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REVIEWS: Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls. Read what members say here.

titleist tour soft reviews testing

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#1 HipCheck


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Posted 01 March 2018 - 07:19 AM


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They'll be playing and reviewing them in the coming weeks.  Check back here to see what they think about Titleist's new Tour Soft golf balls.

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#2 tokeyb


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Posted 05 April 2018 - 12:09 PM

Balls are on the way!  Thank you, GolfWRX for the opportunity to be a tester. I'll introduce myself here, and update the thread as testing proceeds.  

I'm 42, and have played since my teens.  Slow control swinger, driver tops out at 90 mph. Right at single digit hc, still trying get better by focusing on something to improve.
†† Last year my focus was fairways hit, got it up to about 75%. GIR is my weakness, under 40%. That means half the time I'm in the fairway I fail to find the green. (Agh, it hurts to say that out loud!)
† The Project(a) was my ball last year. I played it all year just to see what consistency could do for me, instead of switching balls every couple of rounds. Loved the checkup I could get every once in a while, but suffered with sidespin and my dreaded draw->hook on both tee and iron shots.
† In January I won a box of Chrome Softs (2017 version, I assume) and have been practicing with them in this early season. Loving the feel on putter and wedges so far. Will be testing the new Tour Soft Titleists against these and the Project(a) for your pleasure.
† Have never been a Titleist fan, typically give away all the ProVs that I find. Looking forward to this new offering to see if they can change my mind.


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Posted 05 April 2018 - 01:09 PM

First off I just want to say thanks to Titleist and Golfwrx for giving me the opportunity to test the new Titleist Tour Soft Golf balls.

Just a little bit about my game, Iím a relatively short hitter for the site, averaging about 230-240 but I manage to keep a single digit handicap by being relatively straight with the driver, staying out of trouble and having a pretty good short game.

While I typically play a straight shot with my driver I am able to work it both ways but itís a little easier for me to work to the left. Overall what Iím looking for in a ball is more distance but since short game is what keeps me competitive it has to have good green side control as well, this is what keeps me from playing a 2 piece ball that would give me more distance. Iím currently playing the Titleist Pro V1X,  I know Iím probably giving up some distance versus some balls out there but it definitely feels good and gives me the short game control that Iím looking for in my gamer.

I also played the 2017 chrome soft a lot last year so iíll also provide a little bit of a comparison between the Tour Soft and the Callaway as well.

As soon as I get a few rounds in Iíll post my initial review.


Due to a recent wrist injury I haven't had a chance to test the ball during normal play but have been able to get quite a bit of short game practice and here's a short game review.

This practice was done on a green that I do 90% of my practice on so the speed and roll out of the green is well known.


As I stated my current ball is the 2017 Pro V1x and in comparing the two the easiest way to say it is the farther you get away from the hole the bigger the difference between the two balls. On standard bump and run shots the Tour Soft (TS) is not a bad ball; roll out is fairly predictable and feel, as the name would suggest, is very soft.

As far as pitching the ball where predictable spin is what I'm looking for the TS lags behind the V1x. Feel is still soft but when i was expecting a nice 2-3 foot hop and check the TS was going anywhere from 2-3' up to 10' or roll out. The difference is even greater if I needed to land the ball on a slope, in this case spin on the TS was minimal.

Finally 20-30 yard pitch shots followed pretty much the same pattern..feel as very soft but roll out was at least double what I was expecting, and getting, when using the V1x.


When it comes to putting I do prefer a soft feeling ball which is why I switched to the Chrome Soft last year and in this area the TS did not disappoint. The feel is very soft but that led to me feeling that I had to hit the ball harder then what was actually necessary which led to some puts going well past the hole. This of course could be easily adjusted with more practice so I wouldn't make my decision simply on this outcome.

As of now I can't see me switching to the TS over the V1x or even the Chrome Soft bit I will withhold final judgement until I can get some long game time in, if the TS gives m a magical 10yds more distance the decision may be tough but I've got to see that gain before I even think of changing.


Iím still about two weeks away from full swing testing but I have had several more short game practice sessions and my initial review still stands.  Based on short game alone I wonít be changing balls. After a car accident that messed up my back several years ago, I lost a good bit of distance so I depend on my short game to stay competitive with my buddies and the Tour Soft just hasnt given me what I need.

Full swing review coming in a few weeks.

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#4 Yanki01



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Posted 05 April 2018 - 01:37 PM

thanks to GolfWRX and Titleist for the opportunity.

my game has really progressed over the past 2yrs. I was steadily holding a high 8-10HDC for a while and now currently hold a 4.8HDC. iron striking and wedge play has helped my game tremendously. so obviously choosing the right ball was key in my game.

I've never been fitted for any of my clubs nor had a coach for my game. Been playing since i was 6yrs old (now 32). Primarily a Pro V1 user but lacked distance off the tee and started spinning too much for me. Went with the V1x and felt it was perfect for my game. Played that for quite a few years and recently switched to playing the Srixon Z-Star XV yellow. Mainly because it was a great ball for playing in the wind. Living by the Gulf of Mexico, we have a lot of breezy days which make golf not fun but the XV played very well with my game and holds it's line. Off the tee, iron and wedge game along with great feedback with the putter. Overall, a great ball that i see in my bag for quite some time.

I can't wait to try the new balls out. I'll be putting them in play this weekend against my normal ball and maybe a Pro V1x. Will report back with the results.

edit for review

Posted Image

first off, i love the yellow on it. very bright compared to my Srixon XV. I wish Pro V1x would come in this color. it made my XV look dull (hard to tell on the photo) but the Tour Soft is a very bright yellow. the XV yellow is hard to tell it's yellow if it's sitting in the fairway. this one you can tell from the tee box where your ball is.

played a few holes with my normal XV, Pro V1x and the Tour Soft. Off the tee it was long but wouldn't hold it's line. I can feel the difference when hitting it also. Not as soft as the other balls I play. I could not spin this ball despite cutting up my V1x (the XV cover is really durable, not so much on the V1x). I had some good chips with it but not enough spin and couldn't tell when it would check.

now the XV has a clicky feel when putting which i thought was weird coming from a soft V1x but i still played the ball because it was great all around. the Tour Soft is very clicky and hot off the face for me. pushed a lot pass the hole.

overall i don't see this ball being right for my game. I'm a biased titleist fan with a bag full of their clubs but wouldn't see myself overpaying for these balls. they're not worth the $35/doz price tag. I'm not sure what's soft about them because i couldn't feel it. for the same price or even sometimes cheaper, the XV ball will be in my bag.

thanks again to WRX and Titleist for the opportunity to test these balls.

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#5 Jdavenp3


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Posted 05 April 2018 - 03:54 PM

Hi everyone, and thanks WRX for the opportunity to test out some Titleist Tour Softs.

Little about myself. I play 4-5 times per month, am a 9hdcp, 105 swing speed, poor driver, decent iron, and above average short game. I pride myself on being creative around the greens and getting up and down. Feel is large portion of my game around the greens as I like to open, close, flop, bump/run, etc. at a whim. I have to have consistent results out of my balls because of my reliance on my short game to keep my scores respectable.

My Gear. I primarily use a Callaway Chrome Soft Truvis (Yellow/Black) and I chose the yellow version of the Titileist Tour Soft to put it up against. TM M4 driver, Cobra f7 3wd, TM 790 irons, Odyssey 7s black putter, Callaway Mack Daddy 3 wedges.

First look/initial thoughts- I think the box has good shelf appeal. Nice blue color that will stand out to other golfers wandering around to grab something new. The ball itself has a GREAT yellow. I will post comparison pictures below but the Titileist has a very nice "highlighter" yellow color compared to a "mustard" yellow with the Chrome Soft. The Tour Soft also has some nice iridescent gleam added into the color that helps it pop even more in certain lighting conditions. A+ on the execution of the yellow, very impressed. After rolling a few initial putts on my indoor green the Titileist is firmer of the club face but not harsh. Good feel on putts. The Chrome Soft is definitely softer coming off the putter face.

Thats all I have for you guys right now. I am an educator and have spring break next week (thank God) so I will be able to get in some rounds permitting weather and house work duties. Looking forward to testing this out on the course.



1st Round- Well, the ball did its job or I did mine. Or a mixture of both. Shot a season low of 77. Ball did very well in the 10mph constant wind we had today.

Driving-The ball behaved well off the driver when I put a good swing on it. Nothing crazy long but it was very respectable against the Chrome Soft. I would say distance was equal all things considered. Seemed lower spin and good run out.

Woods/Long Irons-I had 220 into the wind, across a forced carry water hazard. The ball hit middle of the green and rolled about 25 feet up. If it were not for the headwind and uphill green I believe the ball would have not stayed on. Chrome Soft in the same scenario is around a 12ft. I let my buddy play the ball and he had the best swing with a long iron- 4 iron out from 210, held the green after about a 18ft roll out.

Mid Irons- Good check up. 8 iron resulted in about a foot or less roll out. Very good feel off mid irons

Short Irons/Wedges- Nothing spectacular on full shots but again solid. Similar to mid irons.

Chips- This is where the Chrome Soft and similar balls start separating. Better checking with the higher end, urethane balls is noticeable over the Tour Soft. Its not unplayable by any means but there is a definite learning curve along with it.

Bunker shots- If anywhere this ball had a deficit, this is it. I had 3 shots in the bunker and hit some very crisp shots and the balls had zero spin off of it where the Chrome Soft would have stopped almost immediately. Each ball had more than 15 feet of roll out when I was playing for around 5. Coincidentally enough, I made all three putts (one for birdie) so no blood.

Putting- Probably my favorite aspect of this ball. I had no issues with speed control and the ball had great feel. I would describe the feel as situated smack dab in the middle of a Chrome Soft and ProV1. Firmer than the Chrome Soft and softer than the ProV1. Beautiful feel

Would I buy this Ball Probably not. I think there are better balls for the money in the Tour Softs price range. You can get  Q-Z Stars, last years Chrome Soft, B330RX, SuperSoft, etc. If this ball was at the same price point as say the SuperSoft I would go for this ball a lot. It would be a great buy. Unfortunately, it is not and I cannot justify the price of upper 30's after taxes for a 2 piece ball, even if it is a very solid 2 piece.

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Posted 05 April 2018 - 04:34 PM

Hey everyone! Thank you to Golfwrx and Titleist for the opportunity to test the new Tour Soft golf balls. I hope to be able to test them some this weekend, though itís supposed to snow here in Virginia.

About me:  I played high school golf, then took about a decade off to serve in the military, get my degree and start working. I got back into the game approximately 7 years ago and my handicap had been holding steady around an 8-9, my goal is to cut it in half in the next couple of years.

I used to play the Pro V1 or V1x until last year when I switched to the TP5X. I tend to launch the ball high with a lot of spin and would find that the Titleist balls would come ripping back off my wedge shots, were the TP5X hits and sticks. This was confirmed to me when I did a Titleist ball fitting last June. Off my 7iron, both golf balls were carrying 163, and the Pro V1 averaged 7900rpms to the V1xís 8300rpms.

When I test golf balls I always start on the green, I like a medium to soft feeling golf ball. After that I head to the chipping area and want a ball that hits and smoothly rolls out. Lastly Iíll head to the course and see how it reacts on the golf course. So far this year Ive yet to find something that can check the boxes like the TP5X can, will the Tour Soft?  Only time will tell and please check back to see.

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Posted 05 April 2018 - 04:58 PM

I have played the Titleist Tour Soft golf ball while I was in Florida in February and March. I found the ball to be long.. straight and behave pretty well around the greens. While it was no Pro V 1 it is a very good ball. At the price point it will be my every day ball. putts well and chips well. It is a much nicer ball than you will think. Give it a try. I am not a tester just a very interested golfer.

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Gil Leonard


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Posted 05 April 2018 - 09:30 PM

First and foremost - thanks to GolfWRX and Titleist for the opportunity! As long as I donít Sergio Iím excited to get a lot of reps in with these bad boys

With a newborn at home and the worst spring weather I can remember I finally got a chance to take these out for a spin - aside from indoor putting which Iíll get to in a bit...

There have already been so many great reviews so I will copy their format and we are off to the races...

Quick rundown on me:
Iím in my early 30ís and have been playing since I was 7 years old. My golf ability peaked in high school where i got down to a 7 handicap. After a hiatus i really got serious about the game again about 5 years ago. Iím a weekend golfer without nearly enough practice time. Current handicap is 10. Driver swing speed is about 105 with an aggressive transition. I was playing the cut/fade before it was cool and resisted the urges from peer pressure and bad instructors to convert to a draw.

I am a inconsistently streaky driver of the golf ball but feel like my iron ball striking and wedge play are my strengths. My putting has gone from my biggest weakness in high school to a strength of mine now - Edel putter fitting changed my life.

Ive been playing the B330 for the past two seasons, but I played the ZStar CV for a winter/fescue ball. This has been a conversion for me from being a traditional ProV1x player since they discontinued the ProV1* (my fav ball of all time).

To me the B330 became my choice of ball because of the spin consistency I did not have with the ProV1X. I actually preferred the fact that I didnít have to worry about the ball checking too much for me in chipping and pitching; yet the feel was great and I found the B330 more durable. I play a few linksy fescue heavy courses and found psychologically losing balls was even more annoying when it was my gamer and I found a great deal on the two sleeve Srixon ZStar XV last year so they became my practice round balls. I found performance similar to the B330 but they felt a touch firmer and spun less in th short game and travelled shorter off the tee a bit too (odd and maybe mental).

My range uses NXT Tour S practice balls so thatís what I expected as my preconceived notion for these Tour Soft balls... Boy was I wrong. (In a good way).

First and foremost the packaging looks higher end - I wouldíve been embarrassed to be playing all the latest Golfwrx gamer equipment and what looks like a value priced ball. Iíve never been a fan of the covers of the NXT because the balls lack that tour level urethane look and feel. The Tour Soft are much better looking to the eye.

Weather and a newborn have definitely cramped my style. I have a Big Moss putting green I use regularly. This was the easiest location for my first round of testing. Practice putting I noticed the feel was much softer and way less clicky than expected. I actually like the feel and find the it to be more similar to that of the ZStar  despite looking like its texture should have it be more like a Srixon QStar or Bridgestone e6 to be honest. Putting with these balls I didnít notice anything else major which is a good thing it just felt normal to me.

Out on the course I only have a round under my belt but here are my initial takes... this does not perform like a two piece ball. Itís almost like a Frankenstein ball - the feel off of the clubface is very Soft and the ball seems to spin a lot but given the cover material it doesnít feel like a marshmallow like the project (a) does. In the beginning I thought this ball was too spiny for me and felt softer than I like on full swings (when it gets compressed) but I didnít have confidence I could spin it greenside since it has the cover sheen of the NXT Tour... This ball is the reverse of what I usually go for - Soft cover with a bit of firmness so feel like Iím hitting something and get the feedback with it (haha hate that marshmallow feel). By the back 9, I became more acclimated to the ball and was shocked by the responsiveness of the ball. For a non premium ball this sure is an awfully close substitute for someone who wants to play that one tier lower than the ProV1. As a high spin player I donít know if this ball is right for me but - I think my father in law could absolutely love it. With his 90mph swing speed, allegedly :), heís probably not getting all the performance out of his ProV1 anyways - to me I think this ball will get someone like him the same production just at a lower price (always an interesting tradeoff).

I played the same ball all day (lucky!) and I have to say the durability is really, really good. No cuts to the cover and no noticeable scrapes this is a welcome Improvement from when Iíd have to toss a TP5x/ProV1x into the practice pocket mid round.

Definitely pleasantly surprised with this ball. Certainly an improvement from the NXT Tour S. A little confused of how the AVX fits in - Soft like this but with premium cover?
This is a solid, solid ball and certainly has enough performance for the weekend golfer.

More to come...

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#9 High Plains Driver

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Posted 06 April 2018 - 01:24 AM

Thanks to Titleist and Golfwrx for this awesome opportunity.

Quick rundown on me:
49 years old and have been playing since 1987. I got down to a 4 handicap from 96 - 99, but don't have the play/practice time that I did back then. Current handicap is 8.6. Driver swing speed last week was at 105 -107 on Flightscope Xi+. I fought a hook for close to 20 years, but the last 2 years I play a pretty straight to soft fade (hence the recent screen name change from "Right to Left".)

I am pretty solid driving and with my iron play. Here in West Texas, hardpan and scraggly lies reign supreme, so my tendencies are thinned wedges and pitches. Putting can also be erratic as I change putters more than any other club.

I am playing the TPX and TP5X right now, but I played the NXT Tour/Tour S for a winter ball and the Pro V1X in the spring, summer, and fall for the last 8 - 10 years. I will give my impressions of the Tour Soft vs the TPX and TP5X, but for the most part comparisons in the review will be between the balls in it's category... the NXT Tour S and the AVX.


I have already done some putting, chipping, and pitching on the carpet, but I will with hold my observations until tomorrow when I get out on the course to give the Tour Soft a complete trial.

More to come....
I am not brand loyal. I am just seriously OCD.

Driver:  Titleist 910 D2 9.5° (set to 8.5°)
Fairways: Titleist 910F 15° and 19° woods
Hybrids:  Cobra Baffler Multi-Metal 20° and 24°  
Irons:  Titleist AP2 712 5-PW
Titleist SM4 52° and 58°
Putter:  Scotty Cameron Studio Stainless Newport


#10 grew



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Posted 06 April 2018 - 11:31 AM

Pretty excited about this opportunity.  I played golf in HS and then intermittently throughout the years. Just picked up golf again last year. Started off as a 15 and am down to an 8 (still dropping). I am now playing about 2-4x a week. Strengths is long game (Driver, 3w, Long irons) really need to work on my inside 100 yard game. Putting is pretty good (I'm pretty streaky).  My driver swing speed is now probably around 117 plus or minus a couple MPH. Irons are low 90s.

At first I was ball agnostic and wound up just picking up whatever last years premium balls were that had the biggest discount. Found that I really do prefer a softer feel so I have been really keen on the Chrome Soft Truvis. Still really enjoy the Vice Pro Plus balls as well.  I am really interested in the Tour Soft as the price point is a bit better than the Chrome Softs but not quite as good as the Vice balls. I am excited to see how they perform off  the tee but especially in the short game.  Looking forward to some fun tests!

Ping G400 LST Kyoshi Black 05
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Posted 06 April 2018 - 08:18 PM

Hello everyone!  Special thanks to GolfWRX and Titleist for this opportunity!

A little about myself. I'm 33 and picked the game up around 10 years ago. Typically shoot mid 80s to low 90s. Driver SS average right around 100 mph and 85 for the irons.  I'm a mid spin guy usually with roll out on every shot except for full wedges which are hop and stop.

I figured out a few years ago that a soft ball is what I strongly prefer.  And refuse to pay for top of the line "Premium" balls.  Really liked the Wilson Staff Duo, Taylormade Noodle and Callaway HX Hot Bite among others. Then Callaway introduced the Super Soft which I've played almost exclusively since.  I've dabbled with a few others including the Taylormade Aeroburner Pro and Titleists' own DT Trusoft. But neither could overcome the Super Soft for me.

I plan on directly comparing the Titleist Tour Soft to the afformentioned Callaway Super Soft and the Bridgestone e6 Soft thrown in for good measure.  Soft feeling off all clubs is what I'm looking for. Along with my usual spin and shot types that I've come to know and trust for my game.

I'll use it with every club in the bag, every lie and conditions I can.

Unfortunately here in PA the season hasn't really begun quite yet. Especially with snow and rain forecasted for the near future. So I'll have to start with indoor putting on my homemade putting green, AKA carpet putting in the basement 😀.

Thanks again for the opportunity and fire away with the questions!

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Posted 06 April 2018 - 09:40 PM

Thank you to GolfWRX and all involved -- looking forward to doing the review and contributing to the reviews!

About me:
  • I'm 56 and play in the evenings 3-4 times per week -- 9 holes walking on an empty course so will be able to hit side by side test shots.  I've been playing since 1981, with a break from 1997 - 2008 for kids and career.
  • I play Wilson Duo (and Top Flite D2 Feel for winter ball).  I'll also be throwing in Wilson Fifty, Noodles and other softer balls as well as Pro V1, Chrome Soft, and Kirkland for comparison.  The perfect feeling shot for me is the soft "heaviness" I get from lower compression balls.  I don't like a "clicky" feel or sound.
  • My setup is PING G 9* Driver on 65 gr S Flex Tour shaft, RBZ 3 HL (17*) with S stock shaft, RBZ 3 Hybrid Stiff, Mizuno MP-62 S300 and PING Gorge wedges S300 (52*, 56* & 60*).  I'll also be putting my PING i20's (S300 HS1) into play as well.  Odyssey Sabertooth putter.
  • Driver SS just over 100 MPH (up to 105 if I go after it).  Typical drive 250 -- more if drier conditions.  3 wood about 230.  6-iron is 180-185.  I hit the ball relatively high -- actually very high.  I don't move the ball either direction that much.  I prefer high and straight whenever possible!  I can move it, so I'll test that as well.
  • I play the same course -- Heatherwoode in Springboro, Ohio -- so I have a very good sense of where drives carry, what irons I hit how far, how puts break, etc.
I received the balls late last week (I have white and yellow, and that Titelist yellow is just the best yellow!)  Weather here in southwest Ohio is very weird this spring as everywhere - we had a couple of inches of snow over the weekend, but I did get out Monday evening on a very wet course (but forgot my phone at home, so no on course pics yet).  Then back to rain and cold.  Good weather to watch the Masters!

My very, very preliminary impressions (i.e. I definitely reserve the right to completely retract these comments as soon as I can get back to the course (believe it or not, there are some snow predictions for early next week and I'll be watching the Masters this weekend).
  • The Tour Soft did not feel as soft as the Wilson Duo, but I can't say that I caught any of the shots with the Tour Soft really well, so take this with several grains of salt.
  • The Tour Soft seemed to have better distance than the Duo.  I base this on hitting the Tour Soft not great and the Duo well and they ended in the same places.  That was true for a couple of drives as well as irons.  An area of testing focus.
  • The Tour Soft had a lower flight but then again, no great strikes.  I'll definitely be testing this hard, too.
  • The Tour Soft chipped and putted great!  The feel was better than Duo to me for both.  Spin seemed to be higher.
Stay tuned -- lots more coming (if indeed Spring arrives -- and stays!).

Thanks again to all involved.





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Posted 06 April 2018 - 11:15 PM

Thank to Titleist and GolfWRX for the opportunity to test these golf balls!  I look forward to testing these against my gamer (TP5x) and the current Pro V1 that I am considering switching to.

About me- 30, playing for 7 years, fell in love with golf after a life of baseball.  HC ranges from 2-6 during the year.  Strengths of my game are keeping the ball in play off the tee, and wedges around the green.

Ball History- It is hard to commit to play one ball when you canít play a full round with one ball.  I have always had a love for the Pro V1X, but the first ball that I stocked up on to play as my main ball was the Callaway Hex Black.  At this point they were on sale, but still one of the best balls around the green I have found.  The 13í-16í ProV1X is one of the best all around balls I have played.  I switched to the TP5X last year.  I picked up a box to try and was playing on a windy day, and the TP5X played to the right yardage instead of getting blown around like the ProV1X.  While I have tried the newest ProV1, if there is money on the line I am teeing up a TP5X.  While this is long winded, I know many people will have some reference to these balls to see preferences.

What I Expect From a Ball- The right amount of spin, period.  Ok, and a decent feel.  Feel off of most clubs is not a big deal for me, just donít give me a top rock.  Spin is key for me, I play a lofted wedge for 90% of my shots around the green.  This is the biggest aspect I will look for in this ball to see if I can spin it around the green.

Ok, now that the get to know me section is over, time for the initial review.

So the balls came in Wednesday, and I drove out of town for work the next morning.  Of course I brought them and my sticks on the road.  After a long two days of work I was ready for a relaxing afternoon of golf out of town.  Even with the spotty storms in DFW I was able to get a full round in.  I played by myself and while I only hit it twice off the tee, I hit it in and around the green on almost every hole.

Initial thoughts-

Driver- hit it on one hole against a Pro V1, IT WAS 30 YARDS LONGER!!!!! Ok ok ok, calm down, this was all about the line I took.  Never having played the course, I hit the first ball into a hill that kicked it dead left into the fw, the second I hit it right of the hill and it caught the downslope.  Overall nothing I could notice in carry difference, but I will say there was a wow that was soft feeling.  I havenít felt that since the first time I hit a Callaway SuperSoft.

Irons-  There is something to the extra distance here.  Two shots really standout to me.  173 on a par 3, pretty stock 6i would put me just behind the hole, Blew it 15 yards past the pin to the back of the green (carry, was right next to pitch mark).  On the last hole I had 149 to an elevated green, pretty stock 8i.  After hitting the first ball around pin high I made decent contact and carried it 155, one hop into the hazard over the green.  Thanks to the spring cut down I was able to salvage it. At this point I am chalking them up as outliers.  I will say it was windy and the ball never came up short of where I expected.  The also had plenty of spin to hold the green, longest was a 5i that hit and ran out 6-7 feet from pitch mark.

Wedges- Spin around the same on full to partial shots (outside 40 yards) from what I noticed.  Chipping around the green is the only difference I really saw, the True Soft ran out around 2-4í more than expected.  Something that is easy to get used to, but if you expect to hit those shots that bounce once and slam on the breaks, this might not be your ball.

Putter- Again l, Iím not a huge feel guy off the putter.  The feeling this ball game me was like the original Chrome Soft.  The only two balls that I putt and say, ďWow that is soft!Ē  Doesnít make a difference to me, but I know some people really look for that.

I look forward to further testing with an emphasis on short game.  I also look forward to playing this ball angainst the TP5X for a full round side by side.
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Posted 07 April 2018 - 03:47 PM

Thanks to GOLF WRX and Titleist for the opportunity to test the Tour Soft.

I am approaching 51 years old and have been playing since about 20, with several long layoffs in there due to life getting in the way of golf. I got serious about golf about 7 years ago and got the Index down to about 1.9. I had some injuries and job stuff and ended up not playing very much for 5 years or so. About a year and a half back, i started getting serious again. I am playing well again and the Index is hovering around a 3.4. Never a great driver of the ball, I rely on wedges and the putter to keep me scoring well.

Since I rely so heavily on my short game, that is where the focus of my testing will be. My hope for this ball is that I will be able to maintain my short game control and be able to get longer and straighter drives.

As for equipment, I mostly play Callaway. Epic driver, 813 3W, A-7 Irons are MBs, 3-6 irons are Mizuno MP-53s, wedges are MD Forged in 56 and 60, putter is Odyssey RSX001. Ball is Chrome Soft X 18.

For balls, I played Pro V1s when they first came out for a couple of years. For a reason I can't remember, I abandoned Pro Vs in around 2009. I tried some of the other Titleists available, went to Srixon for awhile, played the Bridgestone for a year or so before settling on the predecessor to the Chrome Soft. When it gets cold, I will sometimes play the SuperSoft.

First impressions: Got these in the mail today...a day where it is 33 degrees, 20 mph wind and a slight drizzle...no testing today. The box looks really good and should have good shelf appeal. The packaging claims it is really long and really soft and spins great around the green...sounds like every other ball out there. There is nothing on the box that would indicate what type of player would benefit from this ball. I remember some older Titleist packaging did a good job of suggesting which ball would be good for different kind of players. There is always something reassuring about looking down and seeing the script 'Titleist' on the ball.

I hope to get in several rounds and several practice sessions in the near future to see how these stack up. I should also be able to get on a couple of different launch monitors to try them out.
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Posted 07 April 2018 - 05:51 PM

Time for an update.
Looks: I have never been a fan of the Project (a) two piece seam. I hate it. Taylormade three piece balls look fine to me.†

The Callaway ChromeSoft letters and numbers don't match. The font and size just don't go together. Their Callaway script is beautiful, but the number? How can Callaway not figure this out?
(See that seam?! And why is the 2 so small?)

The Tour Soft is just as classy as the rest of the Titleist line. Script and number go together, line weights and size are consistent. (Note that I decided to test yellow even though I normally play white. Agreed with the tester who said the color is great, almost iridescent yellow.)

Edited by tokeyb, 07 April 2018 - 07:28 PM.

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Posted 07 April 2018 - 06:18 PM

Putting and Feel: The Project (a) has a firmer and clickier feel and sound. I find it more likely to skid or jump off the face. The ChromeSoft is perfect for me on the greens. Soft feel, good roll, very consistent.† TP5x too harsh, ProVs not my fave.

Titleist Tour Soft is much softer than ProV or TP5, about the same feel as the ChromeSoft. Definitely less click than the Project(a).†

I did find that I got more roll out from the Tour Soft than the ChromeSoft. (Caveat: dormant greens and 35 degrees, your mileage may vary.)

Overall, I like this feel (off an Odyssey half moon with WhiteHotRx face). Will need time to adapt to rollout.

Edited by tokeyb, 08 April 2018 - 09:57 AM.

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Posted 08 April 2018 - 01:23 AM

About me: I play about 6-10 times a month, mostly 9 holes as I usually get a 3 hour window to get golf in a couple times a week.  I have been playing golf again since last spring. I played in High School but never really played much after that. I hate being bad at anything so I have kind of put myself into getting down to being a respectable golfer. Started off last year around a 15 and coming up next revision I'll be a 7.7.  3 Things I need to work on are 1) Course Managment  2) overall consistency 3) short pitches (40-90 yards). I am a pretty decent driver of the golf ball and a streaky but good putter.   Swing speed is probably 115-120 depending on how hard i go at it. I made the switch to one length and am playing all one length clubs aside from Driver and 3 wood.

First Impressions in the basement. Man this feels/sounds soft for a two piece ball.

Putts seemed to be slightly hotter with the tour soft than the chrome soft | ProV1 | Vice Pro Plus |.

15 foot chips in the basement checked up slightly less than the the chrome soft and ProV1 and about the same as the Vice.

I do a test where i bounce the ball off the center of my driver and compare the sounds. By far and away the sound of the Tour Soft was much more muted than the other ball. It really was a noticeable margin which I found interesting.

I am really looking forward to putting it through its paces on Monday. Going to play a full 9 and then do some putting green and chipping/pitching with it.

Update #1 First time on Course

I wound up playing yesterday and only put a sleeve of balls into my bag with nothing else. Committed to the full round with the Tour Softs.

"How the heck is this a 2 Piece ball?"

Using arccos data from a round I played last week compared to this round for driver distance

Driver Distance was about the same, but that really awesome muted sound I heard in the basement transferred to the driver on the course and I loved it. (Combined with my Epic SZ it was like a wooden baseball bat... swoon)
3 Wood: I hit a couple of fantastic 3 woods that put me in scoring position both times. Great ball flight and it laded super soft.
Long irons: especially my hybrid had really nice trajectory. Not much roll off the tee but that was condition based (I'm in PacNW so its soggy all the time)
Mid Irons: Some good hop and stops
Short Irons: Again, pretty respectable hop and stops, but nothing compared to premium balls.
Pitches: I struggle with these so on the good ones got some decent check action but slightly less than other premium balls I play. It did feel a little firm with the pitches.
Putts: Basement putting had me thinking it was a bit hotter of a ball off the putter, I actually think it helped me a little as my usual miss is slightly short. Still seemed slightly hotter off the face. Feel was pretty soft, but not super soft. It sounded soft off the putter which was strange because it didn't feel as soft as it sounded.

After round 1 I am really willing to give these another shot and will probably play it side by side with my Chrome soft in a 2 ball challenge and will report back with the resuts

Update #2 The challenge vs the Chrome Soft

Only had a chance to play 2 holes but I wound hitting 3 balls on each hole (3 Tour softs and 3 Chrome Softs)
Honestly with the longer shots (Drives/Woods/Long Irons) the balls perform pretty similar and the differences are kind of due to margin of error on my swing and not the ball.
On the second hole I hit into a pretty decent headwind and both balls flew longer than i would have expected. I hit probably two shots as close to the same and the chrome soft had a slight draw and the tour soft went pretty straight. This was the result.
Both balls landed within a yard of their ball mark. On balance the Chrome Soft was a tiny bit longer from the 6 tee shots i hit with each ball, but not by much and not enough to draw any conclusions.

The biggest difference was pitch shots and how much more the tour soft rolled out vs the chrome soft. It is a noticeable difference and wound up affecting sand and short pitches as I kept finding myself unsure of how hard/soft to hit them with the Tour Soft.

This concern is something that can easily be rectified with some consistent use of the ball, but to be honest as a direct competitor to balls that have the urethane cover its an issue.

Other thing of note. There has been zero scuffing on any of my Tour Soft balls since i put them in play. The one gamer ball is going on 21 holes and looks new.

Edited by grew, 11 April 2018 - 12:23 PM.

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Posted 08 April 2018 - 08:42 AM

Kayo the heeler says the Tour Soft box tastes just fine, possibly better than the ChromeSofts. 0408180839a.jpg
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Posted 08 April 2018 - 12:17 PM

Several threads and extensive reviews in the golf ball forum (I did 2 extensive reviews ... one against the chrome soft another against the dt and out going nxt).

Bottom line, itís a good ball, but overpriced for 2 piece.  If you swing under 100 go with the DT. If you swing over 105, go with the prov1.   For $35 a dozen they are an overpriced 2 piece ball with performance of other $35 3 piece balls.

Edited by bogeypro, 08 April 2018 - 12:19 PM.

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Posted 08 April 2018 - 01:35 PM

Got my balls yesterday and definitely appreciate the opportunity GolfWRX and Titleist is giving us. Took these out for an 18 hole test run today.

I am playing to a 7.5 HC right now and hope to get it down a bit during the summer. SS is 89 with a 6 iron and 100-105 with driver. For equipment I have settled on 900 Forged and Vokey wedges for 2018 which for my initial review are where the shots will be concentrated. Trying to add some pics in for reference. Feel free to ask any questions and I will try to continue to participate in this thread as it moves along.

Cool crisp morning here in GA for this first round. Temps stayed in the 40s and it was damp. My course is playing fast though so the dampness didn't take much off the rollout. I have tried the Tour Soft previously and didn't really care for the ball. It was during the dead of winter and I didn't give it much of a chance. I played Chrome Soft during the cooler temps but within the last 4 weeks have switched over to ProVXs, Bridgestone B330 and Srixon XV for warmer temps. Those balls are clicky but perform great overall. Putting the Tour Soft into play today with the cooler temps brought back the CS familiar and appreciated softness.

A couple of notes to start. Titleist has tuned this ball well. The Chrome Soft has a more muted sound and that makes it feel softer than it may really be. Titleist went the opposite direction IMO. Their ball feels soft but has a bit more click to the sound which makes it feel a touch more like their venerable ProV. I believe in the Dean Snell theory of choosing a ball. Start around the green and make that the determining factor. At my swing speeds, I do not see much difference in balls off the driver. That was the case here. The temps were cooler so I lost a bit of distance but well struck tee shots were in normal locations. Iron shots were very similar as well. The determining factors for a ball for me are greenside.

This ball will spin well enough on full shots. Here are 3 pics for proof.


This first shot is on a par 3 from 142 yards with a 9 iron. I placed a tee next to the pitch mark. This ball hit, took one bounce forward and pulled back to near the pitch mark.


This next shot is on another par 3 from 177 yards with a 7 iron. This ball hit and rolled out about 4 feet.


This final pic is another par 3 from 151 with a 9 iron again. It rolled out a few feet.

So for full shots I had no complaints at all. The ball has a very pleasing feel and great sound on well struck shots. Don't discount this.

For shots closer to the green, I started seeing the surlyn cover show its stripes. I had multiple shots from 50 yards and in that this ball just cannot perform up to the level of a premium ball.


This 1st shot is from 50 yards, 3rd shot into a par 5. It was a well struck shot with my Vokey 58 and you can see the pitch mark and the rollout. With a urethane ball, this shot would have stopped under the pin or right beside it.

20180408_102156.jpg 20180408_102320.jpg

These final 2 pics are from me missing a green short. I was well into the round and knew the ball wouldn't stop like I am accustomed to so used the Vokey 54 and played for the run out. You can see the results for an easy par.

For putting, this ball is a little hot as compared to the B330 and ProVx. It definitely has a soft feel off the putter but I missed too many putts today trying to compensate for the ball. As I stated earlier, I do like the sound off the putter. I dropped an extra ball multiple times to listen to the difference and it is tuned well for that level of ball.

Overall, I think Titleist has improved the NXT lineup here with the Tour Soft. Will I play this ball? Nope. I will enjoy the remaining balls in this dozen and probably give a few away to playing partners so they can try it. I'll get their feedback and come back to post. Ultimately though, I would rather play a urethane premium level ball and control the greenside spin with the type of shot I want to play and not have the ball dictate that to me. Is this ball as good as Titleist advertises? For me, as a cold weather ball, yes. I am not sure I would see a huge difference in this ball and my cold weather ball, the Chrome Soft. This mainly due to course conditions and weather though. The Chrome Soft is definitely a better ball in warmer temps. I hope this helps and adds some perspective. Thanks again again GolfWRX and Titleist.

Edited by awtryau89, 08 April 2018 - 01:46 PM.

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Posted 09 April 2018 - 10:40 AM

Ok....Thanks for the opportunity to test these balls.   I was able to take them out for a bit of a trial over the weekend and I'll share my results so far.

First of all, for background, I'm 53 yrs old, play to a 6 handicap with driver swing speed about 105-110 and with irons generally about 95.   I play with a Callaway Epic driver, Rogue fairway metal, and hybrid,  Srixon Z565 irons and Callaway wedges and Odyssey putter. As far as balls go, I change from time to time.   I loved the previous generation Pro V1x, then I tried Callaway Soft ('16 version)but that had too much spin on full short irons and lost distance off the tee. Then last summer I played mostly with the Srixon Star XV.   Now this spring I'm playing with the newest Pro V1 model.   And for this weekend, that is what I compared the Tour Soft to.

My first impression out of the box was that the cover seemed hard, probably due to the cover being primarily surlyn (mixed with other things) versus the urethane on the Pro V1.   So my first test, was putting:  I found the ball to feel softer than it sounded.   The feel off the putter face was nice and controllable.   I liked the soft feel without it feeling mushy or trampoline like.  I liked the feel of the ball on the green.  I started thinking this ball has some promise...

Next I moved to some short pitches and chips, bump and runs.   The Tour Soft performed well enough against the Pro V1 but lacked gripping spin and that controlled feel.   Did it spin? Yes.   Did it check some?  A little.  But not quite as much as I was used to with the Pro V1, and definitely not as much as I prefer.

Then I moved back to longer pitches and chips.   Here is where the differences started to be more dramatic for me.   I definitely had to play for more run out with the Tour Soft.   I felt I could check and control the Pro V1 quite easily but the Tour Soft would slow down, (not what I'd so much call check) then roll out.  This made me curious regarding the spin on full wedge shots.  So I moved back....

I moved back to the area from 85-110 yds to try some full wedges.   Here it got a little interesting....I was expected the ball to really run out with full wedges because of what had happened with the 15-25 yd pitches, but it didn't happen as dramatically as I expected.   With a 60 deg and/or sand wedge on a softer greens I was playing, the Tour Soft would just drop and stop.   The Pro V1 would spin back 3-6 ft for the same type of shots.   I was surprised the Tour Soft didn't roll out a little.   Maybe because it was wet and damp greens, not sure. I was pleasantly surprised.

After those tests I was able to play a few full holes in the wind and cold.   And here another major difference occurred.  I'm not sure if it was an anomaly or not, but off the tee into the wind the Tour Soft seemed to really be affected.   It would hang up and even float, or if I drew the ball it would really go, where the Pro V1 seemed to hold it's intended lines much better.  So, unfortunately, for me, that is where the testing ended for the day.

Bottom line:   Good feel off the putter, not as much spin on chips and pitches or even full iron shots, and not a good wind ball. Would I play this ball right now or would it replace what I currently play?  No.  

Further testing to come, these are my first impressions.   Hope you find them helpful and enlightening.

Edited by tj7644, 09 April 2018 - 10:44 AM.

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Posted 09 April 2018 - 04:12 PM

Howdy, I got my balls on Saturday afternoon and got out on the course today. My handicap fluctuates between 7-10 and I play at least once a week normally twice. I play the 2018 PRO v1 and before that played the chromesoft. Both balls I love and consider similar.

I played an entire round with this ball this morning and actually played the same ball the entire round without losing it which is a miracle and normally only happens a handful of times a year! That was a great first impression and really says a lot about my ability to control this ball off the tee. The ball looked brand new at the end of the round and held up much better than a pro v and chromesoft. I plan to play another round with both a pro v and this new tour soft in play and add a little more direct comparison.

Out of the box the ball seemed to me much the same as all the other Titleist lower end offerings. The cover seemed a little stiffer and glossier than the pro v which is to be expected. I believe that this cover is what contributes to longevity of this ball as it looked great upon completion of 18 holes today. I did spend some time in the sand and that did not phase the cover whatsoever.

Off the tee I absolutely love this ball. Very easy to keep straight as well as cut for me. My miss is a hook and did not have a single one today. It seemed to fly the same distance as my regular ball off the tee. Bottom line off the tee is where it excelled.

I also found this ball to be excellent with my long irons and here I seem to have picked up a little more distance. The ball also did not have a great deal of back spin with my long irons and I experienced a bit more roll out then usual. This does not bother me as I was expecting it and pitching short on most long irons shots and rolling up to the green. Over all I enjoyed this ball with my longer irons.

Mid and short irons is where I found this ball to be lacking some for me. I hit some very high and well struck balls that released a good 2 - 5 yards further than I expected. Again this is not a huge problem if I play for it and but there are some pins that I play at that I expect my ball to stop quickly at and I had no confidence that this ball would stop as quickly As my regular ball. The height and distance was good but the ability to stop the ball was a little less than I am used too. Again not a total deal breaker on a damp and calm day like today but in South Texas those days are few and far between.

As far as chipping is concerned I had a very below average day around the greens today but fronwhat I could feel the ball did feel a little harder than Iím used to and seemed to run out a little further. I preferred playing a pitch and run with this ball as I did not feel I could stop it as quickly as Iím used to. I would order much more spin than this ball was capable of producing for me.

Putting was fine with this ball. Not good or bad. I feel that this is one of the main areas that confidence needs to be gained over repetition with the same ball. I left several putts short and am not sure if it was because the ball seemed firm and I was scared to put enough weight on a putt to get it there or if I just was having a bad putting day. Only time will tell.

Over all I feel that this ball was good and was pretty much what I expected. For me it excelled off the tee and am definitely looking forward to getting some more rounds in with it!

Edit - I wanted to write my review before reading anyone elseís review as not sway my opinion one way or another and to truly get my own feels and opinions out of the testing. After scanning through the other reviews here are some additions to my review:

I agree with someone else above that these balls were not soft and as I said above the ball cover is somewhat firm. I will say even with the name of the ball I did not expect it to be soft at all.

I also agree that $35 is much to high a price point for this ball and was not aware that until I skimmed some other reviews. I would prefer last years pro v and chromesoft at that price compared to these.

Edited by CCTxGolf, 09 April 2018 - 04:28 PM.

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Posted 09 April 2018 - 07:11 PM

As others have said, I really appreciate Titleist and GolfWRX giving us the opportunity to test and review these balls!

I am 35, currently a 14 handicap and try to play a couple times a month. My biggest contributor to my handicap is the 2 or 3 holes a round where I get stuck in the quicksand of bad decisions and next thing I know I am trying to just get the ball in the hole to stop the bleeding. Anyone been there before? Otherwise I have confidence in my ball striking and make solid contact with my irons. I have been playing Srixon Z-Star yellow for the past 2 years, but prior to that I was a ProV1/x guy for a while. Main reason for the switch was the great deal on the Srixons and I have stuck with them since I bought so many.

I received my balls in Tour Yellow last week and have been able to do some indoor putting/chipping as well as play 9 with the Tour Soft.

First "indoor" Impressions: Sounds dumb but I love the packaging. Great colors and if I was standing in the ball aisle looking for something to try, my eye would definitely be drawn to the blue. Highlighter yellow seems to be the best way to describe the color of these. I compared them to my usual Srixon (photo below) and I still can't say which one I prefer. The color on the Titleist does seem to be more durable (I have had the Srixon yellow rub off on the inside of my bag) but I haven't had a bag full of them yet to see if that's really true. The cover seems softer than the Srixons off the putter and on short chips in the basement. I also have a bunch of Wilson Fifty Elites that I use in cold weather. The Tour Softs feel as soft as the Wilson's but with much better response (what I'd call "pop") off the putter. I'd say the Tour Softs "pop" off the putter like the Srixons, but with the muted sound of the Wilsons (not the "click" of the Srixons). All that sound/feel stuff is subjective, but hopefully that description made sense to a few people. I am planning on comparing to some Callaway, B'stone, Taylormade and other Titleists as well.

On the course: I played in some pretty solid winds, but temperatures were in the mid 60's so it was comfortable. I played with the Tour Soft exclusively and occasionally tossed down a Srixon just to see if there was a difference. It is still early in the season so I didn't think I could get an accurate head to head battle going, but as the season goes on I do plan on doing a side-by-side comparison. I am going to go to bullet points for easy scanning.

- This ball was GREAT in the wind! I found that on shots into the wind the ball didn't balloon as much and held its own. At one point I did hit the Tour Soft and then a Srixon into the exact same strength of wind. Hit both solid, but watched as the Srixon floated up a little while the Tour Soft seemed to sail right through. Tour Soft ended up about 8-10 yards closer than the Z-Star.
- Putting took a hole or two to get used to, but after that there were no issues. I like the Tour Soft alignment aid (I've always liked the fonts Titleist chooses) and my initial impressions from basement putting held true on the course. Muted contact sound but still had "pop".
- Good distance from the Tour Soft overall. Even though it felt soft off the club, it still shot off the face which was nice. With the Wilson's I'd get that soft feel but felt like I sacrificed yardage.
- I enjoyed the feel off of irons, wedges and the putter, but maybe not so much the driver. I can't say for sure though whether it is the club or the ball. This was the first on course round with the driver, so I need to test this further.
- Wedges weren't going to sin back to the hole but for me I found that the Tour Softs offered enough spin that the ball didn't release a mile. Full disclosure - I am a high ball hitter so that probably helped a little too.
- No clear winner on the "which is more visible" debate right now. Everything is still trying to green-up so I'll have to check back in when the course is overall green instead of splotchy-green with a lot of brown and tan.

I am looking forward to continuing to test these. I didn't see any negative aspects to them the first time out and so far would actually consider switching to the Titleist based on how it performed. We'll see how things go as the season progresses.

More pictures to come as I keep testing. I wanted to give an idea of the alignment aids and color comparison (and also show off one of my sweet custom copper ball markers made by misplacedtexan83).

Ballmarked.jpg Balls.jpg

Edit: I wrote all of this before reading any of he other reviews so it is interesting now to see some of the other perceptions of the ball. Hoping to play again on Friday and will see if I have a different opinion.

Edited by dagoose383, 10 April 2018 - 06:51 AM.

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Posted 09 April 2018 - 08:11 PM

Sampled these as a rep came to my store and handed me a sleeve of them.

Typically, I play Chromesofts, Kirkland 3 and 4 piece, Snell MTB Red / Black, Vice Pro Plus, TP5s and TP5X. If I had to pick one ball to play for the rest of my life, however, it would be the Nike RZN Platinum or Blacks. No ball measures up to it. I'll play a Pro V1 if I can score a box for stupid cheap or win them at a tournament but, Titleist will never get my money on their overpriced product. Needless to say, my review will be a bit skewed just because of that.

These balls are ok at best. They spin a little. They feel a little "thuddy". They seem to be decently made and consistently which makes them a relatively predictable ball to use. I played 18 with them. They then promptly found themselves on the driving range which they'll be collected and used by someone else but, not me. I'll pass on them. Titleist still hasn't wowwed me.
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Posted 10 April 2018 - 11:47 AM

I've been (and am still) traveling for work. When I left Saturday morning I hadn't received the balls yet, but hopefully when I return Friday morning they'll be there and I can take them straight to the course.

A little about my game. I'm floating around a 2-3 index. Been working on some swing changes to make my ballstriking more consistent in my mid to long game. I think I've finally reached a good point in that pursuit and am starting to fine tune my wedge play and short game to start scoring again. I swing my driver around 110mph and average carry under ideal conditions is 280. 7i carry is 175. I'm currently playing a mix of the new Pro-v1x, Kirkland, and green Vice Pro+, so I'm excited to have the opportunity to test out a new ball and see how it compares.


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Posted 10 April 2018 - 08:28 PM

Thanks to both GolfWRX and Titleist for the opportunity!

About me:  39 years-old and this will be my 10th year playing; 9 - 12 handicap, depending on my short game and driver, usually shoot 82 - 85 on a course that plays 6400 yards, but I'll shoot high 80s to low 90s on bad days.  I go through weeks of consistently (relative) good golf and bad golf.  Low spin driver (1900 - 2200 rpm), higher spin irons (5i usually only rolls out a few feet on greens).  I normally play twice a week from spring through fall.  Driver SS between 105 and 112.

Gear:  see signature.  I've been playing the K-Sigs since they came out, but prior to that, I'd play whatever urethane ball was cheapest.

I'll post my initial thoughts on the ball's performance as soon as possible.  It's been in the 30s-40s here in central Indiana for what feels like 8 months!  It looks like we'll have some afternoons in the 70s over the coming days.  I'll get out to my home course's practice area and put the Tour Soft through its paces this week.  I'll be testing them against a few balls at or below their price point:  Kirkland Signature 4-piece, Srixon Q-Star Tour, Cut Urethane (3 and 4 piece), and Vice Pro

I'll echo some of the other sentiments mentioned by my fellow testers:  at a $35 price point, a 2-piece surlyn ball, these babies had better blow my skirt up if they want to earn a spot in my bag!  I haven't traditionally played Titleist balls in past, outside of the ProV1s I regularly find on the course, due to their prices.


At this point I've got a couple of rounds under my belt with the Tour Soft.  I really don't have any thing bad to say about the ball other than I find it generally unremarkable.  I do like it off the driver, it tends to be relatively long and straight.  The feel isn't bad at all; not hard but not marshmallow-y either.  I'm not good enough a ball striker to give any real impressions on spin, but I've not noticed any ballooning and the two rounds I've played have all been rather windy.  My swing is rusty right now.

I'm hitting the ball well of the tee and my short game has been surprising solid for this early in the season, but I'm not hitting many greens.  These balls definitely do not spin a lot around the green.  For me, this isn't a problem, as I typically don't try to hit a lot of low spinners.  Most of my misses on approaches tend to find the rough, so I usually pitch/chip with the intent of them rolling out.  I have played around with these on the practice green, along with the Ksig and Srixon Q-Star Tour, and they definitely don't bite like a urethane ball.

I'll post additional impressions in the coming weeks.

Update 2:

Well, I had about 7 or 8 rounds with the Tour Soft and finally lost the last of the dozen.  It's interesting how little effort you'll put into finding your ball in the junk when it was free!  My initial impressions pretty well cover my final impressions.  It's a fine ball for the long game, but if you like to play high spin-short game shots, you'll certainly want to look elsewhere.  I'm not necessarily a high-spin guy around the greens, so these were fine for my game.  All of that said, I would never spend $30+ per dozen on this ball.  There are far too many alternatives at better prices.

Edited by BForrester, 11 May 2018 - 07:00 AM.

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Posted 10 April 2018 - 11:02 PM

Time for an update again.  

Just off the green: My short game doesn't see much difference between Project (a) and the ChromeSoft. Both have good feel and trajectory. The Project (a) has a bit firmer feel, but not as noticeable as with the putter. (I don't normally play the TruVis, but found one last week and surprisingly I like it a lot on and around the green - interesting to see the spin and learn what my ball is really doing, vs what I think it might be doing.)

I'm not a high spin or high speed player on these types of shots, I try not to get too cute. Titleist Tour Softs performed the same for me as the other two balls. I could make it spin from a good lie, and rollout as much as I wanted and expected. I did again like the feel off the face on these shots: solid, not squishy, but not clicky.†
(And update, after a couple more sessions, the ball is really consistent. I feel like I know what its going to do, and that's a positive even if its not the spinniest/longest/etc. This is why I play a Titleist driver, incidentally. TM is longer for me, but less consistent.)

Full wedge shots: Again, my swing speed is pretty low, I don't† expect to back balls up. The ChromeSoft is excellent for me, though, hop and stop on full shots. Project (a) has a bit more rollout generally, but consistent.†

Tour Soft matched my experience with ChromeSoft: most shots rolled out a bit, some popped and stopped, and a couple backed up.

Titleist Tour Soft was no better or worse for me in these shots. My 80yd shots mostly held nicely with a little rollout. A few backed up, but that was true of all the balls I was hitting into the back-to-front sloped green. Distance might have been a little longer with the Titleist, didn't hit enough to know for sure.

(Pics not coming through tonight, have a few showing rollout, backing up, etc. I'll get them in here. Pretty similar to others experience sounds like.)0407181426b-1.jpg

Edited by tokeyb, 14 April 2018 - 06:35 PM.

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Posted 11 April 2018 - 11:46 AM

Thanks to GolfWRX and Titleist for giving me the chance to try these golf balls out!

Iím just an average golfer who shoots in the 85-95 range most of the time. I currently play the Bridgestone Tour B330-RX and have a bag full of Ping clubs. I used to be all Callaway but they fixed that.

Iíll be giving the Tour Soft a try this afternoon. I plan on alternating between my ball and the Tour Soft from one hole to the next and see what differences I notice between the two. Iíve done some putting at home on the mat and the feel off the putter is similar to the Supersoft. The TS is softer than the e6, e6 Soft, and Chrome Soft when putting.

Iíll post what I find tonight after my round.
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Posted 11 April 2018 - 01:54 PM

First off, to echo everyone else's sentiments, thank you to GolfWRX and Titleist for giving me the opportunity to test their newest offering.

I am a high single digit handicap, play as often as I can (which isn't what it used to be now that I have 2 kids with the oldest being 2 and a half... ), and am pretty big into trying new equipment so I was very excited to be selected for this.

I'd say the strength of my game is off the tee, I have good distance throughout my bag and the worst part of my game is definitely chipping, although I'm working to cure that and seem to be making some progress.  Off the tee I am about 290 or so and pretty straight for the most part. My 7 iron distance is about 175.

I got to take the new Tour Soft balls for a spin yesterday afternoon for a quick 9 holes.  Being that I typically play higher end, softer golf balls, I immediately noticed upon removing them from the packaging that these were much harder and had kind of a glossy/slippery feel.  Also noticed the "Titleist" and number font/stamping had a different look than I was used to, the black seemed a little thicker, almost looked like they were fake, but being that these came from the manufacturer, I'm guessing they aren't!

I am very much a feel type player, and the hardness of the ball can definitely be felt on contact on pretty much every shot I hit, especially putting.

I found the carry distance to be pretty comparable to my regular balls for the most part.  I will say on two different 70 yard shots the ball flew about 10 yards longer than expected, that could very well be the archer's fault and not the arrow though. I was able to work the ball fairly well, for the tee shot on #2 at my course if you take driver off the tee you have to play a pretty hard fade, the ball did its job and faded nicely around the corner.  I did not hit many greens yesterday and was really only able to find the pitch marks on two of them.  One, surprisingly out of the rough from about 120, backed up a few feet.  The other was about an 80 yard wedged that released about 15 feet on me.

To me the biggest noticeable difference between my regular ball and this was putting.  I was just blowing the ball by the hole and it really doesn't have a good feel off of the putter face like my ProV does. This is to be expected with the harder cover, but I was surprised by how much of a difference there was.

Depending on the weather this weekend I plan on playing Sunday morning and will report back.

Attached Thumbnails

  • TS spin back.jpg
  • TS roll.jpg
  • IMG_1848 (1).jpg

Edited by chickman1313, 11 April 2018 - 01:55 PM.

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Posted 11 April 2018 - 10:16 PM

I went out to the course yesterday planning to test this against my gamer, but the course was packed so I just played the True Soft.  My original thoughts held pretty true.

Driver- felt great and it was straight, could tell there wasnít much side spin.

Irons- I feel there is maybe +5 yards to this ball.  Iím holding off on this because the two times I have played this ball have been the warmest 2 rounds I have played this year.  Could easily be weather related.  There were a few shots that I felt like I barley missed and could only hope it got there, and they all got there.  The spin into the greens was enough to hold where I expected.

Short Game- This is the only place I feel like the ball lacks.  When hitting shots around the green, I expect a check and release, but there isnít much check.  You can bring it in higher to land soft, but the regular pitches I play didnít grab as expected.

Putting-  it seems like the ball comes off a little hotter, but still a great feel.  When lagging, I typically leave it just short.  Almost all of my putts made it to or past the hole.

I also want to note that after playing 18 with the same ball it still looked great.  No cart paths, but a few tree branches and the cover was still perfect.

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