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  • Pratt Iron Byron
    How to hit the sweet spot more often

    Most golfers would love to have more distance, especially if they can get it without any more effort. Good golfers don’t want to swing hard, and beginning golfers shouldn’t. For 99 percent of all golfers, I advocate...

    • Posted 27 days ago
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  • Like to hit it low with your driver? You must like shorter drives

    Ricky Barnes has the PGA Tour’s lowest average launch angle with his driver in 2014, 7.45 degrees, a little more than half that of launch angle leader Jeff Maggert (14.62 degrees). So despite Barnes’ above average clubhead...

    • Posted 43 days ago
    • 34
  • Rory McIlroy
    The real numbers behind driving the ball on Tour

    By Rich Hunt GolfWRX Contributor In the era of modern technology, advanced fitness regimens and long driving competitions, there has been a growing sentiment towards golf favoring the ‘bomb-n-gouge’ style of play.  However, we still see many...

    • Posted 526 days ago
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