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    Review: Cobra Bio Cell Pro Driver

    Pros: The Cobra Bio Cell Pro has the lowest center of gravity of any Cobra driver, producing a low-spinning cannonball off the tee. It’s one of the best options for high-speed golfers who need to get their...

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  • Cobra Driver
    Review: Ladies Cobra Bio Cell Driver

    Pros: The Bio Cell technology on the crown works to push the weight low and forward, which adds distance and also leaves a cool tortoise shell design. Also, the color options and ability to adjust loft allows...

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  • 620x400-raised
    2014 Gear Trials: Best Fairway Woods

    What are the best fairway woods in golf? That question is more difficult to answer than other club categories, such as drivers and irons, because of all the different ways golfers use their fairway woods. Some players...

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    Review: Cobra BiO Cell and BiO Cell+ Irons

    Pros: Improved ball speeds across the face can add distance and consistency in both models. The large footprint of the BiO Cell irons offers great forgiveness throughout the set. Cons: An angular graphics package won’t please traditionalists, and...

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  • Cobra Design Lab
    Cobra Design Lab offers totally custom Bio Cell+ drivers

    One of the most impressive performers in our 2014 Gear Trials: Best Drivers club test was Cobra’s Bio Cell+ driver, even though it didn’t crack the top-5 in our “Distance-First,” “Forgiveness-First” and Balanced Performance” categories. How do we...

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    Cobra to release new Bio Cell Pro driver

    Cobra has announced the release of its new Bio Cell Pro, a 440cc driver that the company says has the lowest center of gravity of any of its 2014 drivers. The Bio Cell Pro is the driver...

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  • Cobra Bio Cell Hybrid Review
    Review: Cobra Bio Cell Hybrids

    Pros: The standard Bi0 Cell hybrid is hot, high-launching and quite versatile. MyFly8 adjustability allows you to dial in your preferred trajectory and ensure you have all yardage gaps covered. Driver-like face construction and strategically located Bio...

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    Review: Bio Cell and Bio Cell+ Fairway Woods

    Pros: The standard BiO Cell fairway is hot, high-launching and playable from darn near everywhere. The BiO Cell+ is just as explosive, but offers a smaller, more compact profile that attracts better players looking for more workability...

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    Review: Cobra BiO Cell and BiO Cell+ Drivers

    Pros: Both models offer a high level of forgiveness across the face and impressive ball speeds. The custom shaft options in the Bio Cell + driver are awesome. Cons: The aggressive color scheme isn’t for everyone, and the...

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  • cobrateam
    Recap: Live Q&A with Cobra Golf

    On March 26, the R&D team for COBRA PUMA GOLF joined us for a live Q&A with GolfWRX members.  The experts at COBRA Golf HQ in Southern California gathered in the board room to answer all things COBRA.  Check out...

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  • Cobra Bio Cell Masters Driver
    Cobra unveils Masters-inspired Bio Cell Driver

    Cobra’s Bio Cell driver is already available in six different colors, but for a limited time it will be available in seven. Just like last year, the company has added Masters-themed aesthetics to its latest driver. For...

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    Review: Cobra Tour Trusty Wedges

    Pros: The wedges have an high-friction face design, aggressive grooves and a versatile Tour Notch K-grind. Available in lofts of 62 and 64 degrees, if that’s your thing. Cons: Not as many bounce options as market share...

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  • Nike-Patent-FEATURED-
    A Look at Major OEMs’ January Golf Club Patents

    Many of the patents major OEMs apply for with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office take several months to a year to get published, or made public. In other words, companies begin working on a technology and apply...

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  • Cobra Bio Cell+ fairway woods
    Cobra Bio Cell+ Fairway Woods

    Cobra’s new Bio Cell+ fairway woods are designed with better players in mind, with a lower, more forward center of gravity than the company’s Bio Cell fairway woods to promote a more penetrating trajectory. “In an effort...

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  • Cobra Bio Cell+ irons
    Cobra BiO Cell+ Irons: In-hand photos and comparison pics

    Check out out in-hand and comparison photos of Cobra’s new Bio Cell+ irons, which are smaller and have less offset than the company’s Bio Cell irons that were unveiled in November. The Bio Cell+ irons include much of...

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  • jonasblixt
    Blixt extends contract with Cobra-Puma

    Cobra-Puma Golf announced today that Jonas Blixt has extended his partnership with the company, keeping Cobra clubs in his bag and Puma gear in his wardrobe for the 2014 season. Cobra-Puma do not sponsor a large quantity...

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    Lexi Thompson signs extension with Cobra-Puma Golf

    18-year-old Lexi Thompson, who turned pro in 2010, has played some pretty decent golf as of late. If you’ve been entirely tuned out to what’s happening on LPGA Tour, she recently won her second LPGA Tour event...

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    Tech Talk: Cobra BiO Cell + Driver

    Magnesium, aluminum, zinc, copper and zirconium. Those are the five materials that were used to make the “Venollum” crown on Cobra’s new BiO Cell Plus driver, which is 4.1 grams lighter than the 6-4 titanium crown used...

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  • bio cell driver
    Cobra BiO Cell driver, fairway woods, hybrids and irons

    Cobra has color cornered in its new line of BiO Cell drivers, fairway woods and hybrids, which are available in club heads painted blue, red, silver, orange and black. Also see the new for 2014 Cobra Bio...

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  • amp-cell-drv-paint
    A Look into Cobra’s Venom Vault

    Cobra’s Venom Vault has opened, and in it are “EXTREMELY” limited-edition and tour-only clubs. Available in the Vault are low-lofted drivers made specifically for the long drive tour, heads with in custom colors and samples and prototypes...

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  • LOGO_Cobra Puma Golf
    TaylorMade’s Tom Olsavsky to join Cobra-Puma Golf

    Tom Olsavsky, senior director of product creation at TaylorMade, will replace Tom Preece as the vice president of research and development for Cobra-Puma Golf. Olsavsky, 49, spent 17 years at TaylorMade, the last seven in his current...

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  • Cobra Tour Trusty Wedges
    Cobra changes the odds with its new Tour Trusty wedges

    In May, Cobra unveiled its Tour Trusty wedge with a limited release that allowed golfers to buy the tour-inspired wedge five months early. As it turns out, those who bought one of the 1600 limited-edition wedges have a rarer...

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  • best 2013 hybrids
    2013 Best Hybrids

    There’s a lot fewer long irons played on the PGA Tour these days than in years past. That’s because the pros have realized that some of the long irons they used to play aren’t as consistent as...

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  • best driver
    Best Drivers 2013: Editors’ Choice

    his year’s crop of drivers seem to have more buzz than we’re used to. Even though golf’s ruling bodies capped the COR (coefficient of restitution) limit on drivers to 0.83 and clubhead size to 460cc more than...

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  • Logo-PING-apparel-logo
    What brand would you play?

    In a famous lecture by Alan Watts, a British writer and philosopher (among other things), he asks his audience “What would you do if money were no object.” His question was posed to invoke deep spiritual thoughts...

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  • Cobra Tour Trusty
    Cobra unveils Limited Edition Tour Trusty Wedge

    Cobra has announced a limited-edition version of its new “Tour Trusty” wedge, a 1600-club release that gives golfers the chance to play the company’s tour-inspired wedges several months before their full launch in the fall. The wedge...

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  • AMP Cell red white blue
    Cobra AMP Cell Goes Patriotic for U.S. Open

    The Cobra AMP Cell Driver is getting another makeover just in time for the U.S. Open. Cobra announced Monday that it would releasing 600 red, white and blue AMP Cell Pro drivers, available for sale starting June...

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  • AMP CELL Junior Driver
    Cobra brings the AMP Cell driver to junior golf

    Rickie Fowler’s impact on junior golf has been overwhelming to say the least. The massive amount of flat brims spotted on children at PGA Tour events are proof of that. Maybe that’s why Cobra has announced a...

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  • Cobra Tour Trusty
    Rickie Fowler testing Cobra’s new “Tour Trusty” Wedge

    We spotted Rickie Fowler testing a soon-to-be released version of a new Cobra wedge called the “Tour Trusty” at the Zurich Classic this week. Check out the photos we snapped below, and click here to see what...

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    Cobra AMP Cell Driver: Editor Review

    Pros: Idiot-proof loft adjustability as long as you pick the right head. Your choice of four very cool colors. Cons: The stock shaft in the non-Pro version, a proprietary Fujikura Fuel, plays softer than labeled. The “real deal” Mitsubishi...

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  • Cobra Amp Cell Masters
    Cobra’s AMP Cell goes green for the Masters

    Cobra has released 1,800 units of a special Masters Edition AMP Cell Driver, which are painted green, yellow and white and marked “1 of 1800″ to celebrate the season’s first major. The driver comes with matching green...

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  • rickie fowler green
    Rickie Fowler’s new Cobra bag @ 2013 Waste Management

    Look like Rickie went to Green now instead of the Orange. Here is a link to more pics from the Waste Management Open…   Rickie Fowler’s new Cobra bag @ 2013 Waste Management.      

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  • cobra amp driver
    GIVEAWAY: Win a COBRA Amp Cell Driver – Choose your color!

    We appreciate your participation and support in making GolfWRX best it can be.  We love giving members the best coverage, golf talk and giveaways in the industry.  This one is just for you…. The GolfWRX COBRA Amp Cell Driver...

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  • John O'Hurley
    Actor John O’Hurley translates the technology in Cobra’s new products

    Cobra-Puma’s new driver, the AMP Cell, is the company’s most complex to date. It allows golfers to adjust the loft from 8.5 degrees to 11.5 degrees (7.5 to 10.5 in the Pro model), while keeping the face...

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  • cobra amp forged irons
    2013 Cobra AMP Cell Pro Irons

    Professional golfers hit the sweet spot on their irons with such regularity that when they’re deciding on a set, they’re more concerned with feel, workability and consistency than they are distance and forgiveness. For those golfers, Cobra has...

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  • Jesper Parnevik
    Cobra-Puma signs Jesper Parnevik

    Cobra-Puma Golf has signed five-time PGA Tour winner Jesper Parnevik to an endorsement contract that will have the stylish Swede sporting Puma apparel and using Cobra golf equipment Parnevik, 47, has also won five times on the...

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    New equipment spotted at the World Challenge

    GolfWRX is on the range at the World Challenge presented by Northwestern Mutual at Sherwood Oaks Country Club in Thousand Oaks, Calif. The 18 man field includes some of the best players in the world — Tiger...

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  • GWRX_holiday_giftguide
    It’s here! The 2013 GolfWRX Holiday Gift Guide

    There are two things all golfers say. “I should have gone lower.” “Golf would be easier if I had insert blank.” For our 2013 GolfWRX Holiday Gift Guide, we’ve searched far and wide to find...

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  • new amp MB
    New Cobra AMP Cell Pro Irons — Pic Tweeted by Rickie Fowler

    New Cobra AMP Cell Pro Irons – Ricky Fowler, like many tour players, loves to break on his OEM’s new gear. Fowler tweeted a pic of the new Limited Edition irons that he’s been testing this fall,...

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