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    The three things that need to correlate for more driving distance

    By now, each of you has heard that if you want to drive the ball farther you must increase your driver’s loft to increase carry distance. And I know what happened to most of you when you...

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    The most important fitting elements for distance

    The desire for more distance lives strong in almost every golfer, and nowhere is the desire for more distance stronger within golfers than with the driver. While keeping the ball in play is a key element for...

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  • RyanCooper
    The Quest for 300: How to Bomb Your Driver (Part 1)

    An interesting comment followed my last article about what we can learn from professional long drivers. The reader commented, “I would love to hit a true 300 yard drive. How would I learn to do that?” This inspired...

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  • Distance in Golf
    Distance for dinner: Have OEM distance claims gone too far?

    Bigger, faster, stronger….longer. That might as well be our adopted cultural motto. This doesn’t just apply to sports, mind you. People have always been very quick to pull out the measuring tape to compete with others in...

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    Brian Gay and the search for power

    Last year, Brian Gay changed swing instructors. At the time, I imagined that he likely had some concerns about his shrinking distance off the tee and his clubhead speed getting slower. This drew some question marks from...

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