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  • caddyshack_chevy_chase_blindfolded
    Swing Thoughts: Freedom, Automaticity and Control

    The brain’s role in hitting the little white ball as far as you can into the fairway is crucial. At times a golfer’s mind will race, and other times playing golf will seem effortless. So what really...

    • Posted 281 days ago
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  • Thinking Box
    Separate thinking and execution with “The Thinking Box”

    The thinking box is a concept that has become popularized in golf instruction, yet is at times not well understood and enforced by golfers. It is used as a structure to determine a golfers pre-shot routine strategies, and is...

    • Posted 408 days ago
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  • putting practice
    Implicit Overcompensation: Why putting can be so hard

    By Domenic Crouch GolfWRX Contributor I am going to start this article with a question: Have you ever left a 10 footer halfway and then hit the remaining 5 footer 5 feet past? If so, you may recall...

    • Posted 458 days ago
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