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  • Z-STar feature
    Review: Srixon Z-Star and Z-Star XV Golf Balls

    Pros: Two different premium golf balls designed for higher swing speeds, deliver distance, exceptional short game control and durability. The Tour Yellow option is one of the best yellow golf balls available today. Cons: Overlapping swing speed recommendations can...

    • Posted 36 days ago
    • 30
  • Callaway X2 Hot, X2 Hot+ and Supersoft review
    Review: Callaway X2 Hot, X2 Hot+ and Supersoft Golf Balls

    Pros: The X2 Hot and X2 Hot+ provide the distance you’d expect from a distance ball, but offer a softer feel and more spin on short irons. The Supersoft is well-rounded and the softest ball in Callaway’s...

    • Posted 79 days ago
    • 5
  • Speed Regime
    Review: Callaway Speed Regime SR3, SR2, SR1 Golf Balls

    Pros: Callaway’s Speed Regime line includes three tour-level golf balls (the SR-1, SR-2, and SR-3) matched to three segments of swing speeds: Moderate, Athletic, and Tour-Level. Each ball delivers distance, plenty of short game spin and the...

    • Posted 87 days ago
    • 31
  • Featured-Nike-Microwave
    Latest patent filings: An adjustable golf ball and more

    It’s been a little more than a month since we last had a look at the major OEM’s patent filings. Last time we looked at designs from TaylorMade, Ping, Titleist, and Nike. In this installment, we have some...

    • Posted 109 days ago
    • 13
  • Titleist DT Solo and Velocity Golf Balls Review
    Review: Titleist Velocity and DT SoLo Golf Balls

    Pros: The DT Solo provides a soft feel, good greenside control and is a higher launching ball that will fit a lot of different players. The Velocity generated the lowest spin of any ball off the tee and...

    • Posted 135 days ago
    • 10
  • NXT Tour and NXT Tour S
    Review: NXT Tour and NXT Tour S Golf Balls

    Pros: Both the NXT Tour and NXT Tour S provide tour-level short game performance with low driver spin. New softer compression cores makes these balls even softer than previous models. Cons: High-optic yellow is only available in the NXT...

    • Posted 141 days ago
    • 23
  • Titleist Pro V1 and ProV1X Golf Balls review
    Review: Titleist Pro V1 and Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls

    Pros: These are Titleist golf balls and that means consistent, reliable quality and performance. The new cover formulation have made the Pro V1 and Pro V1x more durable while still maintaining exceptional spin on iron shots and delivering...

    • Posted 142 days ago
    • 38
  • hop
    Hopkins Golf adds distance balls to its lineup

    Hopkins Golf announced the addition of VL Speed golf balls to its lineup.  Known primarily for its direct to consumer custom wedges, Hopkins now has two lines of balls to offer.  The VL Pro are Surlyn covered...

    • Posted 173 days ago
    • 7
  • Maxfli U6, U6 LC and U6X Review
    Review: Maxfli U6 Balls

    Pros: The new “U6” series balls are available in three different compressions that will meet the needs of a wide range of players. They’re low spinning off the tee and have adequate spin and feel around the...

    • Posted 213 days ago
    • 17
  • TaylorMade PROJECT (a) golf balls
    TaylorMade Project (a) golf balls

    In most ways, amateurs need their golf balls to perform like the premium balls used by professional golfers. With the driver, for example, most amateurs prefer the low-spin performance that is typical of a multi-piece tour ball...

    • Posted 229 days ago
    • 26
    TaylorMade Tour Preferred and Tour Preferred X golf balls

    TaylorMade announced today the release of their most well-rounded golf balls to date, the Tour Preferred and Tour Preferred X. The Tour Preferred golf balls include a number of TaylorMade’s innovations: a React Core for greater ball...

    • Posted 234 days ago
    • 16
  • Maxfli U6, U6X and U6 LC
    MaxFli adds two new U6 golf balls, the U6 LC and U6X, to its line

    Last year, Maxfli turned heads in the golf industry with the introduction of the its U6 golf ball, the first-ever six-piece design to hit retail shelves. The idea behind the ball was a good one: to offer...

    • Posted 248 days ago
    • 7
  • speed-regime-3-ball-2014
    Callaway SR-1, SR-2 and SR-3 golf balls

    If a golfer doesn’t have the swing speed of a tour pro, are they really going to get the most out of a tour-level golf ball? According to Dave Bartels, senior director of R&D for Callaway golf...

    • Posted 277 days ago
    • 59
  • GolfDotz review
    Review: Golfdotz for Golf Balls

    If you haven’t discovered Golfdotz for yourself yet or aren’t sure how they work, I’m here to help. This cool little product is a high-resolution ink transfer that marks your golf ball and adds some flair. The...

    • Posted 283 days ago
    • 25
  • Jack Nicklaus Golf Ball
    Nicklaus’ new line of golf balls leaves something to be desired

    Jack Nicklaus is entering the golf ball industry. Chalk that up as a headline I didn’t expect to see. Before we get into the apparent hypocrisy of Nicklaus getting into the business he has so long derided...

    • Posted 352 days ago
    • 24
  • 71taZKfJmRL._SL1500_420
    Callaway HEX Black Tour and HEX Chrome + Golf Balls: Editor review

    Pros: The HEX Black Tour is one of the longest, lowest-spinning tour balls on the market. The Chrome + feels a little softer and produces more spin on full shots. Both models are exceptional in the wind and...

    • Posted 359 days ago
    • 24
  • post-7653-0-45318800-1342383697_thumb
    2012 Bridgestone B330-RX and RXS Golf Ball Editor Review

    Editor Review By: Goldenhawk Bridgestone 330 RX and RXS: Thank you to Bridgestone and GolfWRX for the opportunity to test the new RX and RXS golf balls. I am an avid golfer that is currently trying to...

    • Posted 789 days ago
    • 8
  • tour-b330-rx-golf-balls
    Bridgestone B330RX and B330RXS Balls

    TOUR B330-RX Technology Tour Performance optimized for amateur swing speeds under 105 mph with a preference for maximum TOUR DISTANCE. The NEW Tour B330-RX offers a reformulated mantle layer and Dual Dimple Technology. The reformulated mantle reduces...

    • Posted 868 days ago
    • 4
  • srixon z star
    Srixon Z-Star Tour Ball Review

    Z-STAR Tour Srixon Z-Star / Z-Star SL / Z-Star XV Price: $45/dozen Golf Digest Hot List Rated: Performance: 4.5 stars Innovation: 4.5 stars Feel: 4.5 stars Demand: 2 stars Tech Talk: The Z-Star line expands this year...

    • Posted 873 days ago
    • 10
  • nike 20xi
    Nike 20XI / 20XI-X Balls

    Review by GolfWRX writer: PhilsRHman I received a dozen 20XI-S and 20XI-X balls with the understanding I would post my thoughts here. Thanks to GolfWRX and Nike for the chance to hit these balls and for getting...

    • Posted 873 days ago
    • 9
  • 5698850_orig
    TaylorMade Penta TP5 Ball

    Review by GolfWRX Cantill2: Let me start of by saying that I’m a 1.2 handicap and a golf ball junkie. I love to use 4-5 different golf balls on each hole of my country club and tee...

    • Posted 873 days ago
    • 14
  • b330
    Bridgestone B330/B330S Ball Review

    Bridgestone showcases their redesigned B330 golf ball line for 2012. Video below! Price: $43/dozen Golf Digest Gold Medal Hotlist winner: Performance: 4.5 stars Innovation: 5 stars Feel: 4.5 stars Demand: 3 stars Tech Talk: As of this...

    • Posted 873 days ago
    • 2
  • 1172.2012_2D00_lr_2D00_1
    Titleist ProV1 / ProV1X Ball Review

    Price: $48/dozen Golf Digest HotList Rated: Performance: 5 stars Innovation: 4.5 stars Feel: 5 stars Demand: 5 stars Tech Talk: The Pro V1 features a core formulation process designed to improve resiliency, and the Pro V1x uses...

    • Posted 876 days ago
    • 6
  • Titleist-Nxt-Tour-Golf-Balls-16000
    Titleist NXT / NXT Tour Balls

    I would first like to thank Golf WRX for the opportunity to test these balls. I received a 3 pack last week and was able to play 36 holes with them. For comparison purposes my balls of...

    • Posted 876 days ago
    • 4
  • hex (2)
    Callaway HEX Black Tour Ball Review

    Price: $46/dozen Medal: Gold Golf Digest Hotlist Gold Winner Rating: Performance: 4.5 stars Innovation: 4.5 stars Feel: 4 stars Demand: 2.5 stars Tech Talk: New for 2012, the five-piece construction starts with the softest inner core and...

    • Posted 878 days ago
    • 1
  • Titleist announce new balls: NXT, NXT Tour and DT SoLo

    Titleist have announced that they are bringing out new versions of both their NXT and DT Solo range of balls. Hugely popular with golfers looking to play a ball that combines performance at a more affordable price...

    • Posted 1686 days ago
    • 0
  • New Precept Lady iQ Plus Review

    Now available at your local golf equipment supply is the Precept LADY iQ PLUS.  You can pick up a dozen of these babies in sharp white or bright pink for about $30 per dozen.  These are touted...

    • Posted 1816 days ago
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  • The Big Review – Nike One Golf Balls

    For the first half of this decade, there was effectively only been one golf ball for the better player. Titleist’s ProV1 has been so dominant that since its introduction in 2000 that for some players it would...

    • Posted 1997 days ago
    • 1
  • Cleveland Fitting Studio

    Located in Huntington Beach, California, the Cleveland Fitting Studio has state-of-the art equipment and advice on getting the right sticks for your game.  I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with Justin Barnett, Technical Representative; John...

    • Posted 2109 days ago
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  • TaylorMade Has Your Number

    Do you use the TaylorMade TP Red or TP Black? Have you ever hit a ball only to find it next to another that was the same brand and had the same number? Did you ever want...

    • Posted 2229 days ago
    • 0
  • Bridgestone e5+ golf ball review

    The golf ball that I purchased the most this past 2007 golf season was the Bridgestone e5. The e5 is or was an excellent golf ball, well priced and about the only thing it could not do...

    • Posted 2482 days ago
    • 10
  • Nike TA2 SPN golf ball review

    I am a really big fan of the Nike Pro Platinum ball, but not a big fan of the price.  I recently gave the Nike Tour Accuracy 2/SPN ball a go and at $14.99 a dozen I...

    • Posted 2483 days ago
    • 4
  • Golf Ball Review – Wilson Staff Px3

    I recently tried out the tough to find, Wilson Staff Px3 golf ball. The only place that I have ever seen these for sale is in my local Wal-Mart. I always felt that Wilson had a solid...

    • Posted 2513 days ago
    • 4
  • The new and improved NXT Tour/NXT Extreme…or not?

    New and Improved Titleist NXT Tour/NXT Extreme? I have always liked most Titleist golf ball products. In fact, I have been a very loyal Titleist customer since the early 1980’s when I first starting playing golf. I...

    • Posted 2593 days ago
    • 3
  • Titleist 2007 NXT Tour Review

    The number one golf ball brand in the world recently revamped their premium line, and the mid-level NXT series was next in line for a technological face lift. How does the new model compare to the previous...

    • Posted 2618 days ago
    • 5