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US Kids World worth it?

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#1 mrshinsa



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Posted 13 June 2018 - 11:24 AM

My son is 10 year old, top 5 in the Bay Area local tour, and has a chance to attend the World this coming August.
When he was invited we were very excited, but going through the budget breakdown, not so much.
I've estimated the whole trip to cost somewhere in the ballpark of $6k.
For folks who have traveled from west coast, is it worth the time, money and effort?  
Did the experience help out in terms of long term growth?

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#2 wildcatden


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Posted 13 June 2018 - 11:47 AM

My response in a similar thread last year:

"In my opinion, even the USKG Worlds is just not worth the trip with younger kids (mine is 7) for people from farther distance (I'm in California) unless you are making it part of a family vacation.  You are looking at a minimum $4K trip if you stayed in the cheapest possible hotel.  Far better off to play in the Callway FCG World Championships in Palm Springs and the IMG Junior World in San Diego (I think). You could probably play qualifying rounds and both of those for less than a single USKG Worlds at Pinehurst.  I'm not saying USKG Worlds is a bad experience....I believe it is probably a ton of fun. Perhaps if I was taking my family on a vacation to see the Smithsonian Museums or similar, I would make that trip."

I also live one the West Coast. The IMG Worlds in San Diego (?) is probably a better tournament or bang for the buck. USKG Worlds is a fine event/experience from what I have heard.

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#3 tiger1873



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Posted 13 June 2018 - 02:08 PM

It's like taking a vacation.  If you can afford it and spend the money and enjoy spending time with your son I say go for it. They don't stay that young for long. If you think the budget doesn't allow for it then don't do it.  

If you doing US kids world for long term growth then your not doing it for the correct reasons.


#4 hangontight



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Posted 13 June 2018 - 02:24 PM

You really do have to take it as a Family Vacation approach...there is no college scholarship for 10 y.o. and how they finish at Worlds probably has little meaning for their long term development.  It is a great experience to play against arruably some of the best kids their age in the country/world (yes, I'me sure there are several of "the best" not there because its cost/time prohibitive)  - I would think that in itself would be good for their long term development , to see how they stack up.   I think my son equally enjoys hanging at the pool , hanging out with family that makes the trip, and new friends he's made as much as he enjoys the golf - and we do too.  No mistake, you are there to golf and we make sure he is rested, in bed on time, etc. After all it is a lot of money and they work hard to get there so you want to make the most of it....but we also appreciated the time together and were flexible.  As you would expect, some parents have their kids at the range all day after the round and they come moping back to the hotel past all the other kids swimming and having a blast.  Thats too much work and pressure for them, especially with so little on the line.  If you can afford it, it is a great family vacation.  We've made great memories over the last few years and are excited to go back again this year.

* I’me only 5 hour drive away also, so certainly not same expense as you flying.  Hotel and food for a week is still expensive, but certainly would give pause (and prob wouldn’t go ) it I had to fly 5 people out ! Sell it to he wife as a father son trip and Dave yourself a few thou’ !

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#5 darter79



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Posted 13 June 2018 - 08:55 PM

I've never been but take this for what it is worth. I think the experience would be worth it, we are going for the first time this year, girls 7U.  I'm flying from Texas. I think there are ways to cut costs you have to do those. Don't stay at the resort. Overpriced. A friend of mine is staying there and paying close to $2K. I've book flights and VRBO and I don't have that much invested in it.  VRBO, get a condo with a kitchen and save some money on food.  I think it will run us about $2500 (family of 4 going )when all said and done maybe a little more but not much, but I'm cheap.

I know the entire family is looking forward to going to it regardless of results that she has. Should be a lot of fun!!!!


#6 chrissdc



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Posted 13 June 2018 - 10:11 PM

My kid never played US kids, but when they are that young it means nothing, totally nothing in terms of long term growth. I know several families who did the US kids worlds once and never went back. It just is not worth it and it means nothing for long term when they are that young.
My kid played in Junior Worlds in San Diego because it is local and I can attest it means nothing for the younger age divisions.
Maybe when they are in the 13-14 year divisions it has some meaning. Some college coaches actually attend the 13-14 year old division.
When they get to the 15-18 year old division it is a totally different ballgame. 3-4 coaches on every hole. I am not joking.
By the way Jr. World is often skipped by the top ranked players in the older division.
For my kid who has not committed (she is not a top ranked player) it is an opportunity to be seen and possibly receive a better offer from some schools that have contacted her.
For a more fun and closer to you tournament, maybe consider the FCG Worlds in Rancho Mirage. It is a better time, less competetion than San Diego, but a great time.
It is hot, but I would rather be in Palm Springs than N.C. in the summer.  Early starting times and carts.


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