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Best shot/worst shot from your last round

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Posted 04 October 2017 - 01:11 AM

6i into a par 5, water left, wind howling right to left, about 190 to the center, pin was back left, hit a nice high cut that started right center and the wind took it left center and released left of the hole, pin high, 12 ft for eagle, missed the putt. Tap in for bird.

Pw into a par 3, 145, dead down wind, I tried jumping on the pw and came over the top and hit it thin, way left, thankfully a bunker saved it from being in the thicket.  Downhill bunker shot to a tiered green and the pin was back right on lower tier, got cute and left bunker shot in the rough, hit a really good chip to 6 ft and saved bogey.

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Posted 09 October 2017 - 06:24 AM

Best shot: 6i from 170 yards. The fairway rose gradually upward then dropped abruptly down to the green for the last ten yards. All I could see was the top of the flag. Beautiful flight, but at the end the ball disappeared from my view. A few seconds later my buddy who was on the lower tier of the fairway shouted "Bloody hell!" I walked up to the green and my ball was a foot from the pin :)

Worst shot: This one made me swear. My buddy had just striped one straight down the middle of the fairway with his driver. I didn't. I topped the ball and it ball bounced off the front of the tee box then veered left into shrubbery less than ten yards away.

But it was a very good day in the end. Aside from the really bad drive and a few pushed drives (recovered from all of them) everything went well. Walked away with 85. Gorgeous day as well - shorts and tee shirt second week of October? Yes please :)

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Posted 09 October 2017 - 08:13 AM

Best Shot: Heavenwood to 7 feet on a 220 yd Par 3.  Lipped out the birdie, of course. But that's not the point!
Worst Shot:  Hit a drive to left center of the fairway, leaving me only 125 to the pin.  My playing partner decides to reverse his cart (beep beep f'in beep!) in the middle of my downswing and I pull the shot 5 feet left of the green, about 40 feet off target.

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Posted 09 October 2017 - 01:10 PM

Played in a Ryder Cup style match golf outing Saturday. In my singles match I was up 2 with 2 to play and on the hardest driving hole on the course. OB down the entire Left side, and water to the right. (note: I'm not like the typical WRXer who hits it 330, I max out at about 270 with a really really good roll). I just lost the prior hole to a Birdie and got up and smoked the best drive of the day dead straight 270 right in the center. The ball never moved an inch right or left and I had a 120 left to the pin. Ended up hitting the green and closing out the match.


#575 kmac49


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Posted 12 October 2017 - 05:01 PM

Best - Had 128y into a very front pin, debated on easy 9i or PW and decided to go with the 9 and play a cut off draw 9i, starting about 4y right of the hole and executed it exactly as I envisioned it. It took one little hop off the front fringe and almost went in on the 1st bounce. Ended up settling right behind the hole, maybe 2 ft past for an easy bird.

Worst - 4th is a almost reachable par 4 where I can either lay way back and avoid all the trouble or go after one and try and run it up near the front of the green. I overcooked one and was really fortunate that it didn't go into the hazard left. It was probably 40y off my line and really not very long either. Ugly shot but I got away with it.


#576 orrsome



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Posted Yesterday, 11:46 AM

Best - after hitting a wayward drive on the par 5 16th hole and chipping back to the fairway, hit a 220 yard 5 wood above the hole and drained a left to right 6 footer.

Worst - Next hole, PBF!!!!!  Birdie on previous hole got me back to even on the back.  Hole 17 is a 162 par 3. Hit a toe hook left over the green into the water.  Made a triple!! Then 3 putted 18 for a bogey. 4 over in 2 holes.  Hate this game some times.  LOL!!!  Hit'em straight everyone.


#577 sittingbull



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Posted Yesterday, 09:21 PM

Playing eagle eye 16th hole playing 426 yards..
worst and best on the same hole
Worst shot -- topped a driver off the tee about 15 yard in front of bunch of my buddies
2 min of being harassed  and I bet them all 10 each that I would still par it
3 Wood to 185 yards out and stuck a 5 iron to 6 inches


#578 falken19150


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Posted Yesterday, 09:25 PM

Great topic.

17th par 3 island hole on PGA West. Hit it to a foot and friggen missed the putt. Horrible


#579 andrue



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Posted Today, 02:44 AM

* Best shot - 120 yd approach over a stream on the 18th with the ball stopping less than a yard from the hole. Sadly due to having to lay up for the stream the one putt was only for a par but still very satisfying after..

* Worst shot - a beautiful drive put me a great 115 yards from the pin with a fun approach over another stream to the 17th green. Swung my AW and miss hit it so that it landed in front of the stream and bounced in :(

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#580 jmasselli22



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Posted Today, 03:53 AM

310 yds to the center of the green, driver off the tee sat on the front fringe, sank a 20-25 ft putt for eagle.

Sat 60 yds out, took a lob wedge on a moist ground and absolutely scalped the fairway. Ball went almost straight up and landed 10 yds away in a bunker. My divot went further than the ball.

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Posted Today, 07:50 AM

Best -> Had about 195 out on a par 5 with the wind at my back a touch. Bunker guarding the front of the green, flag was directly behind the bunker, but on the back of the green. Hit my 5 iron perfectly and carried the bunker and the ball came to rest about 20 feet below the hole. Missed the eagle, but tap in birdie. There is just something about a well struck long iron that makes me really happy.

Worst -> Long par four with water up the entire right side. Pulled my drive left and could have laid up, but I wanted to go for the green. Had to curve it around the tree to pull it off. It did not curve, it went splash instead. HA!
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#582 DON SVO


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Posted Today, 09:03 AM

Worst: Took the new driver build (2016 M2, ATTAS 7x MJ prototype shaft) to the course, and the driving range was closed. Don't ask me why, but I left my gamer driver at home and my longest non-driver in the bag currently is a 3i. I went to the 1st tee (424yd par 4) without hitting a single ball with the new driver whatsoever, having any frame of reference for the hosel adjustment that might be needed, and no warm-up and decided to give it a whirl. First tee shot was a straight push, over the trees, over the fence line and into the adjoining neighborhood. Insult to ego made worse: brand spanking new ProV1x.

Best: 175yd par 3 with a middle-back pin location, put my approach shot to 12 feet past the hole (uphill putt) and made the birdie.

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#583 deadsolid...shank


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Posted Today, 10:05 AM

I don't think I had any "best". Singles match of our interclub matchplay and was just awful. Getting six shots (my 4 to his +2)I really thought going in I had a better than average chance of winning.

Boy was I wrong. 5 penalty shots and 36 putts means losing 2 down. Just awful��
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#584 Yanki01



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Posted Today, 10:38 AM

best - a good 160yrd approach shot to 2ft away for a tap in birdie.

worst - snap hook into the woods a couple of times. managed to save par for one of them but not a good feeling when I previously drove the ball very well.
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Posted Today, 10:50 AM

Hi All!

My name is Chris and I work for the Boston Fire Department. We are hosting a tournament on Monday October 23rd at William J. Devine Golf Course at Franklin Park in Dorchester and are looking for people to play! This great event benefits the Boston Fire Department Relief Fund and their mission to support both active and retired firefighters and their families.

If you are interested in golfing or the 50/50 raffle event, click this link: http://www.bfdrelief.org/support/

If you participate in anyway, enter "Chris" in the comment section.

Thank you!


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