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Your Best Round Ever....What Stands Out?

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#451 rcurley55



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Posted 21 January 2019 - 01:33 AM

I played my best round on a links style course I didn’t know. I’m an 18, so I was focused on breaking 90 for months. I skipped my normal warmup (just hit a few chips) and went to the first tee.

By the turn my friends knew I was having a round and sort of left me alone. Short of two errant drives, I was in or near the fairway and pin high most of the day. Short game was on point too and I made a few putts.

A few things I can remember:
- it’s the first time I played a round without hitting driver
- I braved poison oak and hit a crazy recovery shot to save one stroke
- I didn’t want anyone to tell me my score. I made a double on 16 and was worried my goal was out of reach
- 18 requires a tee shot over a canyon to a blind, elevated fairway. When I hit that fairway, I was confident I could get my number

When all was said and done, asked my buddy if I broke 90. He told me I killed it and was mid 80s. I shot a 85 (7 strokes under my personal best). I was over the moon when we finally added them up in bar. One of my favorite days ever on a course.

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#452 electroleum


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Posted 21 January 2019 - 04:25 PM

Second-last year of high school. Shot a 5-under 61 at my school's "home course". We didn't host tournaments there, because it was a shorter course and only par 66, but we practiced there every day.

Two things stood out on that round:

1) I bogeyed the easiest hole on the course. Like, it's a stupid easy par 3. Straight & flat. I chunked my tee shot, flubbed a chip, got it on, and one putted for a 4.
2) I eagled the 15th hole in spectacular fashion. It's about a 260 yard par 4 from the back tees, and it's a pretty daunting approach, regardless of whether or not you try and go for it in 1. I striped a 2 iron and landed it about 20-25 feet from the hole. Unfortunately, my ball came to rest on a really slippery ridge on the green, and my put had to go uphill and almost away from the hole before it could snake its way down...but I somehow dropped it.

Haven't come even remotely close to that score since then. I think my next best round was 75 or 76

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Posted 22 January 2019 - 08:28 AM

I can very honestly say that I don't even remember my best round, score or anything.   I can remember a handful of really good, or really bad shots over the years, not much more than that.   If I think hard, a few random rounds come to mind, mostly if I was playing with my dad, or won a tournament in high school, or something like that.  I have never really been one of those guys who can remember shot by shot rounds, or that course you played once a few years ago, stuff like that doesn't stick in my head.  Hell, I have a hard time remembering what my score was on the last hole, (seriously)


#454 JimmyH76



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Posted 22 January 2019 - 10:01 AM

My best round ever started out with wicked shanks on the practice range. Not just a couple hozel rockets, but every shot! One of those “what is going on here” moments and after a dozen or so that seemed to be headed dangerously sideways across the range, I decided it would be safer to putt a little. I had absolutely no expectations for my round.

When the marshal called for our tee time, I stepped up on the tee box and ripped a drive leaving a wedge and 2 putts for par. Ok, not sure where that came from, surprising but I’ll take it! Fast forward through the round and I shot 35-38 for a score of 73!

I think I missed 2 fairways, had 13 GIR, and my short game and putting was on fire.

I learned a valuable lesson that day of my best round that if I can get out of my own way (over-thinking/over-trying) and just let things happen, the results can be pretty satisfying.


#455 asofine



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Posted 22 January 2019 - 03:41 PM

So I just crunched some data on my best & worst 20 rounds recorded. I currently play off of 8. My scoring average in my best 20 rounds was 79.1, compared to 90.2 in my worst 20 rounds.


- In my 20 best rounds, I averaged 46% GIR (~8/rd.) compared to 23% (~4/rd.) in worst - I thought my GIR % in my best rounds would be higher

- In my 20 best rounds, I scrambled at a rate of 34%, compared to 13% in my worst 20 rounds


- In my 20 best rounds, I averaged 32 putts/rd., compared to 34 putts/rd. in my worst 20 rounds - I thought this discrepancy would be larger

- In my 20 best rounds, I made 54% FIR, compared to 47% in my worst 20 rounds (further proof this statistic is borderline useless)

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#456 AC in TX

AC in TX

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Posted 23 January 2019 - 10:37 AM

No triples, no lost balls, no hero shots, took an extra club on danger holes, no four putts, stayed in the short grass - drove it straight all day ... the few times I have broken 100 from the blue tees.
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#457 sdandrea



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Posted 23 January 2019 - 10:46 AM

No double bogeys, hit most fairways, chipping and putting game was beyond reality.  Had some good luck as well.  Shot a 3 under 68 as an 11 handicapper.   The cup looked like it was 3' in diameter. I was playing a set of Adam's max game improvement irons too, which I promptly sold in WRX fashion.
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#458 basic



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Posted 25 January 2019 - 06:42 PM

View PostSkippy405, on 06 June 2017 - 04:04 PM, said:

In our little weekly men's league this past week, a couple of us got to talking about our best round of golf.

Immediately, I thought back to the 13th hole. It's par 3, the #1 handicap hole on the course, with a couple front bunkers, OB right, trees left. It measures at 190 to the middle. That day there was a pretty good breeze, probably 10-12 mph coming into our face and left to right, pushing any ball that gets hung out right, OB. I was vividly aware of my current lifetime best score within grasp, and frantically attempting not to visualize it disappearing with a push/fade that drifts OB, carrying my tears of despair with it. I pulled a 5 iron, I remember thinking to myself that it is definitely a full, hard 5 with the wind, maybe even a 4. If I go with the 4, and try to make a nice, easy swing, the chances of me blocking it increase, whereas my miss when I try to jump on one is almost always a pull hook. Obviously not the best line of thinking when trying to make a golf shot, I'm aware. I pure the 5 with a gentle draw, landing it softly on the center of the green. I wish I could end this tale with a 18' right to left breaker that died in the center of the cup, but I was completely satisfied with a two putt par. Of all the golf shots that day that led to my best round ever, that 5 iron sticks in my mind the most.

I would like to hear some of your stories, what shots did you make, or maybe you caught a good break on a bad swing, that eventually led to your best round?

Hit terrible and made everything I looked at. -7


#459 OTT



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Posted 26 January 2019 - 04:46 PM

Shot level par. And honestly nothing really stood out apart from the fact I remember not having 1 single Technical swing thought.. I accepted everything that came my way. Got up and down a bunch of times. Didn't bother me if I missed greens and I wasn't striking it all that well.. but I kept it in play.. suffice to say it's been a while but I'm slowly learning to play like that again.


#460 DeacLaw05



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Posted 06 February 2019 - 12:16 AM

I can’t call it a best round, but I had a pretty good stretch today.  With the unseasonably warm temperatures this week in NC, it seemed a good time to get out and play with shorts on.  Was able to get in a late afternoon nine with some friends.  We didn’t tee off until almost 4:30, so getting done before dark was almost out of the question.  I bogeyed the first hole and made double on the last (a downhill par 3 in easily the darkest conditions I have played in—it wasn’t pitch black yet, but it was awfully close to it).  

My scores on holes two through eight were as follows: par - 🐦 - 🐦 - 🐦 - par - 🐦 - 🐦.  I have never had a barrage of birdies at one time like that before.  What was most notable is something I have gleaned from my best previous rounds—they almost always come when I have really good iron and wedge play.  I was able to get into decent positions off the tee, and then stuck my wedges and irons close.  The longest putt I made in that stretch was around 15 feet.  Everyrhing else was inside 10.  Ended up posting 34, which I have done a few times before (but certainly never with a double bogey on the card).

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#461 Tocgolfer



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Posted 06 February 2019 - 03:45 AM

Best round for long time 5 birdies 7 pars 4 bogies and 2 double bogies .


#462 andrue


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Posted 06 February 2019 - 04:28 AM

I got to the 18th tee at my club (par 70) with a gross score of 74. I was looking at breaking 80 off the standard tees for the first time ever.

The 18th at my club is a little tricky. It's a long(ish) par 4 and the green is narrow front to back and on a slight platform. As a result I have to lay up just before the bunkers so that I can attempt a wedge in. It is also tree lined and a bit narrow initially so you have to be careful with your drive.

It's typically a double bogey for me but on this particular day my ball striking had been phenomenal. I'd hardly put a foot wrong and in fact had pulled off several great shots. I was in the zone! So I rocked up to the tee with my driver in hand, and decided to go for it. Maybe I'd actually be able to attempt a GIR for once but at least I'd finish with another great drive.

So I let fly..and put a lovely push fade on the ball sending it towards the trees on the right :(

That cost me a punch out then I had to do my usual layup and I two putted out for a double bogey.

So I walked off with 80. Still a very nice score - and the joint best ever. But I failed to break 80 because I got too cocky. Hey ho :)

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Posted 07 February 2019 - 10:47 AM

Short Game

I could not miss with the putter and wedges. I had 12 one putts. I shot a 63
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Posted 10 February 2019 - 06:05 AM

I didn't take my driver to the course and played 3 wood off the tee
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Posted 10 February 2019 - 01:00 PM

I don't remember too many details from my best round, it was pretty boring. Just remember trying to make smooth swings and good contact and not worry about where the ball ended up. I was taking an extra club on almost every approach shot and hitting it easy all day.

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Posted 14 February 2019 - 10:42 AM

Calmness, never felt pressure

Clarity, did a lot better job of placing my shots for a better next shot

Confidence, birdied 1, which is the number 1 handicap and usually gives me problems

Cart Partner, playing with a 2-3 HC guy that really helped me stay on track

Lastly a little good luck!  Shot a 76 that day it was maybe my 10-11th time ever in the 70’s
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Posted 15 February 2019 - 09:09 PM

It an club tournament series scored like the FedEx cup playoff. I can't forget lipping out an 18" tap in because I was too casual about the putt. That still bugs me.  

Biggest and best memory is the Ace on our 17th hole. Never saw it go in because the setting sun was creating a glare off the green. Helped me win the "net" division that year.
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#468 LUMA


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Posted 15 February 2019 - 09:58 PM

It's usually putting. When I have days where I make literally effing everything, its game over.

To be honest, the combo of finding fairways off the tee and getting up and down/putting puts me in the low 70's or better. You won't be pin hunting on every approach shot so that wedge and putter game around the green needs to be strong.

You want low scores, find fairways, and get up and down around the green.
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#469 Golftoday70



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Posted 15 February 2019 - 11:46 PM

Had a bogey


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