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  • Growing up golf
    Growing Up Golf: My Best Advice

    All good things must come to an end at some point and time. This will be the last installment of “Growing Up Golf.” Not to worry, I have plenty more to write about and there will be...

    • Posted 380 days ago
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  • Youth Golf Clubs
    Growing Up Golf Part 7: The Right Club

    Let’s journey back to my daughter’s third birthday. If you recall in Growing Up Golf Part 2, my wife and I ran into a minor problem with our daughter’s first set of real clubs. “The day of...

    • Posted 456 days ago
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  • Growing Up Golf
    Growing Up Golf Part 6: The Right Ball

    Click here to read all the articles in Kadin’s series, “Growing Up Golf.” At the beginning stages of your child’s development, you really don’t need to fuss about what golf ball your child uses. For the most...

    • Posted 459 days ago
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  • junior golf
    Growing Up Golf Part 5: Structured Play

    There will be a time when your child is going to cross over from “play time” to what I like to call “structured play time.” In the beginning stages of your child’s golf career you have been...

    • Posted 471 days ago
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  • junior golf
    “We can build golf as an option for every young person in the US”

    There are more than 200,000 Little League teams in the United States at this time in 2012.  There are more than 50,000 Little League Baseball fields that these teams and young people play on throughout the year....

    • Posted 512 days ago
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  • Snag
    Growing Up Golf Part 3: “Golf Association”

    Click here to read more stories from Kadin’s series, “Growing Up Golf.” Cold weather has reached Northwest Indiana. Though I have no issues going out and playing in 40 degree weather, most of my children’s adventures in...

    • Posted 521 days ago
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