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    Three Common Swing Faults: Reverse Spine Angle

    In this third and final instalment of my three article series, I am going to look at reverse spine angle. Click here to read the first instalment: Hunched Set Up Posture Click here to read the second instalment:...

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  • The Six Biggest Myths in Golf Fitness

    As a golf fitness professional, I spend most of my waking hours writing programs and protocols to help golfers perform better. The moment when a golfer starts to move and feel better, swing better, or post lower...

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    Three Common Swing Faults: Early Extension

    In this second instalment of three articles I am going to look at early extension, a common swing fault that we see in many of the students that come to our academy, often regardless of scoring ability and...

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  • Dave Davis Deadlift Golf Fitness
    Improve your deadlift to help your golf game

    While getting ready for the spring, many golfers are in the gym doing some form of rotational twisting with their upper body with a weighted core bar. Then they do a few sit-ups and hit the treadmill...

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  • Hip exercises for golf
    Top 3 hip exercises for natural golf power

    Even in retirement, most golfers do not have the time for the comprehensive physical training that most golf professionals follow each day. Plus, not many amateur golfers demand as much from their bodies as those competing for...

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    Avoiding injury and improving mobility: A Pilates approach

    All golfers want to improve their golf swing, safely and with ease. Swing mechanics mixed with tight and weak muscles can create an imbalance that leaves golfers vulnerable to injury. The open secret of those practicing Pilates...

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  • Forearm lifts
    The Quest for 300: The proper weight-lifting regimen (Part 4)

    Fresno-based long driver Danny Beckman and I recently had a training session in preparation for the REMAX World Long Drive Championship. Danny has been working out pretty hard this year, and I noticed it right away in...

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  • post-round back stretches
    Three post-round stretches for your lower back

    A round of golf is often enjoyable, but for many golfers lower back pain creeps in on the back nine. A good afternoon turns in to a struggle to finish your round. Even worse, low back discomfort...

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  • Stiffness Causing Your Slice. Tips for Golfers Over 50
    Stiffness and the slice go together

    Yes, this is another article about correcting the golf slice. If you have unsuccessfully tried to overcome the golf slice, the cause may be less about technique and more about the body, especially if you are over...

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  • Alice Kahl
    A flexible way to shoot lower scores

    As I was flying home from the Honda Classic a few weeks ago, I asked a friendly amateur golfer in my row what he would like most to improve in his golf game. His response surprised me,...

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  • Shuan Webb
    Have you been screened?

    Have you ever worked with a golf instructor on improving your swing, and no matter how hard you tried and regardless of how many lessons you took, you just couldn’t seem to make the change that your...

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  • Dustin Johnson golf fitness
    The Frost Delay: Building a fitness routine

    So I’d better start this out with an admission: I’m a pre-Tiger golfer. While he’s only one year my junior, anyone who learned the game before the aforementioned Mr. Woods took over understands just how different of...

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