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***** CALLAWRX - CALLAWAY HOSTS GOLFWRX *** Phil visits pg 18, Lacosta Pics pg 52, Crazy Robo Recap pg 73


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Posted 11 December 2012 - 08:09 PM

For first time readers...
On December 12, 2012, 7 GolfWRX members were invited to see the ins and outs of Callaway Golf in Carlsbad, CA.  Members will be given unprecedented access to Callaway facilities and equipment, including an R&D-led presentation of the company’s 2013 line of products, a tour of Callaway’s innovation and advanced development labs, custom fittings administered by Callaway’s Pro Tour team and the opportunity to test the 2013 product line plus some surprises.

Below is the first post which occurred prior to the trip.  Other posts were added during and after the experience.  
Here is a 'Table of Contents' so you can click through easily.  Enjoy and please add your comments!


Table of Contents *****FIRST POST (PRE-CALLAWRX TRIP) STARTS BELOW***************************************************

Twas the night before Christmas … and all thru - ummmmm … the Ely Callaway Performance Center … not a creature was stirring ...

Posted Image

Well … kind of Posted Image .... *********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** ***********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************
Posted Image Posted Image …. Hello

Posted Image …. ROBO, It’s Big Easy

   Posted Image …. Yeah I live in Nawlins – so what ?

Posted Image …. NO - This IS The Big Easy

   Posted Image …. OH!!!! damn sorry Big E. Wow it’s late - Everything OK ??… How’s the plan progressing ??? … Did you & Lefty get in ???

Posted Image …. Yeah we’re at the Cally Performance Center now. Heck we’re already past security. It was cake !!!

   Posted Image …. Did you get the Paypal. Was that enough to cover the whole operation ?

Posted Image .... Yeah yeah – It’s fine. Me & lefty both had good years on Tour so it’ll just make Xmas that much more cheery & bright … All good ROBO.

  Posted Image …. AWESOME !!! .. Hey did you get the steel shaft I sent ya ?

Posted Image .... Yeah – Man your weren’t kidding - It’s OFF THE HOOK amazing!!!!! Cally wasn’t sure how to build it though – all these new young Tour Reps … so I logged on to your Classic thread and drumdude96 PM’d me the tipping instructions. I love it. Thanks!!!
   Posted Image …. Killer !!! … drums a good dude … So how did you & Lefty get by security ? Posted Image … I know that was kinda iffy last time we talked.

Posted Image …. Oh man it was a breeze ! We went up to the front gate and the security guard was brand new. Really nice guy. I hate that we had to take advantage of him. He was so excited to meet me & Lefty he didn’t know what to do with himself. So as luck would have it he says to Phil that his knees are killing him – and the light bulb went off in Lefty’s head Posted Image … Phil slides him a few Enbrels …

Posted Image

   Posted Image .... WHOA - WHAT IS THAT ?? Posted Image

Posted Image …. Yeah sorry ROBO … I kinda promised Phil he could use your thread to prop his sponsors. I didn’t think you’d mind.

   Posted Image…. OK … But be cool .. I gotta watch the bandwidth.

Posted Image …. OK … Anyway - So Phil slides him 2 Enbrels … well guess what – they weren’t Enbrels – they’re actually 750 vicodins Posted Image . So check this out … I just happened to have the Claret Jug in the van. So I poured a little Johnny Blue in the jug – and asked the guard if he’d like to wash those down with a sip from the Open trophy. He pops a couple 750mil happy pills downs em with the good stuff. 5 minutes later … Dude went down like Pacquiao in the 6th … He’s out LIKE A LIGHT Posted Image – GONE !!! .. Oh God it was priceless.
   Posted Image …. GREAT THINKING Posted Image … So smooth sailing from there huh

Posted Image …. I WISH !!! … We headed to R&D to get the clubs – luckily we had the Stormtrooper masks on that you sent to wear Posted Image . We turn the corner and BOOM – There’s Chip & Harry sitting in Exec lounge blowing up balloons and hanging streamers for the big GolfWRX VIP reception.

  Posted Image …. Damn – Did it get out of control.
Posted Image …. No no, we got pretty lucky. Chip was busy designing CAD sketches for the 2015 line Posted Image – and Harry was tweeting. Phil got Chip pinned down pretty quick and threatened to post his sketches in the Tour and Pre-Release Equipment forum on WRX