• Mizuno MP-15 and MP-H5 irons
    Mizuno MP-H5, MP-15 irons and MP-T5 wedges

    For decades, better players have fawned over Mizuno’s MP line of forged irons, while mid-to-high handicappers covered their eyes, but still looked through the creases in their fingers. The new MP-H5 and MP-15 irons still don’t invite...

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  • Mizuno MP-15
    Spotted: Mizuno’s new 2015 MP irons and wedges

    Photos of Mizuno’s new line of MP forged irons and wedges have been unveiled to the public via Mizuno’s Facebook page for The Open Championship. Mizuno didn’t reveal much about the new technology in its clubs, which look...

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  • Mizuno JPX-EX-Forged
    Review: Mizuno JPX-EZ Forged Irons

    Pros: The JPX-EZ Forged irons are larger than Mizuno’s popular MP series irons, but they’re made with the same “Grain Flow” forging process and have a similar buttery soft feel. The distance consistency of the irons is...

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  • post-1-0-55414600-1376142288_thumb
    2014 Mizuno JPX-EZ Forged and JPX-EZ irons spotted

    Mizuno’s new JPX-EZ and JPX-EX Forged irons are a departure from the company’s traditional chrome and satin-finished irons. They have a black-nickel plating that gives the irons a dark finish, and bursts of bright orange in the...

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  • Logo-PING-apparel-logo
    What brand would you play?

    In a famous lecture by Alan Watts, a British writer and philosopher (among other things), he asks his audience “What would you do if money were no object.” His question was posed to invoke deep spiritual thoughts...

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  • Mizuno MP-4 and MP-54 irons spotlight
    Tech Talk: Mizuno MP-4 and MP-54 irons

    Something happens to golfers when they see a forged muscle back iron, golf’s smallest, least forgiving type of iron that only a small percentage of golfers have the talent to use effectively. The response is similar to...

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  • 2013 Mizuno MP4 spotlight
    First Look: New Mizuno MP-4 and MP-54 irons

    This week, Mizuno has slowly been leaking out photos of its new MP-4 and MP-54 irons through its Facebook page. We won’t be getting details on the design of the irons until closer to the end of...

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  • mizuno 2013
    Mizuno’s 2013 Iron Lineup: Function and Feel

    Mizuno makes a full line of golf equipment, but the company is best known in the golf world for its premium irons. Most of the buzz comes from Mizuno’s compact forged irons that are popular with tour...

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  • best wedges
    Best Wedges 2013: Editors’ Choice

    Contrary to popular belief, the best wedges aren’t the ones that spin the most. According to legendary wedge designer Bob Vokey, the most important part of finding the right wedge is finding the right sole configuration, which can be the...

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  • Lee Baughman Mizuno Golf
    Mizuno Golf selects GolfWRXer for new campaign

    Lee Baughman, who Mizuno described in a press release as an “absolutely average player” from Pittsburgh, has been named as the first member of Mizuno Golf’s “Play Famously” campaign team. Baughman, 30, said he found out about...

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  • Mizuno JPX-825 Woods
    2013 Mizuno JPX-825 Driver, Fairway woods & Hybrids

    JPX-825 Driver The Mizuno JPX-825 driver provides higher ball speeds and lower spin than the company’s previous driver, the MP-650, according to a Mizuno press release. The driver is constructed with a new chemical etching process that...

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  • Generic Hybrid
    Are hybrids on the way out?

    By Chris Nickel GolfWRX Contributor Archilochus said “The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing.” Sometimes you want a fox and sometimes you want a hedgehog. Sometimes you’re not sure, so you want...

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  • Matt Kuchar
    How to build an intimidating bag of clubs

    It’s said that scratch golfers are among the top 1 percent of golfers worldwide. They are the Sasquatches of the golf world — often heard about, but seldom seen or played with. Some people think you can...

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  • mizuno 825 pro 2013
    Review: Mizuno JPX-825 Pro Irons

    Pros: Classy, satin-like finish. Fantastic forged feel. Scoring irons are have thinner toplines than previous JPX series. Excellent forgiveness for their size and better-than-average playability. Versatile triple-cut sole design. Cons: Not a distance iron. Long irons do not...

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  • post-42970-0-63516000-1295415716_thumb
    Separating life and golf clubs

    By Brian Chipper GolfWRX Contributor Fellow Golf WRX’ers, after the golf club carousel I went through this year, I can say I am content and will stick to my current bag for the years to come. Maybe....

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  • 2Y9G4683
    Mizuno MP-T4 Wedges Review

    Pros: With input from the one of the games most precise wedge players, Luke Donald, Mizuno has designed a tear-shaped wedge from 1025E “pure select” mild carbon steel — and incorporated its patented Quad Cut Grooves. The results...

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  • mizuno mp64 review
    Mizuno MP-64 Irons Review

    Review by: J13 – Updated 1-17-2013 Pros: Mizuno has hit a home run with these irons. I can’t stress it enough that along with Luke Donald’s help, Mizuno has taken a page out of the old play book...

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  • Mizuno MP-64
    Tech Talk: Mizuno MP-64 Video and Pictures

    From Mizuno: The MP-64™ is the best feeling “player’s cavity” design that Mizuno has engineered. The full body Diamond Muscle design of the Grain Flow Forged® MP-64™ irons delivers increased forgiveness in the long irons and enhanced control in the...

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  • 88f30d903bc7208863d5d2502b25cb6d
    FIRST LOOK: Mizuno JPX-825 Drivers, Fairway Woods & Hybrids

    GolfWRX captured these pictures of the new Mizuno 825 Drivers, Fairways and Hybrids at The Black Course prior to The Barclays.  Let us know what you think. JOIN THE DISCUSSION HERE          

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  • mizuno mp-64
    Luke Donald testing the Mizuno MP-64′s on the range at The Barclays

    Luke Donald testing the Mizuno MP-64′s on the range at the Barclays. shocking to see him testing during the playoffs but also a testament to Mizuno. The new MP-64 that is a players cavity back iron. This...

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  • mizuno mp tseries
    New Mizuno MP-A Series Putters First look

    New Mizuno MP-A Putters discussion According to the Mizuno forums… the black IP finish will set them apart from the T-Series. Plus a new top edge bevel, that we’ve painted in as a subtle alignment aid. Forged...

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  • mizuno mp-64
    2012 Mizuno MP-64 & MP-H4 Irons, MP-T4 Wedges IN HAND PICS!

    2012 (13) Mizuno MP-64 Irons, MP-H4 Irons and MP-T4 Wedges spotted!!! We have exclusive photos of the new Mizuno lines for 2013. Click here to see more photos and read the discussion in the forums MP-64 Forged...

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  • 557161_438923292815297_1831758391_n
    New Mizuno Line Spotted

    First seen!!! MP-64 and MP H4 Irons GolfWRX members have spotted what could be the new Mizuno line MP-64 and newly created MP-H4 irons. This is a first look at the newly created MP H4 irons. Looks...

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  • garcia_recap_lyons
    Brand loyalty — why do we use the clubs we do?

    By Graeme McLeish GolfWRX Contributor The Year is 1998 and time for the annual family holiday. We are going back to Florida, but not to our usual spot. This time we are staying at Marriott’s Grande Vista...

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  • DSCN0746
    Mizuno JPX-800HD Iron Review

    by tbowles441 GolfWRX and Mizuno deserve a bunch of thanks for allowing me to play and review a bit more than I thought.  Mizuno was gracious enough to review not only their JPX 800 HD irons, but also...

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  • mp-59
    Mizuno MP-59 Editor Review

    Review by GolfWRX Editor Chisag PROS: With their thin topline and minimal offset, the MP59′s are one of the best looking irons in the address position on the market, if you like the look of a traditional...

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  • 8f94909e5adbaa08b02b3f78c8ed0f43
    Mizuno MP-69 Irons Review

    by floyd Introduction: This in my non-biased review of the Mizuno MP-69s.  First I must say that I have played Mizuno blades on and off for many years. I have played the MS/MP-9s, MP-11s. MP-14s, MP-29s, MP-33s,...

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  • 965f15b57b192ca05216873bd517282e
    Mizuno Performance Fitting System

    By Rob Miller GolfWRX Staff In golf, the name Mizuno is synonymous with great irons.  Chances are we all know a player – and probably a good one – that gamed ‘Mizzys’ growing up and hasn’t switched...

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  • post-7653-0-63946200-1336744940_thumb
    Mizuno JPX-800 Irons Review

    by golden hawk Reviewed: Mizuno JPX-800 Irons, 4 to GW, Project X 5.0 Shafts About Me: I am 41 years old, playing to a 15~16 HC. I get out about twice a month during the golfing season....

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