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    Ask the right questions to make sure you’re with the right coach

    I have been teaching golf for more than 10 years, and I have given a lot of lessons. In that time, I’ve learned that golfers choose to play golf for many good reasons: maybe they like the...

    • Posted 49 days ago
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  • 20 in 20 drill
    Struggling to take it to the course? Try the “20 in 20″ drill

    By Carson Henry, GolfWRX Contributor Stephen, a student of mine, walked into the clubhouse with a desperate look on his face: “I just don’t get it Coach, I hit every single shot that I wanted to on...

    • Posted 412 days ago
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  • Jim Furyk
    Swing advice is not one size fits all

    I have written a number of instructional articles over the years, and created quite a few “how-to” videos as well. I always enjoy sharing tips with my readers and students and I am grateful when a number of them respond that I have helped with...

    • Posted 443 days ago
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  • Tiger Woods
    The Swing In Pictures: The Takeaway

    Over the next several weeks, Tom Stickney will be presenting a series called, “The Swing In Pictures” on GolfWRX. Each Monday a different swing position will be coupled with thoughts you (as the player) should pay attention...

    • Posted 443 days ago
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  • Shuan Webb
    Have you been screened?

    Have you ever worked with a golf instructor on improving your swing, and no matter how hard you tried and regardless of how many lessons you took, you just couldn’t seem to make the change that your...

    • Posted 450 days ago
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  • chicken wing
    How to fix the dreaded chicken wing

    A lot of golfers, when describing the “problem” with their swing, say something like, “I know I have a chicken wing, I just cant stop doing it!” In golf, a “chicken wing” is the shortening of the...

    • Posted 465 days ago
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  • ben hogan
    Is the secret found “in the dirt” or through instruction?

    Ben Hogan once wrote: “I have learned by laborious trial and error, watching a good player do something that looked right to me, stumbling across something that felt right to me … adopting it if it helped...

    • Posted 508 days ago
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  • Jason Zuback
    Clark: “Most golfers cannot release the club too soon”

    Golfers hear a lot about release, but I honestly believe that most people do not have a good understanding of what it actually means. Here’s a working working definition of the release as I teach it: The...

    • Posted 547 days ago
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