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Freak accidents and bad luck on course

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#91 Justsomeguy



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Posted 28 January 2018 - 10:20 PM

View PostWidespreadPanic, on 28 January 2018 - 09:38 PM, said:

Mine takes the cake. Very sad and very gruesome.

A guy I knew took a swing up against a tree, and his follow thru hit a branch. Club snapped in half, with one half going directly through his eye and into his brain. He died a day later. His brother got a hole in one next time he played that course.

Every time I have a shot near a tree I think about it.
Holy s***.
This one's up there w the one where a tree crushed someone.

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#92 joker2



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Posted 28 January 2018 - 11:05 PM

View PostNo Catchy Nickname, on 11 December 2017 - 12:25 AM, said:

View PostJustsomeguy, on 11 December 2017 - 12:03 AM, said:

So far in a short golfing time, filled with true fansticism, I've had 3 awful turns on the course.
1. Nearly got into a fistfight. Pair behind us hit into my partner and I for second hole in a row, barely missed partner, he kicks the ball, they drive up, and just barely don't get into it. Good too bc one of them was enormous. Woulda been ugly.
2. Struck in temple w golf ball, shanked off a driver not 10 feet from me. Went sideways into my skull and bounced off. CT negative, some fluid in ear, reabsorbed in a week. V lucky, one inch anywhere else and I lose an eye, scatter my teeth, deaf in one ear, etc.
3. Residential type course surrounded by houses. Pull up to 4th green and pit bull squeezes through hole in fence, chases me around cart, fall on cart path and skin knees and knuckles, still scarred, feels like I fell in a zombie movie, start swinging putter wild and barely run the dog off before partners react to help.
So I guess all that's left is to be struck by lightning? Wtf?
Who else been randomly injured or nearly so? And how to avoid it?

It seems the best way to avoid it would be to not play with you! :scare2:

Seriously, though, that sounds like some bad luck, and I hope things get better for you.

Actually, playing with the OP is probably OK, because he will attract all the bad karma. Just don't get on a plane with him.
Just say'in...


#93 aliikane


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Posted 29 January 2018 - 02:40 PM

What I learned from this thread is that golfers have to be totally incapacitated by injury or by tornado etc to not finish their round.


#94 WidespreadPanic


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Posted 29 January 2018 - 02:55 PM

View PostJustsomeguy, on 28 January 2018 - 10:20 PM, said:

View PostWidespreadPanic, on 28 January 2018 - 09:38 PM, said:

Mine takes the cake. Very sad and very gruesome.

A guy I knew took a swing up against a tree, and his follow thru hit a branch. Club snapped in half, with one half going directly through his eye and into his brain. He died a day later. His brother got a hole in one next time he played that course.

Every time I have a shot near a tree I think about it.
Holy s***.
This one's up there w the one where a tree crushed someone.
Yeah it was unreal sad. Can't imagine being one of the guys playing a with him.
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Posted 29 January 2018 - 03:11 PM

SWMBO fractured her fibula just above the ankle walking out of a Porta John near a tee box.  Slipped on the gravel path on the hill.  We had just joined the club for the season and she was out 6 weeks.

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#96 Pete O'Tube

Pete O'Tube


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Posted 29 January 2018 - 03:37 PM

When I was 12 I earned pocket money caddying for a retired Head teacher. It was a good job for about 6 months until he dropped dead on the 16th tee.

A couple of weeks ago I arrived back in the locker room after a match. While changing, heard a thump from the shower drying area. One of our members had collapsed and sadly expired in hospital after a massive brain aneurysm.

Never been hit, but had a few close ones. Had a ball come through the cart at high speed. Missed by about 2 inches.
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Posted 29 January 2018 - 09:51 PM

Not on a golf course but my brother hit me in the head with his follow through when I walked around the corner in our living room. Required 5 staples.


#98 frebird



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Posted 10 February 2018 - 11:27 PM

I am a member of a small local private club and most of the regular golfers from all the groups know each other.  The guys I play with waste no time and are used to playing without having to wait on other golfers, as this is not a real busy club. We had been behind this group the whole front nine.  Two ladies and their husbands. I absolutely hate to play through because I feel rushed and hurried. Feel like bogey is already on the card. Our course doesn't return to the club house. Ten is a par 3 and the group on the green waves us up. Perfect place to play through, right?Wrong! I hit a six iron into the  greenside bunker from 175. Ok so now I have to get up and down while 7 people stand and watch me work my magic. I am normally a good bunker player! Direct in line with the pin on the other side of the green is a real nice pine tree. So Sue takes refuge buy said pine tree. Can't explain what happened next but I skull it straight at the pine, thought i had killed Sue. Sounded like a 22 going off. Ball comes right back at me and thumps me in the chest. Needless to say I picked up and have yet to live it down with my boys. Had a bruise for a week .LOL


#99 portsider44



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Posted 13 February 2018 - 08:37 PM

Was a passenger in a cart when my BIL who was driving was going to fast on a down hill cart path.

Hit a bump causing the rear end to jump to the left hit the grass and flip the cart on its side.  Golf clubs and empty beer cans thrown on to the course.  The top of the cart looked like a taco shell.

Turned it back over beat the top back into place and clean up our clubs.  We picked up our balls and wait for the rest of the group on the next hole.  Not sure how we didn't get hurt.

We letting a twosome play through.  We had already teed off from white and they were hitting from blues about 15 yards back.  Rest of my group stay in cart on cart path.  Me not filling comfortable there move my cart another 5 yards to the right and my cart is racing the tee box.  Guy pulls the heck out of the ball with his driver and the ball hits the top of my thigh then ricochet into the top of the cart.  Left a pretty nasty bruise.
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Posted 13 February 2018 - 08:58 PM

The course I grew up playing's signature hole is only a 132 yd par 3, but you're hitting across a big creek and up onto a bluff, high enough to be totally blind. It's really pretty and a surprisingly intimidating shot. Anyway, when I was young, I was on the driving range with my dad, and an elderly man was driving his cart around the front of the green to his ball when the cart went over the edge and fell 25-30 feet down into the creek. Somehow he escaped with only a broken wrist. After that, they installed new landscaping to prevent anyone from driving a cart near the edge any more.

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#101 frebird



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Posted 13 February 2018 - 11:23 PM

Used to play a lot of golf with a great friend who is no longer with us. We miss him a bunch because he was truly one of a kind.  I am sure he will not mind if I share.

Every summer at our club we have an annual stroke play event, appropriately called "The Summer Festival".  There is some serious golf and gambling over a three day weekend by some great players. There is always some major parties as you can imagine, great bands, food, and drink, not to mention late nights. Rex was a good player and the more he drank the better the putts rolled. Some amazing stuff at times, you really had to be there. Anyway, one year after a  a long night and a tough round  some on course hair of the beast therapy ( if you know what I mean )  was in order. As the 5 hour  round was coming to a close we hit our approaches to 18. Well Rex dumps his in the pond, just short of the green. At this point he had all he could take. He snatched his Wilson Staff Bag off of the cart and threw the whole set, bag and all into the pond and drove off in the cart. Now the putting green is right behind the 18th green and there is usually a crowd hanging around to watch players finish, post scores and settle up. So, when it came time for Rex to pay the piper he looks at me and says, " I thought I was through with those damn clubs, but my wallet and keys are in the pond. Give me a beer I'll be back in a minute and he retrieved said clubs to great applause. Priceless


#102 Circaflex



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Posted 13 February 2018 - 11:45 PM

Played this little crappy course in San Clemente, Shorecliffs, on my birthday with some friends. Chunk a shot into a green side bunker and think no big deal, get out and putt for par. Well, I bladed it bad and hit the lip of the trap or just below it and there was this concrete slab somewhat hidden by dirt, ball shot right back and hit me just above my right eye. I dropped like a sack of potatoes. The socket was bruised to hell for a while. The worst part is, this one time bunker event ruined my sand game, not that I had much of it before, but I could not commit to any sort of shot from the bunker. It was terrible.

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Posted 14 February 2018 - 09:08 AM

Two occasions spring to mind:

1) 4th hole on my home course at the time--handicap #1 signature hole, miss fairway to the left and end up next to a small tree. Still have a shot, but tree is obstructing my backswing a bit. Take a practice swing, two, three, and then it's a blur. Next thing I know I'm on my stomach and am army crawling as fast as I can.  Then the pain hits.  And then I hear the noise.  The buzzing of hundreds of angry wasps, whose nest I had apparently just hit with my backswing. Ended up with 5 pretty sizable stings on various parts of my body, and lucky it wasn't worse.  Meanwhile, my wife, who happens to be driving the cart for me this round, is across the fairway and has literally no idea what's going on or why I'm on the ground...

2) Playing at a friend's private club, and we've just hit our drives on the 18th.  There's a stream you have to cross to get to the fairway, and the cart path runs parallel to the stream and then takes a sharp left turn over the bridge. So I'm driving along and take the turn going just a touch too fast.  We hit the threshold to the bridge which I've just noticed is sharply raised about 2 inches from the path.  Apparently the impact of hitting the curb too hard somehow breaks the linkage between the steering column and wheels, and so I lose the ability to turn the cart back to straight.  With the wheels still cut left, the cart rams against the left bridge support.  My left foot, meanwhile, is angled such that my toe is hanging out of the cart by an inch or two.  It catches the steel support and gets wrenched back behind me, and then smashed between the cart and the railing.  I lay on the ground on the other side of the fairway for a few minutes, thinking I've just sprained my ankle (which I am accustomed to from years of basketball) and that it will be better in a few.  About 10 minutes later I'm able to get up gingerly.  I then like an idiot decide that I'm finishing my round as I'm already on the 18th.  I manage to somehow hit a sweet shot from 160 onto the green using the borrowed hickory clubs I'm playing this round (first and only time I've ever played hickories), and putt out.

Turns out I broke both my ankle and my foot in two places.  Spent the next month on crutches and then another month or so in the boot.  My wife also happened to be in the cart with me for this one as well.  Needless to say she doesn't ride with me much anymore.


#104 Lord Helmet

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Posted 14 February 2018 - 09:21 AM

View PostRickKimbrell, on 11 December 2017 - 08:36 PM, said:

Well, here are my 3.
1. Marking my ball on par 3 green.  Failed to realize, guy added to our group was left handed.  So instead of being on his back side, he was facing me.  He hits a skull shank out of the bunker and nails me square in the forehead right at my hair line.  I go down like a ton of bricks, blood everywhere.  Wait it out about 10 minutes, and then resume play...finished the round. How to avoid it....pay attention to where you are standing and whether other player is left or right handed.
2. Hitting 7iron steep sidehill approach shot into green from rough.  Club unearths a big rock, bending the 7 iron face so far open it looked like a wedge.  Sprained wrist as a result...out for over 2 months. How to avoid...not sure I could have.  Could not see rock and I take pretty good divots.
3.  Altercation - apologize for it being long. Me and B-I-L get paired up with a single.  On hole 7, par 5, I am chipping up to green and a ball comes flying into us, one hop and hits me on the ankle.  No yelling fore...nada.  The single with us, steps up to that ball and hits it back up the fairway towards the foursome that hit it.  Here they come, yelling and screaming.  Guy is yelling at me.  Told him, you hit me and I was not the one who hit the ball back towards you.  Well, course is a down and back layout so we see them often.  They are drinking heavily and every time they get near us they start yelling at us.  This all culminates on 18 tee box.  17 green is just beside the tee box (actually dangerously close).  As I am mid swing, the jerk yells out and I pull up barely hitting the ball off the toe of my driver.  It bounces down near him.  He takes a wedge and chips the ball back at me.  It hits the ground and bounces up and I hit it flush with my driver sending it sailing just past his ear.  The guy is visibly shaken. B-I-L walks over to him and says "Enough is enough.  He just almost killed you and you need to realize who you are screwing with.  He has been shot, stabbed and snake bit twice and is still alive.  He WILL kill you."   We go into grill after 18, never saw them again.   How to avoid it....hmmm, Maybe I should have just pulled my pistol out of my bag and shot the idiot.  :)

You sir, just got added to my dream 4-some list.
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#105 driveandputtmachine


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Posted 14 February 2018 - 10:03 AM

I've been playing since I could walk, so roughly 41 years and only have a few.
1. Roadhouse Round - High School junior year I was a bit of a hot head.  We had moved to a new conference and I was playing in our number one position with a guy I knew and two guys from the new conference.  One of the new guys was bragging on the range and even said on the first tee he would breeze through the new conference and would crush everyone.  5th tee box I am 2 under par and he clears his throat loudly during my swing.  Luckily it didn't bother me too much and I made a par.  The on six tee box he does it again and I say nothing.  Then on the 7th tee it happens again, I am 3 under and he is four over at this point.  I look over and let him know if he does it again we'll be having a conversation after the round.  The other two playing partners have distanced themselves from him and are egging me on saying that they'll have my back about him trying to mess me up.  On the 9th hole(our last) I am the last to hole out for a 2 under round and he shot 5 over, he puts his left hand out to shake my hand, and I grab it and lay him out in the fringe of the green.  The other two guys tell the coaches what happened and that I warned him not to do it again.  I never got in trouble.  That kid finished 15th in the conference that year.
2.  Wild Goose Chase - playing at Landfall I watch a buddy get hooked by a goose after it chased him.  The next day I get chased by the goose.  Running with a bag on your back is difficult.  The next day the same goose chases a different guy in our group, hooks him and then no more goose.  All I saw was a club swing from about 60 yards left.  That guy was the fourth person the goose had hooked that week.
3. Shoulder bump.  Our high school team had roughly 5 or 6 decent golfer and then about 4 complete hacks.  We helped them and one ended up becoming a good player.  One that wasn't good, was chipping on the side of the putting green, tried to play a huge flop shot and skulled it into my shoulder.  It was close to a full swing with a sand wedge and hurt like s***.I chased him down the first fairway, but I am slow and he is not.  The adrenaline and the fact that I was only 16 made the pain go away and we played together about 10 minutes later.
4. Dead Solid Perfect - Three years ago playing the Frog outside of Atlanta(number 4) I yanked my drive down in a hollow left of the fairway bunkers and was a long way out.  I couldn't see the green, but had an aiming point and told my buddy I was going for the green and to let me know when the group ahead had gotten in their carts.  Just a little while later he said I was clear.  I hit the best 2 iron I have ever hit in my life.  As I run up the incline I see the group still on the green, I yell four and the ball hits the ground and ricochets off one the rear end of the most overweight men I have ever seen on a golf course and ends up three feet away.  I make my buddy go and apologize with me since he told me to hit and I couldn't see the green.  They were cool and I bought the guy a beer when the cart girl came around a hole later and had her go up and give him a couple of whatever he wanted.
5. Run away Train - In all my years I have never seen a cart injury or accident.  Last year I watched a guy run over in a golf cart, by accident, by his playing partner.  Had I not been looking at the cart, it would've hit me too.  The guy hit the gas instead of the brakes while moving the cart to let another group get by at the beginning of a shotgun start.

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Posted 16 February 2018 - 12:18 PM

I'm pretty sure I almost died on the course in high school.  An absolutely huge dude on my team bombed a duck hook into the fairway to the left of the hole he was aiming at.  I was lucky enough to be in that fairway.  It screamed a couple inches in front of my eyes to the point where I could feel the air move.  If I had been 4-6 inches farther up the fairway a screaming duck hook from a dude who hit it over 300 would've nailed me right in the temple.  That would have been, well, bad...

Luckily, nothing has actually happened, knock on wood.


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