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    Singer: The coolest names in golf

    This is important. Well, maybe not really. I suppose you could argue there are more important things going on in the world of golf. WGC events, major championships, Tiger’s health, the FedEx Cup, a guy in Alberta getting...

    • Posted 223 days ago
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  • Tiger Woods
    How to liven up pro golf

    Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like the PGA Tour is in the process of being handed quite an opportunity to grow by rival sports and their leagues. It might sound crazy, with the NFL dominating...

    • Posted 486 days ago
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  • super straight
    Eight shots that deserve a mulligan

    Let’s start by clarifying that we are not here to debate the use of mulligans. This article, much like science fiction movies that force you to accept certain realities as part of the plot (don’t get me...

    • Posted 495 days ago
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  • Sunset golf
    The art of the post-work round

    For most of us, golf is not a job. Maybe we wish it was, or dream it was, but for many of us golf will never pay the bills. This is unfortunate of course because bills need...

    • Posted 502 days ago
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  • club throw
    You threw your club. Now what?

    Throwing clubs is a lot like paying taxes. Not everyone does it, but most of us do it at least once a year, and when we do it is generally not a pleasant experience. Nobody starts a...

    • Posted 509 days ago
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