• Photo Credit: Keith Allison
    Build long-lasting confidence for every round

    Photo Credit: Keith Allison We’ve all experienced that feeling — you’re playing well and in contention for a win or your best score and out of nowhere, a wild shot appears which awakens self-doubt and then snowballs...

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  • GGGA pre shot routine, Dan Vosgerichian
    Add P.E.P. to your mental game

    When most golfers and athletes talk about adding PEP to their game, they think of energy, passion and motivation, all of which are critical factors to reaching their dreams and getting the most out of every performance....

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  • challenge yourself in golf
    Step slightly out of your comfort zone for better practice

    When was the last time that you were slightly scared or panicky when you practiced golf? For many of you the answer will be never, or maybe very occasionally whilst playing a competition against a golfing rival....

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  • Phil Mickelson (3)
    The Mental Game: Training vs. Trusting

    Do you stand over EVERY shot running down a mental checklist of the 24 basic swing components and their variations? I promise you that tour players don’t, which is why they are able to look and swing...

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  • Einstein golf cartoon
    The three personalities you need on the golf course

    If you’re here reading this article, you’re not happy with your golf game. There is one or many flaws in your ability to control the golf ball. Well, I’m here, not with a technique tip or a...

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  • Top 10 Short Game Mistakes
    The Top 10 Short Game Mistakes

    Over the years of instructing, I have noticed many things that people tend to do incorrectly within their short games that continues to cost these players shot after shot, day after day! It pains me to see...

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  • caddyshack_chevy_chase_blindfolded
    Swing Thoughts: Freedom, Automaticity and Control

    The brain’s role in hitting the little white ball as far as you can into the fairway is crucial. At times a golfer’s mind will race, and other times playing golf will seem effortless. So what really...

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  • Paint a better game
    Painting a better golf game

    Painting a better golf game may conjure up images of you hitting a perfect shot. Or it might have you picture yourself standing over the ball, totally focused, prior to putting it in the hole. However, the...

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  • pre-shot routine
    Flight Plan: Touch and Go For Take-off Success!

    A common problem I work on with clients is helping them break the habit of spending too much time locked over the ball before each swing. An effective remedy I often prescribe comes from my time learning...

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  • Golf Improvements
    Improve your Game with a Double Ending

    Begin with the end in mind. Stephen Covey, a management guru, wrote in the “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” that one of the traits of highly effective people was to begin with the end in...

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  • Tiger Woods Frustration
    Staying on Track When Your Game Goes Off Course

    Equanimity sounds like an innovative name for a rescue club, but it’s not a new golf technology. It’s an old psychology going back to the Buddha, and is made inside of you as your game veers off...

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  • putting practice
    Implicit Overcompensation: Why putting can be so hard

    By Domenic Crouch GolfWRX Contributor I am going to start this article with a question: Have you ever left a 10 footer halfway and then hit the remaining 5 footer 5 feet past? If so, you may recall...

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  • my battle with bipolar golf
    My battle with bipolar golf

    By Matt Stansfield GolfWRX Contributor When we as golfers first hear someone describe their round by saying, “I played a little bipolar golf today,” we generally associate that with the ups and downs we all experience during...

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  • Oliver Wilson
    The mental game: Goal setting for practice

    By Adam Young, GolfWRX Contributor Goal setting for practice When you go to the driving range to practice, how many people do you see just hitting balls with the same club over and over to the same...

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