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Wanted to Buy Forum

The intent of the GolfWRX Buy/Sell/Trade Forum (“BST”) is to create a safe haven for our members to buy, sell and trade their equipment for personal use.  Honor and integrity are important principles at GolfWRX, and the conduct of members in BST is no exception.


However, GolfWRX is not responsible for the content of any listing or the conduct of the listing Member. GolfWRX is not a party to, has no involvement or interest in, makes no representations or warranties as to, and has no responsibility or liability with respect to any communications, transactions, interactions, disputes or any relations whatsoever between you and any other user, person or organization ("your interactions with others"). You must conduct any necessary, appropriate, prudent or judicious investigation, inquiry, research or due diligence with respect to your interactions with others.


The BST will be managed by GolfWRX Marshals and Volunteer Moderators and all Rules must be followed and will be strictly enforced.  Violation of any BST Rules or Board Rules may result in suspension or revocation of BST rights (Board Rules are linked HERE).  Furthermore, BST listings that do not comply with the Rules will be deleted without notice.



  1. Members must have 75 Official posts to create a new listing in BST.  Active posts are not the same as Official posts; for example, posts in BST or the 19th Hole do not count towards Official posts.  Post runs (more than 10 posts per day) to reach 75 posts are monitored and will result in account suspension.
  2. ClubWRX Members are exempt from the minimum post restriction.  To become a ClubWRX Member ($35/year), click HERE.
  3. Users with less than 75 Official posts that are not ClubWRX Members may pay a fee of $5 per listing.  Please PM Gxgolfer for payment details and to receive listing approval.
  4. Pinned listing fees are $10 per week.  Please PM Gxgolfer for payment details.  Pinned listings may have up to 10 items and additional items may not be added to the listing.  The maximum period of time for a pinned listing is 30 days and ALL BST and Board Rules apply.
  5. Sellers must combine their listings and cannot post new listings unless their previous listing is closed or deleted.  Repeated improper reposting of listings may result in suspension of forum rights.
  6. MEMBERS MUST CLOSE THEIR OWN LISTING once the item(s) is sold, traded or no longer available by clicking on the >>>"Close"<<< button in the listing.  If you cannot figure out how to close your listing, please PM a moderator or REPORT! your post to have it moved to the BST Archive Forum or have a Wanted to Buy listing deleted.
  7. DO NOT DELETE THE CONTENT OF YOUR LISTING WHEN YOU SELL AN ITEM OR CLOSE THE LISTING.  Closed listings will be moved to the BST Archive Forum for future reference.  You may, however, delete the photograph attachments to listings.
  8. All Want To Buy (“WTB”) posts are locked. Replies should be sent by PM or Email. Listing items For Trade requires pictures and prices and should be placed in the For Sale section, not the WTB section. Multiple WTB ads are allowed.



  1. The BST is for personal use only.  Items may not be listed for your business or “for a friend”.
  2. Listed items must be golf related.  For example, watches, jewelry, cell phones and electronics (excluding range finders and dedicated golf GPS devices) are not considered “golf related”.
  3. All items must include a sale price, including items listed “For Trade”.
  4. All items must include in-hand photographs that clearly show the items being listed.  Small or blurry images in your Listing may cause it to be removed without warning. Also, because it is impossible to tell if an Ebay picture is original, no watermarked images from Ebay or similar type hosting services is allowed. If wanting to use those services, then please post a picture with your username visible with the item.
  5. Members are allowed ONE open listing with a maximum of 10 items.  All individual items count as one “item” – selling in lots is not permitted.  The only recognized exceptions are:

    a.     Matched iron sets up to 10 irons – wedges, even when sold as a set, count as individual items;

    b.     Matched grip sets up to 13 grips;

    c.     Matched sets of iron shaft pulls up to 10 shafts;

    d.     Golf balls in original packaging (Dozen or 15-pack = one item per pack) – balls sold as individual sleeves count as one item per sleeve. Loose lots of golf balls (used or new) are not allowed.

  6. No item may be relisted within 30 days of being previously listed.
  7. Members are entitled to only one listing per 24 hour period (i.e. no listing of an item, selling it, closing the listing and starting a brand new one a few hours later).
  8. Pullouts - please remove grip to make sure the shaft is not plugged or extended. Measure accurately.  Provide tipping information if known.
  9. No selling of new uninstalled shafts.
  10. Equipment – listing must state whether original or altered. This applies to all equipment and all processes (refinished, reshafted, lie angles adjusted, etc.).
  11. No selling of items won through GolfWRX Offerings, Contests or Testings.
  12. No unauthorized commercial postings, bulk selling, or liquidations of inventory. Please contact Gxgolfer if needing more clarification.
  13. No negative comments regarding sellers’ asking prices.
  14. No advertising of "Gifting" or other means to circumvent payment service fees.


Please refer to the BST Dispute forum or BST Ad Help Forum on how to resolve BST transactions between Members.  Use the REPORT! button (even on your own listing) if help is needed.

For any additional questions or clarifications, please refer to the >>>BST AD HELP FORUM<<<



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