joint press conference Wednesday morning, setting off a fury of discussion in the golf world. The proposed rule is scheduled to go into effect...

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  • gold-putter-1
    Snedeker’s gold-plated putter

    Brandt Snedeker made headlines when he won the PGA Tour’s 2012 FedExCup with a several-year-old putter model, an Odyssey White Hot XG Rossie. Well, he finally got a new one. But we can promise it’s one he...

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  • snedeker
    Snedeker’s mixed bag: Bridgestone and others

    Brandt Snedeker is a throwback in many ways. He plays fast, gives honest answers and unlike the majority of the game’s top players, Snedeker plays equipment from a variety of different manufacturers. The majority of Snedeker’s equipment...

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    Mickelson changes grips, cuts a belly grip to size

    Phil Mickelson changed his putting style a few weeks ago. In true Phil fashion, he’s changed his putter grip this week to match. Mickelson’s new “pencil” grip involves running the index finger of his left hand down...

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    Five new Odyssey putters spotted on Tour

    It is this time of the year again and we begin to see all the new 2013 products being introduced out on tour. Here are 5 new Odyssey Putters being tested out on tour. They are the...

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  • odyssey black
    New Odyssey PT Protype Black #2 in hand Pics!!!

    Hot of the press. Odyssey new Protype Black. Thinner top lines and thicker faces, and the forged-milled 1025 Carbon Steel. The midnight black finish and black powder coat shafts. Click here to see more photos and read...

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  • 2Y9G9309_resize

    ODYSSEY INTRODUCES PREMIUM LINE OF PROTYPE BLACK PUTTERS 1025 Carbon Steel Milled Putters Offer Stealth Look, Unmatched Feel in Tour-Proven Models    CARLSBAD, Calif., August 29, 2012 – Callaway Golf Company (NYSE: ELY) today introduced the new Odyssey®...

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  • odyssey 7
    Odyssey Metal-X #7 Editor Review

    PROS: Easy to align, aided by the 3 alignment lines and the 2 wings. I like the feel of the stock Lamkin 3Gen grip, I would consider keeping it over something aftermarket. The midnight black finish helps...

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  • 2Y9G8795
    The book on belly putters

    By Zak Kozuchowski GolfWRX Managing Editor It was a putt we’ve seen Ernie Els miss countless times in recent years – one that he needed to make. Els stood over his 12-foot birdie putt on No. 18...

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  • odyssey question
    Odyssey Question Mark Headcover Spotted

    Here is a first spotted pic of a new Odyssey headcover caught at the Memorial this week. Click here to read the discussion in the forums

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    Odyssey Flip Face Putter Review

    by goldenhawk Product Information from Odyssey: The new Flip Face Putters are an adjustable masterpiece unlike anything else in golf. Golfers now have the ability to own two putters in one, with one side of the Face featuring the new Metal-X insert...

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  • c1e51e66f9083b69c193c141dfaff0d0
    Odyssey ProType Line of Premium Milled Putters

    Line Includes Six Tour-Proven Models Made from 1025 Carbon Steel These are incredible in person. Just beautifully crafted and impressive. They feel damn solid and there are head, paint fill and grip options and models for pretty...

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  • IMG_4056
    Odyssey 2012 Metal-X Putters! Pics galore!

    Metal-X Mallet and Blade Putters both feature a dual layered insert that provides the crisp feedback of a metal striking force, coupled with amazing feel. The aluminum striking layer’s oval depressions maximize the mechanical lock with the...

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    Win 1 of 3 Odyssey Flip Face Putters!!!

    Special thank you to Odyssey Golf for this opportunity to offer our readership a chance to win one of three Flip Face putters. To enter you must post in this thread why you would like to game...

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