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Electric cart - Powakaddy or Motocaddy or ...

electric cart

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Posted 06 December 2017 - 11:39 AM

Thinking of purchasing one so this thread is very useful. Love walking the course but not having to lug the clubs would be great. I recently played where my clubs were on a cart but my buddies non playing wife rode in the cart. So I had the best of both worlds. Get to walk the course and just grab the club for the shot when you need it. Felt so much fresher after the round. Got me thinking an electric trundler wiuld be perfect.

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Posted 11 December 2017 - 02:11 PM

I'm really intrigued by these things, particularly the ones that follow you.


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Posted 14 December 2017 - 05:55 PM

Any reviews of E-Z-Go Cruiser trolleys?


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Posted 14 December 2017 - 06:36 PM

I bought the Motocaddy M1 a few years ago and have never had a problem. I heard horror stories about people with remote control models where the button would get accidentally pushed while in their pocket, sending the cart who knows were, so I wanted the simplicity and control of a push button model. The battery life has been great, even when used sporadically (maybe less than 10 times a year here in San Diego since most tee times come with cart). And like others have said it folds down compactly and is easy to store.

And I'm not sure how DHC works but what I do when going downhill is to just turn OFF the power on the cart and walk it down the incline while holding the handles, then push the button again at the bottom to resume operation. Intuitive and takes less than a second.

I bought the seat as well which is great. It's easy to take on/off and includes a storage area under the seat cushion. I can't say the same about their cup and umbrella holders, however, which are poorly designed. The cup holder is too narrow to fit a standard sized thermos. About the only thing you can fit in there is a small water bottle, so I bought a Clickgear cooler bag and attached that to the frame to hold it.  And the umbrella holder adjusts the angle using small plastic teeth that are fine for the scorecard holder (which I also have), but with a heavy object like an umbrella they can't hold the angle and so the umbrella comes crashing down while going over terrain. I am currently looking to see if I can fit a Clickgear umbrella holder on it. Other than these issues, though, the cart is well-built and worth it if you like to walk but hate pushing a cart or carrying your clubs.

Also there's a built-in smartphone holder and USB port for charging your phone, which works but I found that the holder is too narrow to fit some of the wider phones out there, so you kinda have to semi wedge it in at an angle to hold it in place.

One last caveat is that some of the stand bags won't fit on the cart due to the curved design at the top of some bags. I'm not sure about other electric carts but it seems the length from the base to the bag holders on the M1 is pretty long (longer than Clickgear for example). As a result my Sun Mountain 3.5 is about an inch too short so the holders hit my irons instead of the bag and I have to keep on readjusting the bag so that the highest point on the bag is hitting the holders (which unfortunately is not at the place where the legs are).

My only other option is to move my clubs to a different bag when I take the cart, which I've been planning to do but keep forgetting since my clubs are always in my car so I'm constantly faced with the same problem every time I walk lol.

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Posted 15 December 2017 - 12:31 AM

Here is a short review of the Motocaddy M1 DHC.

One of the rounds I played was on an extremely hilly course, so that really tested the DHC feature. The DHC option works great when going downhill, I would definitely get the DHC if you are playing hilly courses. If you are not getting DHC, then consider getting a trolley with a remote control, if it runs away, then you could at least slow it down using the remote control instead of running after it.

The M1 folds down to a very compact size, it really folds up very small, in fact I think it folds up more compactly that my ClicGear 3.0 cart, I am very happy with this as this was one of the primary factors for spending more on the M1 than the S1 cart.

Regarding actually folding and unfolding the trolley, I think it is a very simple procedure once you have done it a couple of times and I would not be concerned about this at all. I do like the fact that the handle height is adjustable on this trolley.

While going uphill on really steep slopes, it does have a tendency to tip backwards and it did do that once on me, so after that I have to make sure that I am tending to it when it is going up steep slopes. One other factor maybe that my cart bag is very heavy as well, I am using a Bennington QO-12 bag that is 12 lbs in weight by itself and is a pretty tall bag.

On gentle slopes, there is no issue for tipping backwards. So, overall I am fine with having to tend it on really steep slopes.

Battery performance has been good even on the hilly course, I bought just the standard 18 hole lithium battery, it had plenty of juice left after every round that I have played as yet.

I like the integrated device holder that it comes with (it also has a USB charger in there that I have not tried out as yet), the holder can expand out to hold your GPS device or phone and is very convenient.

The one thing I do miss on this cart is the storage net and compartment that I have on my ClicGear 3.0, those compartments are so useful for storing tees, balls, rangefinder and snacks. I will have to explore some optional accessory to get a storage compartment going for this cart. BTW, the C2 has a small storage compartment, but then it is missing the integrated device cradle.

The ADF feature is nice, which allows you to send out the cart ahead of you in 15, 30 or 45 yard increments, I have only used this on flat fairways as yet and it works pretty well.

Front wheel is very easy to align, it has two small dials on the fork that holds the wheel, I did the alignment on the course the first time out and it has been tracking pretty straight since then.

Overall, I am very happy with this purchase, as I love to walk, and this will allow me to walk the hilly courses without getting tired and having to push my cart.

Hope this feedback helps you in making a decision, I could have gone either way as well, but ended up with the M1 DHC.


#36 jerebear21


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Posted 10 January 2018 - 03:26 PM

I just bought a powakaddy C2

I'll write a review after it comes.
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#37 jerebear21


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Posted 15 January 2018 - 08:48 AM

Don't mean to hijack but I'll go ahead and highlight the Powakaddy C2 for those on the fence as well.

Powakaddy C2

One of my concern was reliability with electrical push carts.  The distributor for Motocaddy, powakaddy and stewart is golf direct in illinois.  I contact him and communication was fantastic.  He reassure me about the product and that they have a warehouse full of parts for anything that could go wrong.  The fixes are very easy and do-it-yourself.  The lithium battery will last me longer than what they recommended.

Upon using the C2, you can really tell it's very well built.  I didn't want a flimsy piece of junk that can't handle the wear and tear after a couple years.  These things are done right.  Folding was a 3-step process.  It was compact and the main reason I picked this over the FW7s. I do regret this after seeing the FW7s had a grey market for lithium battery at a cheaper price point than what powakaddy was offering.  The FW7s also had a chair to sit down whereas the C2 is not compatible with this accessory.  I got the umbrella holder, drink holder and card holder for free from direct.  

My club isn't as hilly as some folks here but I was always worried about not having enough power so I went with the 230w motor.  Powakaddy's current line up FW3 and FW5 uses the 200w motor similar to motocaddy.  The only bigger motor in the powakaddy's lineup was the C2 and FW7s.  The C2 uses a smaller lithium battery than the FW7s which shares same battery as FW3 and FW5.  After playing 18 holes, I still had 2/3 of the battery remaining and I'm sure I could have gotten 33-34 holes out of one charge from just the 18 hole lithium.  My course is relatively flat and I had my powakaddy on speed 3 out of 9;  The 230w engine didn't need that much power to go(fast pace was 4, nice and steady was 3 on greens and rough).  It was one of the best walk of my life without a caddy holding my bag. The 200w engine would be more than enough for most people.  I just had to have the best.

You honestly don't need a remote for these carts which is one more thing to worry about if something went wrong.  I just press the button and let it coast down the fairway.  My playing partner was carrying his sunday bag and he was pretty tired but it was just a small walk for me.  I don't understand why electric push carts isn't more popular in the US but it honestly would make rounds faster.  Almost no fatigue at the end of the round and I could have played another 18.  I will likely buy a GoKart for my wife or guests that comes to my club.  

I don't think you can go wrong with powakaddy or motorkaddy.  Both are top of the line from well known companies.  Very well built.

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