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Ever played with a touring pro?

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#181 Lacey Underall

Lacey Underall

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Posted 14 November 2017 - 04:03 PM

I played or caddied for a bunch of guys:  Zach Johnson, Justin Leonard, D.A. Weibring, Fred Funk, D.A. Points, Charlie Rhymer.

But my favorite experience was playing with a bunch of the girls down in Daytona right before the LPGA Q-school.  I was on vacation by myself at LPGA International and all of the girls were playing practice rounds.  After a few days all of the starters knew me pretty well.  So one day I stroll up to the first tee and ask Sam the starter "who ya got for me today?"

First he introduces me to some little hottie that was a 3 time all Big Ten player at Wisconsin (sorry cannot remember her name).  Next up was this tiny little Japanese girl who didn't speak much English.  I started chatting with her caddie and he goes "yeah she is the #1 ranked amateur in the world right now."  The last girl to join walks right up to me and says "Hi, my name is Birdie."  (Birdie Kim 2005 US Open champion).  

That round was a ton of fun.  I was giving them all kinds of trash talk and they gave it right back to me.  I would hit it 50 yards past them from the back tees and then they would roll in a birdie putt and say "see that's why you are not on the men's tour!" I hit on the girl from Wisconsin pretty hard and she played along for most of the round.  Then on the 18th hole she says "you hit it pretty far but my boyfriend could beat you!"

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#182 jacobEDGE


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Posted 14 November 2017 - 04:35 PM

I hit some balls in my backyard with Fuzzy and Daly.


#183 North Texas

North Texas

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Posted 14 November 2017 - 07:15 PM

View PostSheriffBooth, on 13 November 2017 - 09:19 AM, said:

Thread's been cleaned up a bit.  Please keep it rated PG and don't bicker with each other.  Carry on.

SMDH that this thread had to be cleaned up.

How f...ing hard is it to carry on an actual civilized discussion? Jeez people, get over yourselves!


#184 mcs4


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Posted 15 November 2017 - 10:46 AM

Closest I ever got was playing with a couple of college players when I was a kid due to a family connection. I don't remember their names, so I don't know how things turned out for them. The two main things I remember from that experience are:

(1) The enormous, squarish, spaceship heads on their matching Ping drivers, as this is back when driver head size was first exploding but no one I knew was dropping the money on them yet.

(2) Every full shot they both hit, including particularly their drives, had the same trajectory, which I'd never seen anything like at the time: The ball shot out cartoonishly low for most of the shot, then very quickly and steeply climbed to an apex toward the end, and finally dropped straight out of the air softly.
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#185 Dave22



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Posted 16 November 2017 - 12:12 PM

This is a great thread that reminded me of some lucky rounds I had with some pros.

I won a regional tourney as a Junior and got to play in a Sr. CPGA Pro Am in 1988 as part of the prize.

I played ahead of Moe Norman who was paired with a friend behind me in the next group. I watched him hit balls on the range and as a dumb kid wondered how this guy with a weird swing was so special.

I used to hit it far back in the day and had one Par 5 that was so tight off the tee with a dogleg through the trees that I could barely keep my trusty 4 wood in the fairway. I cut the corner and was around 290yds out from the tee. We started walking after I hit my second shot and a ball rolled between us and past us by 20-30 yds.  I looked back and we had no idea where the ball came from as we could not see the tee behind us.

Sure enough, Moe bent a low screamer around the corner with his driver and it followed the bend of the dogleg right down the middle of the fairway over 300yds. Unbelievable unless I saw it myself. I talked to my friend after to see what he shot and he said somewhere between 64 and 68 but hard to tell because he wouldn't wait to putt out sometimes with his impatience. The pro I was with shot 67 and said if Moe finished his rounds (without giving up because he was bored), no one would have a chance.

Looking back, that was way cooler now than at the time.

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#186 Imhappyinthe80s



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Posted 16 November 2017 - 01:57 PM

Played once with a fellow in the Pacific northwest. Short tight local course only about 6400.  I'm the last guy out, just walking and a fellow teams up with, a local. I didn't catch his name, but he had serious game.  He insisted we tee off behind the tips.  Really odd fellow had a ton of knowledge about foreign tours...latin America, Asian European.  Anyway guy shoots a 62 as we walk off 18 I look at his bag, all JDM clubs, no ferrules. I said my goodbyes and said I was sorry but I'm terrible with names. His reply, " Scott, the name is JonesScott"
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#187 PKennedy13



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Posted 16 November 2017 - 02:56 PM

I have played with Steve flesch many times. One time I was playing with him and he was -9 thru 12. Easily on pace for the course record. After he made a par on 13 he left to go play tennis with his wife


#188 Bholden52



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Posted 17 November 2017 - 09:15 AM

I've played and caddied in a Pro Am quite a few times.  It's a good time if the players interact and relax but I totally understand their moods.  The pro-am is a stupid long round and sometimes in really hot weather.   Side note, I don't understand why the PGA won't let them wear shorts during practice and pro-am rounds.  

The story I like to share is back in 2015, Golf Beer Brewing had just come out.  You may remember, the beer brewed by Freddie Jacobsen, Graeme McDowell, and Keegan Bradley.  

We were playing with KJ Choi and were waiting at the 10th tee box, our 1st hole of the day.  As usual, the pro-am was backed up but Freddie was playing in the group in front of us.

So here I am standing next to Freddie and I turn and ask him "So Freddie, did you bring some of your beer to Texas?". He turns and says "Yeah man, you  want some?"  I of course said yes.  He then says "Ok, I'll call my wife and have her bring some out.  I'll leave one for you on the 9th hole." So I am excited and looking forward to trying this beer.

After 2.5 hours, we get to the 9th tee box (what is actually hole number 18) and there was no beer.  I was crushed and disappointed.  During the back 9, I was turning to KJ and his caddie (who is now caddying for Chez Reavie, I know this because I wont forget the huge head and long curly hair.  You can't miss him on TV) and telling them to call Freddie to complain. This was all in good fun of course.  We were having a good time.

So finally, we get to the 9th hole (again, our 18th hole) and we are hitting the 6 hour mark for the round.  The heat has added up and taken it's toll.  I am really ready for a beer.  I walk up the hill and I see this on the tee box (imagine it unopened).....

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#189 jah7838


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Posted 17 November 2017 - 11:34 AM

I played with a guy who has qualified for a few PGA tour events, and it was impressive to watch.  Ball flight was the same on all irons, and his distance control was awesome as well.  Funniest moment of the day was on #9.  He gets up and hammers a soft baby draw around the corner on a dogleg, hops in the cart and goes to handle some business in the bathroom at the clubhouse.  My friend and I play out the hole, and as we're about to putt out, he comes back.  He proceeds to hop out the cart and stuff a wedge in there for a tap in par.  I also learned a lot that day about course management.  He just put himself in great position all day to attack pins or in the right spot on the green for an easy par.
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#190 kylesilk


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Posted 17 November 2017 - 01:00 PM

View Postjah7838, on 17 November 2017 - 11:34 AM, said:

I played with a guy who has qualified for a few PGA tour events, and it was impressive to watch.  Ball flight was the same on all irons, and his distance control was awesome as well.  Funniest moment of the day was on #9.  He gets up and hammers a soft baby draw around the corner on a dogleg, hops in the cart and goes to handle some business in the bathroom at the clubhouse.  My friend and I play out the hole, and as we're about to putt out, he comes back.  He proceeds to hop out the cart and stuff a wedge in there for a tap in par.  I also learned a lot that day about course management.  He just put himself in great position all day to attack pins or in the right spot on the green for an easy par.

Dang....how long was that Par 3....lol

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#191 ferrispgm


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Posted 17 November 2017 - 06:19 PM

I used to work at a club where an old pro was the head pro and later made a member.  Tommy Valentine was his name, sadly passed away now from cancer.  He was in his mid-late 50's when I knew him but I believe he lead the tour in total driving for a few years when he was on tour during the late 70's thru mid 80's.  It was my first or second week on the job and my first round playing the course.  Naturally everyone there talked about him from my first day so I already knew who he was.  So I'm playing with the new head pro and TV shows up on the 4th hole which is this weird dogleg right par 5. Naturally he looks at me and says, "well kid, let's see what you got".  I'm borderline shaking as I have never played with anyone in his caliber before.  I get up and literally hit one of the best drives I hit that year, just smoked it 315 into a soft fairway with a baby draw.  He looked at me and said "****, I guess we go ourselves a player here"  He proceeded to hit one rail straight that was right in line with my ball maybe 5 yards back....keep in mind, i was 22 he was probably like 58 give or take a year......The rest of the round he literally hit every fairway, maybe a 5 yard curve on 1 or 2 drives at most...I have never seen anyone drive the ball on a rope that well...and every one was 290+....He shot 70 mainly because he flew 4 greens with wedges (apparently wedges were his downfall on tour also) which is a no no there...Just a crazy good ball-striker and a real guys guy.  He also told me several funny stories about blowing the overnight lead in tournaments or being near the lead and going to the bar Saturday night and getting hammered and doing various other non drug related things that i won't mention here lol
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#192 RobotDoctor


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Posted 17 November 2017 - 07:27 PM

Closest I’ve come to playing with a PGA Tour player is a player who had his Nike Tour conditional card (now Web.com). Played Riverdale Dunes Golf Course in Brighton, CO back in the mid 90s.  All I remember was that we played from the back tees, he was steady, shot 1 or 2 under or so. I shot 74 or 75 and was about comparable in distance. He was more consistent and had a really good short game as he was a bit off on his drives.  He beat my butt without even trying as he was working on his game, not score.  I was trying to beat his butt.  Not a chance in the world.  If he wanted to really play he could have shot 65.
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#193 hawgsalot



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Posted 28 November 2017 - 02:22 PM

Play with a current pga tour winner and past pga tour pro probably 30 rounds a year.  There's a lot of differences but the biggest is the short game and putting  It's just amazing how good those guys are on and around the greens.  They've given me hundreds of tips and lessons but my best is their average.  Great buddies and great representatives of the game.


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