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Vice Pro, Pro Plus, and Pro Soft review

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#1 hammergolf



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Posted 16 June 2017 - 01:23 PM

Had a good practice session last night chipping and pitching the Vice golf balls. A little about myself, played college golf and short game has always been a strength of mine. I've started to play much more again my 2 hdcp is trending back down to where it was a few years ago. I have been very interested in the Vice balls and bought the trial pack. First off let me say these balls are GREAT! They are as good or better than anything else I have tried.....

PRO PLUS- Just like the Pro V1X. In fact if the balls had no logos I don't think I could tell the difference. Lower trajectory, very high spin, slightly clicky feel. Performed really well.

PRO- Just like the Pro V1. Nice feel, slightly higher launch, slightly lower spin. Once again if the balls had no logos I would not be able to tell you which is which.

PRO SOFT- Very similar to Chrome Soft. Not quite as soft, but still higher trajectory with a little less spin than the other two balls. Had a little more spin than Chrome soft though.

I will be going out tonight to do long game testing on these and will do some more short game testing comparing the Vice balls to the Titleist, TaylorMade, and Srixon counterparts.

If the long game testing goes well, one of these Vice balls will be my new gamer. The exact same or better performance at almost half the price? That's a no brainer. More to come.....

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#2 WKYTrooper



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Posted 19 June 2017 - 12:27 PM

I've done a lot of testing lately as well. I've always been a Titliest guy but last year decided I was going to the B330S. Now I've thrown the VIce in the mix and I'm leaning toward the Pro+. I'm having a hard time deciding.

Let me know about the long game comparisons with the different models and how they compared on pitches from 100 and in. Feel off the putter, greenside spin, and pitches inside 100 are my biggest points to decide. I feel like most balls are equal in distance but let me know what you find.
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#3 Newbs24



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Posted 20 June 2017 - 07:02 AM

Ordered their selected dozen off Amazon... Excited to give them a run in league


#4 8overpar



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Posted 20 June 2017 - 07:48 AM

I have played the Pro Plus on and off for a year or so. ProV1X has been my ball forever. The last round I played the ball stood up very well to lower iron/wedge shots. I find, at least in this dozen, the feel between the ProV1 and the X on all shots. I had to put a new ball in play after 14 holes due to an OB tee ball and it's in good enough shape for me to tee it up next round. After a 125yd 52 degree wedge it held up well. If you have never played on Champions Dwarf Bermuda you need a ball that spins, this ball does fine. Good thing about these greens is there is hardly a pitch mark either. If you do make one you almost bend your divot tool repairing it.
Another reason I bought an additional 3 dozen is price and I don't have to worry about is "Hey, what number Titleist are you playing?".
Inside 100 yards the ball responds well. For me under 100yds and chipping I always us my 52. It's just how I grew up playing. It's always had a couple of bounces and checked. Par 3 at 187 and used a 6 iron, I think it hit and went forward about 2'.  Last hole on Sunday I had 77yds to a front pin and it ended up being a "gimmee", knocked that in for a bird and -1 for the back nine.  I do have 2 dozen older (2013-14 run) ProV1 that I won in a raffle recently that need some attention too, but I think the Vice Pro Plus is my ball now.
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#5 Pexeter



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Posted 20 June 2017 - 08:03 AM

Love the Pro +, especially the lime color, very unique

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#6 hammergolf



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Posted Today, 02:35 PM

OK, had a chance to do long game testing on these.

PRO SOFT- To be honest, this is the ball that I wanted to like. A little different looking at the matte finish. Ball does get very dirty, but wipes clean. As far as performance goes, GREAT feel on full shots and driver. Not as soft, rubbery, or mushy as Chrome Soft, but definitely softer than other premium balls. I would describe this feel as in between Pro V1 and Chrome Soft. I noticed a little flatter traj off the driver then I expected, but distance was good. Mid irons held their line well, stopped fine with nice soft feel. Launch was a little higher than what I am used to, but not ballooning. The thing I did not like was spin off the full and 3/4 wedges. As stated before, inside 100 yds is the strength of my game. Had a 63 yd shot out of light rough. With other balls, normally I would hit that shot to carry around 55yds and release out about 5yds. Hit a good clean shot, and since it was a blind shot I assumed it was going to be a good one. When I got to the green, I saw my pitch mark at about 56yds and the ball was on the back fringe about 20ft behind the hole. It had released about 15yds. Also had a bunker shot on a previous hole that released much more than normal. Although I liked the feel and full shot performance, I had to take this out because of the lack of short game spin. And honestly was not a big fan of the matte finish. I could be wrong, but with the gloss finish you can almost feel the "grip" and friction the ball has, but with the matte finish I did not feel that.

PRO PLUS- It is a firmer, and clicky feeling ball off all shots, but not any different than Pro V1X, TP5X, or other similar balls. A little flatter off the driver than what I am used to, but very similar distance. Seems to carry a little less but run out and land a little hotter. Overall distance for me was similar to the other balls I played. Launch off the irons is similar to other balls and distance was the same. From 100 yds and in this ball is very good. Feels a little firmer, but good controlled spin. I liked the ball's performance a lot. Very good stopping power, spin and distance control, good distance, good durability. Nothing at all wrong with this ball. It is as good as anything on the market, I'm just a fan of a softer feeling ball.

PRO- This was the winner for me. Very good feel. Not soft or hard. just right. Nice launch, good distance. Very good off the irons. Stopping power was on par with any other ball in this category. Inside 100yds, ball was exactly what I like. I did notice that durability is actually better than other balls I have played. I hit some full wedges that would normally scar the ball a little, but the Vice showed no scuffing. Had a74 yd wedge shot from the fairway that was hop, stop, and drew back to ball mark. EXACTLY what I like in a ball. It is such an advantage to be able to control the spin, and I was able to do that with this ball. Some other balls, (Pro V1x, etc) it's hard to control the ball and not have it spinning too much on wedge shots. I spoke about the wedge shot I hit with the Pro soft from out of the slight rough. I went back to the same spot later and hit the same shot. This one from 63 yds did exactly what I thought, landed at about 56yds and released about 5yds. Basically, this ball is as good and maybe more durable than the balls I normally play. Factor in that I can get them at $25dz and that makes it a no brainer.

I'm going to be teeing it up again this weekend and looking forward to putting the Vice Pro into play!
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#7 shuddleston


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Posted Today, 06:20 PM

I'm supposed to receive my pro plus Monday. These reviews just make me want them sooner
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