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#9452835 Playing as a single joining up - nice story inside

Posted KjBowenWRX on 08 June 2014 - 08:28 AM

I have noticed that I play as a single an join a 2 or 3 some a lot..

I really enjoy this as it allows me to play with a ton of different people and of all skill levels. Yes there is a chance of some nightmare rounds but some can be very pleasing.

Yesterday I decide to head over to play the local Par 3 course and when I arrived there was no one on the course except for a very old man on the tee..  The owner comes out an says you may wanna play thru him as he plays VERY SLOW. I told her no worries I am in no hurry. He tees off and she was right.. Very slow.. He finishes the hole and I play the hole.. I walk to the next tee and he just arrived. I asked him if I could play along side him.. He made a face like he was shocked I didn't ask him to play thru.. We played together and we had a great time.. Playing with him prob added 30-40 mins to my round but we both had company..
Turns out he is 83 years old
Has been playing golf for 63 years!
He lost his wife and has no one to play with.

At the end of the round the owner came out with tears in her eyes and told me that he plays there 3 days a week for over 4 years and no one has ever played with him. They always play thru and that what I did was an amazing gesture.. I told her in my eyes that's in the spirit of the game and why we all play.
She refunded me my greens fees and said that with what I did that earned me a free round.. I went in and the old man bought me a drink.

I truly love this game and I think I will be doing even more rounds as a single lookin to meet some amazing individuals

#8626239 Why is it so hard to resist the poser bag?

Posted golfpros1 on 08 February 2014 - 08:11 PM

Like a moth to a flame, it's so hard not to move toward one manufacturer.  It never fails, it doesn't matter which pony you pick, a few years go by and you're ready to buy everything from someone else.  I say why fight it?  Let's learn how to be sponsored this year!

Pros and Cons


If you go all Taylormade, you can also pretend to sign a clothing deal with Adidas Golf, which really ups your poser game.  You can also be young and edgy and rock the Ashworth stuff, so the options are really endless for you.  Throw in the white three striped belt and you're practically a touring pro.  For all their marketing, the clubs are actually really good, so it could be a win-win this season.

The ball is great, but not for everyone, which could really mess up the relationship with your pretend sponsor, and you're also subject to those things they call wedges.  Also, their staff bags and hats change every 6 months, so this is an ongoing investment that you have to consider to maintain your poser level.


If you go all Titleist, you have a nice transition from woods to putters, cause it's all pretty quality stuff.  The staff bag also doesn't change often, so you can maintain your level of poser for quite a while before reinvesting.  And let's face it, there's a million of these guys, so you could fly under the radar and pull this off too.  You also have Footjoy to round out your look, which isn't too shabby I might add.

It's hard to find a pretend clothing deal.  Sure, you can go with Oakley, Polo, UnderArmour or someone, but it feels like your poser game has lost some street cred.  You also lose out on all the fuzzy feelings you get with Taylormade and Callaway marketing hype.  I mean, how fun is it really to say you're hitting a <insert number> versus a JetSpeed?  The models also don't really change each year, so it loses some poser edge unless you go with the story about Titleist letting you bag what you want as long as it's theirs (which requires some acting skills).

Callaway Golf

If you go all Callaway Golf, you've got some quality stuff throughout the bag.  Some woods are hook central, but nothing the pro model can't fix, or a story about some custom fitting sessions in Carlsbad.  Staff bags also get a big bonus, cause collecting the bombs is kind of cool, and tells you're playing parters that you're 250 yard drive is really a 320 bomb.  Also, you could maybe pretend you're a professional long driver, but that really comes down to whether you can swing the club 115mph to pull off the look to unsuspecting ams that think 300 is long.

Sure, you can wear Callaway clothing, and it's pretty decent stuff, but it's not as easy to find or on sale.  Those golf ball dimples also take some getting use to, but I'm sure you can work it out.  Also, the endless questions about Phil could get to be too much, depending on whether you're a fan or not.


If you're a cast guy, you've found your home.  These guys have lots of great options, and even touring pros will play the i series so you might be able to pull the whole thing off.  Plus, you can also get your putters dipped in gold (spray paint might work), and start a room in your house.  This is for the serious poser, however.  Another good thing, you can pretend to sign a deal with any ball maker and still be legit.

Not everyone loves cast, so this could be an issue.  You also have no clothing deal options to complete the full poser effect, though you might be able to pull it off with Oakley (especially if you say you're truck is bullet proof (don't test it out, no matter how many beers on the course you drink)).


If you're a forged guy, this is really a great way to go.  Irons, wedges, and putters are top notch stuff, and you can tell stories about how samurai swords are made.  Bags and hats don't change often, so you can maintain your poser level for some time.  You can also pretend to be sponsored with any golf ball, but I'd stick with Titleist on this one.

Woods are not at the top of peoples list, and although their own pros will bag a TM driver, it lowers your ranking.  You have no clothing deal options either, which really limits you to Oakley, Polo, UnderArmour, etc.  


If you go all Nike, you have some great Nike swooshed options.  Pretty quality throughout the bag overall.  And when you sign a pretend deal with Nike, with it comes apparel, shoes, hats, street wear when you're not playing, etc.  You can pull off the best poser image, behind TM, in the game.  This is also the best option for the PLAYAS... you know who you are (no need to insert a cheap Tiger waitress joke).

You live in the shadow of Tiger, and it's creating friction with your pretend sponsor.  You also would never bag anything but their blades, so you better bring your A game.

Wilson Staff

A long history of winners and majors, you follow in great footsteps.  They are also a general sporting company, so you can mix in other sporting equipment to round out your pretend sponsorship.  Also, they don't sponsor many people you've heard of, so in the US you have a higher chance of pulling this off (unless they are hardcore golf fans).  Plus, you could make your own funny youtube commercial if you're the type.

Seriously?  No, really, seriously?  Where do we even begin?  You have no pretend clothing deal associated with this sponsorship, let alone shoes or ball, but I suggest you're a journeyman that likes to march to the beat of your own drummer (may require acting skills) to pull this off.

Adams Golf

You're best friends with Watson... just go with it.  Besides, you were also instrumental in Els leaving Callaway.  This could win you an oscar this year.  BTW, their stuff is actually really good, and the shaft upgrades alone make this a smart pretend sponsorship for any poser (especially on a budget).  Also, you're inside knowledge about TM owning AG makes you not only the real deal, but gives you the ability to fulfill your dream of wearing yellow shoes.

These guys are associated mainly with Champions Tour players.  I know what you're saying, it's only bad for the guys under 50, but it's still a major issue to consider to pull this off.


You are the coolest kid on the block!  I mean, you sip red bull all day, and party all night with the hot ladies!  If you're young, this is THE pretend sponsorship this year.  You got some great options with the equipment as well, and you can even COLOR COORDINATE with your other pretend sponsor, Puma.

Only for the young.  Seriously, no one needs to see a 40 year old guy in orange pants. 'nough said.

Cleveland Golf

Still one of the top wedge makers, and a solid overall choice.  This is a nice sleeper sponsorship.  You also won't have to worry about all the pressures of shooting commercials or marketing materials since they never do it.  You can also link your pretend sponsorship with Srixon, which is a huge selling point if you prefer a yellow ball.

Let's be honest, this sponsorship is home for the insane.  VJ is spraying antler urine or something on himself, Beljan is laying all over the course with panic attacks near death, and where do we even start watching Keegan hit a ball.  You'll also have to work on a clothing deal here, and if Srixon isn't your deal, you will have a tough time pulling this one off.

Bridgestone Golf

Fred Couples.  Yeah, that's what you're getting here, and it's a good thing.  OK, everyone likes some Kuch (don't say that with your wife around), but it's all about Couples here.  The equipment is actually pretty good, particularly the forged stuff.  You also have a great ball selection to fit anyones game with this pretend sponsorship, and all of them are totally legit options with Lee hanging on to the lower ball speed models.  You also have a lot of flexibility with this sponsor, so it could be a win-win if you're a tinkerer.

It's been a while, but didn't the woods look like something Austin Powers would use?  It took some serious wind out of this sponsorship in the driver department in the past, which is why you saw some other options in the bag.  Couples or no couples, Bridgestone Golf just doesn't seem to carry the kind of poser power of the others, so you have to really figure out who you want to pretend you are.

#7603070 Got paired with a 9-year-old today

Posted Ian 72 on 04 August 2013 - 03:47 PM

If the course was busy and there was no way of playing any faster then I would have enjoyed seeing a father and daughter enjoying  some probably cherished time together. And your birdie comment to the little girl was embarrassing to read, totally pathetic.

#7507732 Better players please!

Posted PhilMickFan on 21 July 2013 - 04:27 PM

I'd share my opinion/thoughts but I am a 3 hncp and probably not qualified.

#9674341 Espn to offer Tiger only broadcast for the Open

Posted Playaway on 10 July 2014 - 12:35 PM

Will it just be black screen on Saturday and Sunday?

#9472243 Post a Pic of Your Latest Purchase.......

Posted Piesman on 11 June 2014 - 06:50 AM

Made this recently.

Golf Storage Unit 047.JPG Golf Storage Unit 054 (598x800).jpg

#7407506 TaylorMade's New SLDR Driver: Color photos on Pg. 5 / Staff Bag on Pg. 27

Posted Damo75 on 08 July 2013 - 06:43 AM

View Postmrcool3101, on 08 July 2013 - 06:32 AM, said:

The sldr stands for slider...

You joined two and a half years ago waited for that to be your first post? :fool:

#8970805 ** Wedge Buyers Guide **

Posted KjBowenWRX on 28 March 2014 - 03:45 PM

OK.. I always see many many threads on wedge selection, wedge loft, wedge this or that.. I love wedge play so I figured I would throw some knowledge out there.. Please understand this is my beliefs but I have always been a super strong wedge player and I have spent some time with some of the best wedge players I know and some great club builder/fitters.

First and foremost it is my belief that your bag should be built around your wedges. Many people make the mistake and ask what wedges should I go with if I have room for 2 clubs.. Wedges or shots from 125 and in account for 60-70% of your shots.

The first thing I tell someone who asks me to help them with their short game is...

Are you a full swing player or do you like to control distance with your swing and trajectory?
It is my understanding that players who prefer full swings to hit different yardages will require more wedges. These players generally will go 52/56/60 or 50/55/60.

If you are some one who likes to use the clock system or use trajectory to hit your yardages.. this will allow for less wedges to achieve more yardages.


The worst thing you could do is get a wedge set up that goes against your playing style or preference.

So after you have figured out which style player you are you should move on to loft.
What is you PW loft? The thing most people mistake is they must have the same gaps thru out. Yes this is a good STARTING point but should not be the end all be all.

For example:
Lets say you play a cast iron set with a cavity back PW at 47* of loft and your first wedge is a forged blade at 52*. Going from a cavity back cast club (harder metal) to a forged blade wedge (softer metal) the blade will more then likely travel less distance.

The biggest thing to be concerned with is how far does the club go? Its is great that everything is spaced out loft wise but if it doesn't equate to consistent yardage gaps it is just for show.

These are the lofts i would suggest for each player type

Full swing player:

PW - 45*       PW - 46*            PW - 47*
W - 50*/51*    W - 51*/52*         W - 52*
W - 55*/56*    W - 55*/56*         W - 56*
W - 60*          W - 60*/61*         W - 60*

Feel player:

PW - 45*       PW - 46*            PW - 47*
W - 51*          W - 52*               W - 52*/53*
W - 57*          W - 58*               W - 58*/59*
W - 62*          W - Optional        W - Optional

Once you figure your lofts.. Grinds and bounce should be looked at.

For a baseline:
Steeper..more digging swings require more bounce
Sweeper swings require less bounce
More advanced wedge players sometimes prefer sharper leading edges but if your a digger this can be a disaster.

Most feel players with less wedges generally have moderate bounce and some sort of a heel or back edge relief grind in order to open the face for lob shots. This is a greatly overlooked aspect of wedge selection. People just grab the loft and go. I once helped a player who has a digger and only had a 58* lob wedge. His wedge had 4* of bounce and a sharp leading edge and all he did was chunk it.

The other thing that is a huge aspect of wedge selection is turf you play on and types of sand you play on. There are many many differences in this and require alot of thought but a solid setup for your player type and swing will generally get you by no matter where you play. As a rule.. soft sand is played as more of an explosion shot and bounce is needed to assist in letting the club exit the sand and on hard packed sand its played as more of a standard chip or pitch and less bounce is needed as you will be more or less picking it off the sand more.

Another piece of the wedge selection is shafts. This is also very overlooked. You can change the way the wedge performs by simply moving to a high rev or high spin shaft. For players lacking spin on the less then full wedge shots I suggest trying a higher spinning shaft. Rifle spinner for example. These can really assist you flighting a shot and spinning on shorter shots. Also.. going to a more stiffer shaft can have the opposite effect. If you need less spin this would be the ticket for ya.

Grooves are a very misunderstood aspect of wedges. Grooves have less to do with spin then the quality of the strike from the fairway. Grooves play a much larger role when dealing with the rough. Deeper grooves will allow greater spin from rough then a wedge with shallower grooves. Wedge spin has more to do with the strike and ball selection.
You could have the best wedges with the deepest grooves with great surface roughness and if your hitting a range ball I don't care what you do that ball will not spin back hardly at all. Get a Prov1 and a worn wedge and I bet with the same strike you spin it back 100% farther. The first thing I check or ask when some one tells me I cant spin the ball is I find out the ball they are playing.

I kind of rambled a bit cause I love short game and its kind of a passion of mine but the last thing I want to say it just might be the most important.

If you buy a set of wedges and in 2 weeks say they arent working you just wasted 2 weeks of your life. Wedges take very long time to grow into. New wedges is a commitment and range time and many shots are required to get the proper feel and shot making ability with them. I suggest you get a set of wedges and dedicate some time to them. Every company makes quality wedges.. get some wedges that you like to look at... Get the lofts that fit your yardages and spend some time getting to know them. That is the only way you will grow used to them.

Wedge and Putter play is the best way to lower your scores and handicap.

Thanks for reading my little thread and if this helps one person it was worth my time to write it


#3402198 New and Improved Shaft Chart

Posted smoky25 on 18 July 2011 - 04:32 PM

Howard Jones asked me to help him post his new and improved shaft chart. Enjoy. Click the chart to enlarge.

Attached Thumbnails

  • FCM_chart_TTPxKbs.jpg

#9779977 At the range tonight

Posted johnnybogey on 24 July 2014 - 09:14 PM

Hitting my bucket. Starting from wedge and working my way up. Pull my 9 iron and start murdering the ball. I mean, clearing 150 marker. I think, damn, I am now golfwrx distance territory.

Ok, let's continue going through the bag. Go to reach for my 6 iron and

Wait for it

Wait for it

Damn. That WAS my 6 iron.


#7308450 Bubba Watson demeaning his caddy..

Posted MtlJeff on 23 June 2013 - 04:27 PM

To be fair, his caddy is a real jerk who often intentionally misclubs him just for a laugh

#9826217 Dustin Johnson...Leave of absence from golf ..Any news? (MERGED)

Posted coozapalooza on 31 July 2014 - 03:04 PM

Posted Image

#8085290 Rant: Clueless in the proshop

Posted Thrillhouse on 31 October 2013 - 04:14 PM

I hear you op, that is frustrating.

I actually went through something similar earlier today when the subway kid cut my sandwich diagonally instead of straight across.

#5811743 Couple New Callaway Products

Posted nosredna_59 on 18 October 2012 - 10:52 AM


#9671347 Scotty Cameron Gallery Review - WRX'er has the 1st fitting

Posted Pure745 on 10 July 2014 - 01:00 AM

For the past two years, I have helped organize an event for friends who are also avid Scotty Cameron fans/collectors, but like to have a good time and actually love to play golf as much as they enjoy Scotty Cameron products.  This group of people have become friends over the past 5 or so years and have really changed my perception of a "Cameron Collector".  This event is held in Ojai, CA and involves a Ryder Cup format tournament between two teams and has gotten better each year we have had it.

Last March, this event took an unexpected turn for the attendees.  Scotty Cameron himself, along with this team, invited us for a "Sneak Peek" of his new Gallery.  I honestly couldn't believe it till I stepped foot into this unmarked building in Encinitas and was greeted by Scotty himself.  My mind was blown, not only at how insanely nice and appreciative he and his staff were, but the fact that he actually invited our group down there.

This event actually made it to Scotty's blog, you can read the article here:  http://scottycameronblog.com/2014/03/07/scotty-cameron-gallery-gathering/

Here are some pictures of some of the commemorative putters for the Sneak Peek event, and it was also the debut of the new NP2 head which is now retail.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

So, fast forward to after the event, after Ojai, and I'm just back in normal life work mode.  My phone rings and it comes up as Encinitas, I answer and it is a gentleman from the Gallery asking if I would like to schedule my fitting.  Didn't take much arm twisting so I book my fitting, come to find out, I'm the very first fitting at the Gallery!  I'm pretty shocked, and very appreciative of the opportunity to say the least.  (cool)

So, today is the day!

Not a bad drive:

Posted Image

The entrance:

Posted Image

They were very strict with not taking pictures in the store, so these photos WRX has will give you a good idea:


The retail experience . . .

I'm not sure what Scotty's blurb is on this, so I will give you my perspective of my experience.  Anyways, when I walked in, everything has a really high end, industrial, "hand made" feel to it.  At the Sneak Peek, Scotty was very passionate in talking about the most specific details of literally every fixture that they have displaying his items.  It was pretty cool to hear, and is something that made me appreciate his passion for his craft.  There is a security guard there, which made me feel like I was in a jewelry store or something.. but felt very high end and cool.  The staff are extremely friendly and professional, definitely do a great job of providing a high end experience.  The Gallery is definitely a niche boutique, catering to Cameron enthusiasts, many of the specialty items they carry are only available for purchase in the store and in person.

Many of the notable things they carry are a nice selection of Peter Millar and Polo golf wear.  The selection of Cameron branded items are REALLY nice.  Some of the Studio releases are hit or miss for me, but these you can see in person, try on, and know if you like it or not.  They also have a great selection of really cool head covers.  Alligator patchworks, standard patchworks, Circle T covers, Sushi covers, etc.  They also had a lot of ball markers/coins, including some handmade versions that were $450.  Most importantly, the putters.  They have some REALLY high end putters, up to $15K for some.  They had some really nice SSS 009's that were incredible (almost bought one, but will talk about what I got later ;) ) that were around $3500, some GSS, some really exotic, and some OTR's that have been modified by the custom shop.  Pretty much all price points are covered here, but the main focus is that this is a boutique full of rare Cameron items, OTR items can be bought at other retail outlets.

Posted Image

They can also adjust and install different grips and shaft bands etc. to your current gamer, I picked up a Tiffany Pistolero to go with my 009

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

The Fitting . . . two hours, well spent!

Posted Image

I have been fortunate enough to be fit at Nike's Oven previously, so I was definitely intrigued by this experience.  The two experiences were completely different.  Nike really didn't make any suggestions or changes to my stroke, and I don't think they typically do.  The Cameron fitting was done by a guy named Joey, who was very helpful and had a lot of knowledge of the stroke, and how different setups etc. affect the ball.  Scotty Cameron has developed a proprietary software to monitor your stroke from above, behind, down the line, and face on.  Also, there is a pad that senses your weight balance and pressure.  Scotty was really specific about finding the material for the green, from what I remember it is the same speed at the Studio for tour players, and at the Museum in Japan.  The material almost feels like felt on a tennis ball.  This material is rolled by them previous to a fitting, even the roller is pretty cool.

When we first started, I was making a decent amount of putts.  Joey said my stroke was pretty solid, and that we may not need to make many changes.  He asked a lot of questions to try to pinpoint any areas that we could improve upon.  I told him I would like to make a higher percentage of putts inside 10 feet, you know, birdie looks or when I'm scrambling for par.  He noticed a few very subtle things in my stroke, and I mean very subtle things.  At this point I was honestly wondering when we would start tinkering with his suggestions on putters.  He handed me a few 009's, different lengths, different necks, and then some other tour putters to see which ones my stroke was best fit for.

We then stumbled upon "the one", I was making everything with it.  He had suggestions on what exactly he wanted the specs, new loft, new weight, taking into account grip weight, lie angle etc.. It was really cool and I liked the fact that he didn't try to really change anything I did, more than he tweaked my putter just enough to where my 009 was missing the edges, this one was going in at a noticeably improved consistency.

Cost is $350 with a $50 credit if you buy a new putter (fitting is a solid 2 hours)

This is what my report looks like:

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

My new putter had to be sent back for some tweaking, but I should have it in about a week.  :lol:

In Conclusion . . .

This was a great experience, the staff and the way this was previewed at the Sneak Peek event was really tied together today.  It hits on a few different aspects for me, the serious golfer and the putter enthusiast who really likes the hobby portion of it all.  The fitting was very professional, and lived up to what I would expect from Scotty Cameron and his team.  You are, after all, being fit with Scotty's tour putters, the stuff you see on WRX tour coverage is pretty much what you are being fit with.  Overall, a very fun experience, would definitely recommend it to anyone who is really into Cameron items, or someone who needs the extra nudge.  :)

Update 7/11 - The putter I was fit to is here!!

Square Back N+ Tour, Experimental Chromatic Bronze Finish with Silver Sole Plate, 25g Copper Weights, 71˚ Lie, 3.5˚ Loft, CT Pistolero  

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Thank you to everyone at the Gallery!  Beyond excited to get this out on the course!  :drinks:

#3279102 Please Read and Help GolfWRX from becoming too Negative

Posted easyyy on 01 June 2011 - 10:20 PM

To the members of GoflWRX-

GolfWRX is, first and foremost, a community of people who love golf and thrive on talking about golf. Especially during times when we can&#39;t be on the course, this forum is a lifeline that connects us to our passion for the sport.

Obviously, people who are passionate about a subject will sometimes find that they disagree about a subject - even with their closest friends. This is not only natural, it is healthy, and it can be great fun. (Talking only to people who agree with you can be deathly boring, don&#39;t you think?) We know how much fun good conversations can be. It is why this website has had such phenomenal growth the last 6 years. Our members can converse with the best of them! Unfortunately, healthy disagreements can sometimes turn into situations that have a negative effect on the fabric of this or any other community. In cases like these, conversations that start out as healthy become malignant and negative, what is natural becomes perverse, and what is fun becomes tedious and even painful. Negativity is not consistent with the the sense of community that makes this site work. Negativity can turn ugly very quickly. Negativity can make us reluctant to express on opinion for fear that we will be shouted down. Negativity can encourage brutish behavior. Negativity can turn even a great community into a series of factions separated by walls of mistrust.

We, the leadership of GolfWRX, are determined to do whatever is necessary to keep a pervasive spirit of healthy community spirit alive and well at GolfWRX. We will encourage conversations that are productive, enjoyable, and educational. We will foster among our members a spirit of respect, tolerance, and goodwill in all interactions. We will exercise our responsibility to you, our members, with diligence, so that you will never be afraid to have your children or grandchildren look over your shoulder as you participate in the vital life of this site.This is our pledge to you. Thank you for your support.

Richard and the WRX Team :)

PS: In other words... Cant we all be good :pimp:  and get along?

UPDATED POST PAGE ... 10/13/20013  http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/481137-please-read-and-help-golfwrx-from-becoming-too-negative/page__st__270#entry7990077

#9748157 Since when does yelling get you arrested at golf tournaments

Posted SHIVAN on 21 July 2014 - 09:04 AM

I hope it happens at EVERY single tournament from here out.  I hope they toss some, and arrest some.  Would cease the "mashed potatoes" and "get in the hole" bull-S.

#9804003 In need of a caddy! web.com stonebrae

Posted 300_yard_drives on 28 July 2014 - 04:28 PM

Hey guys, I just Monday qualified for the Web.com event in the San Francisco area this week and I'm in need of a caddy. It'd be great if you've played the course before (TPC Stonebrae). I can't offer you much seeing how I'm sleeping in my car. But if anyone can help me out let me know! Thanks!

#8863243 who are the top 10 golfers on WRX? poll

Posted somaplr on 13 March 2014 - 11:22 AM

I'm in...

"Yeah, so you know that golf website, the one you call the "golf dork website", yeah that one, well....we are organizing a tournament to see who is the, you know, who is actually good.  Oh, and btw, it's in Myrtle Beach"

Wife:  "So you're driving a dozen hours to play with a bunch of other guys, who also post on this website...who you've...never met in person?"

"Yes, that's correct"

Wife:  "You're an idiot"

#8202762 Let's Take the High Road: Callaway, TM & Nike

Posted Sean2 on 24 November 2013 - 11:34 PM

I saw a thread today where someone took a whack at Callaway for their recent spate of equipment releases.

Taylormade has taken a lot of hits for doing something similar.

Last year it was Nike that many people like to excoriate.

I sincerely hope this doesn't become the norm around here. C'mon folks, all the OEM's make fine golf equipment. If you don't like their equipment, if you don't like how often they release equipment, or if you don't like their commercials, that's fine.

However, that is no reason to call them names, refer to their equipment as "crap", or simply post inane, vituperative posts that are filled with nothing but venom.

How about taking the high road and leaving that nonsense at home? :drinks:

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