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    A new service offers college-bound golfers more insight and exposure

    The emphasis on cultivating youth talent in athletics has grown exponentially in the last two decades for a variety of reasons. Some prevalent reasons are the betterment of instruction and training methods, greater connectivity to talent with...

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    Nike releases VR_S Covert Junior golf clubs

    Got a youngster at home that you want to get into golf? Nike wants you to get them started on the right track with its VR_S Covert Junior golf clubs, which are designed in two different sizes...

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  • The day we made Phil Mickelson cry

    There used to be a junior event in Southern California called The MacGregor Cup Matches. It pitted the best players from all the chapters, and almost 30 years ago there was a clash of the titans. A...

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  • AMP CELL Junior Driver
    Cobra brings the AMP Cell driver to junior golf

    Rickie Fowler’s impact on junior golf has been overwhelming to say the least. The massive amount of flat brims spotted on children at PGA Tour events are proof of that. Maybe that’s why Cobra has announced a...

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  • Growing up golf
    Growing Up Golf: My Best Advice

    All good things must come to an end at some point and time. This will be the last installment of “Growing Up Golf.” Not to worry, I have plenty more to write about and there will be...

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  • junior golf
    Growing Up Golf Part 5: Structured Play

    There will be a time when your child is going to cross over from “play time” to what I like to call “structured play time.” In the beginning stages of your child’s golf career you have been...

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  • junior golf, kids golf
    Growing Up Golf Part 4: Lesson Time

    Click here to read more stories from Kadin’s series, “Growing Up Golf.” As my journey continues with my children and their golf careers I have started the search for the right instructor for when the time comes....

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  • junior golf
    “We can build golf as an option for every young person in the US”

    There are more than 200,000 Little League teams in the United States at this time in 2012.  There are more than 50,000 Little League Baseball fields that these teams and young people play on throughout the year....

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  • Snag
    Growing Up Golf Part 3: “Golf Association”

    Click here to read more stories from Kadin’s series, “Growing Up Golf.” Cold weather has reached Northwest Indiana. Though I have no issues going out and playing in 40 degree weather, most of my children’s adventures in...

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  • kids golf
    Growing Up Golf Part 2: Play Time

    Click here to read more stories from Kadin’s series, “Growing Up Golf.” As our daughter approached her third birthday, my wife and I thought it was time to move towards purchasing her some real golf clubs. Now...

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  • Girls' golf
    Growing Up Golf Part 1: Introduction

    Click here to read more stories from Kadin’s series, “Growing Up Golf.” Like every parent who plays golf, I too want my children to love the game as much as I do. Besides the obvious benefits of...

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