• Growing up golf
    Growing Up Golf: My Best Advice

    All good things must come to an end at some point and time. This will be the last installment of “Growing Up Golf.” Not to worry, I have plenty more to write about and there will be...

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  • Growing Up Golf 10
    Growing Up Golf Part 10: Mixing It Up

    As you learned in “Growing Up Golf Part 9: The Aggravation Factor” my daughter decided she wanted to leave half-way through her golf class last week. The reason for her early dismissal: she wasn’t having any fun....

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  • Growing Up Golf
    Growing Up Golf Part 9: The Aggravation Factor

    For you parents with little golfers ages 3 to 5 and maybe even beyond those ages, we need to talk about parent aggravation and frustration. There is going to come a time when your little golfer is...

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  • Talent is Overrated
    Growing Up Golf Part 8: Deliberate Practice

    Up to this point, I have been writing on topics that are geared towards the early stages of golf introduction and development for children. I would like to switch gears on this installment and discuss some interesting...

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  • Youth Golf Clubs
    Growing Up Golf Part 7: The Right Club

    Let’s journey back to my daughter’s third birthday. If you recall in Growing Up Golf Part 2, my wife and I ran into a minor problem with our daughter’s first set of real clubs. “The day of...

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  • junior golf
    Growing Up Golf Part 5: Structured Play

    There will be a time when your child is going to cross over from “play time” to what I like to call “structured play time.” In the beginning stages of your child’s golf career you have been...

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